Characters / The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

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    The Sisterhood 

Carmen Lowell

Lena Kaligaris

Tabitha "Tibby" Anastasia Rollins

Bridget Vreeland

    Carmen's family 


Carmen's mother. She's divorced and raises Carmen as a single mother. In the second book, however, she starts a relationship with a man called David. They go on to get married and have a son.

Albert "Al" Lowell

Carmen's father. Despite his and Christina's divorce, he and Carmen remained quite close, until he springs his new marriage with Lydia on her.

Lydia Rodman-Lowell

Paul Rodman

Carmen's stepbrother, a stoic, popular athlete who is the man of the house till Albert marries Lydia. Carmen and Paul become somewhat close and she often talks to him for advice.

Krista Rodman

Carmen's stepsister, younger by a year or two, presented as a foil to Carment with her skinny frame, blonde hair, and quiet, polite demeanor. Later she tries to act and dress like Carmen.

    Lena's family 

Effie Kaligaris

Lena's younger sister.

Ariadne "Ari" Kaligaris

Lena's mother.

Georgios "George" Kaligaris

Lena's father.

Valia Kaligaris

Lena's grandmother.

    Tibby's family 

Alice Rollins

Tibby's mother.

Mr. Rollins (given name unknown)

Tibby's father.

Nicky Rollins

Tibby's younger brother.

Katherine Rollins

Tibby's younger sister.

    Bridget's family 

Marlene "Marly" Vreeland

Bridget's deceased mother.

Franz Vreeland

Bridget's father.

Perry Vreeland

Bridget's twin brother.

Greta Randolph

Bridget's grandmother.


Bailey Graffman

Bailey is a 12-year-old girl who has leukaemia. She becomes a close friend of Tibby's over the course of the first book. Near the end of the first book, she dies.

Brian Mc Brian

  • Asian and Nerdy: In the movies.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: He adores Tibby and is utterly loyal to her even when she's hurt him (he did give up once, but forgave her).
  • Hollywood Nerd: Brian is described as unattractive in the first book (mostly because of his unibrow and lack of hygiene) but Leonardo Nam, who played him in the film, is certainly not ugly.
  • Lovable Nerd
  • Nerds Are Sexy: Tibby comes to think so, though it helps that she gets Brian to shower more regularly and dress better.
  • Race Lift: Doesn't appear to be of Asian descent in the books as he is in the film.

Eric Richman

Eric first appears in the first book as a soccer coach in the camp where Bridget spends her summer. She falls in love with him. However, near the end of the book he tells her that they can't be together because of their age difference. In the third book, two years after this, Bridget meets him again, and this time they end up becoming a couple.

Winthrop "Win" Sawyer

Win first appears in the third book. He is Carmen's love interest.


Julia first appears in the fourth book. She is Carmen's friend at university.