!!General/common/ubiquitous character tropes:
* AristocratsAreEvil : So thoroughly averted your head will spin. One of the more idealistic aspects of the 'verse is its aristo-meritocracy, emphasis on the ''merit''.
* BizarreAlienBiology : Or rather, Bizarre Post-Transhuman Biology. Spare heart, HealingFactor, [[NeuralImplanting cybernetic implants with a zillion applications]], [[OurSoulsAreDifferent a conscious mind that transmits itself intact upon physical death to a giant planet-core computer]]...
* GenderIsNoObject : In most cultures and all of the Services except the Navy, this is true. There are a few major cultures, however, that are dominated by one of the three sexes.
* IHaveManyNames : All of the so-called Great Names (i.e. courtly luminaries, historical figures), and many other characters who accumulate more names down through many centuries of life.
* ImmortalImmaturity : Related to TheFogOfAges. Anyone younger than about a century is culturally considered an infant, but someone who's been around for ten thousand years doesn't even necessarily have much in the way of common sense.
* ImmortalLifeIsCheap : Take one HealingFactor. Add one creator who appreciates HeroicBloodshed (and may have a slight [[AuthorAppeal medical fetish]]). Stir in a dash of EarnYourHappyEnding. Bake until golden brown, frost with the KensingtonGore recipe of your choice.
* OlderThanTheyLook : Depending on how far along someone is in their lifespan, they'll only ever look between twenty and sixty-five even if they've been kicking around for millennia. Some unfortunate individuals are stuck looking like hapless teenagers.
* PurelyAestheticGender : Humanoids in this 'verse have at least three sexes and a multiplicity of cultures, so gender can and will be all over the map. Almost EveryoneIsBi, as well.
* WorldOfBadass : Most cultures emphasize martial arts instead of sports for physical fitness. A third of the population has some level of phenomenal cosmic power. Carrying non-lethal and non-ranged weaponry is legal on most planets and some habitats. Intractable legal disputes are solved with legal duelling.
** BadassBureaucrat : The Civil Service and the civil aristocracy both place a great emphasis on martial skill, often with weaponry that is technically obsolete but preferred for aesthetic reasons and because of a universal taboo on projectile firearms except for military use.

!!Tropes relevant to [[MagicFromTechnology Weathermakers]]
* BroughtDownToNormal : After the Red Revolution, A.Warren and L.Inga [[MoreThanMindControl "collaborate"]] to impose a PowerNullifier called the Great Seal on themselves and every other weathermaker.
* CastFromHitPoints : If they aren't careful, weathermakers can work themselves into a laundry list of health problems. As a matter of course, their physiology demands a diet higher in nutrients, [[BigEater calories]], and specifically [[WackyCravings salt]] (in some instances, restoring the original meaning of the word ''salary'', as weathermakers like to be paid in ''pickles'' for small tasks).
** GoodFeelsGood / EvilFeelsGood : Using a lot of power all at once, so long as the user takes care of themselves, can give the user [[LargeHam rampant high spirits]] and improved physical condition.
** ComesGreatInsanity : Using ''more'' than just a lot of power, especially regeneratively (requires less clean-up afterwards), can overload the user's mind and leave them temporarily catatonic, babbling like an idiot, or simply non-functional.
* CavemenVsAstronautsDebate : Upper-ranked weathermakers are often the topics of these sorts of conversations. Sometimes they inadvertently [[WeAREStrugglingTogether provide solutions to the problems]].
* TheChosenMany : A lot of weathermakers, born after the laying of the Seal, ignorant of their dormant powers and having neglected their history lessons, go through variations of this discovery.
* ComesGreatResponsibility : Some ignore it. Some [[TheChainsOfCommanding let themselves be crushed]] by it. [[KnightTemplar Some think]] the rest of them can't handle it.
* GambitRoulette : Played on them by the Founders in the form of a [[ContinuitySnarl loose, somewhat inconsistent bundle of "prophecies"]] which are eventually determined to be an elaborate and not very well put-together plot kept running by [[ScriptedEvent various warded]] {{booby trap}}s. Most believe the perpetrators of this incredibly vast and snarled plot were in fact ''nuts'', since half of the wardtraps seem to have no [[AwesomeButImpractical practical effect or purpose at all]].
* OddJobGods : Joked about a lot in the very pedestrian bureaucracy of the Temple. Played straight, however, since scholarly specialization is encouraged by the Temple educational establishment.
* PowerTattoo : Not exclusive to the weathermakers, but "prophets'-marks" are blue-black marks related in some way to weatherwork: like birthmarks, except clearly artificial. Some of them are cataloged, but most have unknown provenance or purpose.
* PowerCreepPowerSeep / LensmanArmsRace : After [[spoiler:the Founders come back and start shit]], incidentally provoking J.A.Ondein to [[spoiler:go full-on EldritchAbomination on them too]], the Weathermakers start having a [[PhysicalGod race to the top of their power classification]]. Previously, it was believed that [[PowerLevels power classification]] was inborn and more or less fixed.
* SuperweaponSurprise : The weathermakers are a walking talking superweapon and more powerful and more numerous than the Founders expect them to be.
* TouchedByVorlons : The Great Weathermakers. Nobody knows why (or ''how'', since all four so far are ''[[DoorstopBaby foundlings]]'') they exist, why the mandalas identify them [[PillarOfLight so spectacularly]], why there are so few of them and only one per planet, or why their hair turns blue when they appear.
!!Tropes relevant to [[ThePrecursors the Founders]]
* AerithAndBob : Coupled with a hefty dose of TheUnpronounceable (not out of inherent alien-ness, mind you, but mainly out of self-naming {{vanity}}), Founders have anywhere from OnlyOneName all the way up to paragraphs worth of names and titles.
* AlwaysABiggerFish : When they arrive back in Wellspring space, they feel fairly confident/arrogant that even if the weathermakers were feeling hostile, there wasn't much harm they could do. They are mostly correct in their assumptions, but one weathermaker in particular turns out to be something of a one-man nightmare. Not to mention the other precursors that show up to watch the fireworks.
* BizarreAlienBiology / StarfishAliens / HumanAliens : The Founders are "humanoid" in some ways and very much not in other ways -- and which ways are which is often hard to tell.
* ImmortalImmaturity : Founders have had longer to adapt to indefinite lifespan and are therefore much more entrenched in the vices, failings, and blind spots that accompany it.
* TheOlderImmortal : Founders live on a timescale that is, relatively speaking, only slightly more extended than wanderlings -- a fact which goes noted but largely misunderstood until other, older {{precursors}} turn in an appearance.
* NeglectfulPrecursors / BenevolentPrecursors : Neglectful because they leave, and ([[GreyAndGrayMorality mostly]]) benevolent once they come back.
* TooCleverByHalf : A side-effect of their Bizarre Alien Psychology makes them almost incandescently intelligent but generally lacking the kind of [[ImmortalImmaturity emotional maturity and stamina]] to really take full advantage of their own intelligence. In their better moments, they themselves ruefully point out their civilization's tragic capacity for wisdom-without-wisdom.
* WeAREStrugglingTogether : For all that the Generationships claim to have a unified government, the Founders spend a lot of time dealing with splinter groups and petty grievances blossoming into near-civil wars.


[[folder:The Imperial Temple]]
''The Great Weathermakers' primary gimmick is that they have the ability to become living forces of nature, i.e. TheUnfettered, LargeHam, and sometimes MagnificentBastard at the same time. They also play the HeelFaceRevolvingDoor game for most of their plot-time. They eventually acknowledge and [[ComesGreatResponsibility take responsibility]] for the fact that they and the lesser Weathermakers amount to {{Physical God}}s.''

''Rather oddly, all of the Great Weathermakers are {{Knowledge Broker}}s of one sort or another.''

Second Lieutenant '''Tseng "[[NonIndicativeName Osiris]]" Sayuen''', Pilot 5th Rank : AcePilot
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass : Her unofficial title in the Temple is "[[OddJobGods God]] of [[SidetrackedByTheAnalogy Obtuse]] [[{{Metaphorgotten}} Conver]][[DisorganizedOutlineSpeech sations]]" and she is exceptionally easy (and entertaining) to confuse.
* JackOfAllStats : She's a slow learner, so takes twice or three times as much time and effort to gain... ''average'' skill levels in everything she does. Her only natural talent is acting, i.e. faking it.
* OffTheWagon : Has recurring addiction issues and, like many Guildhallers, is prone to abusing some of her medications.
* TypeCasting / PlayingAgainstType : One of her many "spare" careers is acting, mostly in popcorn action flicks. Ironically, she usually plays villains, and ''nasty'' ones at that.
** HeReallyCanAct : When she acts in the Imperial Court's annual winterval play, the courtiers who watch it are all quite shocked that the Emperor's somewhat dim girlfriend is actually able to pull off a decent performance. She's also played Grancaryen Jocaine (see: House of Phoenixwell section below) in a serious, well-reviewed film.
* SerialProstheses : At the age of twenty three, she [[EyeScream loses her left eye]] and has the surrounding bones in her face smashed up during a war game gone wrong. Then, during the war, she loses both of her arms below the elbow and gets prosthetics, [[SwissArmyAppendage one of which is hot-swappable]] with some interesting tools.

'''Andrina Warren''' : AntagonistInMourning, DanceBattler, KnightTemplar
* EtTuBrute : "You tagged the knife you gave me. It was a gift, Andrina. But that's okay. I tagged the ones I gave you." Cue distraught [[MindOverMatter flying]] knife fight.
* TheFettered : Due to Temple and Imperial law and by virtue of her permanent association with the Temple, she can never go into politics and even talking to aristocrats attracts criticism. She's also effectively barred from having any other sort of career because of her fame to the point that she's literally an icon of the Temple.
* HeroAntagonist : Strict code of [[HonorBeforeReason compassionate honor]]? Check. [[HeroicSacrifice Self-sacrificing]] valor in combat and politics? Check. [[BewareTheHonestOnes Idealistic dreams]] for the future? Check.
* ImplausibleFencingPowers : Made possible by weatherwork. She has an [[ThouShaltNotKill aversion to killing sapient beings]], though, and rarely uses them unless necessary.
* IronLady : A perfect example, except that it's a little easier to get under her skin that you might expect, and when you do... HilarityEnsues. Or/and violence.
* NotQuiteTheRightThing / TheExtremistWasRight : "I know exactly what it's like to have to destroy the things I love to protect them."
* PersonaNonGrata : Normally, judicial exile is limited to three centuries. Her exile from Madira (for involvement in the attempted assassinations of L.Inga and other Madiran nobility) has been renewed every three hundred years for nearly two and a half millennia.
* {{Tsundere}} / {{Kuudere}} : If there were a "Tsunkuu" without the "dere", Warren would fit perfectly, as her personality alternates between "cool and distant" and "irritable".

'''Lucretius Inga''' : MillionairePlayboy
* BigFancyHouse : His Lindenhall estate, a mishmash of fairy tale architecture staffed with extremely loyal servants.
** "Should you set fire to any part of Lindenhall, you will find yourself the target of a legal vendetta carried out by Harmandy Cross and myself. Fair warning." That's not really how legal vendettas work, but Jay doesn't know that.
* CowardlyLion : The well of his cowardice is quite deep, but when he [[OhCrap touches bottom]]... ''seriously'', watch out.
* HappilyAdopted : By two [[AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents rather effusive]] [[SickeninglySweethearts Madiran aristocrats]] who, centuries later, still like to crash his parties.
* LetsGetDangerous : Frivolous rich coward who can't survive on his own without a bevy of servants and hangers-on? [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill No]] [[StuffBlowingUp big]] [[PillarOfLight deal]].
* OneDegreeOfSeparation : Inga is a [[KnowledgeBroker social nexus of Imperial aristocracy]], but even so he has some rather unexpected friendships and alliances.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: "I. ''AM''. '''[[AGodAmI SPACE-TIME]]'''!" among others. Usually followed by a PillarOfLight.
** BoldInflation: "[[spoiler:Richard Madira]], you [[PrecisionFStrike cunt]]. After all I've done for three millennia for you, YOU SEND HELICOPTERS '''[[BerserkButton TO MY HOUSE]]'''?!"
* TheSmartGuy : A.Warren is actually ''absolutely terrified'' of his sheer genius, despite him being pathetically afraid of ''her''. His speed at [[PowersAsPrograms interpreting and writing wards]] is sometimes erroneously described as intuition, but it isn't.
* UpperClassTwit : His default state when he isn't curbstomping history.

'''Jonas Alhaiss Ondein''' : EvilerThanThou, TheChessmaster, AxCrazy
* BigBad : Refuses to give up this role to anyone; eventually menaces [[spoiler:the Founders]] themselves.
* DespairEventHorizon : Imprisoned by despots, he attempts escape and has his back broken for his trouble. None of his expected allies lift a finger to help him, as they are too busy doing NotQuiteTheRightThing. This leads to...
* FromNobodyToNightmare : After confronting A.Warren and L.Inga for their abandonment of him, he has a FreakOut and promptly sends assassins after Inga and tries to stab Warren to death himself. Failing that, he hijacks a [[AncientTradition Sacred Society]] and uses it to ensure neither Warren nor Inga will ever sleep peacefully again. After the breaking of the seal, he achieves [[EldritchAbomination such obscene power]] that ''nobody'' can sleep peacefully with the awareness of his continued existence.
* MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning : Everyone breathes a sigh of relief when someone finally, confirmably kills this guy... until they are reminded that people have been releasing themselves from the Machine Core for a couple years by then, and there's no reason to believe Ondein can't do the same thing. Repeatedly.
* ShroudedInMyth : Up until the Weatherwar, and even well into it, most people think Ondein is dead. He operates [[KnowledgeBroker his organization]] through a number of different secure channels.

[[AC:The Rival Apprentices]]:

'''Harmandy Cross''' : (apprentice and consort to Lucretius Inga) CuteBruiser, DarkSkinnedBlond
* CatchPhrase / ClickHello : "Never forget that Lindenhall has two masters."
** "If it's a knife fight you're after, I'm your girl."
* MrViceGuy / MillionairePlayboy : Called "the Lecherous Monk" by her detractors.
* SealedArmyInACan : The PowerTattoo on her breastbone is a triggering ward put there by a very old friend of Harmandy's who disappeared under very mysterious circumstances. Harmandy does not know what it does until it ''does'' rather spectacularly.
* SufficientlyAnalyzedMagic : She's a first-ranked weathermaker, but disguises it heavily by being almost entirely uninterested in applied weatherwork and spends most of her effort on the high theoretical side.

'''Garetta Cross''' : (apprentice to Andrina Warren) TheDragon, WellIntentionedExtremist, RewardedAsATraitorDeserves, DarkSkinnedBlond
* AbusiveParents : Garetta and Harmandy are abused throughout their adolescence and young adulthood by their controlling mother. Garetta runs away and secures legal emancipation and a new identity. Harmandy ends up locked in a room for ten years, blamed for Garetta's disappearance and apparent death, and only let out when needed to earn money, which leads to...
* BrotherSisterIncest : Harmandy becomes obsessed with her brother, and when she finds him alive, she pursues him. Forced to live together, they have a sexual relationship which Garetta later interprets as rape, with him as the victim. Harmandy is clearly not responsible for her actions, given the depths of her mental illness, but Garetta hates her to the point of murderous rage nevertheless, which leads to...
* EtTuBrute : Garetta, thinking to "fix" his broken childhood and "fix" his broken sister, [[NotQuiteTheRightThing betrays their mother to the revolution's secret police]]. He does it in such a ham-handed fashion that the ''nice'' part of the family gets arrested and tortured to death. Congratulations, Garetta: now the homicidal hatred is mutual.
* HairTriggerTemper : Quite shockingly and violently. Arguably, this is [[GreyAndGrayMorality the only thing]] that makes him "more villainous" than his sister, since her violent temper only comes out in self-defense.
* MyMasterRightOrWrong : Averted in some key ways. During the Revolution, he refuses to allow Andrina to set fire to Temples with libraries in them, and even abandons her once when she manages to burn one despite his best efforts.


[[folder:The Imperial Court]]
Empress '''Landry XVI St.-Clare''', Warlord
* TheChessmaster : With a generous side of DreamingOfThingsToCome in a non-prophetic sense.
* AnArmAndALeg : While serving as a Naval Warlord during the League War, she suffered deep gamma burns to her left arm and was forced to have it amputated. The subsequent gene therapy she underwent to heal the radiation sickness and prevent cancer mutated the hair follicles on the left side of her head, so the hair there turned bright white. Damaged nerves in her shoulder also mean she has to wait quite some time before getting a robotic prosthetic arm.
* ParentalSubstitute : Both Thayyem and Iuki consider her a parent figure, even though Thayyem is 480 years old and Iuki already has a mother. They also feel considerable guilt over appointing Landry Warlord and sending her off to war. They spend much of the League War dreading the arrival of a [[BearerOfBadNews Courier dressed in black]] carrying regrets from the Naval Office.
* StillTheLeader : [[VindicatedByHistory History redeems much of her reign]], but the fact is that towards the end of it, she was delegating an enormous portion of her daily tasks to Thayyem Hetonkang, who was herself delegating to Iuki Yohana, and both (at the time) were attributed with rather more moral authority than her.
* WalkingTechbane : She has difficulties keeping her personal electronics alive and has on at ''least'' two occasions had to have shards of screen extracted from the bottoms of her feet.
* XanatosGambit: When people start figuring out just how much of the Yohana dynasty she planned for, they begin to call her "the [[RedBaron Empress on the Horizon]]". True to the trope, even the various failures of Yohanas five through eight don't put major dents in her hopes for a new era.

[[AC:The Yohana Dynasty]]
* BewareTheNiceOnes : They're a dynasty of [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething highly-effective monarchs]]. Most of them are [[MagicFromTechnology strong weathermakers]]. Some of them inspire [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome incredible acts of loyalty and devotion]]. Five or six of them are [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking really good swordsmen]]. Don't mess with the [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Crybaby Emperor]]'s family.
** MamaBear : "Have you ever noticed how all of the Yohanas are instantly wearing swords the moment anyone threatens a single one of them or their people? It's uncanny."
* TheChainsOfCommanding : The usual sort, coupled with the fact that high aristocrats are literally never, ever alone.
* ErmineCapeEffect : The St.-Clare dynasty ended with the [[ModestRoyalty monarch regularly wearing ordinary court suits on a daily basis]]. To distinguish his new dynasty from the last, Iuki Yohana I deliberately sets out to invoke the more traditional pageantry and trend-setting elegance of the Court. He also adopts the RoyalWe.
* HeroesWantRedheads : Someone eventually notices the family preference for redheads, particularly redheaded androgynes. Iuki is a notorious appreciator of redheads, sleeping with Elahendra Nekulandr, Jui Reinhardt, and Jay Sana-kubo... and those are just the famous ones.
* IAmWhatIAm : Starting with Iuki I's admission that the mantle of "conqueror" sits surprisingly well on his shoulders and he's okay with that, proceeding to Thayyem II's admission that she doesn't mind being first among bureaucrats or "cleaning up after her brother", going on to Teffarue VIII's admission that she was an incompetent Empress, and ending with Sejayon IX's admission that he's perfectly okay with being a GodEmperor even if it means people are afraid of him.
* UpToEleven: Yohana monarchs turn political [=HSQ=] into a fine art. Lampshaded when S.Yohana appoints Grancaryen Jocaine to be his First Minister.

Emperor '''Iuki I Yohana''', Archduke of Dragonwell, Warlord
* ArmorPiercingQuestion : "Will you serve?" For older immortals, this question carries very deep, world-shaking connotations. And because Iuki asks it naively but with the same intensity that someone who knew what it meant would ask it, it leads quite a few people to believing that Iuki is [[BigGood more than just an Emperor]].
* FragileFlower : Earns him his less flattering nickname, "the Crybaby Emperor", but it also earns him [[TheWoobie woobie-fication]] by his supporters and some of the Imperial populace. He becomes ever-more fragile as being a war ruler takes its toll... until he finally [[BreakTheCutie breaks]].
* HospitalHottie : He starts out training to become a nurse, and then a doctor, before his career gets hijacked by Landry St. Clare.
* HundredPercentAdorationRating : As War Emperor, a {{woobie}}, an all-around [[GentlemanAndAScholar gentle and smart]] guy, he gets close to this. Part of the problem of [[InadequateInheritor his dynasty]] is their inability to live up to his real and imagined capabilities.
* LongHairedPrettyboy : And blond, too. Most Dragonwellers shoot for this trope, but Iuki only wears his hair down for ceremonies that require it. Otherwise, he wears it in the woven braids favored by medical personnel. As is traditional on Dragonwell, he also typically [[ImportantHaircut gets it cut at major turning points in his life]] -- when T.Sayuen comes back at the end of the war, he cuts it ''all'' off.
* RagsToRoyalty : His mother is a humble city peasant who decided to see just how much of a leap in status could be made from one generation to the next. She never expected an Empress to come in and make her son a Prince, let alone a Crown Prince, let alone a dynasty founder, let alone a ''nigh-messianic savior-of-mankind War Emperor''.
* UglyGuyHotWife : {{Gender Flip}}ped. He is remarkably attractive and intelligent. T.Sayuen is scrawny, [[BookDumb uncommonly stupid]], and maimed.

'''Chaireedi Sho''' : Emperor Yuki I's [[GirlFriday personal servant]].
* HeroWorshipper : The longer Chaireedi serves Iuki, the [[UndyingLoyalty more devoted he becomes]]. Some people who don't know Iuki or Chaireedi very well start thinking Chaireedi is a bit stalkerish.
* LivingEmotionalCrutch : In the latter days of Iuki I's post-war reign, Chaireedi is his crutch as he faces deeper and darker bouts of depression.
* LivingForeverIsAwesome : Given that everyone experiences this, Chaireedi just feels it moreso. It's like ''joie de'' eternal ''vivre'' UpToEleven with him.
* SunnySunflowerDisposition

Consort '''Erliade Hesperides Amintef'''
* ArrangedMarriage : She happens to enter her name into the Court matchmaker's roster at the same time as Emperor Iuki Yohana does...
* CultureClash : She is very deeply rooted in her native, matriarchal Phoenixwell customs, so getting married to a male Dragonweller of vastly superior rank (who already has a permanent partner and was far, far too young to normally consider getting married) is uncomfortable at first.
* FishOutOfWater : She gets stuck assigned to the Dragonwell Court after the outbreak of the League War makes court transfers impossible for mid-level courtiers.
* PetTheDog : After months of reluctance and standoffish coldness towards I.Yohana, on the day of the expensive state wedding Amintef is sick with the flu and the whole thing has to be postponed. Iuki comforts her and she finally admits she's happy to be marrying him. He then cries his eyes out with relief, as he had thought she hated him and was only marrying him out of necessity.

Empress '''Thayyem II Hetonkang Yohana''', Archduke of Dragonwell, Warlord : ReasonableAuthorityFigure, GenreSavvy
* CoolBigSis : Acts like this to Iuki when they are both Princes, and later gets adopted by Iuki's mother for dynastic purposes.
* DidntSeeThatComing : Many assume that since she's not related by blood to the Yohana family that she's not a high-ranked weathermaker like many of them are. That would be a [[OhCrap wrong]] assumption. A.Warren, for all her strategic vision, gets a lightning bolt to the chest when she dismisses Thayyem for a BadassNormal.
* NightmareFetishist : She enjoys telling [[EldritchAbomination scary stories]] to anyone who will listen, and sometimes sets her victims up in advance for maximum scare value.
* PhraseCatcher : "[[UnwantedAssistance Stop Helping Me!]]" Being GenreSavvy, she's very good at giving you exactly the help you need, in the most annoying and humiliating manner possible. While eating an ice cream.
* ShockAndAwe : Because her weathermaker training ends up being a bit patchy, for a long time she relies heavily on the basic technique of manipulating relative electical charges between objects -- so her signature skill is zapping stuff and people with lightning.
* {{Sleepyhead}} : The Court affectionately calls her "the Napping Prince", a name which sticks [[BunnyEarsLawyer even after her highly successful post-war reign]]. Despite the rumors, she is not actually narcoleptic.
* ThirdEye : She has a prophets'-mark third eye on her forehead. Before the unSealing, it remains static, open just a crack, and most people assume it's just a tattoo, unless they see it up close and notice what color it is. After the unSealing, it becomes quite animated, blinking nearly as often as Thayyem's normal eyes.
* UnexpectedSuccessor : Although almost everyone was anticipating Iuki Yohana I's abdication, the Council Quorum decided to use the emergency succession line when Iuki went through an [[HeroicBSOD emotional breakdown]] rather suddenly.

First Minister '''Rhadia Izenkhalzer''' : BunnyEarsLawyer

Empress '''Jarakend IV Ansgar Yohana''', Second Minister to Y.Yohana
* {{Determinator}} : She gets shot in the knee by a would-be assassin, and surgeons cannot save her leg. When asked to deliver a speech upon her return to the throne, she gives one: "I serve."
* DownerBeginning: The assassination attempt occurs less than two years into her reign. The first thing she says when she wakes up in the hospital is, "I haven't done anything to deserve this yet."
* EmbarrassingFirstName : She always, always gets asked if she was named for the city, which, obviously, she was. Until after her reign, when children ask her if the city was named ''after her''.
* TheIdealist : About on par with Yuki as he was before the war.

Empress '''Sushtma VII Dolibe Yohana'''
* AcePilot :"''[[InsistentTerminology Almost]]'' an ace. One kill ''short'' of an ace."

Empress '''Teffarue VIII Yohana''' : TragicHero
* IDidWhatIHadToDo : Most of her highly unpopular, world-devastating decisions were made out of partial necessity, like relocating the Imperial capitol when the city it's in is threatened by massive earthquakes.
* SuckSessor : She ends up taking the most flack for this, although all of the Yohanas after Thayyem weren't fantastic rulers.
* ZenSurvivor : She haunts the fringes of Sejayon IX's court being this.

'''Isao Yohana''' : ExtremeDoormat, FishOutOfWater
* ShrinkingViolet : After having a stroke as a toddler, he suffers from minor brain damage which makes it difficult for him to speak to and relate to people.

Emperor '''Sejayon IX Yohana''' : TheWisePrince, WaifProphet
* EmbarrassingNickname : The [[KidsAreCruel Phoenixwellers he grew up among]] didn't like how his traditional Dragonweller name was pronounced, so they started calling him Sebastian. Once he comes of age, he forbids anyone but [[IfItsYouItsOkay his family]] to use that name.
* GodEmperor : Most of this dynasty qualify, but he's the first of them to wear both his political power and his [[MagicFromTechnology other power]] openly at the same time.
* GunsInChurch : "When's the last time you saw an Emperor handling naked steel in open Court?" He has the somewhat startling (but [[OlderThanTheyThink not unprecedented]], given most of the St.-Clares) custom of giving and receiving fine weaponry as royal gifts.
* HeroicVow [[PhraseCatcher Catcher]] : "Do you know how many people are sworn to him? I mean personally, hand-in-hand sworn to him, not just Service or House oaths. Do you know how many of those people are Great Names?" The answer is literally staggering to most people who hear it.
* MustHaveCaffeine : Some of his Court suggest that his epithet be "the Prince of Coffee", but it doesn't stick because his other epithet is [[RuleOfCool cooler]]: The [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Emperor of Shadows]].
* TheSouthpaw : But he pretends to be [[IAmNotLeftHanded right-handed]] when he fences before witnesses.
** Doubly helpful when he gets the index and middle fingers of his right hand severed in a sword-fight to which he only brought weatherwork. People who don't know he's left handed think he's out of the game for the duration.
* WhenSheSmiles : He usually wears a mild expression of melancholy, and with his ancestry, it's a given that he's considered very attractive. If he smiles, it also tends to mean [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome something really awesome is about to happen all at once]].

Lord-Admiral '''Ering Suvalesse Shadya''' : [[MyGirlIsASlut My]] ReasonableAuthorityFigure [[MyGirlIsASlut Is A Slut]]
* HeroicBSOD : During which he called an emotionally frail sitting Emperor (who happens to be [[BathroomStallOfOverheardInsults right outside the door]]) an emotionless automaton ("pretty little Emperor doll"). Leads promptly to a minor SuccessionCrisis, as said Emperor had a BSOD of his own a long time in the making.
* OverlyLongName : His full name is Ering Suvalesse Koptche-Shadya Ektolt.
* TheFogOfAges : Has forgotten most of is past, despite it being... [[IsThatWhatTheyreCallingItNow "interesting"]].

Lord-Chamberlain '''Belispa Deorless''' : LawfulNeutral, NotThatKindOfDoctor
* MeanBoss : The Servants' Corps laments her leadership style, but her real victims are technically her superiors, who she keeps strictly in line on points of Protocol and the linens budget.
* NightmareFetishist : Her creative input into the annual Courtly theatre games usually results in [[KillEmAll wholesale character slaughter]], large batch orders of [[KensingtonGore fake blood]], and bizarre puppetry. Needless to say, she gets along famously with Thayyem Hetonkang Yohana.
* OldRetainer : For the Dragonwell Court. Notably gets left behind when the Imperial Court relocates to Phoenixwell.
* TrainingFromHell : Heaven help you if you get roped into performing in a theatre game and don't have any recent acting, singing, or dancing experience.

[[folder:The Imperial Court - Post-War Crisis]]

Prince '''Omisemilha Winh''' : BreakTheCutie, HormoneAddledTeenager
* TheChewToy : Chirilinjit gets his friends to host a welcoming party for Winh at which they accidentally serve food to which he is allergic. Winh spends the night puking his guts out. This is the start of his difficulties, and probably the least of them, since six months after he arrives, things on Dragonwell begin to go very badly for everyone.
* LonelyRichKid : With both parents overburdened by civil service duties, Winh was raised mostly by his hilarious cousins the minor Princes, an assortment of aristocrats who were [[ReassignedToAntarctica out of favor and thus out of work]], his school teachers, and servants.
* NaiveNewcomer : To the Imperial Court.
* TheirFirstTime / BoldlyComing : Since he's underage when he comes to Dragonwell to serve as a courtier-representative of the newly-minted House of Winh, he has to petition the Imperial Household Agency's matchmaker to set him up with a first partner. Although Hllai sex customs differ considerably from Dragonwell's, Omisemilha decides to do it Dragonwell-style. The Agency matchmaker decides to pair him up with the guy they originally assigned to tour him around the Palace and look after him until he'd settled in... Chirilinjit Fujiwara.
* ThisIsGonnaSuck : He grew up on Hllaitel in the aftermath of a traumatic inter-House conflict, the desertification of a once-temperate world, and major economic collapse, so when the Imperial Court starts packing up to leave Dragonwell, major cities go under general strikes, and mysterious earthquakes trouble the capitol, he's pretty sure what's about to happen isn't going to be fun.

'''Chirilinjit Fujiwara''' : BrokeEpisode, ChivalrousPervert
* Proud owner of ADegreeInUseless, although he's also got a ninth-rank civil service certificate... the level that the average high school senior can pass.
** SchmuckBait : The lower civil service certificates are the only ones that come as impressive-looking documents worthy of framing and putting on a wall... but it would be a little embarassing to display one, because the ''reason'' they're display-worthy is that they come with no inherent authority, whereas upper certs are small, unassuming cards that have embedded access chips in them.
* LetsGetDangerous : He takes levels in several different respects during the crisis.
* ProfessionalSlacker : The only reason he's even ''in'' this cast herd is because he works as a ''servant'' in the Prefect's Court... everyone else is an actual, functioning member of the bureaucracy.
* SexyMentor : He's originally assigned to be Winh's tour guide and advisor for his first quarter at Court, but the Household Agency gets lazy about actually finding a match for Winh and asks Fujiwara to do it. Fujiwara has no objections, and eventually, [[InsatiableNewlyweds neither does Winh]].
* WeakWilled : He will follow anyone who remotely looks like they know what they're doing.

'''Yshult Fujiwara''' : {{Meganekko}}, LawfulNeutral, ShrinkingViolet
* A {{Courier}} : A low-ranked one until he gets his break in the Diplomatic Service.
* EruditeStoner : When drunk, he gets philosophical. Richard de'Madira claims that Fujiwara can defeat him in logical argumentation (sometimes) with the correct application of mild psychedelics.
* KidSidekick : Becomes this to Ambassador Richard de'Madira, who [[BigBrotherMentor teaches him]] the finer points of diplomatic dissipation, drunken badassery, and GambitPileup.
* SiblingIncest : Mainstream Dragonwell culture does not frown upon consensual same-sex sibling incest (as Dragonwellers have come to be quite literal about why incest is taboo -- to prevent genetic inbreeding), and Yshult and Chirilinjit are off-and-on with each other.
* TakeALevelInBadass : With a hero of two violent revolutions as his mentor, he couldn't ''not'' take a level. Yshult being Yshult, his evolved form is a BadassBureaucrat with ScaryShinyGlasses.

'''Vutao Jeed''' : TheStoic, BareYourMidriff

'''Tjuya Tipou''' : ReallySevenHundredYearsOld (seems to be permanently stuck looking like a young teenager)

'''Detipra Fusyenc''' : OffTheWagon

'''Ayenoon Corda''' : GoingDownWithTheShip

'''Lang Sso Yonvier''' : SociallyAwkwardHero

Prefect '''Druys Lal Allynzaitl''' : DaChief, TookALevelInBadass, PocketProtector (except it protects him from a small knife and not a bullet).
* DeskJockey : Being one in the age of the crisis is no guarantee of niceties like not getting shot at or caught up in uncontrolled riots.


[[folder:The Guildhall/Saolo Last Destiny]]

''The Guildhall is a MildlyMilitary aerospace outfit formed from an offshoot of the more conventional Guild. Headquartered in the [[DesertPunk House of Saolo]], Guildhall uses UnusualUserInterface to test [[SuperPrototype advanced aerospace hardware]] for use throughout the rest of the Empire. Said interface causes {{Disability Superpower}}s in the form of a seizure disorder similar to epilepsy. On the up side, pilots have {{Universal Drivers License}}s and ImprobablePilotingSkills, and are widely [[MileHighClub admired]] as ChickMagnet badasses. On the other downside, they're an unruly, trigger-happy pack of inveterate adrenaline junkies who can be relied upon to nearly get themselves killed any chance they get.''

Lord-Founder '''Jui "Inkstone" Reinhardt''', Warlord, Pilot 1st Rank : MilitaryMaverick, AcePilot, BenevolentBoss
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking : In a universe where this tends to be played straight, Reinhardt is the kind of guy who ends up getting dragged through the dirt by people who expect him to be a badass because he's a "Great Name". In a space-fighter duel, however, played ''beautifully'' straight.
* HardHead : He, like all Guildhall pilots, heals from traumatic brain injuries in mere hours because of the implants in his brain that manage his epilepsy.
* [[MyParentsAreDead My Children Are Dead]] : Before the Red Revolution, he had a number of kids with various lovers. Most of his lovers were in the Service and most of his children entered it. After his wife Telsalem, an Air Warden, and his son Nesha were tortured and murdered by the Red Regime, Reinhardt gave up having a family for good and never looked back.
* RummageSaleReject : A walking example of this trope; sometimes combines it with CustomUniform.
** LetsGetDangerous : The Service knows life is about to turn SeriousBusiness when Lord Reinhardt shows up in correct uniform with his hair correctly tied.
* SubordinateExcuse : Takes an age to pay off, but he eventually falls in love with I.Yohana, who [[HeroesWantRedheads reciprocates]].
* TheOlderImmortal : He's actually older than even he thinks, having erased his birthdate from records and then [[TheFogOfAges forgotten it]]. He's lived through all of Imperial history and a substantial bit of pre-Imperial history.

'''Cuiya Armagnac''' : UnluckyEverydude, GreaseMonkey, SlobsVersusSnobs, EmbarrassingTattoo (on her ''face'')

'''Amanita "Navsat" Armagnac''', Pilot 1st Rank : CoolBigSis
* AcePilot : Moreso than most of the rest of these characters (she's what's known as a Valkyrie), although her call sign originates from an [[NoodleIncident incident]] that resulted in a navigational satellite burning up in unplanned atmospheric reentry. Oops.
* CoolLoser : As a Valkyrie, it's impossible for her not to be cool, [[InvertedTrope and yet]]...
* DisabilitySuperpower : In addition to the usual epilepsy suffered by Guildhallers, Amanita is blind. This actually gives her an ''advantage'' at flying [[UnusualUserInterface full-interface]].
* IronButtmonkey : After joining the service at the unlucky age of 11 (after missing the exams at the more conventional ages of 9 and 10), she comes down with a pandemic infection and loses her sight before she ever reaches puberty. Despite her obvious skill as a pilot, she lands in two or three extremely embarassing situations per decade.

[[TheCaptain Captain]] '''Keeli "Stickles" Soros''', Pilot 4th Rank : OfficerAndAGentleman, SternTeacher
* HeadphonesEqualIsolation : Well, no. She has a habit of listening to music in headphones or her auditory implants, getting bored of whatever she's working on, and serenading people or making them dance with her. Then wandering off, leaving amusement and/or bafflement in her wake.
* HypocriticalHumor : She is absolutely ''notorious'' for it. Literally nobody can figure out whether she's being ironic or not.
* ImprovisedWeapon : When the going gets tough, she hauls out a shovel. She owns one because she frequently does community service for her religious sect. That doesn't explain why she keeps it in the cockpit of her CoolPlane, though.
* ReligiousBruiser : When T.Sayuen is promoted to be Soros' Vice Captain, Soros is somewhat baffled as to how to order around a PhysicalGod who is also the highest religious authority around. Eventually gets used to the idea and [[MachineWorship consecrates Sayuen's guildsman]].
(sometimes) Vice-Captain '''Cersine "Onion" Tolleek''', Pilot 5th Rank
* AwesomeButImpractical : Whenever he gets involved in planning training missions, they end up being things like bicycle-mounted paintball deathmatches. Not that Dooriji or Soros wouldn't have come up with ideas like his, they just don't think of such things ''first''.
* fond of MuckingInTheMud and {{Horrible Camping Trip}}s
* NotAMorningPerson : Not! One thing most people appreciate about his camping trips is that no matter how badly wrong they go (and they don't go wrong ''that'' often), Tolleek will always let everyone sleep as late as they like.

'''Cocoroa "Bug" Aram-se-Yuhnau''', Pilot 5th Rank
* CulturedWarrior : Most Guildsmen play instruments (not necessarily ''well'') but Yuhnau is actually pretty good at it, and plays several.
* EmbarrassingFirstName : He goes by his callsign or Yuhnau. Only people who want to annoy him call him "Cocoroa".

[[TheCaptain Captain]] '''Vindrim Tpaa "Akshi" Dooriji''', Pilot 4th Rank : MartialPacifist, AcePilot, DarkSkinnedBlond, BloodBrothers (with Chault, his {{wingman}})
* ButICantBePregnant : Being a {{hermaphrodite}}, he's on the giving ''and'' receiving end of this trope because he just doesn't learn from his mistakes.
* TheQuietOne : In terms of volume; if he's not taking RefugeInAudacity, he's speaking quietly enough that you can barely hear him over the engine noise. When he ''is'' taking refuge... "I had no idea he could even raise his voice, let alone shout like that!"
* WeakButSkilled : Of Lunaweller stock, he's short, slight, and has a distinct disadvantage in ability to build muscle, but he still manages to scrape together a few in-service martial arts titles.

Vice-Captain '''Eune Prinsil "Rana" Chault''', Pilot 4th Rank : RefugeInAudacity, {{Wingman}} (Dooriji's), AcePilot
* BlindJump : She is the only weathermaker known to have pulled off a regenerative chain of instantaneous [[PortalNetwork long transits]] to [[TravelingAtTheSpeedOfPlot travel between planets in hours rather than days]]. She repeatedly asserts that she will never attempt it again, that nobody else should try it, and that she was [[MillionToOneChance astronomically lucky]] to have survived doing it even once, where even one primary calculation error would have resulted in her becoming a ten light-year-long splatter of subatomic particles and possibly annihilating anything in the way.
* CargoShip :[[invoked]] Like many Guildsmen, she has unusually deep relationships with the vehicles she owns, but she's especially attached to the bright blue Kospina three-wheeler she was able to buy new after an extended stay in the hospital meant her pay accumulated without her being able to waste it all on nothing in particular.
* PerpetualPoverty : Despite getting the same salary as any other vice-captain in the service.
* PluckyComicRelief : If she's not giving orders, she's cracking jokes.
* TookALevelInBadass : Before the weatherwar, she was notionally a fourth-ranked weathermaker. During the weatherwar, she joins everyone else in the race to the top of the power classes and becomes a [[PhysicalGod first-ranker]].

'''Sinjaron "Lieutenant" Muh''', Pilot 5th Rank : OldFriend (of T.Sayuen), AcePilot, RecursiveCrossdressing, EyesAlwaysShut
* CloudcuckooLander : From a young age, he's often off by himself lost in thought and striking odd poses or dancing to himself.
* EmbarrassingNickname : All of his callsigns are disappointing to him. The stickiest nickname is the most embarrassing: "Wait, why are you giving me a callsign based on my ''{{wingman}}''?" "Because her callsign is too cool to replace." "You're goddamn ''joking''."
* MajorInjuryUnderreaction : "Wow, the lower rail of my control frame is impaled in my arm. That would probably explain the blood all over my {{HUD}}."
** SkewedPriorities : In another, unrelated incident, "Help me get this vest off, I don't want to bleed all over it. It's ''brand new''!"
* NoodleIncident : After being shot down over an uninhabited continental forest, a version of the story of Muh's seven month survival there becomes the [[ShroudedInMyth stuff of (hilarious) fleet legend]], and the source of a new callsign ("Treehouse", which gets replaced after a few years). Muh being Muh, he wasn't adversely affected by spending seven months without another soul for ten thousand miles in all directions.
* RunningGag : Is Osiris his wingman, or is Muh' Osiris' wingman? Ends when Osiris gets promoted to Vice (and becomes Soros' wingman) and the entire squadron gets rearranged.
* SharpDressedMan : Even crossdressed. Muh decides from day one that in a service where CustomUniform is normal, wearing the uniform precisely according to regulations is acceptably unusual.

'''Peschale Hycheet Houdarda''' : BigBrotherMentor, EyesAlwaysShut

'''Saizh Reym-und-Aramai'''
* AnonymousBenefactor : After the incident that resulted in T.Sayuen losing her eye, Reym is responsible for ordering secret protection for her and her squadmates. Later, outside of Reym's control, the Metchalc decide to keep an eye on Sayuen for other reasons -- eventually saving her life.
* SignatureMove : He has a talent for moving quickly, accurately, and elegantly in microgravity.
* TragicDream : He wanted to go out for Guildhall, but settled for grunt-work espionage after failing the exam and running out of money. Now, his choice to join a Sacred Society of ambiguous legality prevents him from trying out for Guildhall again -- so now he settles for fanboying the 'Hall from the other side.

'''Teldi Madaur''' : Appreciator of GunPorn
* TheConsigliere : To Reym.
* GunsAkimbo : He can get away with it because he's ambidextrous, has quasi-legal bionic enhancements, and even the lethal weaponry the Metchalc uses (quasi-legally) has relatively less recoil.
* [[WhereDoesHeGetAllThoseWonderfulToys "Where'd you get all these grenades, Tel?"]]


[[folder:The Navy - League War]]
Admiral '''Yun Ianrik''' : PunchClockHero, BlackSheep
* AFatherToHisMen : He plays with this. Notorious for "adopting" and reforming trouble-making midshipmen and ''[[AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents reading them bedtime stories]]'' as punishment for bad behavior when they land themselves in the brig or infirmary. Captive audience, indeed.
* ArrangedMarriage : Joined the Navy to [[UnwantedSpouse escape his]].
* HonorBeforeReason : He's stationed in the House of Saolo during the Sihalese Crisis and ships out with the Saolo Taskforce. When his old ship the ''Titan'' is found to be among the ships being used by the Alliance to conduct brutal civil war on Sihaya, Ianrik is given permission to capture it or destroy it at any cost.
* TokenMinority : Male Admiral in a service dominated by a matriarchal culture.
* RedBaron : "The Ice Queen" for his reputation for practically sub-zero cool-headedness in battle. Unlike his son, he's not a DefrostingIceQueen.
* YouMustBeCold : He's sometimes on the receiving end of this trope because he is (and everyone who knows him knows he is) ''always'' cold aboard ship and is sometimes seen carrying around or wearing a blanket or a big fluffy non-regulation sweater under his waistcoat. This is the more humorous explanation for his nickname.

[[TheCaptain Captain]] '''Alexander Tachibana''' : BigDamnHeroes
* BadassNormal : No ability for weatherwork whatsoever, but he still manages to hold his own in a fleet battle against [[spoiler:Founders]].
* CallToAgriculture : After the war he retires to a monastery famous for its vertically-integrated beer brewery.
* ObliviousToLove : Does this to Ianrik, and, more tragically, one of his original followers Inn'a D. Hnetal, who confesses in his last dying breath.
* MasterSwordsman : His one greatest vice is showing this off in the dojo, much to the dismay of the senior lieutenants who have to spar with him.
* RedBaron : They call him "The Bloody Dragon Tachibana" for his reputation as a swordsman and a brilliant fighting-frigate captain.
* YaoiGuys : "Do you know where the Captain is?" "I think he's breaking some fraternization regulations with the Admiral." "I'm going to forget you said that."

First Lieutenant '''Mem de'Madira''' : TheBigGuy, BigDamnHeroes (with Tachibana), StoutStrength
* eventual owner of [[TheAllegedCar An Alleged Boat]] which she goes about restoring in a somewhat desultory fashion during her long, war-profit supported retirement.
* AnnoyingLaugh : Loud, wheezy, raspy, and rarely the same sound twice. And she laughs ''a lot''.
* CultureClash : With pretty much all four of her direct subordinates, and sometimes the Captain as well. In particular, cultural attitudes towards minor physical violence differ, and neither Sayuen nor Soonrik appreciate how ready she is to hit them. (Dragonwellers only accept that kind of thing between very intimate friends, and Babylonians consider it an affront to personal honor.)
* CulturedWarrior : Her original occupation is potter, and her hobbies include hand embroidery. During [[BoredomMontage less exciting stretches of the war]], most of the crew get elaborate embroidery on their uniforms courtesy of her boredom. ''Not'', however, an OfficerAndAGentleman: she is [[RantInducingSlight assertively]] working class.
* LimitedAdvancementOpportunities : Senior First is the ultimate glass ceiling for officers who choose to attach themselves to a fighting-frigate captain. Mem only [[FieldPromotion gets here]] because Tachibana's old group of followers got [[DownerEnding killed off]].

Third Lieutenant '''Shandel Soonrik''' : TheLancer, DefrostingIceQueen, [[CuteClumsyGirl Cute Clumsy Guy]], PsmithPsyndrome
* MyGirlIsASlut : [[SonOfAWhore Descends from a long and distinguished line]] of upper-middle-class courtesans.
* RoyallyScrewedUp : He and his father, Yun Ianrik, are runaways from a tightly-knit clan into which Ianrik was married off by his family out of annoyance at his youthful irresponsibility.

[[AC:The NewMeat]]

Fourth Lieutenant '''Irrowen Bosri'''
* TheFogOfAges : Averted, her eidetic memory interferes with her life on a regular basis.
* TheLoad : Forced to play this when injured and stranded inside a derelict colony.
* YouCantGoHomeAgain : She gets stranded on a Dragonwell arcology during the post-war crisis and cannot return to her home planet Trauwerot in the House of Sihaya. Fortunately, Trauwerot escapes some of the worst of the fighting and Bosri's hometown is left intact.

Fifth Lieutenant '''Dally Jha-rho-yu''' : JumpedAtTheCall, LowerDeckEpisode
* AscendedFanboy : Basically a spaceship nerd.

[[AC:Tachibana's Dead Ship-Followers]]

the [[KilledOffForReal late]] First Lieutenant '''Dauyerei Katow''' : MentorOccupationalHazard, TheChainsOfCommanding
* DeadPersonConversation : She dies in the first seconds of the battle, but nobody finds out until hours later. Katow, dead and passing into the relays, speaks with Inn'a Hnetal, who is bleeding to death and certain to go soon. Hnetal mentions the fact that Katow has died before he confesses his love to the captain and expires.
* RammingAlwaysWorks: A victim in the hands of an [[SenselessSacrifice especially stupid]] enemy berserker who decided against [[TooDumbToLive all intelligence and common sense to the contrary]] that he could actually damage a frigate's engines by ramming them.

the [[KilledOffForReal late]] Second Lieutenant '''Inn'a Doluseivif "Netta" Hnetal'''
* ApatheticTeacher : He (counterproductively) presents this facade towards the school faculty who don't like him, and realizes he's not that interested in teaching as a career, but he genuinely cares about the ''students'' and works well with the rest of the teachers.
* BadassTeacher : When he begins teaching, it quickly comes out that his main career is in the Navy, so people assume he's a badass. He is, but only incidentally to being a Naval officer.
* LivingToys : Upon coming back from the dead, he has a choice of what kind of artificial body to live in... and for a while, he lives in a specially-designed doll about [[FunSize six inches tall]] [[RuleOfCute and adorable]]. Leads to some angst over the UncannyValley when he moves into a full-sized android body and finds it just human enough to creep him out while living in it.
* OneDegreeOfSeparation : He taught at Iuki Yohana's upper school before the League War began.
* RescuedFromTheUnderworld : When Iuki Yohana makes a pilgrimage to [[DreamWorld Junction Machine Core]] to attempt to verify the death of [[spoiler:Tseng Sayuen]], the first of the [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal dreaming-dead]] he meets is Hnetal. Hnetal decides to release himself from the Machine Core using Yohana's powers, never imagining that he might be the first of a flood of consciousnesses to [[ForScience reenter the world]]...
* SubordinateExcuse : Falls hard for Alexander Tachibana. Conceals it well, but not so well that Tachibana should have failed to notice for as long as he did.
* YoungFutureFamousPeople : A complicated example.
** Another teacher at his school realizes that one of the people in the archive video she used to teach about the Red Revolution was Hnetal, recorded giving up the names (invented, of course) of fellow rebels after having been tortured.
** After Hnetal ends up having been a major influence in the early life of an Emperor, he becomes a very minor celebrity and retires from teaching, having not liked it that much anyway.
** After ''that'', he tries as hard as he can to ''not'' become famous as one of the first people to come back from the dead by releasing himself from the Machine Core, mainly because of the yet-unresolved societal implications.


[[folder:The Navy - Gosc Waystation]]
''The Imperial Gosc Waystation is a medium-sized station in orbit around the House of Sihaya planet Gosc, in the starsystem of the same name. Strategically important because of its placement between one major territory of the Consortium and another on a major relay trunkline, the Waystation sees surprisingly little action until after the end of the League War. Then, during the invasion of the Consortium by its rivaling neighbor Houses, the Waystation sees more action than any of its people ever wanted to see, starting with an opportunistic pirate attack, the brief retreat of the House-in-exile to its environs, and concluding with a fleet action resulting the destruction of a relay node in its vicinity.''

Admiral '''Iruu Hesh-Tmella''' : NonActionGuy, ImpoverishedPatrician

Admiral '''Sendaywi "Sindwa" Tllay Ponsuora''' : TheCaptain, BloodBrothers (with Umarna)
* BadassBookworm : Every space she occupies is jammed with paper books, some of which she borrowed from ''you'' and probably won't give back.
* BileFascination :[[invoked]] When Umarna's luck goes bad (as it often does), Ponsuora gets involved whether he wants her to or not, simply to soak up some of the damage. Umarna-related train wrecks tend to be painful rather than silly.
* CulturedWarrior : Aside from being extravagantly well-read, she sings with the Waystation's choir.
* GeekyTurnOn : A mutual example of this is how she ends up sleeping with Ambassador R.de'Madira's new attache.
* GondorCallsForAid : Pirates opportunistically attack the station during the height of the Sihalese civil crisis. Wounded and covered in her own blood, Ponsuora makes a desperate broadcast for help and throws in a rather vivid oath of allegiance to the Sihaya Consortium. [[VoiceOfTheResistance Those who still cling to control]] of the shredded Sihalese relay system make the message go... ''everywhere''. And Ponsuora becomes, briefly, an icon of the crisis.
* MoodSwinger : Averted in the sense that she has a real-world cyclic mood disorder, high emotional lability, and extreme neophilia.
* PraetorianGuard : After swearing allegiance to the House of Sihaya in a [[GondorCallsForAid broadcast message]] [[NoKillLikeOverkill that lit up most of the relay system]], Archduke R.Nekulandr rewards her loyalty with, among other things, the right to Pawitduori personal guards. She tells them quite frankly that to guard her life is to guard the life of Umarna, no matter what. And the station comes first. [[spoiler:Although they do protect Umarna the same as her, she can never convince them of the latter point; their ancient laws say otherwise, and if push came to shove, they wouldn't let either her or Umarna to [[GoingDownWithTheShip go down with the ship]]. If pressed for an answer, a Pawitjad ''will'' lie.]]
* RuleOfFun : This is how she runs her life. And her career, after she realizes she isn't going anywhere rank-wise and probably never will.

First Lieutenant '''Tignan Tllay Umarna''' : TheLancer, TheChewToy
* BileFascination :[[invoked]] Built a working relationship with Sendaywi Ponsuora based initially on this. Frequently plays along with her just to see where she's going with it. Ponsuora-related train wrecks tend to be silly rather than painful, unfortunately for Umarna's dignity.
* DissonantSerenity : He's at his best when he's less than four hours away from a hot bath... or when covered in blood and ash and unspeakable problems.
* GotVolunteered : Both he and Ponsuora are given command of corvettes (which have been temporarily converted into gunboats) for lack of suitable commanders, despite both of them being stationsiders.
* LetsGetDangerous : The following exchange precedes a legendary demonstration of [[DeathInAllDirections Imperial Naval firepower]].
-->''Sendaywi'': "What did that filthy pirate call us, Tignan?"
-->''Tignan'': "Refresh my memory, Sindwa."
-->''Sendaywi'': "He called us {{desk jockey}}s. You're sitting on about as much firepower as I am right now -- a shitload -- do you feel like a ''desk jockey''?"
* NotMyLuckyDay : Has a habit of lampshading it, much to the [[AngstDissonance irritation]] of his co-workers and staff.
* SharpDressedMan : All of his uniforms are better-kept than most officers' best sets, and when he's in civvies he works even harder at it. He is quite {{vain}}.

Second Lieutenant '''Iisein Zeulys Sungun''' : OnlySaneMan, LizLemonJob
* EnsignNewbie : When S.T.Ponsuora and T.T.Umarna were assigned to the Gosc Waystation, the previous Admiral departed with her followers, leaving unfilled gaps in the senior staff. D.Thandii attempted to fill in as Senior Second, but couldn't keep up. Sungun arrives clueless as to the fact that [[LizLemonJob both of his new superiors]] ''and'' [[LizLemonJob his new subordinate]] are... ''volatile''.
* FlatWhat : It's almost his CatchPhrase.
* NoodleIncident : Sungun keeps in touch with people he's served with in other commands and they think that his life on the Gosc station is one long string of these.
* PoliceProcedural : When Sungun has to act as head of station security when Lt. Thandii is in the infirmary recovering from being drugged, everyone treats the investigation like this as they examine the truly bizarre circumstances surrounding how Thandii (and the other people in the cafeteria) got drugged in the first place.
* SirSwearsalot : Sharply in contrast to Lt. Thandii, who is happy all the time, and Lt. Umarna, who is a bit snooty.
* YouAreInCommandNow : When Admiral Ponsuora and Lt. Umarna don't make it off the Waystation, Sungun finds himself in charge of the part of the evacuation fleet that obeyed orders to stay together, and must now figure out how to round up the part that ''didn't'' obey orders. He almost loses it at Thandii when she [[DudeNotFunny jokingly]] calls him "Admiral".

Third Lieutenant '''Dhawtisarno Thandii''' : GenkiGirl, CaffeineBulletTime
* BunnyEarsLawyer : She looks and behaves like a teenager, but has trained herself to shift instantly into hardass-professional mode to get things done. Still, it's a little disconcerting for a [[MoreDakka tactical]] [[BeamSpam officer]] to be so [[BewareTheNiceOnes bubbly]].
* DaChief : Head of station security as well as chief of weapons. This means she has to take cafe of the station's customs and shipping departments as well.
* SniffSniffNom : Once, when fellow officers complain that the mess hall's rice dish tastes worse than usual, Thandii performs this test. Upon tasting the food, she immediately slaps the spork out of Lt. Umarna's hand, gets the mess hall locked down, and has a [[CodeEmergency medical emergency declared]], because she can taste that the rice has a massive dose of ''something'' in it. The ''something'' turns out to be an illegal hallucinogen a cafeteria worker was trafficking through the station's supply shipments.
* StreetSmart : Has a considerable degree of this. Also, for an officer with a fairly clean record, she knows ''a lot'' about crime, vice, and fraud from the wrong end of things.

Dr. '''Vecker Kyeol'''
* DeskJockey : As chief of medicine aboard the station, his duties are more bureaucratic in nature, so he's lost his clinical touch. This is very unhelpful when he ends up being the last doctor on the station after nearly three hundred people get [[GoingDownWithTheShip left behind]] by an only mostly successful evacuation, and many of those people, including the two in charge, are hurt.

[[folder:The House of Sihaya]]
[[AC:The Nekulandr Dynasty]] : Dead Little Sister (On a galactic scale. Dead little planet perhaps? Dead little billions of innocent citizens?)

Archduke '''Elahendra Nekulandr I''' : VoiceOfTheResistance, SophisticatedAsHell
* BigLabyrinthineBuilding: Before he was an aristocrat, he designed arcologies and space colonies.
* CoolGarage : He collects antique guildsmen and refurbishes them himself. More like a Cool Hangar then.
* DrivenToSuicide : After the League War and before he abdicates, he spends two years daydreaming nearly constantly of his own death in increasingly creative ways.
* IBangedYourMom : Long, long after he retires from the Sihalese aristocratic service, he goes to Phoenixwell and becomes attached to Emperor Sejayon Yohana, grandson of Iuki Yohana... with whom Elahendra slept several times. Although this kind of thing isn't especially uncommon in an immortal FreeLoveFuture, it still leads to some snickering, because Courts ''run'' on salacious gossip.
* ManChild : His default setting, which means he probably constitutes a TheWonka.

Archduke '''Rhidawa Nekulandr IV''' : InterruptedSuicide, JerkassFacade
* MeanBoss : Perfectionist and stern, he doesn't put up with crap from the aristocracy or the civil service. For a while, his adoptive princes (and his adoptive parent Elahendra) are the only people in his Court who genuinely like him -- and since people like ''them'', they're willing to put up with ''him''.
* NotSoStoic / TearJerker : "You-- you've killed my children." This is arguably the turning point for public opinion to go unreservedly in support of Sihaya.
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits : During the invasion, he has to cobble together a squadron of starships to evacuate his Court and household from its homeworld. It eventually turns into the [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill largest fleet]] of ships ever assembled in Imperial history.

Prince '''Thu-di-pawuo Nekulandr V''' : TranquilFury
* DumbStruck : Becomes more or less mute after [[spoiler:three of her adoptive siblings are killed]] in the Sihalese civil war. Coupled with a heavy dose of SurvivorGuilt.
* NotHerself : Her two-month tenure as Warlord of the Sihalese Navy is marked by the above-mentioned muteness as well as generally creepy, mercurial emotionality, when ordinarily she's a fairly level-headed, talkative person.
* TheRevolutionWillNotBeCivilized : Drives out the people who invaded her House with [[StuffBlowingUp extreme]] [[DeathInAllDirections prejudice]].

Prince '''Itgaya Nekulandr''' : once had a very public HeroicBSOD

[[PraetorianGuard Guard]] [[TheCaptain Captain]] '''Doti Aysoush Ostrigille''' : BadassCreed, UndyingLoyalty, UnflappableGuardian
* ArtificialHuman : Of the "AI living inside a robot body" variety. Despite not needing to sleep more than a couple hours a day, her favorite thing to do on days off (of which she partakes the same number as her organic colleagues) is sleep until midday then [[DeceptivelyHumanRobots go out for breakfast]].
** CloudcuckooLander : When she first took up residence in her robot body, the sensations were far, far too intense for a being that had until then been experiencing only vague impressions and interpretations of the physical world -- so her [[NotThatKindOfDoctor doctors]] dialed everything down to the lowest settings and she walked around in a clumsy daze while they slowly introduced her sensory inputs.
** DoAndroidsDream : "I was born dreaming, actually."
* BigDamnHeroes : Interestingly, one of her convictions is that if she and her guards ever have to do this, it's because they failed at their primary mission: to remain on the Archduke's heels protecting them at every moment of the day.
* OldRetainer : For all of the Archdukes of the House of Sihaya. Noted for doing some of their DirtyBusiness for them as well as playing BackToBackBadasses with [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking more than a couple]], when the shit really starts hitting the fan.
* ServileSnarker : Especially towards the more serious and sober Archdukes.

[[folder:The Restoration and the Revolution]]
Warlord '''Antony Seherithan''' : JerkAss
* ChangingOfTheGuard : Seherithan got his start in politics when Prince Jocaine (see House of Phoenixwell section below) decided to push her male secretaries, ordinarily doomed to end their careers at a glass ceiling, into becoming serious politicians. People often forget that when he became Archduke, he was still ruling under the ''Jocaine'' name and dynasty and only ruled under his own name ''after'' his Imperial coup.
** BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor : Jocaine always warned him about what he was getting into -- and he always warned her that he wasn't [[FaceHeelTurn as good of a person as she thought he was]]. They both end up regretting him going into politics, as do most of his colleagues.
* NotQuiteTheRightThing : Towards the end of his fraught reign, he deposes half a dozen Houses on flimsy grounds, abusing the rules he himself wrote for Imperial power, and in the process ruined countless lives and inflicted grave instability on a dozen worlds.
* NotSoDifferent : Part of what tipped him over into mental illness was the realization that many of his pragmatic compromises were, practically speaking, just tacit versions of the oppressive rules that had been explicit under the tyrants he deposed.
* ThereAreNoTherapists : There ''were'' therapists, but Antony drove them away by being an utter dick to each and every one, even before his mental illness became very serious.
* WalkingTheEarth : He went to ground and later became the leader of a grey-market smuggling fleet.

First Minister '''Yukady Talliser''' : CosmicPlaything, EtTuBrute, {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* BestServedCold : His revenge against Seherithan will probably remain unrequited; Seherithan has fallen so far that he may never again have anything worth taking.
* HumiliationConga : Gets put through this by A.Seherithan, who disgraces him personally, then disgraces his entire House, then brings down almost every other friend Talliser has ever had.
** DespairEventHorizon : When Seherithan crosses the MoralEventHorizon by [[AllTakeAndNoGive asking Yukady to serve]] on firing squads ''continuously'' for day after day of executions, Yukady eventually loses it and attempts to murder Seherithan -- given that he'd fired his round already, it was assumed that he planned on [[PistolWhipping beating Seherithan to death with the butt of the gun]].
* ReformedButRejected : Some of what got his House disgraced and disbanded ''was'' his fault, but even after fixing everything and making good with the people he wronged, the Empire would not redeem him or his House until the affairs in question were historical footnotes.

[[{{Ambadassador}} Ambassador]] '''Richard de'Madira''' : BoisterousBruiser, RetiredBadass, GenreSavvy
* TheCameo : He puts in token appearances in plot lines that have nothing to do with him.
* ForeignLanguageTirade : Freak him out enough and you might be on the receiving end of one. He forgets his Courier-tongue entirely when sufficiently hysterical, and only a BrightSlap (or three) can bring him back to normal.
* GambitPileup : He is the original architect of the Imperial Diplomatic Service, and much of its tendency to resemble this trope is his doing.
* ImpoverishedPatrician : Despite being one of the ''original'' sons of the first Madiran dynasty, the [[ObstructiveBureaucrat current House bureaucracy]] repeatedly tries to take his name from him if he fails to keep up the steady stream of patronage works required of House clients. Normal clients have a family name to fall back on if their service lapses; Richard's family name ''is'' Madira. Pointing this out ''sometimes'' helps.
* TheStoryteller : Can sometimes be found holding court with a rapt audience of anyone and everyone. Part of his talent for diplomacy is building narratives.

[[{{Ambadassador}} Ambassador]] '''Sinclair Taigne''' : CoolOldGuy, RetiredBadass
* HowTheMightyHaveFallen : Within the reign of one Duke of Taigne, Sinclair goes from serving as highly-respected and well-paid advisor to getting beaten, given inadequate medical care that will stick with him the rest of his life, and kicked out of the Duke's Court to a life of scraping by on disability. Meanwhile Richard, in a similar position, gets arrested, exiled, roundly abused by immigration authorities, sneaks back onto the planet, and sinks deeply into the life of the underground. Admittedly they [[PlethoraOfMistakes both mostly deserved it]].
* MadeOfIron : He looks like a frail old man and has a bad limp, but he can survive just about anything.
* TheMasochismTango : Before he and R.de'Madira were [[RedStringOfFate fated to be partners in love]] [[XanatosSpeedChess and chess]], Richard deceived Sinclair into believing he was going to send aid to fix Taigne's [[DeadlyDecadentCourt dysfunctional dynasty]] for two and a half years. When Sinclair found out he'd been strung along, he became [[JadeColoredGlasses angry, jaded, and unstable]] but continued to share Richard's bed (to Richard's extreme dismay). By the time Antony shows up to BrightSlap everyone he can lay hands on, they've worked out their personal issues BecauseDestinySaysSo. Mostly.
--> We've always been each others' favorite victims.
* MoreDakka : His strategy to compensate for his mediocre aim. "Is that backpack full of ammo?" "And spare guns."

Lord '''Jeidel Taigne''' : AloofBigBrother, TheAtoner, EyesAlwaysShut
* AntiHero / AntiVillain : He straddles the fence between "corrupt politician who happens to get good things done for self-serving reasons and good PR" and "good-hearted politician who does terrible things out of necessity to remain in power and protect everyone from the much worse guys standing in the wings".
* FacingTheBulletsOneLiner : As he faces down [[ShotAtDawn a firing squad]], "I probably deserve this." Promptly rescued by his [[BigDamnHeroes younger brother]] who demands the truth from him, or [[SubvertedTrope else he'll fire the killing shot himself]].

Warlord '''Herien Uya Dodahni aua'Taigne'''
* HiddenDepths : ''Now'' she's a grungy, unambitious wanderer living off of her own trust fund and working for the sake of getting dirty, but during the Seherithan Restoration she commanded epic galactic fleets.
* NonIdleRich : She hates donating money to causes, even though she has buckets of it, but loves doing volunteer work, especially if it involves physical labor like ditchdigging and piling up sandbags.
* ThePigPen : Claims to be allergic to soap.
* WalkingTheEarth : And showing up on friends' and relatives' doorsteps to occupy their couches at inconvenient moments. Happens mostly when she returns from lengthy stints of volunteer service.

Warlord '''Vincent Fayyern Shar-me''' : JerkAss, victim and perpetrator of EnhancedInterrogationTechniques, TrappedBehindEnemyLines
* TheAtoner : During the period of colonial expansion after the Revolution, he joins the Imperial Surveyors Service and lobbies hard that many of the most beautiful planets under his survey be designated natural preserves.
** CatchPhrase : An inversion of the conventional surveyor's turn: "We are inadequate to this world's needs."
* SpeechImpediment : Has a stutter from childhood which is made incurable by torture and [[ThereAreNoTherapists seeing things that can never be unseen]] during the Revolution.
* ManlyTears : When agitated, his stutter gets bad enough that sometimes he just quits talking and cries... but who can blame him? This also tends to blunt the effects of his JerkAss tirades.
* NoodleIncident : Ask him about the various times in his post-Revolution career when he's had to wear his daughter's dresses... Gets to be FetishRetardant once he pulls the knife as long as his forearm out of his skirt.
* TrulySingleParent : Eftulia is effectively a female clone of him, gestated in a [[PeopleJars jar]]. At the time, he was too misanthropic to even want to combine genes with anyone else, even an anonymous donor, let alone reproduce the old fashioned way.

'''Eftulia Fayyern Shar-me''' : JerkAss
* ActionDuo : Eftulia is the brains of the operation, having only her marksmanship and razor wit, while Vincent is the brawn with the tactical skill, swordsmanship, physical strength, and hand-to-hand combat training.
* EarnYourHappyEnding : After Eftulia is born, Vincent recovers from the horrors of war while raising her. Once she is of age, they become permanent companions.
* ItRunsInTheFamily : Like her father, Eftulia is a good singer, a (somewhat more charming) jerk, and has a less than healthy appreciation for hallucinogens.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold : Best seen when she is in the presence of her father, to whom she is devoted. She has no stutter, but if she's in the presence of Vincent, she'll sing and use sign language to converse, in order to help him feel less awkward about his disability.
* LadyDrunk : Complete with swagger, extremely obnoxious speaking style, and lack of social graces.
* PrimalScene : Since their shtick is doing lots of drugs and [[TheyFightCrime fighting crime]] together, and Eftulia is responsible for [[SpyFiction interrogations, sneaking around, and manipulation]], it's usually up to her to do the seducing... but sometimes they run into a target who prefers men, and Vincent is [[ChasteHero less than adept]] in this arena. They feel awkward about not caring about how weird it is for a parent and child to be involved in each others' sex lives.

'''Julica Maystrell''' : JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope, IDidWhatIHadToDo, SpaceMadness, AxCrazy
* HeroicSacrifice : Murdering an Empress, even a genocidal maniac, doomed her to a life in exile. She proudly accepted her fate.
* WarriorTherapist : When A.Warren and G.Cross seem on the verge of [[DoomedMoralVictor submitting helplessly]] to death at the hands of a horde of assassins and bounty hunters, Maystrell motivates them to stand up and fight... by mowing down a number of the aforementioned assassins and ''successfully [[HannibalLecture convincing]]'' Warren and Cross, who [[BloodSplatteredInnocents witnessed the bloody slaughter up close]], "wasn't it just a little bit beautiful?"

[[folder:The House of Phoenixwell]]
Archduke '''Miersec Fyerand''' : TheJudge
* {{Determinator}} : Yank her livelihood from beneath her feet? She seeks and attains ultimate political power. Throw scandals at her and her loyal staff? She gets not only cleverer but more ruthless. Attempt to assassinate her and succeed at killing a third of her cabinet? Yeah, [[BullyingADragon that wasn't a good idea either]].
* IgnoredExpert : "The only thing holding back our society from utter collapse is ''sumptuary laws''. The citizenry is [[ApatheticCitizens complacent to the point of somnambulism]], the civil service is utterly corrupt, and the aristocracy is drinking itself to death while playing cards with the buttons from ancestors' coats. Scrap it all and start again, or I guarantee [[EndOfAnAge this century]] will [[{{Understatement}} not be pretty]]."
* MoralityAdjustment : By the time she makes Grancaryen Jocaine a Prince, she has fully signed on with the egalitarian faction and is prepared to make Jocaine's male apprentices into fully-fledged aristocrats in their own right.

Archduke '''Grancaryen Jocaine''', First Minister : LadyOfWar
* DefrostingIceQueen : After her years long disappearance, she matures out of her youthful uptightness and repression.
* ImpoverishedPatrician : Her austerity of dress began as a necessity in her youth, before her elder sister earned back a fortune for the family.
* NeverFoundTheBody : She is believed dead in a bombing meant to assassinate the Colonial Lord she served under. Years later, she reappears with burn scars from the nape of her neck to her waist.
* NotSoInvincibleAfterAll : Upon returning from her multi-year sabbatical, she sees a doctor for the first time since the explosion in the capitol and is diagnosed with malnutrition, alcoholic cardiomyopathy, and the cumulative effects of untreated injuries. She eventually undergoes surgery to have an artificial heart implanted -- which has the inadvertent side-effect of enabling her to [[StatusQuoIsGod go back to her wine habit]] after quitting, as the cybernetic heart is perfectly immune to the effects of alcohol. She also later gets gene therapy to repair the hereditary components of alcohol addiction.
* ShesBack : First when she comes "back from the dead", and then again much later, when she comes out of semi-retirement to serve as Emperor Sejayon Yohana's First Minister. The announcement makes ''everyone'' sit up and pay attention.
* TabloidMelodrama : A few years after her apparent death, a number of her [[SecretDiary deeply personal diaries]] find their way into the hands of Phoenixwell's incredibly trashy press. The diaries cover a lot of Jocaine's complex emotional inner life; sadly, the public is only interested in Jocaine's years-long passionate and unconfessed love for H.Kostreidi, tenderly expressed in the diaries, but brutally sensationalized by the media.
* WalkingTheEarth : After her apparent death, she goes to ground in the dingiest parts of the city and lives as quietly as she can, moving from district to district and working odd jobs.
* WineIsClassy: She is rarely seen without a glass of red wine in her hand until required by a doctor to quit drinking entirely.

Lord '''Trylagint Bheenchma''', Third Minister : ActionGirl, LesbianJock
* AddictionDisplacement : After realizing her alcohol abuse is getting dangerous, she switches to caffeine, smoking, [[FightClubbing illegal duelling]], and reckless driving. She later gives up the driving.
* BerserkButton : Her reaction to Jocaine's diaries getting leaked is less productive than Kostreidi's meticulous PR counter-campaign -- Bheenchma refuses to read or listen to anything having to do with the diaries, and becomes violent towards anyone who gossips about them. This stems from the fact that Bheenchma had her own unrequited love for Jocaine, but also from the vivid memory of Jocaine's uncharacteristically and touchingly shy reaction to being asked what she was writing in those diaries.
* BloodOnTheDebateFloor : This is a recurring trope in PW politics, and one one occasion Bheenchma gets stabbed in the forearm with a [[ImprovisedWeapon mechanical pencil]]. This is the origin of the legendary video recording of then-Prince Jocaine being frog-marched across the legislature's atrium with an impressive amount blood on her shirt. It wasn't just Bheenchma's; Jocaine was very angry to see her Bheenchma hurt, reacted badly, and was collared with the rest of the rioters when the bailiffs charged in to restore order.
* NonIdleRich : While she does sink a lot of time and money into adventure travel, stickball matches, and other athletic pursuits, she also serves as a fairly useful mid-level courtier.
* OneDrinkWillKillTheBaby: After her mother demands an heiress, Trylagint finds that the only way she can tolerate the idea of getting pregnant is to get spectacularly drunk before attempting it. The alcohol may have been a factor in her inability to conceive -- then again, she only tried ''once'' before telling her mother to piss up a rope.* SecondLove : Jocaine's. Since Kostreidi is very definitely [[IncompatibleOrientation straight]], it was nearly inevitable that Bheenchma and Jocaine fall in together.
* ThinkNothingOfIt : When she meets Jocaine at university, she does her best to subtly support and feed the very poor young aristocrat who is unashamedly grateful for the charity.
* TransparentCloset : In a culture where same-sex relationships are seen as decadent and frivolous, Trylagint struggles to keep up the facade of a respectable Phoenixwell head-of-household.
** Leads to [[BerserkButton countless duels over implications, insults, and rumors]].

Lord '''Hanneluduch Kostreidi''', First Minister
* CombatSadomasochist : She turns into one after renouncing her pacifism. It eventually lands her in {{prison}}, once Grancaryen motivates the government to stop treating its nobility with kid gloves.
* ExtremeDoormat : Of the sort that coats the soles of your new favorite boots with tar and gets you in major trouble with the housekeeper. That is to say, BewareTheNiceOnes indeed.
* IKnowYouAreInThereSomewhereFight : Jocaine returns from the dead in high style by barging in on Kostreidi having dinner with her high-class social circle at the most exclusive restaurant in the capitol, challenging Kostreidi to a duel, then handily defeating her, despite Kostreidi being undefeated in a very long string of duels and considered nigh unbeatable. It's ''also'' after Jocaine's unrequited love for Kostreidi had been made embarassingly public.
* LoveRedeems : After her arrest, conviction, and sentence to fifty years in prison, Lords Jocaine and Bheenchma visit her before she goes under lock and key. They renew their mutual pact of friendship and promise that Kostreidi, once released, will again be a member in good standing of their circle.
* ReluctantWarrior : The first few times she gets forced into fighting a duel, she dislikes it intensely and [[DrowningMySorrows drinks to ease her anxiety]]. Unfortunately, alcoholism and anger issues [[ItRunsInTheFamily run in the family]].
* StepfordSmiler : After the apparent death of her close friend Grancaryen, Hanneluduch's gentleness and kindness dry up very quickly in the face of a brutal political situation. Complete with infuriating, passive aggressive, guilt tripping housewifely concern.
* TabloidMelodrama : When Jocaine's very private diaries get made public in a very ugly attempt to discredit Kostreidi, even though by this time Kostreidi is almost completely unhinged, she manages to fend off accusations of homosexuality without ever ''once'' [[NeverSpeakIllOfTheDead disrespecting the memory of her dead friend]] or expressing anything but the most [[NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat neutral opinion about homosexuality in general]].
* WhatHaveIDone : Before her trials for a number of violent crimes, she goes through substance abuse counseling. Newly sober, she attends her first hearing and, for the first time, hears the full list of assaults, injuries, and terror she has inflicted in the last few years.

'''Sewasit Kainen Ves'''
* FishOutOfWater : A man from an egalitarian culture (Sihaya Consortium, specifically Kwen der Haaon), stranded on a matriarchal world -- and worse, stuck under the patronage of the very traditionalist House Court.
* ForeignPeopleAreSexy : One of the (many) reasons he keeps leaving Kostreidi is because he (not entirely incorrectly) suspects her of desiring him just to fulfill her fetish for Sihalese things.
* SatelliteLoveInterest : One of the ''other'' reasons he keeps leaving Kostreidi is that all of her friends, family, colleagues, and ''rivals'' treat him like one. (In their defense, he sometimes acts pretty shallow.)
* SmallNameBigEgo : He's a decent, B-list composer and conductor back home, but his lengthy exile in the cultural void that is pre-Restoration Phoenixwell inflates his sense of self-worth far out of proportion to his talents.


[[folder:The House of Shinera]]
Warlord '''Taiweihanya "Taiya" Shinera XXI''' : RetiredBadass (complete with passion for gardening), ColdSniper
* CallToAgriculture : She turns in regular hours maintaining the vast underground hydroponic gardens dug into the mountain behind her House's Palace.
* CombatByChampion : Duels between Houses (enforced in lieu of private civil wars in the Empire) are fought thus, but Taiya learns how to fly a plane expressly so that she can personally fight in the increasing number of duels [[MisBlamed Akri]] gets the House of Shinera involved in.
* HollywoodAtheist / GoingNative : While commanding several legions in the pacification of the [[DesertPunk desertified planet Hllaitel]], she converts from her native [[RedemptionInTheRain rain-worshiping religion]] to the local desertborn religion.
* RedStringOfFate : She and Akri de'Sihaya were brought together by the same prophecy as Sinclair Taigne and Richard Madira.

Warlord '''Akri de'Sihaya''' : TheAtoner, {{Wangst}} (until she gets the sense slapped into her by Shinera), GeniusBruiser, ClusterFBomb, EloquentInMyNativeTongue
* CombatByChampion : Blood-thirsty idiot that she is, she likes to fight Taiya's duels for her even though Taiya is [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking perfectly capable]].
* GambitPileup : She nearly gets poisoned once as a side-effect of a stupendously idiotic plot to hinder the House of Sihaya, of which she is 459th in line to the throne of by virtue of a dusty, forgotten old treaty.
* IdiotBall : Has a habit of being right at the center of major interstellar diplomatic incidents. [[FridgeLogic Why]] does Taiya bring her to Court ''anyways''? The answer may be [[ConflictBall a perverse appreciation for conflict]] on Taiya's part.
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: In three words, she and Taiya's character concept is "Cynical Lesbian Warlords".

General '''Tcheims Inkram''' : TooKinkyToTorture (but has limits)

[[folder:The Madiran Musicians]]
[[AC:Calexi]] : in-'verse ProductionPosse, RockOpera, TrueCompanions

'''Teto Huinling''' : GlamorousWartimeSinger, writes CrowningMusicOfAwesome
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}} : He's a stereotypical high-strung musical prodigy who has a long and storied history of burning himself out by overdoing everything. He can play five instruments at a master level, including a ''pipe organ''. Sio Yanran just barely edges him out in comparison of vocal range and capacity for unnecessary histrionics.

'''Sio Yanran''' : DeadpanSnarker
* {{Delinquent}} : Before securing a scholarship to the prestigious [[BoardingSchool Bana Hall Academy]], she was a lackey in a gang. As a charity case, Yanran got pushed into the school's marginal underclass and made a name for herself as its leader.
* GlamorousWartimeSinger : She sometimes toys with this, but usually just ignores it.
* ImpaledPalm : She does this to herself with a showpiece dagger while particularly wound up during a show, then smears the blood all over the place, including on her band-mates. They think it's a special effect and play along with it (it's that kind of show), until Yanran passes out cold on-stage mid-verse three songs later.
* NeighbourhoodFriendlyGangsters : Despite leading several legitimate careers, Yanran almost always holds some position of authority or influence in her home district's head family. In fact, a large chunk of Calexi's start up money derives from gang sponsorship.

'''Jay Sana-kubo''' : once experienced TransformationTrauma, DanceBattler
* BewareTheNiceOnes : "Jay's awake... and he's ''pissed off''."
** Inga to Andrina: "Did you think I trained Jay just to have another pretty face in my entourage?"
* TheFashionista : The the point where he can go out in public incognito simply by dressing down... and does so frequently.
* JumpedAtTheCall : The greatest thing to ever happen to him was becoming able to do the [[LifeImitatesArt same things in real life that he did as an actor in front of a greenscreen]]. When he keeps up his acting career, he sometimes does not only his own stunts, but [[MundaneUtility his own ]]''[[MundaneUtility special effects]]''.
* ReallyGetsAround : The tabloid gossip is surprisingly accurate about his proclivities.

(Sergeant) '''Jouya Tolmelo Iriba''' : LittleHeroBigWar, UpperClassTwit, MrFanservice
* AllDrummersAreAnimals : Everyone who knows him outside of Calexi harbors an odd inability to believe that Jouya is the drummer, because normally he's a classy, refined person. The reason he learned drums in the first place was to step out of the confines of his own persona.
* CallToAgriculture : In between design school and the launch of his career, he went to Dragonwell and spent a few decades working on a farm and developing his appreciation for food.
* TheDandy : The man is said to be made of pure class, and he looks the part by designing some of his wardrobe and tailoring the rest himself, although he also claims to be able to make literally any piece of clothing look good on himself or anyone else.
* SupremeChef / FoodPorn : He's a fanatical foodie who believes religiously in the importance of farm-fresh ingredients and HotBlood, and is thus a perennial favorite on things like celebrity cooking shows.
* UnlimitedWardrobe : His main profession is clothing designer. In material terms, he's probably the most useful member of the band: he designs and builds their stage clothing and supplies them with considerable funding. He leverages his skills to get a cozy position during the League War as a supply sergeant making money on the side tailoring uniforms to perfection.

'''Roko Ybaki''' : UpperClassTwit, DeadArtistsAreBetter
* OffTheWagon : His drug and alcohol binges make him the ''least'' useful member of the band, despite being the most popular and (except for Teto) the most naturally talented.

'''Kengo Mitsiren/Tsutsiren''' : FeudingFamilies (The two branches of the Tsiren clan both lay claim to him.)
* BrokeEpisode : His life ''is'' this trope, despite being the leader of a commercially successful band who doesn't appear to spend money on any of the traditional rock star pursuits.
* HotBlooded : He is an absolute inversion of this trope, to the point where one wonders how the hell he happens to be the founding leader of aforementioned commercially successful band with such utter lack of drive and activity.
* LizLemonJob : Yanran is violent, Ybaki is a drug addict, Huinling is a histrionic artiste, and the fate of the [[strike:universe]] band hinges on Kengo being able to keep them (the talent) in line long enough to survive tours without anyone getting arrested.

[[AC:Quicksilver]] : {{Wholesome Crossdresser}}s, TrueCompanions\\

'''Molly Tollers''' : HotBlooded\\
'''Louise Tusser''' : TheStoic, {{Geek}}\\
'''Dinah Breakery''' : CoolBigSis\\

[[AC:Et al]]\\
'''Alosias Neen''', Pilot 6th Rank : A local Guildhall pilot, friend of T.Sayuen
* BadassDriver : Like many Guildsmen, Neen has a (stupendously expensive) side hobby that involves vehicles. In his case, he races ground vehicles of [[TheAllegedCar every]] [[CoolCar possible]] [[MidlifeCrisisCar des]][[CoolTank crip]][[SpiderTank tion]].
* BookDumb : As many people note, the subtype of Guildhall pilots known as "rocket-jocks" are selected from their entrance exam results for being dumb, sturdy, and a little bit crazy. Neen is a quintessential rocket-jock in this respect.
* EthicalSlut : Part and parcel of his [[HookersAndBlow played-to-the-hilt Convoyer lifestyle]].
** GeekyTurnOn : Cars, driving, and flying.


[[folder:Considerable Numbers of Supporting Characters]]
[[AC:Iuki Yohana's HighSchool TrueCompanions]] : A FiveManBand of TroubledButCute teenagers in a ComingOfAgeStory\\
'''Kayo Sudatscher''' : TheHero, IMeantToDoThat
* HighSchoolRejects : He comes ''really'' close to sinking this far, but his crappy part-time job (eventually, after a ''really'' long time) leads to him starting his own business... which fails a couple times, but mostly due to stuff way out of his control, like massive earthquakes and uncontrolled city-wide riots.
* TheKlutz : He always takes the first punch in any fight, but can often be relied upon to throw the last.
* ManlyTears : Unabashedly sentimental. He also likes the fact that the quickest way to get under Operou's skin is to start crying.

'''Teisa Operou''' : TheLancer, ChivalrousPervert, JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* ByTheBookCop : Aside from his gang ties, he takes this to heart right up until the evacuation crisis puts him up against a PowderKegCrowd and natural and civic disasters stacking on top of each other.
* IAmWhatIAm : In later life, he becomes a cop with illicit ties to the [[NeighbourhoodFriendlyGangsters district family of the Old Public Grant]].
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone : During a particularly stressful month, he acts worse than usual towards everyone, including his friends. The tipping point is when he hits a teacher -- Inn'a Hnetal, whom everyone including him likes -- and realizes he's gone way out of line. Netta, being a BadassTeacher in his own right, is hardly impressed by the blow -- but is very pleased with the result it has on Operou's behavior and performance in school.
* TheInsomniac : Is what makes him insufferably short-tempered and completely unable to keep his grades up.

'''Pirauda Kürilaw''' : TheBigGuy, HugeSchoolgirl
* [[ContextSensitiveButton Context Sensitive]] BerserkButton : She is prone to starting fights when even Operou doesn't think it's necessary, and Operou takes a liberal attitude towards "necessary". Operou tries to figure out her buttons, but doesn't really have the attention span necessary for the job -- nor is he willing to endure the consequences of his experimentation, since Kurilaw is bigger and stronger than him.
* DumbassHasAPoint : Despite this, her grades are still disastrous.
* HeroSecretService : First for [=DuKai=], then for Yohana, then when she and Operou join the watch Kürilaw does this for him even though he usually doesn't need it.

'''Sirubi [=DuKaitsen=]''' : TheSmartGuy, GirlsHaveCooties / {{Asexuality}}
* BrilliantButLazy : This is why he's in the same class as the rest of these guys. When he shows up for his exams, he gets nearly perfect scores, but he can often only be persuaded to do so out of perversity.
* DullSurprise : Notorious for it. The school nurse sends him to several different psychologists, but none of them find anything pathological about his extreme laid-back-ness.

('''Iuki Yohana''' : TheChick, TheMedic, SheCleansUpNicely)

'''Noendry Yohana''' : Iuki Yohana's mother. Example of ChildrenRaiseYou, PerpetualPoverty\\

[[AC:Some Sihalese Folks]]\\

Dr. '''Haenlyn Velser''' : OmnidisciplinaryScientist, ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill, LittleHeroBigWar\\
Dr. '''Baltasar Holliger''' : GeniusDitz, LittleHeroBigWar\\
'''Aupetag Tessaure'''\\
'''Liilong Fidheping'''\\

General '''Satsumiel Hatsukatchi''' : [[FlingALightIntoTheFuture Disappeared with five fully-equipped legions]] without a trace of ever having existed into a [[DesertPunk Babylon]] wasteland after crashing the planetary satellite network, during the Red Revolution. An old friend of Harmandy Cross. A FourStarBadass.
* FishOutOfTemporalWater : Her and her five fully equipped Revolution-era legions, who volunteered for this gig but would have had literally no idea what they were getting into.
* TimeDilation : Only an instant's worth of perceptible time passes for Hatsukatchi and her people while they are sealed.

Lord '''Nendrachitra Yaeri Moro'''
* BattleCry : Weirdly (especially to him), some of his former-employees-become-subjects attach his name to the traditional Imperial battle cry, which becomes "Nendrachitra Moro, renndy aya launa, rakh rakh rakh du hai!" When he finally gets a chance to ask why, nobody can quite remember.
* LikeADuckTakesToWater : Emperor Yohana reassures the poor bastard that he doesn't have to convert his entire industrial juggernaut into a Lesser House all at once, but Yaeri manages the civil service exams, among other things, with aplomb.
* OfferedTheCrown : When Iuki Yohana I decides to nationalize the vast interstellar Moro Combine, the president of the Combine Nendrachitra Yaeri finds himself somewhat unwittingly being appointed ''Lord'' Nendrachitra Yaeri Moro of the newly-minted ''House'' of Moro.

[[AC:Some Imperial Temple Folks]]\\

'''Ivelyn Beyokor'''\\
'''Nym Setay'''\\
'''Moaya Yenedos'''\\
'''Noummi Amesy-Imrig'''\\\\



* TheOlderImmortal : Was apparently a mentor to Jui Reinhardt back in the day. ''Way'' back in the day.
* RunningGag : "You named yourself, didn't you." "No, actually some friends of mine... just kept tacking on new syllables. Then one of them, the goddamned idiot, hacked into the registration computers and ''officially'' renamed me. He was nearly locked up for a century for the security breach." "That's some joke." "The ship's registrar didn't find it that funny, actually."
* TheUnpronounceable : With practice, most people pick up on how to pronounce it. It's helpful to partition it out before each 'r'.


[[folder:The House of Solifaan and the House of Ihrukheer]]

''A ShowWithinAShow, in the form of a popular and beloved historical epic set during the Seherithan Restoration. Retold countless times in countless cultures, it has acquired much cruft and influence from other stories and [[AdaptationDistillation lost some of its original context]] -- for one thing, the [[WitnessProtection House of Talliser]] plays a major role in the first {{arc}} but [[AnachronismStew didn't take the form seen in the story until centuries later]]. Both the Houses of Solifaan and Ihrukheer are fictional, as are all of the characters.''

The form it is presented in is based loosely on the ''Literature/{{Ramayana}}'', and derives some influence from Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann. As such, these tropes generally apply:
* RatedMForManly
* SchizoTech
* SpaceOpera : Within a SpaceOpera, so expect it to go UpToEleven.
* RecursiveCanon
* WorldOfHam and WorldOfBadass

Other general tropes:
* CanonDiscontinuity: An entire chapter of the original has universally been declared apocryphal; it happens to be the one in which half of the Faani characters go off the rails into highly improbable and out-of-character villainy.
* FantasyCounterpartCulture : The House of Solifaan is a mashup of Imperial [[DesertPunk desertborn]] and [[CultureEqualsCostume cloak]]-cultures, while Ihrukheer is a [[FridgeLogic distractingly]] cosmopolitan mashup of kilt-cultures.
** ValuesDissonance: While Solifaan is the AntiVillain antagonist in most retellings of the story, people from modern-day Taigne, Saolo, Seng, and Lunawell (all of which are cloak-cultures) usually treat them as the pragmatic VillainProtagonist and/or reinterpret Ihrukheer as LawfulStupid.
* {{Deconstruction}}[=/=]{{Reconstruction}}: Readaptations and derivatives of this story act like a perfect barometer of how idealistic or cynical any given culture is at the time.
* PublicDomainCharacter: The whole work is thus, hence the large number of variants, derivatives, and interpretations.

[[AC:The Exiles of Ihrukheer]] \\
Crown-Prince '''Oprigeh Ihrukheer''' : CelibateHero
* BrilliantButLazy : In a way. He's intelligent and skilled, but can just as easily see himself as a humble potter or an ascetic monk instead of Lord of his House, which is why he isn't too troubled when his boss, the Lord of the House, orders him into exile for unknown offenses.
* {{Expy}} : Of Rama, from the Indian epic poem ''Ramayana''. Loosely.
* TakeALevelInBadass : A level in HotBlood, emulating the example of his adopted brother Nuhairev and sometimes substituting for him if necessary.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes : Terrified of space travel. When he is informed that the terms of his exile require him to leave the planet, he becomes [[HeroicBSOD far less sanguine about his sentence]].

Second Prince '''Nuhairev Ihrukheer''' : TheLancer
* {{Expy}} : Of Lakshmana. Loosely.
* HeroSecretService / DeclarationOfProtection: Two of the many reasons he goes into exile with Oprigeh.
* HotBlooded / LargeHam : He grows into these tropes after going into exile with Oprigeh, having been long since tamed by the pedestrian life of a civil aristocrat.
* NotQuiteTheRightThing : Partially responsible for the House going to war with Solifaan, via several misunderstandings.
* RealMenWearPink : "Are you telling me your fathers never taught any of you motherfuckers how to cook?! What the hell kind of men are you? What the hell kind of men were your fathers?! Sit down, shut up, and fucking pay attention! I'm gonna teach you some classic bachelor recipes."

Fifth Prince '''Fath'oy Ihrukheer''' : WrenchWench
* {{Expy}} : Of Sita. Or rather, Sita's role. Even more loosely than the other Princes.
* IHaveYourWife : Played straight for about two seconds before being waved away entirely. She is legitimately arrested for attempting to kill a Prince of Solifaan during a peace conference (NotWhatItLooksLike), then extradited to Solifaan by Imperial authorities and kept in a normal prison under normal conditions, then tried fairly.
* ProfessorGuineaPig : One of the major recurring themes of the story is the rediscovery of tech lost to the isolated Kheer society. Fath'oy feels compelled to try every new thing out, often on herself.

[[AC:The Spacers who join them]] : TrueCompanions, BashBrothers, the whole crew becomes a QuirkyHousehold

'''Sutjee Tinneseideh''' : BoisterousBruiser
* HiddenDepths : Actually a skilled combat nurse and veteran of the last war.

'''Lufella "Luf" Beiderkhat''' : TheBigGuy
* HiddenDepths : Has none. Neither do RealMenWearPink, in his case. Doesn't have [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold a heart of gold either]]. Kind of dumb.

'''Seberith Iffandrine''' : ActionGirl
* RealWomenNeverWearDresses : She gets picked on for knitting and sewing in her spare time, even though it's something she does to keep herself from getting bored outside of the wrestling ring, ''and'' it's incredibly useful for the whole group, who have [[{{Stripperific}} little in the way of clothing]] and much in the way of ClothingDamage.

'''Hepri Lelmanei''' : SixthRanger, IneffectualLoner
* CowardlyLion : His first instinct is to run, hide, then DynamicEntry the hell out of his target.
* HiddenDepths : He's actually quite good in combat.
* TheSmartGuy : As smart as Fath'oy, but in different areas.

[[AC:The House of Solifaan]]

Lord '''Tigire Solifaan''' : WorthyOpponent
* IneffectualSympatheticVillain : In some retellings, Tigire is written as TheWoobie.
* NecessarilyEvil : He assumes a very autocratic stance in order to keep a lid on the rowdy, nationalistic warmongering faction in his government.

Crown-Prince '''Gokkera Solifaan''' : TheDragon
* BewareTheHonestOnes : Can be scary in a politician. But it results in a three-year prison sentence over a misunderstanding when she is believed to have attempted to assassinate Lord Tigire.
* CoolCar : Being wealthy and connected means she gets to indulge her hobby for extremely fast cars.
* EtTuBrute : NotWhatItLooksLike. Gets knifed for her trouble.
** DefeatMeansFriendship : With Fath'oy. They watch each others backs in prison.
* ExactlyWhatIAimedAt : She is an incredibly clever politician and fighter and frequently pulls off political trick shots that leave her opponents erroneously believing themselves victorious ''years later''.
* FreakOut : She self-medicates for SanitySlippage by taking her ridiculously fast cars out for very reckless drives. One of these drives ends abruptly and badly.