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[[folder: Gerda]]


!!!!!!Voiced by: AyakoKawasumi

An eleven year old girl and Kai’s best friend. She lost her parents at a young age and lives with her grandmother. Hard-working and determinate, she is also a bit of a tomboy and gets into fights with other kids who tease her about her relationship with Kai. When Kai is presumed dead by the entirety of the town, she decides to travel north, in the same direction the white carriage went off in her dreams.

* AllLovingHero: She can make friends with anyone; children, adults, animals, flowers, ghosts, you name it.
* ArmorPiercingSlap: Delivers an epic one to Frida after she taunts her about Kai leaving her.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Doesn’t like seeing bullies picking on those younger than them and people who mistreat animals as Frida found out.
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Kai.
* FlowerMotifs: Red roses.
* FriendToAllLivingThings
* GrayEyes
* HeroicBSOD: She breaks down temporarily after [[spoiler:Ragi dies]].
* IWillFindYou
* IdentityAmnesia: The old witch with the flower garden causes her one, so she can make Gerda into her own daughter.
* InTheEndYouAreOnYourOwn: [[spoiler:Despite all the people she meets, she still arrives at the ice castle alone]].
* LeeroyJenkins: She has a tendency to rush forward without thought. For instance, walking into a dangerous blizzard to find the place where somebody saw the white carriage.
* OceanAwe: Has such moments as she has never seen the sea before.
* ParentalAbandonment: Her father died in the war and her mother followed due to illness.
* PluckyGirl
* ThePowerOfLove: [[spoiler:Her love for Kai is what saves him in the end]].
* RaisedByGrandparents: By her grandmother Matilde.
* RedOniBlueOni: Red to Kai’s Blue.
* SelflessWish: In the “Three Walnuts” episodes, Gerda and two siblings receive walnuts from a witch that can grant any wish. She at first wants to see Kai, [[spoiler:but then spends her wish for the younger sibling to see her deceased mother]].
* TragicKeepsake: Gerda receives Kai’s loupe at his funeral. [[spoiler:And later Ragi’s lute]].
* TryingNotToCry: Happens every so often and usually she just can’t help herself.
* [[TurnOutLikeHisFather Turn Out Like Her Father]]: The women in her village tease Gerda about how she looks like her mother but believe she’s becoming more and more like her father with each passing day.

[[folder: Kai]]


!!!!!!Voiced by: Creator/RioNatsuki

A twelve year old boy and Gerda’s best friend. He lives with his parents and sister right next to Gerda’s home, helping his father with his shoe-making business. Often cheerful and friendly, his personality literally changes overnight when a mirror shard enters his eye and pierces his heart. He is then taken away by the Snow Queen to her castle which sparks Gerda’s journey to find him.

* BigBrotherInstinct: To his baby sister Johanne.
* BrattyHalfPint: He becomes this because of the mirror shard in his heart; moody, cold and confrontational.
* ChekhovsSkill: His affinity for jigsaw puzzles becomes important later when the Snow Queen’s puzzle has to be reassembled [[spoiler:to seal away the Devil]].
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Gerda.
* TheChosenOne: [[spoiler:Kai is chosen to fix the shattered mirror and reseal the Devil]].
* DistressedDude: He doesn’t mind it though. He’s having the time of his life in the ice castle.
* EyeScream: Not as gory as some other examples but still… glass in the eye.
* FlowerMotifs: White roses.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: In before HeartTrauma, he was a nice kid.
* HeartTrauma
* IdentityAmnesia: When the Snow Queen freezes his heart, he forgets everything about his past, including Gerda. [[spoiler:It was to prevent the mirror shard from possessing him]].
* InnocentBlueEyes
* KickTheDog: One of the last things he does to poor Gerda before his disappearance is smash the pots with their favorite flowers right in front of her.
* NonActionGuy
* RedEyesTakeWarning: [[spoiler:When the Devil possesses him to attack the Snow Queen]].
* RedOniBlueOni: Blue to Gerda’s Red.

[[folder: Ragi]]


!!!!!!Voiced by: Tooru Nakamura

A mysterious minstrel who first appears in Gerda’s hometown at the time of Kai’s disappearance. He later joins Gerda on her journey to find the Snow Queen and her friend. While he mostly keeps his business to himself, he becomes a reliable and trustworthy companion for her. [[spoiler:He was once a distinguished commanding officer until a fateful mistake cost him the life of his subordinates, leaving only him alive]].

* [[spoiler:BackFromTheDead: The Snow Queen brings him back to life, which he initially isn’t too happy about]].
* BadassLongcoat
* BarehandedBladeBlock: Bonus points for the sword [[spoiler:being on fire]].
* [[spoiler:ButNowIMustGo: At the end he tells the Snow Queen that he will continue to travel and visit the families of his deceased men till the day he dies]].
* CurbStompBattle: He literally curb stomps the bandit leader who tries mugging Gerda.
* [[spoiler:DarkAndTroubledPast]]
* DelayedNarratorIntroduction: He’s revealed about three episodes in but he doesn’t join Gerda for another ten. [[spoiler:He stops narrating with his death (with Gerda taking over the narration) but returns to it for the final episode]].
* {{Determinator}}: Not just for himself, but the lengths he goes for Gerda’s sake is admiring.
* DontCallMeSir: He urges Gerda to drop the honorific on him since they already know each other well enough to be considered friends.
* GrayEyes
* [[spoiler:AFatherToHisMen: He goes as far as to visit each and every single one of his men’s families]].
* [[spoiler:HeroicSacrifice: He cuts the rope linking him and Gerda when he falls into the crevasse]].
* IAmNotHim: [[spoiler:”I’m not Holger.”]]
* MissingTime: [[spoiler:He doesn’t remember how he ended up in a cave miles away from where his men died. Just like he didn’t remember the Snow Queen saved him from dying]].
* NiceHat
* [[spoiler:OfficerAndAGentleman]]
* ReluctantWarrior: “Fighting doesn’t do us any good.”
* [[spoiler:SoleSurvivor: He was the only survivor of a military troop of thirty men that was forced to retreat into a snowstorm to escape from the much numbered enemy. The blizzard ran its course and wiped out every single one of them, apart from Ragi. The only reason he survived at all was because the Snow Queen saved him]].
* [[spoiler:SurvivorGuilt: Mixed in with resentment against the Snow Queen]].
* TheStoic
* [[spoiler:UnwantedRevival: He chastises the Snow Queen for doing this to him, since he believes she left all of his men to die in the blizzard and now she expects him to help her. He mellows out once he realizes how much Gerda missed him]].
* VagueAge: Middle-aged. Just about the only clue about it.
* WalkingTheEarth: Aside from entertaining people as a minstrel, [[spoiler:he’s also visiting the loved ones of his subordinates]].
* WanderingMinstrel: While he serves as the main narrator, he’s also a major character in his own right.
* [[spoiler:WarriorPoet]]

[[folder: Holger & Amor]]


!!!!!!Voiced by: Creator/MikiNagasawa (Amor)

A wolf and a monkey who started following Ragi around for apparently no reason and thus became his traveling companions. They are both named by Gerda later on.

* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys
* IChooseToStay: [[spoiler:Amor decides to stay with Frida]].
* MeaningfulName: Gerda names the wolf after Holger, the legendary giant as she feels that he is just as strong and loyal as the giant from the folklore was. She isn’t wrong.
* MischiefMakingMonkey: In contrast with Holger, Amor steals and normally doesn’t listen to either of them.
* ParrotPetPosition: Amor, when he isn’t sleeping in Gerda’s bag.
* TheyHaveTheScent: Holger tracks down Gerda like this at one point when she wandered off into the mountains during a snowstorm.
* UndyingLoyalty: Holger has this attitude toward Ragi and Gerda, such as protecting them from other wolves the entire night. [[spoiler:So much so, he actually dives into the crevasse Ragi falls in despite potentially killing himself. Not only does he survive, but he manages to get to the ice castle by himself and save Gerda from being struck by a flaming arrow]].

[[folder: The Snow Queen]]


!!!!!!Voiced by: Mayo Suzukaze

A beautiful yet deadly spirit in guise of a woman who brings snow and ice at the end of each year. Seemingly cold-hearted and cruel, she takes Kai away to her castle and treats him as her guest, freezing his heart and making him forget everything about his past. [[spoiler:She wanted to protect the boy from the shard’s influence before he would turn into an evil person and stands as the primary obstacle in the Devil’s way should he be released from his prison]].

* AdaptationalBadass: [[spoiler:She fights {{Satan}}]].
* AnIcePerson
* BigBad: At first. [[spoiler:Then it’s revealed she is fighting against the true BigBad, the Devil]].
* CoolSword: Wields one in battle.
* CannotSpitItOut: [[spoiler:Despite Ragi blaming her for the death of his men at the time when she could really use his help, she withholds saying anything about her part of the story]].
* DefrostingIceQueen: She still has a quite icy demeanor on the outside, but she is far warmer than she is able to admit. [[spoiler:She takes Kai away to save him from the mirror shard that could potentially hurt or control him, she genuinely did try to save Ragi’s men from the blizzard and saved him twice, later even acknowledging that by leaving him as the sole survivor caused him much pain. She was also in love with the legendary giant Holger and is still grieving and searching for him even a hundred years later, along with some implied feelings toward Ragi himself]].
* DragonRider: When she isn’t riding in a carriage or a horse, she rides on a white Eastern dragon, particularly in the battle.
* EffortlessAmazonianLift: As she demonstrates, [[spoiler:she is perfectly capable of carrying an unconscious Ragi who is both taller and heavier than her]].
* EmotionlessGirl
* HealingFactor
* HumanoidAbomination: She isn’t human and the closest thing she gets compared to is a spirit.
* [[spoiler:TheFirstCutIsTheDeepest: She fell in love with Holger the giant who died fighting the Devil a hundred years ago and it is implied she still hasn’t gotten over him. The Devil sees it fit to further taunt her about it]].
* IcyBlueEyes
* LadyOfWar: She even has her own armor.
* [[spoiler:LoveAtFirstSight: Possibly for Holger the giant]].
* MagicWand
* OneWomanWail: Her {{leitmotif}} by soundtrack and in-universe. Whenever she appears, along with the aurora, people who have seen her also hear her singing.
* PrettyInMink: Occasionally, she’s mostly seen wearing it when traveling to bring winter.
* RapunzelHair: It’s tied in a ponytail but it’s still down to her knees at least.
* SummonMagic: She is able to summon her horses and the white carriage when she intends to travel and even a giant dragon as her combat companion. And of course, she is the bringer of snowflakes and ice each year.
* WinterRoyalLady

[[folder: Red Troll & Blue Troll]]


!!!!!!Voiced by: Tetsuo Goto & Takuma Suzuki

The Snow Queen’s subordinates, they are charged with keeping the IcePalace and Kai’s needs in check while she is away, desperately longing for the Queen’s approval.

* AllTrollsAreDifferent
* BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine: With the Blue Troll usually on the receiving end.
* HopelessSuitor: The Blue Troll is quite open about his love for the Snow Queen, but the Red Troll takes every opportunity to crush his dreams into a pulp. [[spoiler:Especially when he explains she had a lover before]].
* RedOniBlueOni: The Red Troll is more boisterous and the Blue Troll is considerably more naďve.
* SphereEyes
* ThoseTwoBadGuys
* UnwittingPawn: [[spoiler:They were manipulated into breaking the puzzle by dropping the MagicMirror on it by the Devil]]. They don’t remember doing it though.

[[folder: Avatar of the Wind [=/=] [[spoiler:The Devil]] ]]


!!!!!!Voiced by: AkioOhtsuka

A mysterious man in a tuxedo who appears as the personification of the wind. He approaches Kai, seemingly wanting a friend and appears to have some sort of grudge against the Snow Queen. [[spoiler:He is revealed to be the Devil himself who was sealed under the castle by the puzzle and wishes to bring literal HellOnEarth]].

* [[spoiler:BigBad]]
* BlowYouAway
* BowAndSwordInAccord: [[spoiler:As the Devil, he pelts the ice castle with flaming arrows from his own territory and a FlamingSword when he fights the Snow Queen and Ragi]].
* DePower: When he fights the Snow Queen for the first time, he admits he wouldn’t be able to defeat her. [[spoiler:Spending the last hundred years in a can probably has something to do with it]].
* [[spoiler:DevilInDisguise]]
* DualWielding: When he fights the Queen [[spoiler:after kidnapping Kai]].
* [[spoiler:ElementalShapeshifter: The Devil can apparently turn into a personification of the wind]].
* [[spoiler:EvilRedhead: As the Devil]].
* HealingFactor
* [[spoiler: {{Hellfire}}: He can also heal himself in the magma and summon TheLegionsOfHell from it.]]
* [[spoiler:HeroKiller: He killed Holger the giant in the last battle with the Snow Queen a hundred years ago. He doesn’t hold back in taunting the Queen about it and how she doesn’t have anyone to help her this time]].
* HumanoidAbomination
* [[spoiler:KnightOfCerebus: As the series doesn’t really have real villains in a sense up until his appearance and apart from the Snow Queen nobody really knows he’s the true BigBad, he fits this pretty well]].
* ManInWhite
* [[spoiler:ManipulativeBastard: He tries to keep Kai from finishing the puzzle that would put a lid on his existence, tempting him with the Garden of Paradise and immortality]].
* NiceHat
* OminousOperaCape
* RedEyesTakeWarning: He always appears out of a red aurora that looks like an eye. [[spoiler:He also gets red eyes when he’s revealed to be the Devil]].
* [[spoiler:{{Satan}}]]
* [[spoiler:SealedEvilInACan: He was held imprisoned under the ice castle, the puzzle on the floor keeping him captive. He arranged for the puzzle to break into pieces by forcing the trolls to drop the giant mirror on it]].
* [[spoiler:WhiteHairBlackHeart: As the Avatar]].

[[folder: Hans Alexander Holmes]]


!!!!!!Voiced by: Tomohiro Sekiguchi

An actor turned inventor who meets Gerda and Ragi after he crashed his flying machine.

* BackForTheFinale: He shows up at [[spoiler:Kai’s and Gerda’s wedding]].
* BrainyBrunette
* BunglingInventor: His inventions never seem to work. [[spoiler:Even his second flying machine only flies for about two minutes before crashing again]].
* ClassyCravat
* EurekaMoment: He has one when he sees a woman washing clothes in the river during winter and wonders how cold it must be when twisting the excess water out of it. [[spoiler:So he builds a mangle]].
* GenkiGuy
* RecurringCharacter
* ThePowerOfActing: He tries to get funds from the townspeople to create a new flying machine after his unsuccessful attempts crushes all of his material, even presenting Gerda as his little sister to draw out some sympathy. He almost has it, then the elder shoots him down since he believes it’s a con.
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have to Be Animals]]: Doesn’t like animals in general, doesn’t matter which one. Although when he’s told that Holger is a wolf and not a dog, he says that’s even worse.
* WhyDoYouKeepChangingJobs: Whenever he appears, he usually has a different job. Probably to earn money for his more ambitious inventions.

[[folder: Frida]]


!!!!!!Voiced by: Creator/ChisaYokoyama

The daughter of a bandit chief who longs to leave the bandits’ stronghold but is continuously thwarted by her overprotective mother. She is good friends with a great reindeer Bae.

* ActionGirl
* BloodKnight: Thinks that fighting with friends is, well… fun and wants to do it every day with Gerda.
* TheChiefsDaughter: A twist in that the chief is her mother rather than father.
* DoesNotLikeShoes
* HellishPupils: They look like normal eyes at first, but they do shrink whenever she’s angry or upset.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: She has a quite rough impression of what friendship should be like and clashes with Gerda numerous times, but she eventually grows out of it.
* MyBelovedSmother: Her mother, who is also the bandit leader, absolutely refuses to let her out of the hideout. She gets so frustrated she yells at her for treating her like an object.
* PointyEars: Like all of the bandits.
* SignificantGreenEyedRedhead
* [[spoiler:WalkingTheEarth: As revealed in the finale, she was finally allowed to leave the stronghold and see the world]].

[[folder: Bae]]


!!!!!!Voiced by: Bunta Sugawara

An old great reindeer who resides with Frida. He ends up accompanying Gerda for the last part of her journey to the ice castle.

* AndroclesLion: Frida found him dying in the snow and nursed him back to health. He remained with her, waiting for the day when he could help her back.
* BadassGrandpa: Not only is he a king, but also fought thousand battles without a single defeat.
* TheGoodKing
* IntellectualAnimal
* NotAMorningPerson: He always sleeps during daytime.
* QuestGiver: He gives one to Frida to save her mother, although he goes with her alongside Gerda.
* SpiritAdvisor: At one point he appears to Frida like this, to dissuade her from fighting the bandits who are trying to capture her.