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Characters: ThunderCats
These are the characters from the original animated series ThunderCats.

NOTE: Please place tropes related to the 2011 version in the ThunderCats (2011) Character sheet.



Voiced by Larry Kenny
Lord of The ThunderCats.
Tropes associated with Lion-O:
  • The Ace: Invoked in a mini-series arc: To officially claim his title of Lord of the ThunderCats, he has to beat each of them in a contest at whatever they're best at. He manages it by cleverness or exploiting a weakness. (For instance, Cheetara can only maintain Super Speed over a short distance race, not a marathon.)
  • Bare Your Midriff: His armour has a conspicuous opening for his abs.
  • Curious As A Kitten: Almost as bad as The Thunder Kittens.
  • Empathic Weapon: The Sword of Omens.
  • Green Lantern Ring: The Sword of Omens again.
  • The Hero: Main Good guy.
    • Idiot Hero: Well, he is very naive due to being a kid in an adult's body.
  • The Leader: First a Type IV; he's only the leader because he's the prince. Later matures into a type II, becoming responsible and taking his role more seriously.
  • Magical Incantation: The Sword of Omens has two.
    • "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder...Thunder Cat HO!"
    • "Sword Of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!"
  • Hot-Blooded
  • Palantir Ploy: "Sword Of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!"
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up
  • Red-Headed Hero
  • Younger than They Look: Lion-O is actually the youngest member of the cast. The only reason he looks so old is that his suspension pod broke during the escape from Thundera, causing him to age in his sleep while the others all remained the same. He spends most of the (early) series learning to be a mature and responsible leader.


Voiced by Earle Hyman

Tropes associated with Panthro:


Voiced by Peter Newman

Tropes associated with Tygra:


Voiced by Lynne Lipton

Tropes associated with Cheetara:

The Thunder Kittens: WilyKat & WilyKit

WilyKat voiced by Peter Newman, WilyKit voiced by Lynne Lipton

Tropes associated with the Thunder Kittens:

Snarf (AKA Osbert)

Voiced by Bob McFadden

Tropes associated with Snarf:


Voiced by Earl Hammond

Tropes associated with Jaga:


Voiced by Doug Preis

Tropes associated with Lynx-O:


Voiced by Gerrianne Raphael

Tropes associated with Pumyra:


Voiced by Peter Newman

Tropes associated with Bengali:
  • The Blacksmith: He's one of the few individuals capable of repairing the Sword of Omens.
  • Drop the Hammer
  • Hot-Blooded: After Lion-O spends the first half of the series learning to keep a cool head.
  • Unrelated Brothers: He and Tygra often refer to each other as brothers, probably because they are both tiger-based Thundarians.



Voiced by Peter Newman

Tropes associated with Hachiman:
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: As Monkian describes, "Did you see that!? He chopped through solid stone!"
  • Empathic Weapon: His katana, "Thundercutter," which will not come out of its scabbard if Hachiman tries to use it to perform an act of evil (like say, any order by Mumm-Ra).
  • Everything's Better With Samurai
  • Honor Before Reason: Oh sure, just keep hacking away at the narrow bridge over the near-Bottomless Pit you and Lion-O are both standing on until he agrees to backtrack and let you pass. You might both fall to your death, but at least you'll maintain your pride as a samurai! (Not that Lion-O was behaving any better at the time, mind you.)
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Come on, he was fooled by Mumm-Ra twice even though he wasn't using any disguises or anything.
  • Katanas Are Just Better

Queen Willa

Voiced by Lynne Lipton
Queen of the Warrior Maidens.
Tropes associated with Queen Willa:


Voiced by Lynne Lipton
Queen Willa's younger sister.
Tropes associated with Nayda:

Snowman of Hook Mountain

Voiced by Earl Hammond

Tropes associated with Snowman:

Mandora the Evil-Chaser

Voiced by Lynne Lipton

Tropes associated with Mandora:

Dr. Dometone

Tropes associated with Dr. Dometone:


Tropes associated with Mumm-Rana:



Tropes associated with Mumm-Ra:

Grune The Destroyer

Tropes associated with Grune:

Safari Joe

Tropes associated with Safari Joe:

The Demolisher

Tropes associated with The Demolisher:


Tropes associated with Mongor:

The Driller

Tropes associated with The Driller:


Tropes associated with Ta-She:

The Mutants of Plun-Darr


Tropes associated with Ssslithe:

Jackal Man

Tropes associated with Jackal Man:


Tropes associated with Monkian:

Vulture Man

Tropes associated with Vulture Man:


Tropes associated with Ratar-O:
  • Big Bad
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: He steals command of the Mutants from Ssslithe, much to the latter's consternation, and starts running the gang like a Drill Sergeant Nasty. The only problem? Under Ratar-O the Mutants actually start winning.

The Berzerkers


Tropes associated with Cruncher:


Tropes associated with Hammerhand:

Ram Bam

Tropes associated with Ram Bam:

Top Spinner

Tropes associated with Top Spinner:

The Luna - Taks


Tropes associated with Luna:


Tropes associated with Amok:


Tropes associated with Chilla:

Red Eye

Tropes associated with Red Eye:


Tropes associated with Alluro:


Tropes associated with Tug-Mug:

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