Characters / The Sooty Show


The mischievous but lovable teddy bear who can't speak above a whisper and dabbles in magic, often with humourous results.


Sooty's best friend; an excitable and innocent, albeit somewhat dim-witted puppy dog who speaks in squeaks.


A female panda and the most collected and sensible of the puppets. She is Sooty's girlfriend.

Little Cousin Scampi

Sooty's young cousin who is even more mischievous than Sooty himself.

Matthew Corbett

The presenter of the show and father-figure (and victim) of the puppets.

Richard Cadell

The new presenter since Sooty Heights; a cheerful magician who watches over the Sooty gang.


A boisterous bulldog who occasionally appeared, but became a regular in the Sooty series.


A tomboyish cat from Brazil who hangs out with Sooty and the gang in Sooty.