Characters / The Guardians of Time Trilogy

Before the world can be free
A bloom of murdered innocence shall be seen
In the woods above the ancient city of Veridian
Where nine identities shall be revealed

Characters who appear in The Guardians of Time Trilogy.

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    The Guard 

Ethan Roberts

And a brave young warrior will lose his heart to death
The main character, his sister was murdered in front of him by Marduke when she was seven and he was three. His father resigned from the Guard and became a depressed reclusive. Ethan dedicates his life to living up to her memory and avenging her death. His powers are telekinesis, illusions and a loyalty to the prophecy.

Isabel Beckett

Ethan's apprentice from the start, who is in the year below him at school. Her powers are healing and foresight.

Matt Beckett

But not before a leader pure of heart awakens
And the fearless one emerges from a journey led by light and strength
The half brother of Isabel, Ethan's former best friend before they fell out over a girl. Joins the Guard at the end of the first book.


And an ageless warrior with an ancient soul
Shall guide with grace and providence
The mentor of the group, his powers are agelessness, truth-seeing and materialisation.

    The Order