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The Commonwealth of Gardenflora

A quiet nation, Gardenflora does not take much notice in the affairs of the other countries, though they occasionally contact their neighbours. Gardenflora is a capitalist nation with a strong economy, but their civil and political rights tend to fluctuate. They have strong relations with His Unholiness.


  • Mega Corp.: They and Reganaroll are the only nations that let them exist.

The Nomadic Peoples of Ghurkainia

Ghurkainia is an anarchy; they lack a ruling government. Miraculously, the Ghurkainian people remain united as one, and have a fully functional society. It isn't perfect, but they do much better than other anarchies out there. Despite their lack of government, they are still capable of maintaining political relations with their neighbours. They have a strong relationship with Nortear, and have a sibling rivalry with New Swaziland.


The Empire of God Save Tri Stan

The origins and intentions of Tri Stan are completely unknown to the other nations, with the exception of Triszahkastan. The other nations generally agree that they are under the same leadership as Triszahkastan, either through a dual monarchy or a puppet state.

Defunct as of September 29.


The Holy Empire of His Unholiness

Like Gardenflora, His Unholiness does not speak much, but has made far more interactions with the other nations. They have strong relations with Ghurkainia and New Swaziland, and support Nortear in their current political strife. Although their society is generally unknown to the other nations, it is general accepted that they have some form of occultist religion, which probably influences the governments decisions.


The Rogue Nation of Muza Ra

A mysterious nation that arrived in The Yonderlands (quite literally) overnight. Not much is known about Muza Ra, although it is assumed that they are some kind of occult religion in charge of a totalitarian regime. As of such, any contact with other nations has been limited or non-existent.


  • The Quiet One: Even during a heated argument over a pending civil war, Muza Ra has kept wordless, with none of the other nations knowing of their position in the conflict.

The Dictatorship of the Republic of New Swaziland

A very vocal and influential nation, New Swaziland is a proud dictatorship with a remarkably decent human rights record. They are the third oldest nation in the region, and are currently the delegates to the World Assembly, giving them control over the region. With the exception of Triszahkastan and Tri Stan, they get along well with all other nations, and support Nortear in the power struggle.


The Lovefest of Nortear

The second oldest nation in the region, Nortear is a massive superpower in the region. The other nations do not seem to realise this, and continue to torment them with empty whisky bottles. They have the highest quality of life in the region, highest homosexual rights, highest life expectancy, lowest infant mortality, et cetera. They are complete enemies with Vorluria, who have spent the past two thousand years trying to conquer the Nortearese people. The government is generally kind to its neighbours, but the entire party is often drunk on beer and vodka. Along with the rest of the nation.


  • Everyone Is Bi: Encouraged by the government.
  • Only Sane Man: Up until of Gardenflora showed up, Nortear was the only liberalist nation.

The Colony of Reganaroll

A recent addition to the ranks of the Yonderlands, Reganaroll is a quirky and unpredictable nation devoted entirely to their scientific research and love for weaponry. Even after only being in the Yonderlands for a short time, they have already struck up a successful economical alliance with Gardenflora.


  • For Science!: Played straight, Reganaroll is always searching for what they refer to as "Loyal Labourers" for their "Totally safe and not fatally radioactive" experiments.
  • Walking Armory: Every citizen of Reganaroll is legally required to carry sixteen weapons with them at all times, two of which have to be rocket launchers.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Reganaroll boasts that their experiments are "Totally safe and not fatally radioactive!"

The Kingdom of Triszakhastan

Triszakhastan does not get much attention. They try to get their opinion out in the region, but they are generally just knocked back into silence by New Swaziland and Vorluria. They were particularly proud of their military, but New Swaziland and Vorluria had to point out its evident weakness. They, and by extension Tri Stan, have not been heard from in a while.

Defunct as of September 29.


The Incorporated States of True Nortear

A group of Vorlurian sympathisers in Nortear that are trying to bring Nortear under Vorlurian control once more. Their policies and way of dealing with the population break several international laws set down by the World Assembly, much to the disgust of the higher nations. Currently, the only support in the region they have is Vorluria itself.


The Imperial Administration of Vorluria

The largest, oldest, most powerful nation in the region. They treat their own people quite well, but they have extremely hostile policies toward the people of other nations, which makes the other nations shiver. The only nation that stand up to them is the equally powerful Nortear, which has spent two millennium fighting the Vorlurians, and have gotten used to they fighting style. Vorluria is the only nation in the region to have a nuclear arsenal, which they use to threaten the other nations, but it is unknown if they actually intend to use it. They are the cause of the current political incident in Nortear, and they take the side of their own puppet government; True Nortear.


  • Armies Are Evil: Subverted. The leadership is more or less evil, but the armies themselves are composed of nice people.
  • The Empire
  • Putting on the Reich: Uniforms resemble those of the Soviet Union, with some minor Nazi German details.


President Rene Lindsay-Mcclery

Rene Lindsay-Mcclery is former President of Nortear. She is a left-leaning leader which values civil rights. She has a deep care for her all of humanity, often trying to peacefully convince oppressive governments to loosen their grip on their people. She does not care for war, and the threat of Vorlurian invasion is the only thing preventing her from disbanding the military altogether. She was removed from power in the recent election.

Her Prime Minister was Oll Boine.


Administrator Verwalter

Administrator Verwalter is the dictatorial leader of Vorluria. His physical appearance is a mystery; all that is seen of him is his jaw and shoulders, shown during his public announcements on telescreens. He actually does not assert much control over the Vorluria; he has never directly given orders, he merely approves or denies proposals made by his inferiors.


Tri Stan

An unseen figure believed to be the leader of the nations of Tri Stan and Triszahkstan.


Archibald Jebidiah Jonas Gregory Swazi IV


President Nyamh Danem

President Nyamh Danem is the new president of Nortear. She has not been known in politics for long, and the nation is still unsure about her, but she started he presidency with a declaration of war on True Nortear.

Her Prime Minister is Sári Horthy.