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The wonderful cast of characters that make up The Edge Explore The Stars.

Characters who are allied to CONSTELLATION, whether openly working for them or just sympathetic.

Characters who don't really care one way or the other about CONSTELLATION.

Characters who are opposed to CONSTELLATION, including the members of the Brave.

Connie Altair

Captain of the generational mining ship Skadi. When Connie was 17, the ship was crippled in an accident, and the crew sent their children off in the only working lifeboat. CONSTELLATION refused to send a rescue mission, permanently turning the children against CONSTELLATION. After becoming adults, they reclaimed the ship, and Connie, the eldest survivor, became captain.Tropes applying to the rest of the crew of Skadi:
  • Camp Gay: Johan, the resident astrogeologist, deliberately adopted this persona because he thought it was funny to say stuff like "This mineral vein is FAAABULOUS!"