''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'' has been around for [[LongRunner over fifteen years,]] and introduced so many main characters that we had to split the main page into five different sections. Characters listed have to have appeared ''at least'' twice.

* Characters/TheFairlyOddParentsMajor [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Sparky, Chloe, Mr. Crocker, Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Jorgen Von Strangle, Tootie, Vicky, Chester, AJ, Trixie.[[/labelnote]]
* Characters/TheFairlyOddParentsHumans [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]Francis, Veronica, Tad & Chad, Parents, Mrs. Crocker, Principal Waxelpplax, Mr. Birkinbake & Bickles, Catman, The Mayor & Chompy, The Dinklebergs, Chet Ubetcha, Doug Dimmadome, Peppy Happy Gary and Betty, Chip Skylark, Britney Britney, Sylvester Calzone, MERF Agents, Missy, Marty and Mitzie.[[/labelnote]]
* Characters/TheFairlyOddParentsFairies [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]Mama Cosma, Big Daddy, Blonda, Juandissimo, Cupid, Tooth Fairy, Binky Abdul, The April Fool, Dr. Rip Studwell, Billy Crystal ball & Simon Sparklefield, Fairy Hart, Fairy Council.[[/labelnote]]
* Characters/TheFairlyOddParentsVillains [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]Dark Laser, Dr. Bender and Wendell, Remy Buxaplenty, Chrimson Chin Villains, Unwished Wishes, Norm the Genie, Anti-Fairies, Pixies, Princess Mandie, The Darkness and Eliminators, Ms. Dunshine/Doombringer, Hugh J. Magnate Jr.[[/labelnote]]
* Characters/TheFairlyOddParentsOthers [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]Mark Chang, King Gripullon and Queen Jipjorullac, Jeff and Erik, Crimson Chin, Crash Nebula, Santa Claus, The Holidays, Turbo Thunder.[[/labelnote]]