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[[folder:Salvatore Family]]

!!Giuseppe Salvatore
->'''Portrayed by''': James Remar

->''"These creatures are of the darkest parts of hell...they must be destroyed!"''
* AbusiveParent: See KnightTemplar.
* ActionDad: Involved amidst all of the vampire action.
* AggressiveCategorism: Giuseppe has an IrrationalHatred towards all vampire and sees them all as abominations.
* TheAlcoholic: Stefan mentions how after his mother died, Giuseppe became a heavy drinker.
* {{Badass}}[=/=]BadassNormal: Giuseppe was a normal human but he was capable of fending for himself.
* BloodKnight: Giuseppe is always eager to kill and eradicate as many vampires as possible.
* TheChessmaster: Giuseppe is very manipulative.
* ControlFreak: Giuseppe was very controlling and authoritarian by nature.
* DirtyCoward
* DrowningMySorrows: After Giuseppe's wife died, he used alcohol as a coping mechanism for his grief.
* FantasticRacism: Giuseppe has a hatred against vampires.
* TheFundamentalist: A non-religious example. Giuseppe strongly believed that all vampires are evil and incapable of any good.
* GentlemanAndAScholar
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Giuseppe tries to stake Stefan as a vampire, but instead, Giuseppe ends up fatally wounded after he was staked by the same stake that he was going to use to kill his own son.
* TheHunter: Giuseppe hunts vampires and wanted to protect Mystic Falls from them taking over the town.
* IrrationalHatred: Towards all vampires.
* {{Jerkass}}: BIG TIME.
* KarmicDeath: Giuseppe ends up being killed by his own son Stefan, who happens to be a vampire, the one thing that he hunts and despises.
* KilledOffForReal: After rejecting Stefan for siding with the vampires, he tried to stake him with a wooden stake that he broke off himself, but he was thrown aside with the impact of Stefan's unexpected vampire strength and accidentally stabbed himself with the stake.
* KnightTemplar: Killed his own sons for trying to help a vampire escape.
** KnightTemplarParent: He is very ruthless and authoritarian towards his sons.
* ManipulativeBastard: Extremely cunning and manipulative.
* OverprotectiveDad: Especially over Stefan.
* PapaWolf: Very protective of his sons, especially Stefan.
* ParentalFavoritism: For Stefan, whom he admired for being studious and responsible while he believed his eldest son Damon was irresponsible and lacked any sense of direction.
* ThePatriarch: Of the Salvatore family.
* PosthumousCharacter
* {{Protectorate}}: As a member of one of the Founding Families of Mystic Falls, Giuseppe had a duty to protect the town of Mystic Falls from vampires.
* SharpDressedMan: Always well dressed and well put together.
* TheStoic: Doesn't show emotion and is very stern.
* VampireHunter: Hunts vampires and sees them as an abomination.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: See KnightTemplar.

!!Zach Salvatore
->'''Portrayed by''': Chris William Martin

->''"Blood only runs so deep when you're related to vampires."''
* ForgottenFallenFriend: Right now nobody seems aware of his death besides Stefan, Damon, and Elena.
* KilledOffForReal: By Damon.
* NeckSnap: How Damon killed him.
* OnlySaneMan
* TooDumbToLive: Despite Stefan telling how dangerous it is to see Damon, he still sees to it to go and taunt him, which almost gets him killed.
* UnfazedEveryman: He was a human distant nephew who lived with Stefan and Damon initially.
* WeHardlyKnewYe: Dies after five episodes in season 1.

!!Sara Nelson (born Sara Salvatore)
->'''Portrayed by''': Tristin Mays

->''"This is why I don't go to the Animal Shelter"''
Daughter of Zach Salvatore, Sara is the only living member of the Salvatore bloodline.

* ButNotTooBlack: Justified. Her father was white while her mother was black.
* MoralityPet: To Enzo.
* NiceGirl: Lampshaded by Enzo.
* LongLostRelative: Inverted. Stefan knows about her, she just doesn't know about him.
* HappilyAdopted
* ShipTease: With Matt.
* SassyBlackWoman/SassyBlackGirl
* TwoferTokenMinority: Of her own family. She's the only woman and she's biracial.

!!Lillian 'Lily' Salvatore
->'''Portrayed by''': Annie Wersching

->''"You have no idea what devastation feels like. But you will. Because I am going to find a way to get my people back. No matter what it takes."''

Stefan and Damon's mother. Lily died of consumption in 1858. In Season Six, it is revealed Lily actually became a vampire. She eventually became a Ripper vampire like Stefan was. Lily was imprisoned in a Prison World by the the Gemini Coven of witches on October 31, 1903.

* AxCrazy: She was driven crazy from being trapped in the prison world and this is made worse by her desire to reunite with the Heretics.
* BitchInSheepsClothing
* TheDeterminator: In Season 6, Lily is determined to bring the Heretics, who she sees as her true family rather than Stefan and Damon, back from the 1903 prison world at any cost.
** Again in Season 7, when she also trying to get back Julian, the love of her life.
* EvilIsPetty
* HeroicSuicide: She stakes herself under the assumption that she is still linked to Julian in an attempt to kill him to save her sons but subverted when he reveals that he unlinked them meaning she killed herself for nothing.
* KilledOffForReal: Dies when she stakes herself believing she was still linked to Julian in an attempt to kill him.
* IronLady
* KnightTemplar
* MamaBear: Was this to Stefan and Damon before her death in the nineteenth century. Too bad not anymore.
* MissingMom: Stefan and Damon initially thought their mom died from tuberculosis in 1858. Turns out she was actually a vampire trapped in a Prison World of 1903 constructed by the Gemini witches.
* MysteriousPast: Her sons knew nothing of her life after she became a vampire and believed her to be dead for centuries.
* ParentalAbandonment: When Lily first became a vampire she actually came home to her sons. To her horror, when she came upon a sleeping Stefan she was tempted to [[HorrorHunger feed on him]]. So she decided to leave her family to protect them from a dangerous vampire.
* ThatManIsDead: As Lily grew closer to the Heretics throughout their imprisonment in 1903, she became more fond of them, that overtime she began to consider them her family. She admits to Damon the mother he knew her once wasn't able to reconcile with the person she was becoming.
* UndyingLoyalty: She has this towards her surrogate family the Heretics and to Julian, but her loyalty to Julian is severed when it is revealed what he did to Valerie centuries ago.

[[folder:Gilbert Family]]

!!John Gilbert
->'''Portrayed''': by David Anders

->''"You know, Jeremy, I was taught to hate them, the vampires. Itís what I know. Itís what your father knew."''
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: To Grayson.
* AntiVillain: [[WellIntentionedExtremist Type III]].
* {{Badass}}[=/=]BadassNormal
* BigBad: Of season one.
** BigBadDuumvirate: With Richard Lockwood in season one. While Lockwood was the leader of the Founders Council, John is seen and treated as the main antagonist and outlives Lockwood.
* BlackSheep
* TheChessmaster
* CoolUncle[=/=]EvilUncle: To Jeremy. He's also Elena's biological father. Though Jeremy stops thinking of him like this when he kills his girlfriend.
* DeadpanSnarker
* DragonInChief: See BigBadDuumvirate.
* HeWhoFightsMonsters: Isobel and John are working for Katherine and they are planning to kill the tomb's vampires. Unofficially, their goal is to kill the Salvatore brothers and save Elena from suffering in a life filled with vampires.
* HeroicSacrifice: After Klaus killed Elena, John sacrificed himself to bring her back to life.
* TheHunter
* {{Jerkass}}: Graduated to..
** JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* KilledOffForReal: While making a HeroicSacrifice to save Elena from becoming a vampire.
* KnightTemplar
** KnightTemplarParent: To Elena.
* LukeIAmYourFather: He's Elena's birth father.
* ThePatriarch
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: He sacrificed himself to save Elena.
* SmugSnake
* VampireHunter
* WellIntentionedExtremist: See HeWhoFightsMonsters.
* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: Pretty much everyone but Richard hates him.

!!Grayson Gilbert
->'''Portrayed''': by Jason Macdonald

Elena and Jeremy's dad and John Gilbert's older brother. Grayson was the town doctor of Mystic Falls. He and his wife Miranda were both members of the Town Council and thus knew about vampires.

He and Miranda were both killed in a car accident going off Wickery Bridge before the start of the series. It's revealed Grayson was actually Elena's biological ''uncle''.
* AlliterativeName
* HeroicSacrifice: He risked his life to save Elena's.
* PosthumousCharacter: Before the beginning of the series, he and his wife Miranda drowned after their car fell off of Wickery Bridge and into the lake.

!!Miranda Sommers Gilbert
->'''Portrayed''': by Erin Beute

Elena and Jeremy's mother. She was also Jenna's older sister.
* BirdsOfAFeather: With both Kelly Donovan and Liz Forbes.
* PosthumousCharacter: Before the beginning of the series, he and his husband Grayson drowned after their car fell off of Wickery Bridge and into the lake.

!!Johnathan Gilbert
->'''Portrayed''': by Joe Knezevich

Elena and Jeremy's ancestor who was part of the vampire round up in Mystic Falls in 1864.
* KnightTemplar: He was a member of one of the Founding Families that hunted vampires along with Giuseppe Salvatore and Barnette Lockwood.
* MadScientist: He invented the Gilbert device, the Gilbert rings, and the Gilbert compass. Though they were actually just spelled by Emily.
* PosthumousCharacter:
* SanitySlippage

[[folder:Bennett Family]]

!!Sheila 'Grams' Bennett
->'''Portrayed by''': Jasmine Guy

->''"I am not Bonnie. You don`t wanna mess with me."''
* {{Badass}}: She's a very powerful witch.
** BadassGrandma: She's Bonnie's grandmother.
* CoolOldLady
* CoolTeacher: She taught at Whitmore before she died.
* KilledOffForReal: The effort for breaking the spell sealing the vampires in the tomb to release Stefan and Damon had greatly weakened her. She died not much time later.
* TheMentor: to Bonnie.
** MentorOccupationalHazard: See KilledOffForReal.
* NeverMessWithGranny: Look at the quote.
* SassyBlackWoman: She was very strong-willed.

!!Abby Bennett
->'''Portrayed by''': Persia White

->''"Your grams is way better at this stuff than I am."''
* {{Badass}}: She was the one who sealed Mikael away. You know: father of the Originals, HunterOfHisOwnKind and the ''only'' person on the show that scares the crap out of [[BigBad Klaus]]. Unfortunately, she had to use dark magic to do this and was punished by the spirits.
* BlackBestFriend: To Elenaís mother, Miranda.
* HotWitch: Used to be this before Damon turned her into a vampire.
* MissingMom: To Bonnie.
* NeckSnap: How Damon kills her and she transitions into a vampire.
* ParentalAbandonment

!!Rudy Hopkins
-> Portrayed by Rick Worthy

Bonnie's father who becomes the mayor after Carol Lockwood is killed.
* BaldOfAwesome
* CallBack: He later goes through with Bill Forbes's plan of putting vervain in the water supply.
* TheGhost: Spends three and a half seasons being unseen.
* KilledOffForReal: By Silas.
* {{Muggle}}

[[folder:Forbes Family]]

!!Sheriff Elizabeth 'Liz' Forbes
->'''Portrayed by''': Marguerite [=MacIntyre=]

->''"I`m not going to let people get caught in the crossfire of a pissing contest between a hybrid and a vampire."''
* ActionMom: She's a cop.
* {{Badass}}
** BadassNormal: She is a human with no supernatural powers.
* BigDamnHeroes: When, in Series 3, Caroline is kidnapped and [[spoiler: tortured by her father to try and suppress her vampirism]], Liz (and Tyler) burst in and save the day.
* {{Determinator}}
* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler: Succumbs to cancer]] in Season 6.
* KnightTemplar
** KnightTemplarParent: To Caroline.
* MamaBear: As of Series 3.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure
* VillainousBSOD: The first time she finds out Caroline is a vampire
* WellIntentionedExtremist: At first, but she became less extreme while keeping her intentions well.

!!Bill Forbes
->'''Portrayed by''': Jack Coleman

->''"You're a vampire, sweetheart. I don't think you'll ever be okay again."''
* {{Badass}}: You ''have'' to qualify this when you are capable of resisting vampiric compelling through sheer willpower alone.
** BadassNormal: He is a human with no supernatural powers, [[spoiler:until he's murdered with the vampire blood still in his system. However he refuses to feed to complete the transition and dies.]]
** BadassGay: As far as we know.
* DeadpanSnarker
* DeathEqualsRedemption
* FaceDeathWithDignity: [[spoiler:When killed with vampire blood in his system and left with the choice to either become a vampire or die, he chose the latter without hesitation, and uses his remaining time to reconcile with his daughter and ex-wife, waiting calmly for his death.]]
* HaveIMentionedIAmGay: The only reason that we know that he is gay, is because people keep saying that he is, not because he ever kisses men or anything.
* Hypocrite: He believes he can make Caroline change what she is, despite the fact that he is a homosexual. Weirdly enough, he also ''averts'' this trope regarding [[spoiler:his conviction that vampirism and cheating death are wrong, as seen in the FaceDeathWithDignity entry.]]
* ImmuneToMindControl: The only known human character so far who can actually NoSell a vampire's compelling without relying on vervain.
* KarmicTransformation: [[spoiler:Subverted and defied; he is killed with vampire blood in his system, but refuses to complete his transformation and lets himself die instead.]]
* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler:By Alaric (while he was taken over by The Darkness), who stabbed him to death and cut his throat while having vampire blood in his system.]]
* KnightTemplar
** KnightTemplarParent: To Caroline.
* StraightGay
* WellIntentionedExtremist

[[folder:Donovan Family]]

!!Kelly Donovan
->'''Portrayed by''': Melinda Clarke.
* AdultsAreUseless
* AlcoholicParent
* GenerationXerox: She is basically an adult Vicki.
* MissingMom: To Matt and Vicki.
* MrsRobinson: She made out with both Damon and Tyler.
* PutOnABus: After a few episodes.
* WackyParentSeriousChild: Played straight with Matt, averted with Vicki.
* {{Womanchild}}: Matt is more of a parent to her than she is to him.

[[folder:Lockwood Family]]
!!Mayor Richard Lockwood
->'''Portrayed by''': Robert Pralgo.
* AbusiveParents: To Tyler.
* BigBadDuumvirate: With John Gilbert in season one. He was the leader of the Founders Counciel, but Gilbert was the DragonInChief
* HairTriggerTemper: Clearly Tyler inherited this trait from his father. Though, both having the werewolf gene doesn't hurt either.
* {{Jerkass}}
* KarmicDeath: Is trapped in a basement with vampires he helped trap. One of them [[NeckSnap breaks his neck]].
* KilledOffForReal
* KnightTemplarParent: To Tyler.
* MeaningfulName: ''Richard'' , both in the fact that the family is a wealthy and he's a dick.
* YourCheatingHeart: Despite being married, he shamelessly flirts with Pearl.

!!Carol Lockwood
->''"You know, if you`re going to bring a girl home I wish she`d have the tact not to sneak out like a prostitute."''
->'''Portrayed by''': Susan Walters.

* ActionMom
* ActionSurvivor
* {{Badass}}
* BadassNormal
* TheDeterminator
* GenreSavvy
* GoodParents
* KilledOffForReal: Carol is drowned by Klaus as revenge for Tyler's attempt to immobilize him.
* IceQueen
* IronLady
* KnightTemplar
* KnightTemplarParent
* MamaBear
* {{Muggles}}[=/=][[MuggleBestFriend]]: To Tyler, who is a werewolf.
* ProperLady
* RichBitch: Especially in Season 1. She mellows out a little after Richard dies.
* SilkHidingSteel
* StepfordSmiler: In season one, while being locked in a hostile relationship with her husband, Richard.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Especially during her time as the Mayor.

!!Mason Lockwood
->'''Portrayed by''': Taylor Kinney

->''"Oh, what am I? I apologize. Iím an animal."''
* AgentScully: Plays up his reputation as a skeptic, but he knows for a fact that there's more out there.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: To Richard.
* AwakeningTheSleepingGiant: When he was first confronted by Damon, he made it clear he had no intention of being the Salvatore's enemy and would rather mind his own business. Damon tried to kill him regardless, resulting in him actively trying to get the two brothers killed. [[spoiler:Partially subverted when it's revealed he was working for Katherine anyway; his mission just didn't involve harming them.]]
* BackFromTheDead]]: In season 3 he appears as a ghost to Damon in order to hurt him, but also help him find a way to defeat Klaus, in order to help his nephew, who Klaus turned into a hybrid.
* {{Badass}}: Came ''very'' close from killing both Damon and Stefan, on three occasions for the latter. And out of these three times, he only had to use his wolf form ''once''.
* BlackSheep
* BlatantLies
-->'''Tyler:''' Your eyes, they glowed... what was that?
-->'''Mason:''' Reflection. Off car headlamps.
* ChickMagnet[=/=]TheCasanova: According to Jenna.
* CoolUncle: To Tyler. He is sexy, athletic and possesses an easygoing charm.
* DeathEqualsRedemption: He says this word for word.
* DumbMuscle: He seems to have no idea that Katherine compelled his best friend to attack him and seemingly didn't know that he was compelled at all.
* KickTheDog: While you can't really blame him for trying to get the Salvatore killed after Damon [[AwakeningTheSleepingGiant tried to kill him]], he really had ''no'' good reason to threaten Caroline with revealing her vampiric nature to her mother.
* KilledOffForReal: By Damon.
* LoveMakesYouDumb: He loved Katherine and had no idea she was just using him.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: The first werewolf character to be introduced in the show. He also serves as the example to establish how this universe's version of the werewolves work.
* SurferDude
* TallDarkAndHandsome
* TallDarkAndSnarky
* UnwittingPawn: Of Katherine.
* WeHardlyKnewYe: spoiler:He dies after a few episodes in season 2.

[[folder:Martin Family]]

!!Jonas Martin
->'''Portrayed by''': Randy J. Goodwin
* {{Badass}}: Takes down a whole group of werewolves singlehandedly.
* KilledOffForReal: By Katherine.
* PapaWolf
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: His son is killed by Damon Salvatore, which led Jonas to go on a rampage and hurting many people before finally being [[spoiler: KilledOffForReal by Katherine]].
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: See above.

!!Luka Martin
->'''Portrayed by''': Bryton James

->''"We`re all bonded together by a code of loyalty to help each other."''
* AntiVillain: He and his father are agents of an original vampire named Elijah, because he desired to kill Klaus, after he kidnapped his sister
* BettyAndVeronica: He's the Veronica to Jeremy's Betty for Bonnie's Archie.
* DeadpanSnarker
* KilledOffForReal: By Damon when he was trying to resurrect Elijah, whom Damon, Stefan and Elena had previously killed.
** KillItWithFire
* NiceGuy
* LoveTriangle: Between him, Bonnie and Jeremy.
* RomanticRunnerUp

!!Greta Martin
->'''Portrayed by''': Lisa Tucker
* EvilAllAlong
* HotWitch
* KilledOffForReal: By Damon.

[[folder: Fell Family]]
!!Logan Fell
->'''Portrayed by''': Chris Johnson

->''"I`ve things to do, people to kill."''
* BitchInSheepsClothing: He pretends to be nice to Jenna when he was only using her to get Johnathan Gilbert's watch for The Town Council from her house
* BullyingADragon
* {{Immortality}}: Type V and Type X.
* {{Jerkass}}: According to Jenna. He does attempt to act nicer while working with the council, but his jerkassery becomes more apparent than ever once he becomes a vampire.
* KilledOffForReal: By Alaric.
* StalkerWithACrush: To Jenna.
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: Inverted. If he hadn't killed that girl, Stefan and Damon would have left town and Mystic Falls probably would have been a lot worse off.
* WeHardlyKnewYe: He only appears in five episodes.
* YourCheatingHeart: He cheated on Jenna with another woman named Monica.

!!Dr. Meredith Fell
->'''Portrayed by:''' Torrey [=DeVitto=]

* AloofDarkHairedGirl
* BornLucky: She gets fired two days in a row, but manages to keep her job because both of the terminating parties are killed.
* BrainyBrunette
* DeadpanSnarker
* GirlNextDoor
* HelloNurse
* HospitalHottie
* TheMedic
* MsFanservice
* NerdsAreSexy
* NiceGirl
* PutOnABus: In Season 6, it's revealed she married a pediatrician and moved to Alaska.
* RealLifeRelative: She is Paul Wesley (Stefan)'s wife in real life.
* RedHerring
* TheSmartGirl
* TheStoic

!!Tripp Cooke (born Thomas Vincent Fell III)
->'''Portrayed by:''' Colin Ferguson

->''"Vampires. They are real. And one murdered my wife."''

Tripp Cooke, born Thomas Vincent Fell III, is the head of Mystic Falls new militia community in Season Six whose trainees include Matt Donovan. Tripp is determined to protect his town at all costs. He is also a vampire hunter.

* AntiHero: Of Type IV.
* BadassNormal: When he's not training his community militia, Tripp hunts down vampires - one has to be a badass in order to do so.
* BigBad: Of the first seven episodes of Season Six.
* DisappearedDad
* EmbarrassingNickname: He changed his name from Thomas "Tripp" Vincent Fell to Tripp Cooke with the given explanation below.
-->"My dad called me "Tripp", I was such a clumsy kid that . . . I took my mom's maiden name when he bailed - I mean could you imagine? '''Tripp Fell'''?"
* FateWorseThanDeath: Tripp is firm in his believe that being a vampire is worse than death.
* AFatherToHisMen: Tripp serves a surrogate father figure to his young militia trainees.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Tripp uses the Traveller witches' Magic Purification Spell over Mystic Falls to exterminate vampires. [[spoiler: Guess what Enzo does to deliver some comeuppance on Tripp for trying to kill him? See KarmicDeath and KarmicTransformation below.]]
* ItsPersonal: His wife Kris was killed by a vampire [[RightinFrontOfMe right in front of him]]. Futhermore the vampire compelled him to think she died of a car accident which was his fault. His crusade against vampires has shades of this.
* KarmicDeath: When Tripp crosses over the Magic Purification border, he suddenly dies via slit throat, [[spoiler: revealing he'd been transformed into a vampire]].
* KarmicTransformation: [[spoiler: Tripp was transformed into a vampire by Enzo, the very creatures he hated.]]
* KilledOffForReal
* KnightTemplar
* KubrickStare
* TheLeader
* TheLostLenore: His wife Kris was killed by a vampire.
* ShedTheFamilyName: Tripp's from the Founding Families, the Fells. He took on his mother's maiden name after his father [[ParentalAbandonment abandoned him]].
* SlashedThroat: How he's [[KilledOffscreen killed off-screen]] courtesy of Enzo for his KarmicTransformation into a vampire.
* VampireHunter
* WellIntentionedExtremist
* WhatTheHellHero: After the Mystic Falls vampires capture him, his own men hold Sheriff Forbes hostage. Matt calls him out on this.