With a legacy that spans over 70 ''years'' (and that's just real-time), and practically ''drenched'' in {{Legacy Character}}s, it's no surprise the Flash family has a ton of major and supporting characters. Now split into pages.
'''Main DCU:'''
* [[Characters/TheFlashTheFlashes The Flashes]] [[note]]Jay Garrick (The Flash I), Barry Allen (The Flash II), Wally West (Kid Flash I/The Flash III), Bart Allen/Bar Torr (Impulse I/Kid Flash II/The Flash IV) and Wally West II (Kid Flash III)[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/WallyWest Wally West / Kid Flash I / The Flash III]]''
* [[Characters/TheFlashSupportingCharacters Supporting Characters]] [[note]]Joan Williams, Iris West, Linda Park, Jeven Ognats, Meloni Thawne, Jai West, Captain Darryl Frye, Hartley Rathaway (Pied Piper), Chester Runk (Chunk), Gregory Wolfe, Fred Chyre and Jared Morillol; Ashley Zolomon, Solovar, Nnamdi, The Three Dimwits, Tina and Jery [=McGee=], Dr. Elias, Patty Spivot, Director David Singh, James Forrest, and Angela Margolin[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheFlashOtherSpeedsters Other Speedsters]] [[note]]Irey West (Impulse II), Jesse Chambers (Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle II), Johnny Chambers (Johnny Quick), Max Crandall (Quicksilver/Max Mercury), Jenni Ognats (XS), Walter West (Dark Flash), Jay Garrick (The Flash of Earth-2), Avery Ho (The Flash of China),Don and Dawn Allen (The Tornado Twins), The Flash of the 23rd Century (Sela's Father), The Flash of the 23rd Century (Sela Allen), The Flash of the 27th Century (John Fox), The Flash of the 28th Century (Blaine Allen), The Flash of the 28th Century (Jace Allen), The Flash of the 67th Century, and The Flash of an Unknown Century (Thondor Allen)[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheFlashEvilSpeedsters Evil Speedsters]] [[note]]Edward Clariss (The Rival), Eobard Thawne (Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash I), Hunter Zolomon (Zoom/Reverse-Flash II), Thaddeus Thawne (Inertia/Kid Zoom), Daniel West (Reverse-Flash), Jerry [=McGee=] (Speed Demon), Savitar, Lady Savitar, Black Flash, Johnathan Allen (Johnny Quick), Barry Allen (Future Flash), August Heart (Godspeed), and Hot Pursuit (Barry Allen)[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/EobardThawne Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash I / Professor Zoom]]''
** ''[[Characters/HunterZolomon Hunter Zolomon / Reverse Flash II / Zoom]]''
* [[Characters/TheFlashTheRogues The Rogues]] [[note]]Abra Kadabra, Captain Boomerang I, Captain Boomerang II, Captain Cold, Doctor Alchemy/Mister Element, Golden Glider/Glider, Heat Wave, Mirror Master I, Mirror Master II, Replicant, Top, Trickster I, Trickster II, Turbine, Weather Wizard, Blacksmith, Girder, Magenta, Murmur, Plunder and Tar Pit[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheFlashOtherVillains Other Villains]] [[note]]Brother Grimm, Cicada, Cobalt Blue, Double Down, Fallout, Fiddler, Gorilla Grodd, Griffin, Kilgore, Manfred Mota, Neron, Peek-A-Boo, President Thawne, Rainbow Raider, Razer, Shade, the Thinker, the Turtle and Vandal Savage[[/note]]

'''Live-Action TV Series:'''
* ''Characters/TheFlash1990'' [[note]]Barry Allen / The Flash, Tina [=McGee=], Henry Allen, Nora Allen, Jay Allen (Jay Garrick), Iris West, Sam Scudder / Mirror Master, Leonard Wynters / Captain Cold (Leonard Snart), James Jesse / The Trickster[[/note]]
* ''Characters/TheFlash2014''
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseBarryAllen Barry Allen / The Flash]]''
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseEobardThawne Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash]]''
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseleonardSnart Leonard Snart / Captain Cold]]''
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseWestAllenFamily West & Allen Family]]'' [[note]]Iris West-Allen, Wally West / Kid Flash, Joe West, Henry Allen, Nora Allen, Francine West[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseSTARLabs S.T.A.R. Labs]]'' [[note]]Harrison "Harry" Wells (Johnny Chambers / Johnny Quick), Jesse Chambers Wells / Jesse Quick, Julian Albert Desmond / Dr. Alchemy, Hartley Rathaway / Pied Piper[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseOtherEarths Other Earths]]'' [[note]]Jay Garrick / The Flash, James Jesse / The Trickster, Accelerated Man, Shade, Grodd[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseCentralCityCitizens Central City Citizens]]'' [[note]]Linda Park, Eddie Thawne (Malcolm Thawne), David Singh, Tina [=McGee=], Patty Spivot, Hunter Zolomon, Fred Chyre, David Ratchet / Big Sir[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseTimeCriminals Time Criminals]]'' [[note]]Barry Allen / Future Flash / Savitar, Abra Kadabra[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseEarth2 Earth-2]]'' [[note]]Hunter Zolomon / Zoom, Barry Allen, Iris West-Allen, Joseph West, Nora Allen, Linda Park / Dr. Light, Patty Spivot, David Singh, James Zolomon, Ashley Zolomon, Evan [=McCulloch=] / Mirror Master, Solovar[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseOtherEntities Other Entities]]'' [[note]]Speed Force, Black Flash[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseTheLegends The Legends]]'' [[note]]Mick Rory / Heat Wave[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseMetahumans Metahumans]]'' [[note]]Clifford [=DeVoe=] / The Thinker, Mark Mardon / Weather Wizard, Sam Scudder / Mirror Master, Rosalind Dillon / The Top, Clyde Mardon, Tony Woodward / Girder, Shawna Baez / Peek-A-Boo, Jeremy Tell / Double Down, Russell Glosson / The Turtle, Joey Monteleone / Tar-Pit, Eliza Harmon / Trajectory, Griffin Grey, Edward Clarriss / TheRival, Frankie Kane / Magenta, Shade, Clive Yorkin, Amunet[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseTheCultOfMallus The Cult of Mallus]]'' [[note]]Grodd[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseCentralCityCriminals Central City Criminals]]'' [[note]]Lisa Snart / Golden Glider, James Jesse / The Trickster I, Axel Walker / The Trickster II, Lewis Snart, Jared Morillo / Plunder, Marlize [=DeVoe=][[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseTaskForceX Task Force X / Suicide Squad]]'' [[note]]Digger Harkness / Captain Boomerang[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseTheHIVE The H.I.V.E.]]'' [[note]]Michael Amar / Murmur[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseFutureCharacters Future Characters]]'' [[note]]Barry Allen / The Flash, Iris West-Allen, Wally West, Joe West, Julian Albert Desmond, Julie Greer[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/ArrowverseEarthX Earth-X ]]'' [[note]]Leonard Snart / Citizen Cold, Mickie Rory[[/note]]
* ''[[Characters/SmallvilleClarksAllies Smallville]]'' [[note]]Bart Allen / The Flash[[/note]]

* ''Characters/DCExtendedUniverse''
** ''Characters/BatmanVSupermanDawnOfJustice''
** ''Characters/{{Suicide Squad|2016}}''
** ''Characters/{{Justice League|2017}}''

'''Web Series:'''
* ''Characters/HISHESuperCafeDCComics'' [[note]]Barry Allen / The Flash[[/note]]

'''Western Animation:'''
* ''Characters/DCAnimatedUniverse''
** ''Characters/JusticeLeagueTheLeague'' [[note]]Wally West / The Flash[[/note]]
** ''Characters/JusticeLeagueSecretSociety'' [[note]]Grodd[[/note]]
* ''Characters/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold'' [[note]]Barry Allen / The Flash II, Eobard Thawne / Prof. Zoom, Jay Garrick / The Flash I, Wally West / Kid Flash, Grodd[[/note]]
* ''Characters/TheBatman'' [[note]]Barry Allen / The Flash, Mirror Master[[/note]]
* ''Characters/YoungJustice''
** ''Characters/YoungJusticeTheTeamSeasonOne'' [[note]]Wally West / Kid Flash[[/note]]
** ''Characters/YoungJusticeTheTeamSeasonTwo'' [[note]]Bart Allen / Impulse / Kid Flash II[[/note]]
** ''Characters/YoungJusticeJusticeLeague'' [[note]]Barry Allen / The Flash II[[/note]]
** ''Characters/YoungJusticeOtherHeroes'' [[note]]Jay Garrick / The Flash I[[/note]]
** ''Characters/YoungJusticeMinionsOfTheLight'' [[note]]Leonard Snart / Captain Cold[[/note]]
** ''Characters/YoungJusticeOtherCharacters'' [[note]]Iris West-Allen[[/note]]