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Characters: The Evening Turns To Midnight
The characters from The Evening Turns To Midnight.

The fanfic is a crossover including characters from other preexisting works, and thus they share some information with other character sheets.

Ingrid Renata Kurtz Weidt/Veidt

The first protagonist the reader is introduced to. At the time of her introduction, she's the painfully innocent eighteen-year-old bride of a handsome army officer she's only known for five months. Her marriage swiftly takes a horrific turn, and she devotes herself to her children (and later, her one surviving child), even as her husband's abuse rises to ever-higher levels and ends up resulting in her permanent disfigurement. She gets him back by slowly poisoning him to death, a skill she gladly teaches her by-then-teenage son Adrian. Ingrid later dies after being struck by a car.

Friedrich Werner Weidt/Veidt

A sociopathic officer in the Wehrmacht just before World War II, Friedrich would have stood to inherit his family's baroncy had he not happily signed up with a certain political party. He marries Ingrid for her inheritance and then forces her into a eugenics program to alter their unborn child into being part of a generation that will spawn "super-humans" while simultaneously growing ever more casually abusive toward her. After the war, he drags his family around Europe in hiding until they make it to America. Five years after his arrival, he is murdered by Ingrid, with help from his son Adrian.

Rottissimo "Rotti" Largo

The inheritor of his father's biotech company, Rotti Largo is at the forefront (along with Adrian Veidt) of the push to cure the plague of organ failures in the early 1960s). When his fiancee (and would-be third wife Marni) leaves him for Dr. Nathan Wallace, Rotti is twisted by jealousy into a vengeance-crazed murderer and has Marni killed, Nathan framed, and breaks off his partnership with Veidt (who introduced the lovers). When he finds a chance to take revenge on Veidt as well, by concealing the existence of Veidt's children, he gladly takes it, and then later spins an elaborate plot of intrigue involving Veidt's children and Wallace and Marni's daughter Shilo, hoping to destroy Wallace, Veidt, and his own unloved adult offspring in the process.

Adrian Werther Weidt III/Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias

The firstborn (and eventually only surviving) child of Friedrich and Ingrid Weidt. He desperately wants to do good in the world (spurred on at first by the idea of making up for his father's evil), but his general self-centeredness, pride in his abnormally high intelligence, and lack of understanding of human nature end up making him into a cold, self-righteous Well-Intentioned Extremist. Letting first Susanna Goodwin and then Adrien Baillon (the latter whom he falls in love with and eventually marries) into his life seems to have a good effect on him at first, but it ultimately only contributes to his disconnection from humanity as a whole- with them around to feed his newly revived emotional needs, why should he bother trying to connect with anyone else? He eventually accepts his daughter Nina as everything he wanted to be but was too generally screwed up to become, and is able to share a genuine parent-child relationship with her.

Daniel Dreiberg/Nite Owl II

Probably the most idealistic and moral of the human superheroes in the story, Dan takes up the mantle of his idol, the golden age hero Hollis Mason/Nite Owl in the 1960s and thrives on the adventure it brings him, even though life promptly responds by throwing him as many unpleasant curveballs as possible (including the death of his fellow hero the Silk Spectre). When unregistered superheroism is outlawed in America, Dan lives an inconsequential and gloomy existence before getting an itch to join the wave of expatriate supers in Paris. His brief flirtation with Susanna Goodwin ends up introducing him to Megan Elness, whose enthusiasm for his old gig leads him to take up adventuring again (while tutoring Megan in the ways of superheroism), but this ultimately leads him into discovering something far bigger than he anticipated.


Born Walter Joseph Kovacs, though That Man Is Dead, the brutality of Rorschach's upbringing by an abusive prostitute mother and the subsequent inhumanity he witnessed as an adult drove him first to costumed vigilantism and then to a complete withdrawal from rationality. Hounded by the authorities for refusing to register with the government as a licensed hero, he eventually follows Dan to Paris and stumbles across the murder of a young woman who'd been working for Adrian Veidt, and before long the former partners are back in the game, though what they find is way bigger than a simple string of killings. Unable to reconcile what Veidt has done with the fact that revealing it could cause an even worse outcome, he urges Dr. Manhattan to kill him.

Dr. Manhattan

Originally Dr. Jonathan Osterman until a Freak Lab Accident transformed him into a human-shaped but almost completely inhuman energy being with godlike powers, Manhattan was pressed into superheroic service by the US Government while still enjoying a precarious relationship with his girlfriend from before the accident, Dr. Janey Slater. His newfound powers, including a nonlinear perception of time (and the fact that Janey aged and he didn't), contributed to his gradual isolation from her and a new relationship with Laurie Juspeczyk, the sixteen-year-old Silk Spectre. Laurie's death in the organ failure epidemic marked a major turning point for Manhattan, who quickly became extremely isolated from humanity as a whole and began spending less time on Earth, even as the US Government continued to use him in Cold War saber rattling. Veidt is able to convince him to kill thousands on live television, with a threat of more if humanity continues to dance along the brink of war, after which Manhattan devotes himself to creating life on a distant planet he has named Laurel and only vaguely concerning himself with affairs on Earth.

Susanna Goodwin/Meritites

A teenage American studying in Paris who comes to discovery she has unexpected Reality Warper powers. A chance encounter with Adrian Veidt leads him to take her in as his successor and apprentice, along with using her likeness as a female sidekick in the Ozymandias television show. Susanna gradually comes to feel very isolated and unhappy in her position, even without knowing her guardian's ulterior motive, but ultimately, she is never able to make amends with him- on the brink of their reconciliation, she's murdered by Largo's repo men.

Adrien Baillon

Born to a single teenage mother, Adrien spent his childhood bouncing from bad situations to even worse ones, though his loving mother always did her best for him, even if that wasn't always pleasant or easy. He was sexually abused by first his mother's boyfriend (his mother promptly dumped the man) and then a teacher, and after that he took up being a rentboy, a situation which lead him into a deeply unhealthy relationship with a drug dealer named Roger Marchetti. After Marchetti abandoned him, Adrien eventually crossed paths with Adrian Veidt, who hired him for the night. Unexpectedly, however, the two ended up falling in love and eventually married, with Adrien standing beside his man no matter what, even in the face of the awful truth.

Megan Elness/Red Riding Hood

Susanna's friend and roommate with a major crush on Veidt. She becomes extremely jealous when he overlooks her hard-earned skills in favor of the abilities Susanna acquired out of the blue, but she has to quickly overcome this when certain events including Susanna's murder lead her to recognize (along with Dan, who lets her rent a room from him after Susanna moves out) a major conspiracy afoot. It's Megan's enthusiasm for Dan's superheroic past that encourages him to take it up again, and in return he takes her on as his trainee/sidekick, complete with a costume, and she thrives on the excitement... at first. After the events in Karnak, she quits her job, feeling that she can't ethically continue to be a journalist knowing what she knows and not reporting it, and she gets her old wish- working for Veidt- except now she doesn't want it.

Anna Kochner

A former childhood companion of Veidt's and likewise the offspring of a Nazi officer, Anna was subjected to the same genetic enhancements before birth. She was the first to figure out about the program and summoned him to discuss it, but instead they ended up sharing a brief relationship that ended with a very unpleasant breakup- and Anna's pregnancy. She ends up finding a new love with another man, only to find that he's an operative for Step Two of the program, albeit one working on a Heel-Face Turn who ends up shot for his trouble. Anna gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl, and spends their early childhood trying to flee with them before losing them forever when they're six.

Johan Liebert /Michael Kochner

One of Anna's and Veidt's twin children. He and his sister spend most of their childhoods on the run, and when the girl begins to repress her memories of the trauma she's witnessed, he takes them on himself, to the point where he eventually becomes a pitiless Enfant Terrible. His obsessive focus in life eventually becomes to reunite with the man he sees as his father or die trying, and there is nothing that his damaged psyche sees as too great a sacrifice toward this.

Anna Liebert/Nina Fortner/Adriane Kochner / Hatshepsut

One of Anna's and Veidt's twin children. She and her brother spend most of their childhoods on the run, and she herself is subjected to psychological torture that she forces herself to repress, which becomes a standard part of her life until she is ten years old. After she flees from the hospital with her brother, she is found alone and amnesiac and is eventually adopted by a German couple, the Fortners, who rename her Nina and give her a happy, normal life... until Johan reemerges and kills them when the twins are twenty. This plunges Nina into a storm of bad memories and the mysteries of what happened to her as a child, finally leading her to Veidt, her real father. While Nina never comes to fully see Veidt as her father- that was the late Mr. Fortner's role in her life- they come to reach a loving rapport, and Veidt sees Nina as what he could have been but was never strong or stable enough to become. She becomes his successor.


Johan's chief follower, purveyor of drugs, rooms, and often medical attention. He's also been keeping Johan away from Veidt for years to have him to himself.

  • A Date with Rosie Palms
  • Evil Is Petty
  • Mad Love: And yet he has a more realistic set of expectations than Johan does, knowing it's extremely unlikely he'll get any sort of satisfying resolution at his father's hands. Unfortunately, deciding you know what's best for the Antichrist — and more than that, keeping him from his goal — gets you terminated with extreme prejudice.
  • More Than Mind Control
  • Pet the Dog: His fierce protectiveness towards his master comes across almost skewedly endearingly.
  • Sycophantic Servant


A ballet dancer/duchess-in-training (her brother-in-law is an emperor) and friend of Adrien's who, still reeling from the end of her first romantic relationship, falls hard and fast for Johan, unaware that he's really just using her to get close to Veidt. She ends up carrying Johan's child, after a night of sexual intercourse in which neither fully understands what's happening, but unlike Anna she is able to find her happy ending.

Lex Luthor

Superhero-hating Corrupt Corporate Executive par excellence, Luthor has expanded his reach to the increasingly Americanized Paris, with plans to buy up most of the post- Revolution of 1983 real estate and high hopes of being able to crush his rivals (Bruce Wayne, Adrian Veidt, and Tony Stark) in the process. When Megan Elness has the audacity to mouth off to him, he decides to have a little "fun" with the girl and starts having her followed. He eventually figures out that she's Red Riding Hood and thinks she'll make a nice trophy wife, to give the impression he's extending an olive branch to the super-community, and set the stage for his intended takeover of Paris.

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