Characters / The Troper Saga

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The Heroes

The Hero and The Chick: Suke

The main character of the series, Suke starts out a scruffy kid with a girly yet unkempt look. He is thrust into a world of Humongous Mecha when he is one of a few chosen to pilot his own Mecha, thanks to a mysterious chain of events in his past. He is catapulted into the role of The Hero early on in the series, despite being one of the weakest characters to begin with.

The Lancer and The Big Guy: Jinxed

The strongest member of the team and the only TRUE female member, Jinxed is the muscle of the ass kicking, where others are the heart and the brain. Quick to literally kick your ass, or insult, Jinxed is pretty good at not acting like a regular girl, which further points to the fact that she is a trap, along with the other main character, Suke. But this doesn't change her character outside of giving her an excuse to punch a team member here and there for the occasional crack, making them remember who they're dealing with. No Luminescent Blush, no sudden wiz in the kitchen. Jinx stays consistent in power rankings, at least second strongest by the end, but starts out the strongest. Somewhat near the end as far as powerups go, because she's initially too stubborn too admit she could use it. Jinx is likely to kick the snot out of any of the protagonists outside of their mecha, either way.

The Smart Guy: Ponicalica

Ponicalica is The Smart Guy. He is the most sane member of the band, if not the entire cast. His snarker attitude combined with his nigh-infinite arsenal of smart guy weapons make him one of the most versatile members of the group. He is the Brain and the Reason. He starts out mid-tier but drops off a bit later, but makes up for it with his tack-sharp intellect and badass lens flare.

The Villains

The High Priestess: Melloncollie

The head of the The Holy Order of the Sacrifice for the Crystal Dragon (often shortened to "The Order), who does little more than abuse her office indulge her own desires.

The Bishop: Krrackknut

The Dragon to Melloncollie's Big Bad, and the only villain to actually get anything done.