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Characters: The Flow

These are the characters from the incomplete and frequently changing novel The Flow.

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Jang Hyun Soo

"Sacrfice few to save, no one is expendable. We save all, nothing less."

A 15 year old high school student who attends Sun Hwa high school. He is an apprentice of Marcus and John, who are master pharmacist/wizard and transporter, respectively. When he was 7 years old, he was attacked by a vampire and came back from a half-year long coma, which granted him power to sense supernaturality.

One night, a grisly murders happen near his home, which he sensed beforehand. He was considering just leaving the work to the authorities and mind his own business, but after his friends, get brutally mauled and goes through mental breakdowns, he decides that he has to get involved.

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Cheui Ji Ho

"A real man fights against the limit placed on him or die trying."

Very boisterous and Hot-Blooded classmate of Hyun Soo. He is always out to do something crazy and prone to over-reaction, even forming The Cinemaniacs, which is an excuse organization for him to do as much crazy thing as school rule can allow (or more). Possessing a massive strength he can't control properly, he is scared by most students around him. Seen clinging around Hyun-soo, mostly wanting to pick a fight with him or drag him to his crazy pursuit. There's something more than meets the eyes...

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Seo Eun A

''"If you can't find peace in yourself then where can you?

Yoon-A is a kind girl who is in the same class with John. She is in love with him (obvious to anyone else, oblivious to him) and is interested his involvement with the murders around the city. Beware, there is much more than meets the eyes.

Tropes Associated With Seo Eun A

Han Se Yeon

"Insanity is not an option in this group..."

Snarky, dismotivated girl from, you've guessed it, Hyun Soo's class. She was dragged into the club to meet the required member numbers, but seems to have an ulterior motive.

Tropes Associated With Se Yeon

Yang Min Ji

"Nice. Just what I've been looking for!"

Cheerful girl from class 1-4. She's the last member to join The Cinemaniacs. Cheerful yet organized, she is a driving force of the group, yet has a problem with her parents, with which she wants to confront. She becomes killed by the killer.

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