Characters / The Fall

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DSI Stella Gibson

Played By: Gillian Anderson

Stella Gibson is a Detective Superintendent in Londonís Metropolitan Police who arrives in Belfast to conduct a review into a murder case that has not progressed in the month since the investigation started.

She has experience of the kind of high profile and complex case that the Police Service of Northern Ireland are facing, and it is this skillset that ACC Jim Burns believes can be brought to bear.

Her personal life is an enigma, but Gibson is committed to the cause not her loved ones. She is a fighter through and through and anyone not part of the solution is part of the problem.

Paul Spector

Played By: Jamie Dornan

Paul Spector is the other side of Stella Gibsonís coin. He is a husband and a father but it is his actions that come to define him. He too seeks to control the world around him, but unlike Gibson he wilfully transgresses the very rules of society that she seeks to enforce.

His family might induce some sort of feelings of love, but it also provides him with the outward appearance of normality. On the surface at least he is socially competent, persuasive and manipulative. By creating a fantasy and putting it into action he believes he creates his own highly controlled existential reality, his personal microcosm.

He works as a bereavement councillor and in fact his unique lack of empathy makes him a superficially competent one. However, it is the activities that he carries out in the shadows of society that reveal Spectorís true character.

Paul Spector is a serial killer. This is his addiction, and like any addict he needs more of the drug each time to reach a similar high.

Sarah Kay

Played By: Laura Donnelly

A young professional woman who is targeted by Spector.

Sally-Ann Spector

Played By: Bronagh Waugh

Sally Ann is Paulís wife and mother to their children, Olivia and Liam. She works as a neonatal nurse and whilst she is caring she is also no-nonsense. Capable and mature, Sally Ann looks at her happiest with a baby in her arms.

Rob Breedlove

Belfast Chief of Police.

DCI Matt Eastwood

Played By: Stuart Graham

Garrett Brink

Played By: Frank McCusker

PSNI Patrol Off. Danielle Ferrington

Played By: Nimah McGrady

Dani Ferrington is a PSNI patrol officer. Intuitive and sensitive, Ferrington is also physical and tough. Given the opportunity to shine, Ferrington grabs it with both hands, and so when Gibson invites her into the heart of the investigative unit, Dani is determined to prove her worth.

  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Fair Cop
  • My Greatest Failure: She and her partner were just outside Sarah Kay's house when Spector was attacking her. They didn't notice it until the PSNI dispatch came through and informed all units of a dead body.
  • The Atoner: Works with the task force to hunt down Spector.

Morgan Monroe

Played By: [Ian McElhinney Ian McElhinney]

  • Corrupt Politician: Influences ACC Burns to make sure the investigation doesn't implicate his son, Aaron. When he later finds out that there's strong evidence against Aaron, he tells Aaron to get away from Belfast.

ACC Jim Burns

Played By: John Lynch

Burns is the Assistant Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Policing here is political and Burns is under increasing pressure from the Chairman of the Independent Policing Executive, Morgan Monroe. It was Burnsí idea to bring in Gibson to review the Alice Monroe murder enquiry.

  • Butt Monkey: Everything seems to conspire against him.
  • Off the Wagon: In the second series, he breaks 5 years of sobriety and tries to rekindle his affair with Stella because he indirectly warned Aaron Monroe to flee Belfast.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Didn't want the first few murders to be linked together. He changed his mind after he realizes that there's strong evidence for it and that Monroe is trying to do things behind his back.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Had an affair with Stella while he was married.

Prof. Tanya Reed Smith

Played By: Archie Panjabi

A pathologist who is assigned to the murder investigation.

James Olson

Played By: Ben Peel

A Detective Sergeant.


Kevin McSwain

Played By: Gerard McCarthy

A lawyer and friend of Sarah Kay. They work at the same firm.

Ned Callan

Played By: Nick Lee

A Belfast journalist, keen on impressing himself upon Gibson and exposing the failings of the PSNI.

  • Intrepid Reporter: Believes himself as one, although in reality, his means of getting the latest dirt on the PSNI are downright unethical.
  • Jerkass

Annie Brawley

Played By: Karen Hassan

A young accountant who catches the eye of murderer Paul Spector.

Glen Martin

Played By: Emmett Scanlan

A Detective Constable assigned to the investigation.

Katrina "Katie" Benedetto

Played By: Aisling Franciosi

A 15 year old girl who babysits Spector's children.

  • The Dragon: To Paul Spector Series 2.
  • Fille Fatale:
  • Love Makes You Crazy: Though she come to learn about Paul's crimes, she still tries protect and help him by giving him alibis.
  • Smitten Teenage Girl: She has a massive crush on Paul. Paul, however, doesn't reciprocate, though he has no problems with taking advantage of her feelings in a non-sexual way, as he manipulates her into helping him with disrupting the police's investigation.
    • Slightly bites her back when a teen accosts her, accusing her of having a sick obsession in the 3rd season.

Aaron Monroe

Played By: Eugene O'Hare

  • Jerk Ass: You can see him act like one when he was questioned at first by the PSNI.

James Tyler

  • Dark and Troubled Past: He tells Paul during a counsellor meeting that he did bad things before he got married. It's implied that he got involved in the sectarian fighting during the Troubles.
  • Spanner in the Works: His involvement in shooting Spector derailed the investigation in the 3rd season, giving him amnesia.