The characters for ''The Cleveland Show''.

[[folder:Brown and Tubbs Family]]
!! Cleveland Brown
->'''Voiced by:''' Mike Henry

* AManIsNotAVirgin: Thinks Junior shouldn't want to stay a virgin in "Cleveland Junior's Cherry Bomb"
* BlackBestFriend: On both ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' and ''TheClevelandShow''
* BumblingDad
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: Looking back at his roles in episodes of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' after watching episodes of ''The Cleveland Show'' is jarring, as ''Family Guy'' Cleveland Brown was Peter's [[OnlySaneMan only sane friend]] and the only interesting things about him was that he owned his own delicatessen (which shut down when Superstore USA opened), he has a hyperactive son who used to be thin, and his wife, Loretta, cheated on him with Quagmire. ''The Cleveland Show'' Cleveland has a little more depth and backstory (even if some of it does contradict what was already established on ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'', like how Cleveland was in high school in the 1980s, yet one episode of ''Family Guy'' had Cleveland over 18 when he met Peter in the 1970s). On top of that, Cleveland on ''The Cleveland Show'' lacks the original's mellow and slow talking mannerisms and is more aggressive and chauvinistic.
** DependingOnTheWriter: And whenever he guest stars in ''Family Guy'' episodes, he reverts to being the OnlySaneMan again.
* {{Expy}}: Not an out and out copy, but most of the changes in Cleveland's personality are largely to make him more in line with Seth's other BumblingDad protagonists, particularly Peter Griffin.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: At his best. He's pretty much like the early incarnation of Peter Griffin, in terms of doing stupid things, but ultimately seeing the error of his ways and trying to do right by his family.
* PapaWolf: To Cleveland Jr. Early episodes depict his progress into becoming one for his adoptive family as well.
* PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy: Inverted in "The Men in Me", where Cleveland is voted the "Whitest Black Man in America".
* ProtagonistTitle: "The '''Cleveland''' X".
* TookALevelInJerkass: While he hasn't become quite as callous as Seth's [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy other]] [[WesternAnimation/AmericanDad father]] protagonists, he is noticeably more abrasive and self-serving than he was in ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''.
* UglyGuyHotWife: With Donna.
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist: At his worst.
* WouldntHitAGirl: His dilemma with dealing with Holt's abusive girlfriend

!! Donna Tubbs
->'''Voiced by:''' Sanaa Lathan

* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: Invoked as the reason she dated and later married Robert.
* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: While she rags on Cleveland as much as everyone else and still has a sexual attraction to Robert (her ex-husband), it's clear that Donna considers Cleveland to be the ''real'' love of her life, even if she's not often willing to openly admit it.
* DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale: Routinely punches and beats on Cleveland. It's portrayed comically.
* DreadfulMusician: She plays the recorder, but can only play ''very'' basic tunes, like "Pop Goes the Weasel" and "When the Saints Go Marching In."
* SassyBlackWoman
* UglyGuyHotWife: With Cleveland. Though [[http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111205034813/cleveland/images/9/98/Baredonna.png under all the makeup, stuffed bra, and wig]], [[InvertedTrope she's uglier than him]].
* WomenAreWiser: While not without her own flawed moments, she tends to be much saner than Cleveland for the most part.

!! Roberta Tubbs
->'''Voiced by:''' Nia Long (before the episode "Love Rollercoaster"); Reagan Gomez-Preston (from "Love Rollercoaster" to the series finale, "Wheel! Of! Family!")
* BareYourMidriff: Roberta's LimitedWardrobe consists of a green tube top.
* BrattyTeenageDaughter
* BrilliantButLazy: She's actually a mildly sharp cookie, but willingly acts like a vapid teenage cliche.
* CoolBigSis: She once dressed down Rallo for the way he tore apart Jr.'s faith in the world in ''Squirt's Honor''.
* DemotedToExtra: Even worse than [[AmericanDad Hayley]], Roberta was demoted to this since the first season, having very little screen time and even less dialogue. She is also currently the only member of Cleveland's new family that hasn't met the Griffins. However this was mainly due to her voice actress being put on maternity leave.
* MsFanservice: Portrayed as a sexy teenager, she often wears skimpy clothes.
* SassyBlackWoman
* SkunkStripe
* SmarterThanYouLook: Scored in the 98th percentile on her PSAT; she just doesn't like making a big deal out of her smarts.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Did somebody say ''pancakes?''

!! Cleveland Jr.
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson
* {{Adorkable}}
* AmbiguousDisorder
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Very recessive and naive. If you mess with him however, he'll take things up a notch in the most [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment Cool and Unusual]] manner.
** Case in point: When he finds out Cleveland may go prison in "Skip Day", Junior steals a cop's gun, breaks Cleveland out of police custody and leads them on a wild chase through Stoolbend.
** Gives an impressive performance in a rap battle against [[Music/KanyeWest Kenny West]], and [[DefeatMeansFriendship earns Kenny's respect in the process.]]
* BigGuyLittleGuy: The big to Rallo's little.
* BlackAndNerdy
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: Even more so than Cleveland. Only name connects his current counterpart to the pint-sized [[{{Keet}} hyperactive]] MotorMouth of early ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' episodes. It was implied that Cleveland Jr.'s change between what he looked like on ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' and what he looks like on ''WesternAnimation/TheClevelandShow'' was from being on medication to calm his hyperactivity, which caused weight gain.
** [[spoiler: A recent episode implies that Fat Junior is actually a spy who killed the original hyperactive Slim Junior, as part of a gambit to assassinate Tim, who's the head of a terrorist sleeper-cell.]]
* CloudCuckooLander
* DidntThinkThisThrough: In "Skip Day," he uses makeup and lies to convince people that Cleveland beat him up in an attempt to help his dad through a depression, which inevitably ends with Cleveland getting arrested for child abuse.
* {{Expy}}: Of Chris Griffin.
* GeniusDitz / DitzyGenius: A RunningGag on the show has people trying to figure out whether he's stupid or smart.
* GentleGiant
* HollywoodAtheist: Though he doesn't refer to himself as an "atheist", because to him atheism is also a religious belief, and thinks atheists like Brian Griffin give real atheists a bad name. This is forgotten in season three where he explicitly refers to himself as an atheist.
* KiddieKid: Happily prefers the company of stuffed animals and other toys despite being 14.
* KindheartedSimpleton: Though he has noticeable bouts of unusual logic and talent, he is probably the most consistently sweet natured of the Brown family, as well as probably the dopiest.
* SimpletonVoice: Kevin Michael Richardson based the voice on a mentally-retarded character he played for an episode on the first season of ''E.R.''
* SociopathicHero: [[spoiler: He's actually a spy that murdered the real Cleveland Jr., doing so to get close to Tim the Bear.]]
* SuperOCD: Which helps him get a job at the Broken Stool in one episode.

!! Rallo Tubbs
->'''Voiced by:''' Mike Henry
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling
* BigGuyLittleGuy: The little to Junior's big.
* ChildProdigy
* TheChessmaster
* CreepyChild: Sometimes.
* DirtyKid
* {{Expy}}: This kid is the black version of Stewie (moreso early seasons Stewie), lampshaded by Le Var.
** This fact doesn't please Stewie one bit when they finally meet in ''"He's Bla-ack!"'' over on Family Guy.
* FantasticRacism
* FunnyAfro
* {{Hypocrite}}: In the episode he learns about slavery, he becomes vocal against interracial relationships but tells Cleveland to ask Lester's thoughts on the singer Seal's relationship as a chance for Cleveland to confront his racism.
* {{Jerkass}}
** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Has his moments of this.
* KarmaHoudini: Zigzagged. He does get away with a lot of things that he really should be punished for, but there are times where he gets punished (or some kind of karmic retribution happens).
* KidAnova: More so in season 1 than the later years, but it's still there.
* KnightTemplar
* LackOfEmpathy: Sometimes.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: In ''Squirt's Honor'' when Roberta made him realize the way he destroyed Jr.'s optimism was a terrible thing and that he needed to make it right. He even admitted he's a bad person and was scared if he didn't fix what happened, he'd be going to Hell.
* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: Named after Rollo Lawson of ''SanfordAndSon''.
* PingPongNaivete: Has knowledge of stuff well beyond a 5 year old's knowledge. But also routinely fuddled by typical kid stuff like Santa.
* {{Sadist}}
* TokenEvilTeammate
* VillainProtagonist
* WiseBeyondTheirYears: He and his circle of friends generally act like people in their twenties.

!! Arianna
->'''Voiced by:''' Arianna Huffington

Tim the Bear's snobby wife.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Admits to being one when Donna calls her out on her affair with Robert.
--> '''Arianna''': A self-righteous Christian is actually a hypocrite? [[SarcasmMode I'll alert the media.]]
* TalkingAnimal: She is a talking bear.
* YourCheatingHeart: Has a lot of hot sex with Robert in "Cleveland Live!", and Tim's dad, according to "Of Lice And Men."

!! Ernie Krinklesac
->'''Voiced by:''' [[Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia Glenn Howerton]]

Lester and Kendra's odd, but friendly son.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Ernie is anywhere between 14 and 17 years old, but looks about eight or nine. Justified, as Lester and Kendra nursed Ernie on root beer and it stunted his growth (as mentioned on "Field of Streams").

!! Holt Richter
->'''Voiced by:''' [[Series/SaturdayNightLive Jason Sudeikis]]

A short hipster who lives with his mother.
* AbusiveParents: His father is a jerk, his mom is worse than that, and Holt once mentioned his mother used to put him in the dryer.
* CompensatingForSomething: So very often. His car actually becomes a ChekhovsGun at one point as a result.
* InferioritySuperiorityComplex
* TheNapoleon
* SpeaksInShoutouts
* WellDoneSonGuy: To his father and, according to "Das Shrimp Boot," to Bradley Cooper.

!! Kendra Krystal Krinklesac
->'''Voiced by:''' Aseem Batra (one of the writers/producers on the show)

Lester's morbidly obese wife, who is confined to a Rascal scooter.
* AlliterativeName: '''K'''endra '''K'''rystal '''K'''rinklesac. Yes, her initials are ''KKK''.
* ChubbyMamaSkinnyPapa: She is a chubby wife, married to the skinny Lester.
* IWasQuiteALooker: Was once a very slim, very beautiful woman back in the [[TheSixties 1960s]].
** DisabledHottie: Interestingly, she still used a scooter, suggesting she has some kind of disability in addition to being really fat.
* IntergenerationalFriendship: With Cleveland Jr and Rallo in different episodes.
* OlderThanSheLooks: She was already an adult back in 1962. She is an old woman, looking much younger than her actual age. In her words "Fat don't crack".
* PinkGirlBlueBoy: The pink to Lester's blue.
* TeacherStudentRomance: She was Lester's school guidance counselor, who convinced him to quit high school and marry her (even though one episode revealed that she and Lester are actually half-brother and half-sister, since Lester's dad cheated on his wife with another woman).
--> '''Lester''': In hindsight, she was a ''terrible'' guidance counselor!
* VocalDissonance: A gargantuan woman, with a helium high voice. Originally, Aseem Batra wanted to do a gravelly, husky, threatening voice for Kendra, but decided that the helium high voice would be funnier and easier on her vocal cords.

!! Lester Krinklesac
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson

A ''slightly'' bigoted redneck slob.
* ChubbyMamaSkinnyPapa: He is a skinny man married to the chubby Kendra.
* DeepSouth: The mullet would be your first clue.
* InnocentlyInsensitive: A lot of his apparent racism comes from simple ignorance: he thinks that "KKK" stands for "Kendra Krystal Krinklesac" (his wife's name),that the Confederate flag is actually just the ''LiveActionTV/DukesOfHazzard'' flag, and that the N-word is a general form of address for black people because he has heard Cleveland frequently use it when talking to Rallo.
* {{Irony}}: A mild racist who doesn't like black people, voiced by Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson (a black man).
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: One of the most passive racists you can find. He also cares for his family deep down.
* NobleBigot: His racism doesn't stop him from being friends with Cleveland.
* PinkGirlBlueBoy: The blue to Kendra's pink.

!! Raymond
->'''Voiced by:''' Nat Faxon (one of the writers of the show)

Ariana and Tim's perpetually stoned slacker son.
* FunnyAnimal
* GeniusDitz: Despite being a stoner, he does know about American political scandals that happened in hotels (like Watergate, Marion Barry smoking crack, Ronald Reagan's assassination attempt, and Eliot Spitzer and his call girls) and once helped his parents out at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving.
* TheStoner: He's so stoned, he can give a baseball a contact high and can't feel any pain from getting hit by a car.
* TalkingAnimal

!! Tim the Bear
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/SethMacFarlane, and Creator/JessHarnell near the show's end

A deeply religious anthropomorphic bear, he works alongside Cleveland at Waterman Cable.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Genial, dull, religious. But he's still a bear. Something he's fully aware of, and not afraid to use.
--> '''Tim''': I'm a bear. I ''could'' kill you. So tell Cleveland the truth or... *''[[OOCIsSeriousBusiness Savagely roars]]''* ... Ok? Ok, byesies!
* FunnyAnimal
* HopelessSuitor: To Donna.
* TalkingAnimal
* TokenEvilTeammate: [[spoiler: One episode states that he's part of a terrorist cell, and the primary target of Fat Junior.]]
* WhatTheHellIsThatAccent: According to SethMacFarlane, the voice he uses for Tim is a botched impression of the Fenstruck brothers from ''SaturdayNightLive'', though if you're a 1970s ''SNL'' fan with good ears, the voice Seth uses for Tim sounds more like a botched take on Don Novello's Father Guido Sarducci character.

[[folder:Extended Family]]
!! Auntie Momma
->'''Voiced by:''' Kym Whitley (Auntie Momma) and Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson (Uncle Kevin)

Donna's eccentric aunt, and the one who raised her. Originally Donna's Uncle Kevin.
* BigFun: Almost everybody who meets her seem to like her and her shenanigans.
* CatchPhrase: "I'm outrageous!" Said usually after lifting her leg and letting out a huge fart.
* GassHole
* ReallyGetsAround: Has apparently got busy with some pretty famous people.
* {{Transsexual}}
* WholesomeCrossdresser: She only started playing "Auntie Momma" so Donna could have a strong female influence while growing up.

!! Dee Dee Tubbs
->'''Voiced by:''' Phylicia Rashād

Donna's mother, who left her with Auntie Momma[=/=]Uncle Kevin. The two are reunited years later.
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: InUniverse: Her band, The Towlettes, were hot stuff in Germany.
* {{Irony}}: An early joke has Donna having an extreme hatred of Phylica Rashad. Guess who voices Dee Dee?
* MissingMom: For most of Donna's life.

!! Evelyn "Cookie" Brown
->'''Voiced by:''' Frances Callier

Cleveland's coddling mother.
* BiTheWay: With Barbara.
* IWasQuiteALooker: Quite quite svelte in her younger days.
* ObnoxiousInLaws: In a constant snark war with Donna. Implied to resent her for initially rejecting Cleveland for Robert.
* StrongFamilyResemblance: A female version of her son without mustache.

!! [=LeVar=] "Freight Train" Brown
->'''Voiced by:''' Craig Robinson

Cleveland's gruff, abusive father.
* AbusiveParents: He regularly beats his son up on Christmas and verbally crushes his self-esteem. Oddly, he has an okay relationship with his grandsons.
* BadassGrandpa
* BadassMustache: Like father, like son.
* BaldOfEvil: Though it's more like "Bald of Jerkass".
* JerkAss
** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Has odd moments of (reluctant) compassion for his wife and son. He also cares for his grandson and step-grandson.
* RatedMForManly
* ReallyGetsAround: Which is a constant source of friction between him and Cookie.
* RealMenWearPink: Writes mystery novels for women under an assumed name (and even dresses like a woman) as seen in "Who Done Did It?"

!! Robert
->'''Voiced by:''' Corey Holcomb

Donna's thuggish ex-husband, and the father of Roberta and Rallo.
* TheDrifter
* FunnyAfro
* HandsOffParenting
* JerkAss: Spent most of his time with Donna and the family ignoring them and getting drunk.
** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He does genuinely care for Rallo and Roberta. He even seems to care for Cleveland Junior.
* LazyBum
* SixthRanger
* TheStoner: Though he doesn't seem affected by it.

[[folder:Waterman Cable]]
!! Arch
'''Voiced by:''' Mike Henry

A dull, no-nonsense co-worker of Cleveland, Tim, and Terry.
* TheBore
* DullSurprise
* FunHatingConfiscatingAdult: He only allows his son four laughs a week.
** JerkAss
* MallSanta: Takes the job as one "Tis the Cleveland to be Sorry" seemingly just so Kendra couldn't.
* SitcomArchnemesis
* UncattyResemblance: His dog.

!! Lloyd Waterman
->'''Voiced by:''' Bruce [=McGill=]

The incredibly wealthy and closeted gay owner of Waterman Cable.
* BadBoss: Downplayed. He is competent at his job, but is implied to be racist to Cleveland, has sexually harassed Terry (who doesn't seem to notice or care) as seen on "Birth of a Salesman," "Your Show of Shows" and "Field of Streams," and offered a six-month severance package in exchange for cutting off everyone else's health insurance ("Brown-Sized").
* DepravedHomosexual: At best, he sexually harasses Terry at work. At worst, he arranged the death of his wife so he can be with his lover (the town coroner), as seen on "Who Done Did It?"
* DirtyOldMan: A rare occurrence of one who hits on young men (namely Terry Kimple, but has branched out to other young men ever since Terry married Paul) rather than young women.
** In "Brown-Sized," it's implied that Mr. Waterman preys on 19-year-old Cuban boys who sell cologne at the mall, and, in "Little Man on Campus," he paid a visit to the high school baseball team as they were showering.
* EveryoneHasStandards or EvenEvilHasStandards: Mr. Waterman may be a racist, corrupt, repressed DepravedHomosexual who killed his wife, but he actually felt bad for shooting his pitbull after it attacked the star pitcher (cf. "Little Man on Campus"), he was concerned for Terry's health when Cleveland crashed the cable truck in "Birth of a Salesman," he was the only one who stayed behind to mourn Tom's death (while everyone else broke into his office to loot it) in "Like a Boss," and, in "Das Shrimp Boot," he kicked Cleveland out of his office after Cleveland told him that he needed time off work to mourn the loss of his quintuplets whom he drowned because God said so (Cleveland lied, of course, but Waterman actually took that seriously).
* FreudianExcuse: His racism against black people stems from his mother underestimating (and having sex with) minorities.
* TransparentCloset: Despite being married, it's pretty much public knowledge that he's not straight. Even his wife knows that she's only married to him as a cheap ploy to make people think he's a heterosexual (as implied in "A Cleveland Brown Christmas").

!! Terry Kimple
->'''Voiced by:''' Jason Sudeikis

An old high school friend of Cleveland who now works alongside him at Waterman Cable.
* BadassMustache
* BiTheWay: Freely admits to sleeping with several hot chicks, and some hot dudes too. Eventually settles down with a guy named Paul (voiced by Music/JustinTimberlake)
* EvenTheGuysWantHim: Or rather, his boss, Mr. Waterman
* HappilyMarried: To Paul.
* MrFanservice
* NiceGuy: A promiscuous layabout, but otherwise a very friendly, loyal guy.
* OutOfFocus: After the episode "Terry Unmarried." He's still there, but definitely in a diminished role.

!! Charles [=McFall=]
->'''Voiced by:''' Mike Henry

The former coach of Stoolbend High School, now homeless and missing a cheek due to years of chewing tobacco usage.
* CrazyHomelessPeople
* TwoFaced: Justified as he's a chewing tobacco addict and had half his face removed due to oral cancer.

!! Dr. Chip Fist
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/SethMacFarlane, then Creator/TomKenny, then Creator/BryanCranston

Stoolbend's main physician.
* AscendedExtra: Originally a minor recurring character, he joined Cleveland's entourage in "Fist and the Furious".
* DarkAndTroubledPast: He was a mob doctor, and is the Witness Protection Program.
* UnclePennybags

!! Gabrielle Friedman[=/=]Federline Jones
->'''Voiced by:''' Jamie Kennedy

Roberta's wannabe rapper boyfriend.
* NiceHat
* PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy

!! Gus the Bartender
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/DavidLynch.

The weird bartender of the The Broken Stool.
* AmbiguouslyEvil: Has some quite funny sociopathic moments, like robbing Vincent Price's corpse and using his leg skin in sandwiches, and threatening to kill Cleveland and his friends if they don't make the second bar they opened succeed.
* TheBartender
* CloudCuckooLander
* ForeheadOfDoom
* InkSuitActor
** BigOlEyebrows
* OlderThanTheyLook: "I am a hundred and seventeen years old".

!! Murray
->'''Voiced by:''' Carl Reiner

An elderly Jewish man and friend of Rallo.
* IntergenerationalFriendship: With Rallo.
* SeniorSleepCycle

!! Wally Farquhare
->'''Voiced by:''' Will Forte

The nerdy principal of Stoolbend High School, and leader of the school's math club, and capella group [[UnfortunateName The Fluffers]].
* BringMyBrownPants: In "Field of Streams".
* ControlFreak: Most likely from being bullied by Cleveland and Terry in high school.
* GeekPhysique
* NerdsAreVirgins
* VillainBall: In "Field of Streams".