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!!Dr. Henry Jekyll

A scientist with an upstanding reputation in the community, who nonetheless is beset by evil urges which he cannot act out. Has the brilliant idea to solve his problem by splitting his good and evil sides into entirely separate people. That way, his good side would never have to worry about temptation, and his evil side would never have to worry about guilt. He makes a potion to effect the transformation, but it only works part way, giving him a second identity that was pure evil, but no identity of pure good to balance it.

* DeadManWriting: In his last letter to Utterson, Jekyll writes that he will soon transform permanently into Hyde, which he considers his real death.
* FatalFlaw: He disassociates himself from Hyde's evil deeds, despite the fact that he became Hyde with the explicit intent to do evil without staining his normal identity's reputation (or feeling guilt for his misdeeds).
* GoodAngelBadAngel: Hyde is his bad angel. The problem is that the potion is incomplete, so there's no "good angel" to balance it out- just Jekyll, who's susceptible to the temptation of a life of evil without regret.
* JekyllAndHyde: [[TropeNamer Named the Trope]] when he came up with a potion that was supposed to split a man's good side and their evil side.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Jekyll refuses to take responsibility for Hyde's actions, and yet the reason he takes the potion was to [[ForTheEvulz enjoy committing evil acts as Hyde]]. He even says that the reason why his evil side took over when he drank the potion was because he had created it and was drinking it for an evil reason (he muses that had he done it with good intent, he would have turned into someone completely good). The author (in a letter to a friend) called this Jekyll's FatalFlaw.
* MadScientist: One of the codifiers of this archetype in classic literature despite not being mad in the psychiatric sense. He does toy with the lines of human nature and the results of his research and his experimenting are less than positive.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Realizes that he's gone too far when Hyde kills Danvers Carew, and resolves never to take the potion again. Unfortunately, by that point he's used the potion so much that his Hyde form eventually becomes his default, and he needs the potion (which he can't make more of) to return to being Jekyll.
* ProfessorGuineaPig: He is the first person to drink the potion he makes. And only, if you don't count Hyde.
* SplitPersonalityTakeover: After taking the potion too much, he starts spontaneously transforming into Hyde without having to drink the potion.
* TragicHero: He was a nice and decent man but his repressed anger and inability to accept any flaws in him (most of his friends brings up some misbehavior but nothing outside youth's mistakes) pushed him to make a potion so he can live his evil as a different person.

!! Mr. Edward Hyde

The living embodiment of G.I.F.T. He is Jekyll's repressed evil side, free of any desire to do good or remorse for his evil. Jekyll found being him enjoyable, as he can gain pleasure from indulgence in evil without any lingering goodness to make him feel bad about it. Unfortunately, the more Jekyll turns into him, the harder it is to ''stop''...

* AnthropomorphicPersonification: Of Dr. Jekyll's inner evil.
* AxCrazy: Beats Danvers Carew to death for a small slight.
* BigBad: Jekyll's evil given form.
* EvilFeelsGood: The reason Jekyll wants to be him- since he is pure evil and void of remorse, he can indulge in pleasurable vices without any conscience to hold him back.
* DrivenToSuicide: Takes cyanide rather than be exposed to Utterson.
* ForTheEvulz: The reason he does anything, and arguably the reason for his existence.
* MadeOfEvil: He is the personification of everything bad in a human being (mostly untamed aggressiveness) and people reacts toward him with complete disgust and hatred due to how pure his evil is.
* SecretIdentityIdentity: Originally, Jekyll drank his potion to become Hyde whenever he wanted to experience EvilFeelsGood. And then, it went the other way around- with Hyde becoming the 'default' and needing to drink the potion to turn into Jekyll.
* TheyLookJustLikeEveryoneElse: While there's ''something'' unsettling about him, he's pretty normal in terms of appearance aside being rather short.
* UncannyValley: Everyone notice something ''off'' about him, despite nothing being visibly wrong. It's implied that this is because he, unlike any other human, is pure evil without any trace of good.
* WouldHurtAChild: He has no problem trampling an innocent little girl just for pure fun.

!!Dr. Hastie Lanyon

* DeadManWriting: When he [[TheReveal reveals]] that Jekyll and Hyde were one and the same.
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: [[spoiler:When he finds out that Hyde is Jekyll.]]

!!Gabriel John Utterson

A friend of Dr. Jekyll, who becomes curious as to why his respectable friend is associating with a nasty piece of work like Edward Hyde.

* AmateurSleuth: His function in the original story, trying to figure out why Dr. Jekyll was covering for Hyde despite them having no known relationship.
* DemotedToExtra: In most adaptations, since the twist is better known than the original premise of the story.
* PinballProtagonist: He doesn't interfere much in the story's conflict, with the exception of serving as the impetus for Hyde to commit suicide at the end. He's basically there so that the 'Jekyll and Hyde are one and the same' twist would remain a twist.