Characters: The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

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    Main Characters 

Torak is the protagonist in the series. It is his destiny to take down the Soul Eaters. Torak has a very short temper, and often acts without thinking. He meets Wolf and discovers that he can actually communicate with him. It is later revealed that he is a spirit walker, meaning his spirits can leave his body and take over other bodies. His mother made him 'clanless' when he was born. He and Renn are initially enemies when they meet in the first book. However, they become friends, in later books best friends, and in the last few books they become more than friends. When the series begins he is twelve years old, and by the end of the series he is nearly sixteen.

Renn is Torak's best friend, and later becomes his mate (Stone Age word for lover/girlfriend/wife). She has a very strong sense of justice and right and wrong. Like Torak, she has a very short temper, however, unlike him she is extremely rational, and thinks before she acts. She is very tough, and purposely prickly, as she lost her parents at a young age. She can be very secretive, hiding her true parentage. She is the best archer in the Raven Clan, and she is a very talented Mage, although she hates to practice Magecraft. She is Fin-Kedinn's niece, and his favourite person in the Clan. At the start of the series she is twelve, and by the end of the series she is nearly sixteen.

Torak finds Wolf when he is a cub, after his family was killed in a flood. Torak realizes that he can communicate with Wolf, and Wolf becomes his 'pack-brother'. Wolf eventually finds a mate, Darkfur, and has cubs with her. Wolf initially dislikes Renn, and does not warm up to her until the second or third book. After that, he likes her nearly as much as he likes Torak, even referring to while talking to Torak as 'the pack-sister' . Wolf is very loyal and does not leave his friends behind.

Fin-Kedinn is the Leader of the Raven Clan. He was Renn's father's older brother, and took care of Renn after her father died. In fact, he made her bow and taught her to shoot. Initially he is wary of Torak, but let's him live with the Raven Clan, and really warms up to him. He was best friends with Torak's father, but in love with his mother. When Torak's parents were fleeing the Soul Eaters long before the series, he denied them shelter, which technically caused both of their eventually deaths. He eventually becomes Torak's foster-father, which is a great honour.
  • Cool Old Guy - Possibly subverted. He is described in an early book to be in his early to mid forties, but is also described as getting old. Although, 6000 years ago people died younger, so Fin-Kedinn could be considered as old.
  • Death Glare - He has piercing blue eyes that seem to shut anyone up, with just one look.
  • Kuudere
  • The Stoic
  • The Obi-Wan
  • Two Guys and a Girl - Years before the events of the series, with Torak's parents.

    Other Characters from the Clans 
Torak's Father
Torak's father was mauled by the demon bear and dies in the first few pages of the first book. It is revealed that the bear was sent specifically to hunt him by the Soul Eaters. This is because he was a Soul Eater, before they became evil. When he realized what they were doing, he created a huge fire to destroy them, but it did not work. In response, many years later, they sent the bear after him. He is the Wolf Mage.
  • Killed Off for Real - He was killed by the demon bear in the first couple pages of the first book, Wolf Brother so his death doesn't even qualify as a spoiler.
  • Gray Eyes
  • The Unreveal - We never find out his name, since clan traditions dictate that five summers must pass before the name of the person who died is spoken.

Bale is a boy from the Seal Clan, first introduced in the second book. Torak's father's mother was Seal Clan, meaning that he and Bale are kinsman. Bale and Torak are initially wary of each other, but become friends. He aids Renn when Torak is an outcast, but is quite condescending to her, as she is a woman. Despite this, he falls in love with her. He and Torak get in an argument about this, and Torak angrily storms off. When he returns in the morning, he finds that Bale has been killed by Thiazzi. When he is first introduced he is fifteen, by Oath Breaker he is nearly seventeen.

Saeunn is the impossibly old Raven Clan Mage. Her age is never actually stated, and it is the Stone Age, so perhaps she isn't really that old at all, to us. But perhaps she is. She forces Renn to learn Magecraft, though the two of them have a fierce dislike for each other. At the end of the series she dies of extreme old age.

Hord is Renn's older brother. He is around nineteen or twenty. To make up for who his mother is, he tries to be the best at everything. He has an immense dislike for his sister, just like most of his Clan. He is killed by the demon bear in the first book.

Tenris is the Mage of the Seal Clan, who Torak meets when he travels to the Seal Clan in the second book. Tenris is horribly scarred all over his body from a fire. He is very kind and helpful to Torak. It is later revealed that he was scarred by the fire that Torak's father set to destroy the Soul Eaters, for Tenris is a Soul Eater. He tries to kill Torak to get the power of the spirit walker, but ends up being dragged under water by a whale.

The Walker real name is Narrander
He appears a few times through out the books, each times as a complete madman. It is revealed in the final book that he actually was a Soul Eater. He went mad after finding his son's body after the Great Fire. With Fin-Kedinn's help, he made it appear that it was he who died in the fire. He eventually get revenge in the final book, by killing Eostra. He is the Otter Mage.

Aki is the Boar Clan Leader's son, and a few years older than Torak. He discovers Torak's Soul Eater tattoo that causes Torak to be outcasted. He spends the time that Torak is outcasted attempting to hunt him. They later become allies after Torak saves his life.

Dark is not introduced until the final book. He aids Torak and Renn in the Mountain. He picked his own name, hoping it would help, as he is albino. See the 'Woobie' entry below for his back story. He eventually joins the Raven Clan, and becomes the Mage rather than Renn, as he has even more talent than she does, making her able to leave the Clans with Torak.
  • Brats with Slingshots
  • Gray Eyes
  • Heroic Albino
  • Man Child - Dark's thoughts and words are somewhat slow, especially when compared to the sharp, intelligent way that Torak and Renn think and speak. This is justified, because he didn't have any human contact between the ages of eight to fifteen.
  • Medium

    Soul Eaters 
Eostra is the head Soul Eater that even the other Soul Eaters fear. She has an obsession with death and raising the dead. She does not speak until the end of the series. She eventually is killed by The Walker. She is the Eagle Owl Mage.

Thiazzi is the most violent and crazy of all the Soul Eaters. He is a sadist and a psychopath. In the middle of the series, Wolf bites a few fingers off of one of his hands. He murders Bale. It is suggested that he had a relationship with Seshru. He kidnaps Renn and it is slightly suggested that he was going to rape her before killing her, but decides to first use her a live bait to capture Torak. While in a fight with Torak, he accidentally sets himself on fire, falling out of a high tree, while burning to death. He is the Oak Mage.

Seshru is a beautiful woman, and it is hinted that she is the youngest of the Soul Eaters. It is also hinted that she had a relationship with Thiazzi. It is reviled in the middle of the series that she is Renn and Hord's mother. Renn already knew that, and hid it from Torak. She left Renn and Hord's father for the Soul Eaters when Hord was very young, breaking their father's heart. She came back seven years later, and slept with their father one last time, because she needed a baby, so she could make her own tokoroth. She came to him in secret, and then left him again, completely crushing him. She indeed became pregnant, and bore her child, Renn, in secret. Saeunn saved Renn from her when Renn was very young. No one knew about her who her children were, not the Soul Eaters, not the Raven Clan, not even Seshru, until the middle of the series. Seshru is eventually shot in the breast by Bale, and she dies. She is the Viper Mage, though it is suggested that she changed her name and clan.

Nef is the most awkward and out of place Soul Eater. She is hinted to not agree with most of their ideas. Many years before, her son died, and she tried to kill herself but Torak's father saved her. She eventually kills herself so that the fire opal will die with her. She is the Bat Mage.