Characters: The Office (UK)

David Brent

"Some people are intimidated when talking to large numbers of people in an entertaining way. Not me."

Played By: Ricky Gervais

The incompetent General Manager of the Slough offices of Wernham-Hogg. He fancies himself a popular jack-of-all-trades, when in reality he is a needy, lonely and selfish man.

Tim Canterbury

"I don't talk about my love life for a very good reason, and that reason is I don't have one."

Played By: Martin Freeman

A witty sales rep at Wernham-Hogg. He's in love with Dawn and, like her, feels he's wasting his life at Wernham-Hogg.

Gareth Keenan

"I'm not homophobic, all right? Come round, look at my CDs. You'll see Queen, George Michael, Pet Shop Boys. They're all bummers."
Played By: Mackenzie Crook

The power-hungry 'team leader' and ambitious Number Two to Brent. Delusional and pretentious, he often acts as Tim's nemesis.

Dawn Tinsley

"I'd be lying if I said my life had turned out exactly as I'd expected."
Played By: Lucy Davis

The Wernham-Hogg receptionist, she's in love with Tim but is trapped in an unhappy engagement.

Keith 'Big Keith' Bishop

Played By: Ewan Macintosh

A large, stoical accounts rep.

Chris 'Finchy' Finch

Played By: Ralph Ineson

A 'friend' of Brent and outside sales representative. While popular with Brent, Finchy is actually a sexist, boorish 'alpha male' who enjoys bullying others.

Jennifer Taylor-Clarke

Played By: Stirling Gallacher

An intelligent and practical higher-up at Wernham-Hogg.

Neil Godwin

Played By: Patrick Baladi

David's much more charismatic, competent and popular counterpart at the Swindon branch. He later becomes David's boss after the merger.

  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Evil Counterpart: Maybe not 'evil' so much as 'successful'.
  • Meaningful Name: 'God' and 'Win' to emphasize his superiority over David.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In the Christmas Special, he is much more openly disdainful of David than he ever was before. However, it's worth keeping in mind that a former employee has been dropping in to disrupt the working day for three years. Less understandably, he's friends with Chris Finch. On the DVD commentary Stephen Merchant suggests that Finch's nastiness rubbed off on Neil, while Ricky Gervais believes that Neil was never all that nice to begin with.
    • He was always a bit snide, though definitely better with people than David. But by the time he becomes friends with Finch, he becomes unabashedly cruel.


Played By: Joel Beckett

Dawn's fiance, an insensitive and mercilessly practical warehouse worker.