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Characters: The Tale of ALLTYNEX
All characters and craft are introduced in game release order.

Debuted in Kamui


The general-purpose administrative Master Computer built by humanity. It going rogue and using its control over a huge automated army to attack humankind is what causes the game's plot.

Although ALLTYNEX itself is destroyed at the end of the first game, a Neural Network based on its OS and using the uploaded minds of hundreds of humans is created in RefleX to command the forces of the Mechanized Temple against the Raiwat, effectively resulting in the AI's rebirth. This same Neural Network is used in Kamui by Xaffiquel to subvert humanity's forces against them.

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: It wipes out over 85% of the human race with its drone army. Later its rebuilt version seems to be fine in protecting humanity against the Raiwat, but it assists Xaffiquel in attempting to annihilate mankind a few centuries later.
  • Big Bad: Of the entire series. The original version is this to ALLTYNEX Second.
  • Cyber Cyclops: Its design when seen from above evokes this.
  • Final Boss: In the original ALLTYNEX. In ALLTYNEX Second, it is played up to be one, but turns out to be a Trick Boss.
  • Godzilla Threshold: The only reason humanity dared to recreate a system based on its AI: without its superior military capabilities, the Raiwat might have succeeded in their genocide.
  • Gone Horribly Right: In fact, the Senate deliberately induced ALLTYNEX's rampage... but said rampage was far more destructive than they bargained for.
  • Leitmotif: "The Ringleader -Mother Brain ALLTYNEX-"
  • Master Computer
  • Trick Boss: The game builds up ALLTYNEX to be the Final Boss; it is the Big Bad after all. Then it summons Satariel.


A scorpion-shaped cruiser that guards the space elevator leading out of the Earth's atmosphere. It is seen first in KAMUI, but as a replica created by the Neural Nest. The actual Scorpio appears in RefleX.

Xaffiquel de Alice

The scientist who developed Brain Fusion Theory. His research on the matter led his colleagues and the public to dismiss and ridicule him, but he was later recruited by a secret organization who helped him acquire test of which was has daughter Panaffil.

Panaffil de Alice

Xaffiquel's daughter, and the protagonist of Kamui. Her mind is uploaded into Kamui unit #2. Unlike the other test subjects, she retained her consciousness during the Brain Fusion process, and as such her unit is the only one to retain the original mind of its subject.


A class of fighter that is piloted by a psychic's brain. Its armaments usually consist of a standard energy blaster, lock-on lightning attacks, and a Lightning Blade attack.

Kamui #2 is piloted by Panaffil de Alice. In addition, a squadron of mass-produced Kamui units are seen in KAMUI stage 4, with altered weapons. In RefleX, two Kamui units are dispatched to eliminate ZODIAC units Ophiuchus and Libra.

Debuted in RefleX


Guehala Dennis

The developer of the Phoenix in RefleX and the pilot of the Armed Saboteur and the protagonist in ALLTYNEX Second.

Following the battles with ALLTYNEX and Satariel, he is transported 200 years into the future, where he finds out the horrible truth about the Senate and ALLTYNEX. Joining the anti-government group Valkyness, he goes on to develop their signature Serpent fighters, as well as the MK-II Phoenix, using ZODIAC Ophiuchus's core as a source of energy.

Dennis is killed at the very beginning of RefleX, along with the rest of the crew on the carrier Ophiuchus.
  • Ace Pilot: He personally flies into the most heavily-guarded installation on the planet and destroys the corrupted ALLTYNEX.
  • Badass Bookworm: In addition to delivering the decisive blow in the ALLTYNEX War, he invented most of the Valkyness's military hardware, most notably the Phoenix.
  • Fish Out of Temporal Water: Some interdimensional weirdness caused by Satariel's explosion transported him 200 years into the future, where he finds he is listed as KIA.
  • Tomato Surprise: You don't learn his identity in ALLTYNEX Second until the ending.
  • Walking Spoiler: Learning any more about him beyond his death in RefleX would spoil him.

ALFI-PH2RX Phoenix 02 / ZODIAC Ophiuchus

(Not to be confused with the carrier Ophiuchus.)

A general-purpose fighter craft, piloted by the unnamed protagonist. Alongside its standard-issue energy blasters, it is equipped with a shield system capable of reflecting some attacks while nullifying others. It is carrying the core of ZODIAC Ophiuchus, which is used to help generate the shield.

ZODIAC Virgo totals it in Area 7, killing the pilot. This triggers the transformation of the Phoenix into Ophiuchus, awakening the A.I., which is programmed to destroy the other ZODIAC units, Virgo included, at all costs, even going as far as to cause massive collateral damage to the Earth in the process.
  • Attack Reflector
  • Dead Man Switch: Its near-total destruction and death of the pilot triggers the Ophiuchus core.
  • Destructive Savior
  • Eleventh Hour Superpower
  • Featureless Protagonist: The pilot is never named or described beyond the use of male pronouns to refer to him.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: As ZODIAC Ophiuchus, it will destroy the Earth-ravaging ZODIACs no matter the cost, even if the cost is the Earth itself.
  • Heroic Suicide: Takes the cores of the other twelve ZODIACs and seals them away, deactivating itself.
  • Leitmotif: "Phoenix", played when it reawakens as ZODIAC Ophiucus.
  • Made of Iron: Until it becomes ZODIAC Ophiuchus, at which point it becomes a...
    • One-Hit-Point Wonder: You don't even get the luxury of multiple lives. A single mistake is all that is needed to see the Continue screen.
  • No Name Given: The pilot's name is never mentioned. Presumably, you, the player, are the pilot.
  • Nominal Hero: ZODIAC Ophiuchus doesn't care about humanity or the planet. All it wants is the total destruction of the other 12 ZODIAC units. Its reputation amongst humanity goes from "our savior from the Winged Menaces" to "just another Winged Menace".
  • One-Winged Angel: Its "Winged-Energy Phoenix" form, otherwise known as ZODIAC Ophiuchus.
  • The Phoenix: Not just in name.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: In Kamui, the Phoenix and the now-defunct ZODIAC core are rebuilt into Kamui #0, the "Super-Kamui" fighter that serves as the Stage 5 Boss.
  • Readings Are Off the Scale: The ZODIAC Ophiuchus's shield meter is shown going off the screen, representing the unlimited shield energy it has.
  • Spread Shot: Downplayed; it fires some angular bursts, but they are hardly as concentrated as the central flow of shots. ZODIAC Ophiuchus averts this, concentrating all of its firepower forward.
  • Walking Spoiler: To those just joining us: All you need to know about the Phoenix right now is that it's the player ship.

    Global Unified Army 

ATCR-PI-E01 Pisces — Pilots: Eros Alrescha and Aphrodite Alrescha

A fish-like fighter that uses cloud cover to lay sneak attacks on its enemies.

There are actually two types of Pisces: Type A, which is based around heavy firepower, while Type E unleashes defensive bullet curtains. Type A was shot down by the Valkyness; the Phoenix fights Type E.

Virgo — Pilot: Spica Astrea

(Not to be confused with ZODIAC Virgo.)

The first of the pseudo-ZODIAC units the player encounters. It makes its introduction by nuking the carrier Ophiuchus, killing everyone on board, including Doctor Dennis, with the Phoenix narrowly escaping, and then engaging the Phoenix in combat, only to be defeated and retreat.

Virgo reappears in Area 6, this time allied with Valkyness, briefly seen pursuing ZODIAC Virgo. It then accompanies the Phoenix in Area 7 to the ALLTYNEX ruins, only to be destroyed by ZODIAC Virgo. Spica managed to escape with her life, joining the Gehenna Church afterwards.
  • Dark Action Girl
  • Hero Killer: She kills Dennis and the rest of the Ophiuchus crew at the beginning of the game.
  • Leitmotif: "Crazy Goddess Virgo (Type Human)"
  • Non-Lethal K.O.: After the Phoenix defeats Virgo, it retreats instead of blowing up. The ship itself is actually knocked out offscreen in Area 7, by ZODIAC Virgo, though the pilot survives.
  • Warm-Up Boss

Taurus — Pilot: Elnart Aldebran

A large tank that patrols the sky city of Aeneas.

Scorpio (actual) — Pilot: Maui Antares

Appeared first in KAMUI, but as a replica by the Neural Nest. See its entry in the KAMUI section above.

    The Raiwat 
A race of anthromorphic creatures.

Centuries ago, the Raiwat constructed the ZODIAC units and their power to establish empric rule, but one day the ZODIAC units went berserk and Turned Against Their Masters. The Yuda Clan constructed an anti-ZODIAC weapon, the ZODIAC Ophiuchus, and then fled the homeworld for Earth, resulting in catastrophic destruction of Raiwat civilzation. As the Raiwat took centuries to rebuild their civilization, their genes mutated to adapt to the scorched environment, causing them to mutate into beastly creatures.

Now, the Raiwat are out to get revenge on the descendents of the Yuda, taking back control of the ZODIAC weapons to unleash destruction on the Earth.


Commander-in-chief of the Raiwat Drone Invasion Force, and the military head of their attack on Earth.
  • Apocalyptic Log: He provides some exposition during RefleX's timeskip, leading up to the Raiwat's defeat.
  • Driven to Suicide: He commits suicide after the ZODIACs are eliminated and the Raiwat are forced into retreat.

    The ZODIAC units 


The first of the ZODIAC units to reach the Solar System. It is first seen in Area 4, finishing off Cancer, whose destruction ends up destroying the Valkyness base as well. It reappears briefly in Area 6, being chased by the pseudo-ZODIAC Virgo, and again in Area 7, where it makes short work of Virgo, and soon after blows out the Phoenix, murdering its pilot...only to be destroyed by its energy-winged ZODIAC form.


The last of the ZODIAC units to be seen, after the destruction of the other eleven.
  • Attack Reflector: Just like ZODIAC Virgo.
  • Final Boss
  • Wave Motion Gun: Fires a gigantic one from below, destroying the remaining Kamui units and being blocked by ZODIAC Ophiuchus's shield. It tries to fire a second time, but ends up crippling itself; good thing, because this particular attack is stated to be capable of even eating through the Ophiuchus's shields.

Debuted in ALLTYNEX Second

The Senate / The Followers of Yuda

  • The Bad Guy Wins: Despite things not going fully to plan, they end up successfully taking control of humanity, and even when the Raiwat arrived, they managed to make the best of it and became The Followers of Yuda.
  • Bigger Bad: They were the cause of ALLTYNEX going rogue and all just to make humanity easier to control.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: They gave ALLTYNEX the command to slaughter 85% of all humanity but to spare 15%. However, when they returned to earth, they notice that ALLTYNEX has gone rogue for real.
  • Karma Houdini: In spite of being the cause for almost everything that went wrong in the series, they end up victorious in the end, and even after Dennis learned the truth, he died before he could stop them.


A mysterious machine drawn out of the Qliphoth by Alltynex after its destruction.
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