Characters / The Gates

The Gates offers a nice diversity of characters who are very, very, different.

Humans (or otherwise unconfirmed)

Nick Monohan

The new police chief of The Gates. Moved from Chicago after murdering a suspect who was accused of being a serial rapist.

Charlie Monohan

Nick Monohan's son and attends The Gates Academy. Currently in love with Andie.
  • Love Triangle
  • Emergency Transformation : Devon saves his life by killing him and bringing him back. As what is so far unconfirmed, but he now sports red eyes of doom and telekinetic powers, so it can't be good.

Sarah Monohan

Dana Monohan

Emily Radcliff

Adopted daughter of Dylan and Claire Radcliff.

Marcus Jordan


Claire Radcliff

Dylan Radcliff

Christian Harper

An old friend of Claire's who gets her to go hunting for fresh blood at bars.

Gloria Bennett

Vanessa Buckley


Brett Crezski

A student of The Gates Academy, he is was on the football team before endangering all the other werewolves.

Karen Crezski

Lukas Ford

Simon Ford

Coach Ross


Andie Bates

A student of The Gates Academy who has to come to terms with the two boys who are in love with her and her succubus side.