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Characters: The Elda Series
The Characters from The Elda Series.

Characters in Soulbond

    The Main Trio 

The protagonist and central character of the story. A prince and shadowmancer who would much rather read books than deal with royal responsibilities, but sets out to expose the witch Leta out of a genuine concern for his brother's life. Holds an unusual connection to gryphons...


A Lumini who weilds light magic. His spirit partner is a dragon named Arcus. He is a relaxed and very trusting person who is the first to extend aid to Aquaries, starting with healing the prince's injured ankle.


The young apprentice of the sage Xan. She uses wind magic and is rather fond of gardening. She and Vince have known each other since they were children. She's stubborn and initially suspicious of Aquaries, but eventually softens up around him.

     The Sages 
All Sages Exhibit These Tropes

Xan, Sage of the Wind

Munira's teacher and Vince's guardian. A rather bookish fellow and the first sage to respond to Aquaries's plea for help.

Elyssa, Sage of the Waters

A noblewoman, the mother and teacher of Ashley. A strong woman who uses her authority wisely and offers the heroes a safe place to hide.


The sage of fire and a proud father-to-be. He's recently taken up the position handed down from his father Aquileo, but has quickly shown to be just as capable as his father was.

Tipol, Sage of Earth

Teacher and guardian of Raine. A man who secludes himself in the forest of Mystraveil. He is perhaps the least initially friendly of the sages, though sometimes he warms up to people who can figure him out.
    The Sage Apprentices 

The daughter of the sage Elyssa, as well as her heir. She is a mature young lady who prefers a diplomatic approach to conflict.


A young Lumini raised in Mystraveil Forest by Tipol. She is incredibly undisciplined and curious, often getting into trouble.

    Other Major Characters 

A half-Lumini who turns out to be a member of the time-travelling Munei clan and acts as a loyal guardian to Ashley.


Leonil's older sister, who works as Ashley's personal guard. She is also a mother and a widow, having given birth to a son named Nikolas shortly after the tragic death of her husband, Rune Fortuna. Nikolas is presently hidden away by Ashley's family, because his Munei and Fortuna heritage marks him as a prime candidate as the Avatar of Ahalfar and it's important he stays alive and happy.


Lunamis's wife, and an expecting mother. She is very calm-natured and does what she can to help her husband. She is a member of the shape-shifting Bugan race, and her animal form is a tiger.

Kalvin "Kal" Fortuna

A timid and unassuming boy who finds himself fighting alongside Raine. He seems to be a soul tied to a fake body, and intends to reclaim his real body from the wizard that transformed him.

    The Crew of the Aurora 
Helios Adelardi

Captain of The Aurora. He was once a powerful nobleman, but he lost much of his wealth after his manor was attacked, his young wife Selene was abducted, and he was falsely accused of ordering the assassination of two important members of the Fortuna clan. He now sails the skies as an air pirate, while searching for some clue as to his wife's whereabouts and who was behind his fall from power.


First mate aboard The Aurora. He's a loud braggart but is incredibly sympathetic and loyal towards his captain and would follow him to the end.


A little girl who stowed away on The Aurora. She's very curious and sweet, and affectionately calls Devlin her "brother".

A powerful sorceress who intends on releasing an evil being known as Shuric to take vengeance on the world that attempted to sacrifice her to the same being.

Aeditro Fortuna

A sorcerer who is researching different methods of obtaining immortality. He wants to father the Avatar of Ahalfar, a human of Fortuna and Munei heritage who can bring the world together or end it. To do so, however, he has to see to it the current candidate, Nikolas Munei, is disposed of. He'll also need to find a Munei woman to bear the child...

Oubreph Fortuna

Son of Aeditro. Ordered by his father to kill Nikolas, who is the prime candidate to become the Avatar of Ahalfar. He accepts his task very willingly.

Characters in Fardessa Story


A teenage runaway who joined the Order of the Iris out of a desire to reunite with his childhood friends Kai, Levina, and Meri one day. It is through the Order he is given the mission that leads him to meeting Miranda, setting the story in motion.


The daughter of Lady Idris Howell, a member of the Council of Aldhaven. She is a prophetess whose visions are unclear and variable. She wants to escape from the Council's control and stop them from unbalancing the flow of magic by eliminating it altogether.


A young girl born to the Nicienkans, a race of warrior people. She's energetic and fiesty, and weilds the element of fire. She presently works as a desert guide and is eventually hired to guide the fugitives Destin and Miranda across the Waker Desert.


A boy noted for his tall size and his general lack of fortune. His family hails from Aldhaven, but he himself currently lives in the town of Orhill. He is one of Destin's childhood friends, leading Kai to join Destin despite the latter's warnings of the danger.


A young Kynoitan girl who, although and Aldhavenite by birth, was raised in the village of Witchbarrow after her mother sent her away to protect her from Aldhaven's growing anti-Kynoitan sentiments. She was Destin and Kai's childhood friends and is surprised when the travellers her grandmother and guardian announced would require her help turn out to be her old friends.


An orphan who lives under the shelter and protection of the Temple of Sylph. He is perpetually haunted by wandering spirits and oftentimes goes into a catatonic state as a result, with Levina being the only person so far capable of bringing him out of it.


A young girl from the village of Nivemont. She is very sweet and innocent, and her only desire is to help and protect others. She was taught how to use magic by Father Ellar, a priest of the god of light, Lumine. She joins the group after feeling a supernatural presence calls her towards them.


A boy with no memories and a body made of metal. He joins up with Levina during her attempt to save Alina and Tynan from Aldhavenite guards.

     Antagonists/The Council of Aldhaven 
Doctor Kano Thron

The current head of the council, an inventor who wishes to cleanse the world of magic in order to make way for the rise of a completely technological world. He is cold but determined to make his dream a reality, not knowing of the consequences the elimination of magic would bring to the balance and the world.

Lady Idris Howell

A high-class woman who wishes to steal the secrets of magic from the Kynoitan and Rheanpian people, so that the only Fardessian magi are humans. She is ambitious and plans to overthrow Dr. Thron as soon as all Kynoitan and Rheanpian magic are extracted so that she can rule over a human dominated world of magic. She is also Miranda's mother, and the one responsible for detaining Miranda so that she is not exposed to the plight of Kynoitans and Rheanpians under Aldhavenite rule.

Fatin Cary

A seductive enchantress who has trained herself in a specific technique of magic that allows her to clear her mind and suppress her emotions, allowing for a significant increase in sheer, raw magical energies.

Lucian LeClair

A man of faith who claims he is working towards a brighter world. He considers himself a devout follower of Lumine, using his holy light to banish those he deems wicked and dark. He tells the heroes that he doesn't truly want to hurt anyone, and is working to undermine the council from within. How much is true is yet to be seen...

Mazarine Fortuna

A calm, collected woman from a distant land. While outwardly she is cold and ruthless in her power, there are a fortunate few who have seen a warmer, gentler side to her. She has been assigned to keep a watch over Deimos and control his rage.

Deimos Brenton

A fierce man who may not be entirely human. He is impatient and lacks self-control, but doesn't care to fix these flaws since they drive his desire for destruction and harm. The only person he answers to is Mazarine, as the two can relate on at least the idea of being harbingers of death.

Justine Everett

A woman possessed by greed. She is the council's earth-wielder but would prefer to spend her days counting her wealth over fighting enemies of the council.

Corentin Driscoll

An upper-class man who weilds the power of the winds. He is quite comfortable in his high status, and shows no motivation towards the top.
  • Blow You Away associated with wind.
  • Heel-Face Turn after he figures out who Levina is and refuses to bring harm to the daughter of the woman he loves.
  • Love Redeems he was fanatically loyal to the rest of the council, until he fell in love with Levina's mother Aura.
  • Sloth

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