Characters / The Monster Under the Bed

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Timothy Newton

The son of Thomas and Ruth Newton.

Ruth Newton

The wife of Thomas Newton, and mother of Timothy Newton.

In reality, she is Ruthless the Lost Mother, AKA Lady Blackheart.

Thomas Newton

The husband of Ruth Newton, and father of Timothy Newton.



The titular Monster under Timothy's bed.


Shadow's sassy best friend and partner.


Resident alpha-bitch with aspirations of becoming the Guild's First Reaver.

Lady Moonlight

The matronly leader of the Sisterhood of Noctis Guild.

Lord Pax

The leader of the Brotherhood of Noctis Guild.


The newly-appointed first reaver of the Brotherhood Guild.


Recently appointed second in command of (and heir to) the Brotherhood Guild.

Lady Blackheart/Ruthless, the Lost Mother

A rogue member of the Sisterhood Guild who mysteriously catapulted up the ranks and disappeared, becoming somewhat of an urban legend amongst her former peers.

She lives among humans under the guise of Ruth Newton.


Nightmare's sharp-tongued friend/lackey.


Nightmare's more easy-going, laid back friend/lackey.