Characters / The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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David "Dave" Stutler

Portrayed by: Jay Baruchel, Jake Cherry (as a ten-year-old)

The main character and the titular Apprentice. Dave was just an ordinary ten-year-old boy who lived in New York City when he stumbled upon the antique store of Balthazar Blake. Ten years later, Dave and Balthazar cross paths again. Balthazar tells Dave that he is the Prime Merlinian, a powerful sorcerer destined to stop the evil Maxim Horvath from unleashing the witch Morgana upon the world. Now, Dave must learn the ways of the sorcerer at the same time he tries to earn the heart of his crush, Becky.

Balthazar Blake

Portrayed by: Nicolas Cage

Dave's master and a long-lived sorcerer. Hailing from the Middle Ages, he was one of Merlin's three apprentices, along with Maxim Horvath and Veronica. As time passed, he and Veronica fell in love. Unfortunately, Horvath betrayed his brethren and joined Morgana. After Merlin's death, Balthazar set out to find the Prime Merlinian and stop Horvath. When he finds Dave, he begins training him in the arts of magic.

Rebecca "Becky" Barnes

Portrayed by: Teresa Palmer, Peyton R. List (as ten-year-old Becky)

Dave's love interest and childhood friend. Aside from attending high school with Dave, Becky is also the host of a radio show. Becky is unaware of Dave's life as a sorcerer, but as time passes, she uncovers the truth.

Veronica Gorloisen

Portrayed by: Monica Bellucci

Merlin's third apprentice and Balthazar's love interest. She and Balthazar were in love with in one another, causing the embittered Horvath to side with Morgana. In an attempt to permanently stop her, Veronica willingly absorbed Morgana's spirit into her own body and sealed herself into the Grimhold, hoping that Morgana would never be unleashed upon the world again. Unfortunately, Horvath has other plans...


Maxim Horvath

Portrayed by: Alfred Molina

The primary antagonist. Originally, Horvath was one of Merlin's three apprentices, along with Balthazar and Veronica. He was in love with Veronica, but when he realized she was in love with Balthazar, he joined forces with Morgana to destroy mankind. Balthazar sealed him in the Grimhold, but he manages to escape. Knowing that he will need help to obtain the Grimhold and release Morgana, Horvath accepts Drake Stone as his apprentice.

Drake Stone

Portrayed by: Toby Kebbell

A celebrity illusionist and Horvath's new apprentice. Drake was a sorcerer who used his magic to become a famous stage magician. Being a fan of the Morganians, he joins forces with Horvath. However, he remains unaware of Horvath's true plan.

Abigail Williams

Portrayed by: Nicole Ehinger

A legendary witch responsible for the Salem Witch Trials, summoned by Maxim Horvath to do his bidding,

Morgana le Fay

Portrayed by: Alice Krige

The progenitor of all evil sorcerers and Merlin's archenemy. Morgana was first defeated years ago when Veronica absorbed her spirit into her body and sealed herself into the Grimhold. In the modern age, Horvath attempts to release her so that she can continue her plans to destroy mankind.

  • Apocalypse How: Her plan is either Class 2 or Class 3a by raising an army of undead sorcerers.
  • Big Bad: Ultimately, with Horvath as The Heavy.
  • Grand Theft Me: After spending years trapped inside Veronica's body, Morgana obtains full control of Veronica and uses her body to further her plans. Later on, she abandons Veronica's body and manifests as an energy projection.
  • Lady of Black Magic: She's very elegant, dressed in a feminine black dress and carrying herself with grace and dignity, and a powerful sorceress of black magic.
  • Made of Air: Morgana exists as a spirit and can completely control her physical form, allowing her to dodge attacks by creating openings for attacks to pass through. Dave beats her by turning the nearby lights into makeshift Tesla Coils, hardening her form so he can blast her apart.
  • Predecessor Villain: Given how powerful and famous she became, all evil sorcerers became known as Morganians.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Combined with....
  • Sealed Inside a Person-Shaped Can: She was trapped inside Veronica's body.