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Characters: The Minds Construction Chronicles
The List Of Characters for MCC

Beware Loads and Loads of Characters Ahead!


Elliott Skyler "Skye" Stryke Jr.

"It was my action that started this war, so I'm going to be the one to stop it"'

Skye is a quiet boy who keeps to himself and hates sticking out. He was bullied by his older half brother Dex for a brief period of time but never quite got over it. He looks up to his father to the point of hero worshipping and just wants his approval. Skye puts a lot of responsibility on himself to be the ideal son both to make his father happy and not be the spoilt brat his half brother believed him to be. Skye fears becoming a bullying brother to his own little sibling and also feels guilt that he was unable to do something to stop his kid brother Gil from being stolen, so he is an overprotective Knight Templar Big Brother to Timmy.When his parents are killed Skye becomes desperate to find out ‘Why us’ and he gets pulled into investigating a mysterious series of murders in England. That eventually leads him to the now adult Dex and he finally fights back when Dex threatens the lives of his brother and best friends. Afterwards Skye continues to challenge Dex and stop his family’s plans

  • Back from the Dead-Kagami Toyaka uses an evil spell to pull him out of time everyone thinks he died but then he returns
  • Berserk Button-Never Insult his parents especially his father. Don't threaten is friends and don't ever threaten or bully his little brother
  • Big Brother Instinct-To Timmy.
  • Black and White Morality-in how he regards the Toyakas
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome- Skye blames himself when Dex kidnaps his friends and when his opposing the Toyaka family leads indirectly to a Psi Civil war
  • Dead Guy Junior
  • Deadpan Snarker-it runs in the Stryke family
  • Determinator- He becomes determined with finding his parents' killer then stopping Dex
  • First Boy Wins
  • Foil-Skye is the Traditional Hero to Blade's Anti-Hero
  • Heroic BSOD- after he yells at his younger brother in a moment of stress
  • I Just Want to Be Normal- at the beginning Skye doesn't like to stick out and give the townspeople more reason to gossip about his family.
  • Knight Templar Big Brother-Justified because he had an abusive older sibling himself and knew how it felt and because his father taught him that from life until death it's his sacred duty to look after his little brother.
  • Mind over Matter-His Psi base power is telekinesis but he isn't very good at it until his grandfather trains him
  • Never Speak Ill of the Dead-Skye's parents were good people suggesting anything otherwise will piss him off. As he finds out stuff about his father's past he starts get past this.
  • Raised by Grandparents-After his parents die he goes to live with his grandparents but he only stays with them for around a year before they start getting targeted by the villains and go off into hiding
  • The Hero
  • Tell Me About My Father-Later when he starts to accept that his father had flaws he sends a letter to his grandfather asking to know about his father
  • What the Hell, Hero?- Skye is downright cold towards many of the Toyakas, he's also a very overbearing and sometimes bossy older brother.

Timothy Ian "Timmy" Stryke

"Just give me a chance to help. I want this whole thing to end before more people get hurt"

Skye's empathic younger brother. He's a naive gentle boy with a lot of confidence issues after overhearing other Psi tell his parents that it would be better to ship him off to home for people with his kind of problem. He starts out as a crybaby and a bit of a pushover who gives away his toys so that kids won't pick on him and grows into resourceful pacifist who tries to stay hopeful throughout tough times. Due to the strength of his empathy, his powers remain mostly dormant until he's nearly 11 years old. Unlike his older brother Timmy tends to believe the best in people and tends to trust in their better nature. It gets him into some major trouble but later allows him to see some things that Skye doesn't.

While Skye and his friends fight in the front lines Timmy researches the Toyakas and finds something very odd about the their leader. When he seemingly loses his brother he has to take a position of leadership and learn to survive without dependence on Skye's protection.

Elliott Skyler Stryke Sr.

"You're too young to be worrying about these things"

The brothers' emotionally distant father. He was arranged to marry Kagami Toyaka at the age of eighteen. He tried to get his sister's help but she brushed him off. His younger brother Ian tried to help and talk to her but Kagami found out and had him killed soon after. Elliott finally managed to leave Kagami, and their young son Dex and fled to America with his parents' help. He dated and married Melanie Finn, who found out his Psi power and kept the secret When their oldest child Skye was four and his wife was pregnant with twins, his firstborn child Dex came to stay with them. Dex used threats from his mother as blackmail and made the family's life miserable and seemed to bring bad fortune to the household. He leaves just after their older twin, Gilbert was abducted and the police were looking at Elliott and Melanie. They are cleared and the case goes cold, Gilbert is assumed dead. He and Melanie go to a meeting of Psi to reconnect with the community, but his sister shows up to tell him off for abandoning his duty and the other Psi find out his youngest child is an Empath.

From that day on he raises his children to act like normal kids and hide their powers. He stays somewhat distant from his children for their own good. His attempts to bury the past don't work when his family is stalked by hit men and he and his wife are murdered in his office.

Melanie Finn-Stryke

"There's no use in pointing fingers , the most important thing is making sure these people don't get to the boys"

The boys' mother. She's a Muggle from a conservative small town, who went off to New York for college and she stayed in the same apartment as Elliott Stryke. She eventually fell in love with him despite his Psi ability and they got engaged and returned to her home town. The town treated their marriage like a scandal and her parents disproved of her choice and never let her forget it. The only relative she stayed in contact with was her unmarried sister Marina.

She refuses to blame Elliott for his past and his son's behavior and when one of her twins was abducted she blamed herself. She doesn't like the main Psi community because of how they talked about her son. She keeps in contact with her sister and hopes that one day her parents will talk to her again and accept her husband.

  • Gold Digger-Averted. The gossips in town like to say she's one because Elliott has money, but she really does love him.
  • Mama Bear- she is normally a quiet reserved woman but when someone messes with her boys she turns into a fierce, sharp tongued warrior
  • Open Minded Parent- she would probably have had a chance to show it of she had survived. Probably to not be like her estranged parents who stopped talking to her after she chose to stay with Eliiott after Dex and the abduction of her child.
  • The Ingenue-her parents thought of her as this and blamed Elliott for corrupting her. They were appalled when she stood up to them and told them she was staying with him
  • Understanding Wife- She's surprisingly understanding towards everything the only time she gets upset is when she tells him she doesn't want her children to be in contact with the Psi community anymore.

Alexander Stryke

"I'm just an old fool who let his desire for popularity get the best of him"'

Elliott Sr's father. Alexander was once a rebellious kid who's brother was destined to be head of the family. Naturally he was their pride and joy. However the kid died of diphtheria and that left young Alex to inherit leadership. He resented the way his family treated it's members, but he had big dreams of revolutionizing the way things were. He preformed well and started getting good grades and when he earned headship the first thing he did was trick his older bigoted relatives into marrying him to his girlfriend Tanya Heather Dunne. He refused to cast out the Empaths and Telepaths and generally didn't follow the 'old ways'. He gained many enemies this way but he also started to get support.

As his children grew up he didn't realize he was making a few of the same mistakes his parents made in the way he raised his children. He got so caught up with 'making the Psi community better that he stopped paying as much attention to his children and applying the same pressures on them. Soon the Toyakas extended a truce and promised to help the Stryke's. Alessandro was unsure and he didn't like the terms but everyone told him he should do it and that it would help the family. He gave in made arrangements for his two oldest children. His youngest son Ian never forgave him for it. and Alessandro never forgave himself after Ian's death and seeing how it affected Elliott. He brought up Ian's orphaned son hoping to atone for the tragedy he had caused. Years later he tried one last time to get his remaining children together but it ended badly. He and his wife raise Felix , Skye and Timmy until the Toyakas start actively hunting them down, and then send the kids to America and go on the run.

  • Badass Grandpa-He's pretty fit for his age
  • Batman Gambit- how he got his relatives to allow his marriage to Tora
  • Cool Old Guy- Alex is not anything like the other arrogant members of the Stryke family despite being the head of house.
  • Eccentric Mentor-for awhile he helps teach Skye and Timmy how to use their powers.
  • The Atoner- He is still trying to atone to Felix and Elliott by raising their children.
  • The Unfavorite- when growing up.
  • Parental Abandonment- his parents' callous abandonment of his baby sister is what made him think about the Psi's treatment of empaths and telepaths
  • Parental Obliviousness- despite suffering from it as a child he unwittingly fell victim to it leading leading to tragic results

Tanya Heather Stryke

"Sometimes I want to hate him, but I know it's half my fault for not speaking up"'

Elliott Sr.'s mother. She came from a half Psi family who immigrated to England in the 1900s. She and Alexander met and started out with a Slap-Slap-Kiss relationship as she tutored him. The discovery of the other having powers bonded them and eventually got them going out and eventually marrying. If Tanya was affected by the disapproval of her husband's relatives she hardly showed it. She was excited to help her husband make changes in the Psi community but she tried to pay attention to her children a bit more. As her oldest daughter grew older the two of them fell out. She didn't like the idea of cutting a deal with the Toyakas and felt there was something not right about them.

When the fallout resulted in Ian's death she had a fight with her husband that nearly ended their marriage but the two of them made up and decided to raise Ian's young son Felix. Elliott came to them with divorce papers apologizing for everything and telling what happened. Without a second thought they helped him divorce Kagami and funded his trip to the US. Tanya was most disturbed by Sophia's coldness to her brother and tried to contact her. Sophia changed her number and cut off all contact. For years Tanya tried to reach out to her until Sophia disowned them. Tanya still feels torn over her only daughters action. She tries to protect her grandchildren all the more fiercely so they don't go the way of their parents.

  • Kuudere- to those outside her husband , children and grandchildren she's frosty but towards her husband, family and friends she's kind and the most loyal person you'll ever meet .
  • Never Mess with Granny-Tanya is normally tough but when you threaten her grandkids SHIT. GETS. REAL.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss- While they're not as conflicting as they used to be Tanya and Alexander still have their moments. Tanya doesn't have a problem calling Alex out on things
  • Snark Knight

Felix Andrew Stryke

"If it weren't for the Toyakas, my parents would still be alive!"

Felix's parents were murdered on Kagami's orders after his father tried to stand up to her for his brother's sake. His grand parents took him in and raised him differently than they raised their own children. He was a bit of a wild child but he means well. He swings between having a cool laid back attitude, and wild and impulsive. When he found out about the circumstances of his parents' deaths as a child he acted out for a while. He has since cooled down somewhat and found a hobby that he enjoys, (playing for a Garage Band), but he still has a sore spot about the Toyakas. He would love nothing more than to get them for something and when his cousins show up and Skye tells him about his suspicions it seems like the perfect excuse.

They end up working with Caleb, who somehow manages to keep Felix under control and makes him think about his actions. He gets an interest in working with the police force and becomes a trainee. When Tanya and Alex go into hiding Felix is of age and gets sent to America with Skye and the Tektons and goes into police training again. He eventually takes a part in the forming of MonteCorp.

Leandra Regina Stryke

"If you keep up this way you're going to embarrass the whole family"

One of Skye's distant cousins. Leandra is a staunch believer in the old ways of the Psi community and feels that the whole family will go to the dogs if she doesn't "save" them. By save we mean hooking them up with 'respectable, well-bred girls'. When one of her cousins (or the poor brother who's stuck with her) finds love with someone she deems unacceptable she hates them and hates everything about them, from the shoes they wear to the music they listen to). She is sent to stay with her great uncle when her parents go away for business. She dislikes Felix for his attitude and "scandalous" circumstances of birth. She is judgmental, condescending and bossy. When she finds out about her cousins Skye and Timmy she's torn between being excited at the idea of someone to 'mold' and horrified at the prospect of her great uncle and aunt taking in an empath. She bosses Skye around and treats Timmy like he's brainless.

Sadly she honestly believes she's right and thinks she's 'helping her relatives'. She has a very forceful personality and is very outspoken about her convictions. After the 'siege' of Stryke manor she gets a dose of her smallest cousin's true potential and is in shock for a bit. Later she writes a letter to Skye attempting to make up with him but Skye discards it and Timmy responds to it and they start writing back in forth. Her and Timmy's corresponding forces her to take a good long look at her views.


Dexter Akahata "Dex" S. Toyaka

"Everyone around you has their own agenda except those too stupid to. You can't trust anyone but your own."

Dex is Skye's older half brother and Elliott Sr's first born son. He was brought up by his mother believing that his father hated him and abandoned him. He went to stay with his father and stepmother in his teenage years and terrorized the household. He left after they lost their small son and went on to attend college at a young age and eventually be the CEO of his family's cellphone company and unknown to most, a sector of organized criminals. After Skye breaks in and confronts Dex the company starts getting more publicity. He actually hates himself and both of his parents to a degree and is trying to prepare his brothers for the fight ahead.

Kagami Toyaka

"I play to win, Elliott. Your father learned that the hard way"

Dex's mother and Elliott Senior's infamous ex wife. She is cool, charismatic and outspoken but plays the part of the sweet innocent little lady when she needs to. She is the head of the Toyaka household and claims that her relatives are all her 'children'. All her relatives are afraid of her and nobody knows what her Psi power is for sure but it's assumed to be something very nasty. Her most bizarre attribute is a pair of deep red eyes. If Dex knows he hasn't told. From the moment she sees Skye and his brother she has held an eerie interest in them, especially Skye. Unfortunately as New Capulet's plan goes on she is starting to slip little by little and soon even a few of her followers are nervous about what she has in mind.

Sophia Carmella Toyaka

"You had a committment to Kagami and to our family and you abandoned it all."

Alexander and Tanya's oldest daughter, Elliot Sr's sister and Blade's mother. Many years ago at the Psi Convention she publicly humilated her brother and blamed him for his son's 'shameful' problem. She grew up trying to be the perfect daughter. She obdiently want along with the marraige truce. When her younger brother tried to tell her that he was frightened of his wife she dismissed it as lies. When her youngest sibling Ian confronted her about it she told the head of family, and monthes later Ian and his family died. She turned against her family when her parents supported her brother's 'abandonment of commitment'.

Despite choosing them over her family she doesn't really like the Toyakas deep down. Still she goes along with them rather than admit that Elliott might have been right. The only sign of resentment she shows is pressuring her son to be better than Dex.

  • Arranged Marriage-to her husband
  • Cain and Abel-She hates her brothers enough to rat one out to the Toyakas. To this day she forbids their names from being spoken in her house by her children and punishes them for regarding Elliott or Ian as an Uncle
  • Lady Drunk
  • Parental Favoritism-she shows preference to her oldest son but that doesn't stop her from being downright cold when he doesn't measure up.
  • Why Couldn't You Be Different?-to both her children

Toshiro Tybalt "Blade" Toyaka

"You put up with Dex for three years, goody for you. We live with him every damn day."

Sophia's son and the Stryke brother's cousin. Blade grew up with the Toyaka family and as a child, followed their warped views devoutly. At the last Psi convention he mocked and got in a fight with Skye, jump-starting a rivalry that would go on for years. However he changed in the years since the Psi convention. After Skye and Timmy return to America, he is sent to a boarding school in America with orders from Dex to spy on the Strykes. Blade is secretive about his reasons for following the Toyakas but claims that it isn't of pure spite. As the plan goes on Blade begins to wonder if he's doing the right thing.

Anamaria Toyaka

"As far as they're concerned, I'm not a true Toyaka so I have no need to be loyal to their leader"

Sophia's daughter and Blade's younger half-sister. She and her brother were at one time rivals for their parents' affections but declared a truce. They work as a team spying for the family. Only What people don't know is , Ana is working overtime , appearing to work for her family while she works against their power grip. After her rivalry with her brother, she tried trying to convince her father to quit drinking and ease up on his son. She acts quiet and painfully shy to the public eye, but underneath there's a lot more to her. Ana has accepted the fact that she's a virtual outcast in her family. She's gets impatient with Blade's chivalrous attitude at times but accepts it as his upbringing-and uses it to her advantage when she can.

Toshiro and Donovan Toyaka

"Always Remember. Mum liked me better."

"Yeah, look where that landed you. An overweight lout with three sons mothered by three different women and no wife."

Kagami's younger brothers. Toshiro is Blade and Anamaria's father and Donovan is the father of Dai, Logan and Leo. Toshiro was the ignored middle son in a dysfunctional family. His father was trying to live up to his famous namesake and favored Kagami and paid little attention to his sons, while his mother spoiled Donovan. Toshiro became resentful and bitter but didn't mess with Kagami after seeing what he was capable of. He went along with the arranged marriage and started drinking heavily. He never liked Sophia and felt jealous that he was arranged to someone while Donovan got freedom. He and Sophia tolerated one another at first agreeing on their resentment of their families but soon grew to hate each other.

Donovan was always pampered by his mother. He got used to getting everything he wanted in life and felt he was entitled to it. He was introduced to a friend of the family and married her. However he still took her for granted and continued to sleep around. She left him years after their first son, Dai was born. Soon after Dai turned out to be a telepath and Donovan virtually shunned him. Don went on to have two more sons with two different mothers.

They both work for Kagami. Toshiro does business work while Don is a Mook.

Dai Donovan Toyaka

"All society has done is give me shit. It was their thoughts that pushed me over and I'm going to make them all sorry."

Donovan's oldest son. Dai's mother left when he was very young. He was abandoned by his father for his telepathy and grew up on Kagami's 'leash'. He was arrested at the age of nine when he killed a kid in a fight and was sent to juvenile hall and then to an institution. He was released to house arrest, got into hemomancy and a few years later, manipulated his cousin Taroku's best friend and killed his other one. Kagami got him involved in her plan. His Psi power is pyrokinesis.

Dai hates society and humanity as a whole. He blames them for everything that's gone wrong in his life. He aspires to be a monster and pay society back. He is a sadist and a hedonist who takes every opportunity to take what he wants. He is good at tricking girls and getting his way with them. He is all for the idea of Psi taking over as long as he can kill people.

Logan and Leonardo Toyaka

"Back off if you don't want your organs rearranged, kid"

"You sure you want to do that? My brother eats guys like you for breakfast."

Dai's brothers. Logan is a big guy with anger management issues and Leo is a spoiled piggish coward who hides behind his brothers when he gets in trouble. They answer to Dai out of fear. They used to tease him for his telepathy (Mostly Leo) but Dai gave them a warning not to mess with him. Logan doesn't really like Dai and cares more about Leo as a brother than he does for Dai but Leo sees Dai as a promise for protection.

Neither of them have had a normal childhood, their father bounced between treating them like 'one of the guys' and whacking them with a rifle. Leo drank beer for the first time at the age of 5.

Sylvester and Viola Toyaka

"I'd bet on that"

"I love you ,but you're a first-class prat "

Distant cousins of Blade,Dex and Dai. Sylvester and Blade were childhood playmates, while Viola kept them out of trouble. They grew apart when Blade befriended an outsider and family tragedy struck. After Blade abandons his job as a spy in America,they are sent in as replacements and wind up getting in over their heads in a misguided effort to protect their relatives.

Katsuya Toyaka / Gilbert Stryke

"I know where my loyalties lie. If you don't trust me, than strike me down here and now, brother."

Dex's student and the youngest of the Toyakas' 'attack squad'. He seems to look up to Dex despite Dex's harsh treatment of him. He faces off Skye and Skye recognizes him during the fight. He is often described and being rather cool with eyes that seem dead inside. When he finally runs away from the Toyakas his true nature starts to shine through. He's extremly smart but lacks knowedelge of dealing with people and lives by an unshakable code of honor.

Other Psi

Tala "Tally" Vasquez

"While you were stuffing your faces and playing one of your three game consoles, I was working two jobs and trying to scrape by in school."

Old family friends of Gem and Rusty's grandmother. Tala grew up in the poor part of her town with two alcholic parents who were hardly around. She spent most of her time raising her sister while trying to get by herself. Tala and her sister were sent to the Tektons by their grandmother when their parents were charged with neglect. From the get go she is resentful towards the Stryke brothers and can't stand Felix. After seeing Skye face off Dex and try to fight him she grudgingly warms up to them.

Once Tala grows out of her bitterness a bit she learns to work better with other people. She is still a stubborn and tough sort of girl who likes to be able to take care of herself.

Mystique "Mysti" Vasquez

"I'm sorry , I should have said something. But I was so afraid that you wouldn't believe me or just make fun of me"

Tala's younger sister. Misty is a quiet earthy girl with a big imagination. She is painfully shy and unsure about herself. When the brothers first meet her, she is in a world of her own. Timmy is kind to her and invites her to help him with his project. His best 'friend' treats the both of them badly and Mysti doesn't trust him. However she doesn't say anything because she thinks Timmy will mock or laugh at her opinion.

It turns out that Mysti was picked on pretty heavily as a kid and fears being picked on more. She had a friend, Presto who was pretty selfish. Her silence regarding Duncan leads to Timmy getting hurt and then she makes a deal with him and starts to come out of her shell.

She grows into a quiet but very smart girl with a knack for science and investigation. She is very in touch with earth and tends to care about the environment.

  • Brainy Brunette
  • Closer to Earth-she is good at grounding the impulsive, and sometimes emotional Timmy Stryke
  • Granola Girl- she's fairly 'earthy' though not to an extreme extent. She thinks about how something she does will effect the earth and environment rather than blindly going along with some protest or diet.
  • Shrinking Violet-She starts out shy but grows out of it as her relationships within the Nakama give her confidence

Hazel Shay Farrow

"Hate me or love me if you want, but I won't let you ignore me"

Hazel is that girl you may have known in school who got picked on , but it never seemed to bother her too much. She's bold and outspoken, sometimes gets in trouble for it but when it all comes down to it, her intentions are good. She's a foster kid with a fairly noticeable appearance quirk. She learned to deal with teasing but maintained confidence instilled in her by her first set of parents. She does have insecurities about not having a home and being different but she doesn't often let them show. She notices Timmy around town during his time of depression and became rather curious about the seemingly spacey kid. Once he steps out of his shell (or more accurately she gives him a little pull) they become friends, at least until she gets a new set of parents.

When we see Hazel again she's a teenager trying to decide how she's going to 'make her mark on the world'. She meets a very troubled kid who reminds her of an old friend and takes it upon herself to help him pull himself together. Of course this pulls her right back into a very risky war between Psi and muggles alike. Hazel has a very bold confident personality and is highly motivated to make her own life the way she wants it to be. She is the kind of person who won't be forgotten quickly, which can be both good and bad for the rest of MonteCorp.

Gretchen Kramer

"Maybe if you had stood by me like a real friend, things would have worked between us"

One of Blade's childhood friends. She palled around with Blade and Adrian Aarons after they defended her from bullies, partly because she had a crush on one of the spirited troublemakers. Sparks may have flown between them , but Gretchen started to take it for granted. She developed an attraction to his more dangerous cousin Dai. Dai manipulated her feelings to his end to get her help in killing Adrian. When Adrian was killed she couldn't handle the guilt and went into denial about it. Her relationship with Blade suffered because she initially blamed him for the death and expected him to be understanding afterward. But when he tried to end their friendship, she just couldn't let go. She is currently estranged from her parents, and an on again-off again girlfriend to Dai.


Gemini "Gem" Theresa Tekton

"I want to learn everything necessary so I won't be holding all of you back"

Skye's neighbor and childhood friend. Gem is very artistic but tends to be insecure and worry a tad too much what other people think of her. She was teased a bit as a child and like many young teens, just wants to be liked. However there is more to her than just that. When Skye's secret is revealed she is the shocked but refuses to treat her friend any differently When Skye finally gets them involved it seems like an expression of trust to her and Gem is determined not to let him down.

As time goes on she starts to get a crush on Skye but doesn't reveal it for fear that it will ruin their relationship. However when Skye finds out, it doesn't turn out quite as bad as she thought. She is loyal to Skye and when tragedy strikes and she starts to see the other side of his rival she worries whether she is betraying him. Gem is somewhat perfectionist and doesn't take failure , perceived or otherwise very well. Friendships are very important to her. She also tries to learn everything she can so she won't hold her friends back. She is actually quite resourceful and soon learns to handle pressure more gracefully. When she matures she starts to accept that people aren't always going to like her and the opinions of her friends are more important.

Russell "Rusty" Martin Tekton

"I don't give a crap about SATS and bubblescore tests. I want to show people what I can do on my terms"

Rusty is Gem's twin brother and Skye's best guy friend. He is a bit of a slacker and enjoys taking things apart. He seems on the surface like an overgrown puppy dog and has a good sense of humor when it comes to pranks. But he has one sore spot-his intelligence. He had trouble in school as a child and was teased because of it. He wants to prove his intelligence but in his own way. He has quite a few contacts in the world of amateur mechanics and knows more about the makeup of a car than most guys his age. He and Skye usually get along well but as Skye starts to develop a romantic interest in Gem he and Skye have some serious friendship problems.

Caleb Jonathan Tekton

"Sometimes you just have to get over yourself and your own angst. It's part of growing up."

From an early age Caleb was a Fish out of Water. He was an adopted child in a family of a different race in a small town environment. As a teenager he acted out , believing that his parents 'didn't understand him and loved their biological children more. However he met Dex and after seeing what he was doing to his family, decided to get his act together. He became very interested in the world and so he started studying hard and took his chance to study abroad in high school. When Skye encounters him he had become a police officer in England.

Caleb's current goal is to eventually travel the world, finding out everything about it he can- as soon as he can afford it of course. Meeting Felix adds some excitement into his life and finding out about Psi makes him question a lot of what he thought he knew. He is the voice of reason , both for Felix and for Skye. Skye's impulsiveness and tendency to get Gem and Rus in on his adventures may wear on Caleb's patience, but he knows Skye is a good kid.

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