Characters: The Doomy Adventures Of Irken Doominess


Alyssa is a strange girl who is quite distant from her parents. she's best friends with Deef and Also has a crush on him. She has no other noteworthy friends and is obsessed with bugs. She's quite weak and easily trapped. She's very gullible and a Tomboy.


Bunny is Ambiguously Bi and Tastes Like Diabetes. He tries to be a Morality Pet to Tsundere Moosy.


Buu is Nel's sir unit. She was forced into a capsule and crash landed on Nel's front lawn. She's Not So Stoic but has a Deadpan Snarker attitude.She doesn't seem very fond of Nel's boyfriend Dorp, constantly calling him a fool for not much reason.


Deef is a Teen Genius, a Deadpan Snarker and one of the only sane people. He's not given very much sympathy from anyone other then Alyssa who'm is his best friend and who'm he has an obvious crush on. He has barely any [[Social Sills No Social Skills]] yet somehow is friends with some of the nicer Irkens. He, being a Hero Antagonist is not always portrayed in a good manner often coming off as mean depending on whose side you're on. He's also GLk's nemesis.


Dorp is Nel's boyfriend and know as being one of the oldest notable irkens, but only by a Irk year. He uses the False Innocence Trick to make people put their guard down. He was originally brought to earth to hunt down fugitive Gar but has shirked that responsibility due to loving Nel.


Fip is Melissa's best friend. He Tastes Like Diabetes but has Hidden Depths. He's Undyingly Loyal to Melissa and San and possibly gay. He's friends with many people even humans like Deef and is responsible for everyone knowing Melissa's Embarrassing Nickname.


Gar is a irken who was always treated different from the moment she was hatched. She was singled out to be the Tallest's Chew Toy and as her hatred for them grew she gained a Voice in her head (Commonly known today as anti Gar) Who fed her hatred with lies until she snapped and tried to kill the tallest. She is usually an Ice Queen but can be nice only to her friends.


Glk or Glokrin (don't call him that) is an Amusing Alien and Jerkass who was assigned as a co-pilot for the Battle Mech 4, and if he listened to the pilot he'd be promoted to Invader, unfortunately Zim was piloting it and destroyed half of Irk, losing Glk his promotion. He's now a fugitive on Earth and a Stalker with a Crush to Gar.


Jir is a cute infant sir unit who was originally a Person of Mass Destruction. Jir being defective had strong feeling against violence and escaped the irken labs before they could program him. He is a very childish and hyper intelligent sir unit who will defend his friends to the death.


Melissa is a huge bitch to anyone who disagrees with her she's The Smart One and a combination of Cute and Psycho and Sugar and Ice Personality. She loves smeets and young children of any race andis above killing them. She has an odd relationship with Deef, sometmes outright trying to harm him and others inviting him to tea. She sees no problem in drinking human blood since she is not of the same species. She also has a Dark and Troubled Past that has left her a Broken Bird prone to Villainous BSOD.


Nano is Gar's sir. She made him herself. Not much is known about him other then he's Not So Stoic.


Nel is a strange girl with a Backstory that's beyond disturbing. She's a Cloud Cuckoo Lander who tends to break the fourth wall. She's the nicest Human being friends with all the irken characters. She has a large family, and was once The Runaway but it was resolved.


San is a strange girl and Cheerful Child but is also a Stepford Smiler due to everyone believing she was cursed. Her only friends were Fip and Melissa but she's now friends with many humans. She's very carefree and has a Sweet Tooth. She can use Summoning Magic and is also a big prankster who enjoys dressing boys up in dresses.

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