->Voiced by: Creator/TomokoKawakami

* AccidentalMarriage
* AirplaneArms: Noelle loves this pose, especially when she is about to glomp Yuusuke. Just look at the picture on the right.
* AllLovingHero: Noelle is pure beyond pureness, loves everyone (especially Yuusuke) and [[spoiler:in the end saves everyone, especially the two most troubled individuals who caused her a lot of problems]].
* BlushSticker
* BookDumb: This one is quite an interesting since the apparent 'dumbness' of Noelle is supposed to emphisize even more the overall goodness and pureness of her personality in contrast to some other characters who seem much more intelligent, but are much less decent human beings.
* CatchPhrase: "Yuusuke Yuusuke Yuusuke!" "Yuusuke gyutte shite" (Yuusuke, hug me) and [[TitleDrop "Tenshi ni narumon!"]] (I will become an angel!)
* CloudCuckoolander: While most of the characters are weirdos at some point in the series, Noelle still stands out the most.[[spoiler: So much that in the last episodes she manages to come off as one of the saner characters]].
* DecoyProtagonist: Throughout the entire series.
* DumbBlonde
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold
* IdiotHair: Not really her hair per se (though it is flipped up), but the ribbons from her bows seriously defy gravity.
* IncorruptiblePurePureness: Noelle is pretty much goodness and pureness incarnated - unfortunately with a side effect of having brain capacity of a 3 year old (while technically being 15).
* LoveAtFirstSight: Noelle falls in love with Yuusuke right off the bat upon just meeting him when he stumbles across her in the forest and accidentally kisses her.
* MessianicArchetype
* NaiveNewcomer: Might be slightly subverted in that she is the heroine but plot is told from her love interest's point of view.
* OfficialCouple: With Yuusuke.
* TheGlomp: Noelle loves doing this to Yuusuke to an almost frightening degree.

!!'''Kamoshita Yuusuke'''

->Voiced by: Issei Miyazaki

* OfficialCouple: With Noelle.

!!'''Suzuhara Natsumi'''

->Voiced by: Creator/{{Yukana}}

* PleaseDontLeaveMe: Natsumi says this to her brother, Fuyuki [[spoiler: who is technically Raphael and he eventually leaves her behind]]. The funny (or maybe not so funny) thing is that [[spoiler: later in the series Mikael says pretty much the same thing to Raphael but this time Raphael takes his student with him back to Heaven. Tells you a lot about Raphael's preferences, I guess. Or maybe not since Fuyuki was kind of fated to die due to his apparent illness]].


->Voiced by: Creator/NorikoHidaka


->Voiced by: Creator/JurotaKosugi


->Voiced by: Creator/AyakoKawasumi


->Voiced by: Creator/NobutoshiHayashi


->Voiced by: Creator/IkueOtani


->Voiced by: Creator/Tomoko Naka


->Voiced by: Creator/MayumiIizuka


->Voiced by: Creator/HirokoKonishi (JP), Creator/StephanieSheh (EN)

* CryCute: [[spoiler:After being hugged by Noelle in the final episode]].
* DeathEqualsRedemption: It might be be kinda subverted, since [[spoiler: in the last episode, it looked like Mikael and Silky (especially Mikael) could gain redemption only through letting go and dying]], but then at the very end [[spoiler: when Noelle eventually cleaned up the whole mess, everything turned out just fine, no one died and everyone seemed to get their happy ending]].
* ElegantGothicLolita: Especially in the first season [[spoiler:where she poses for a doll]].
* EmotionlessGirl: In the first season, she is an emotionless puppet under Dispell's control, merely repeating whatever he says. [[spoiler:In the second season it gets subverted, as it turns out that it was Dispell who was really a puppet and Silky's real personality emerges which is an exact opposite of the term 'emotionless']].
* LivingToys: [[spoiler:Dispell, Eros and Muse are basically just dolls made alive by Silky's power as a respite from boredom and loneliness]]
* [[spoiler:MasterOfIllusion]]: [[spoiler:Has the power of creating illusions in the vaccum space that she resides in, as well as making her dolls alive]]
* RedemptionEqualsLife: [[spoiler:After finally letting go and resigning to [[RedemptionEqualsDeath the worst]], Mikael and Silky come out alive]].
* RedEyesTakeWarning: [[spoiler:She is in fact a villain - at least for the majority of the second season]]


->Voiced by: Creator/MitsuoIwata

* BigBad[[spoiler:/DiskOneFinalBoss]]
* [[spoiler:LivingToys]]


->Voiced by: Creator/OmiMinami

* [[spoiler:LivingToys]]


->Voiced by: Creator/SakuraTange

* [[spoiler:LivingToys]]


->Voiced by: Creator/AkiraIshida

* BeautifulDreamer: In episode 15 Raphael explains to Mikael that the reason he didn't wake him up was because he got lost in admiration of his cute sleeping face.
* {{Bishonen}}
* BreakTheHaughty: [[spoiler: Got thoroughly broken at the end of the series after going evil and insane over his obsession of becoming an angel, leaving him totally dependant on his teacher who still let him stew in his own juice]]. But it got subverted at the very end, because [[spoiler: his actions, however morally dubious they were, got him promoted to a position of an angel teacher]].
* BrokenAce: [[spoiler: Mikael calm, polite and sweet to those who don't know him and stubborn, obsessive and totally insecure boy to those who are close to him (mainly, one person). In reality, a boy who cannot accept who he really is and constantly desires perfection. His self-hatred leads to an epic Face Heel Turn and even more epic breakdown. He gets better, though]].
* CryCute: Gives an epic cry [[spoiler: after Raphael]] in the final episode together with blushing cheeks and tears streaming down his face. [[spoiler: And it was all after becoming evil and turning his back on said Raphael]].
* [[spoiler: CuteAndPsycho]]: [[spoiler:Mikael is usually a cute, easily agitated boy, but when under great stress and when things don't go they way he wants them, can turn into a really scary and obsessive CutePsycho. It can be argued that it's a side effect of his halo falling off]].
* DeathEqualsRedemption: It might be be kinda subverted, since [[spoiler:in the last episode, it looked like Mikael and Silky (especially Mikael) could gain redemption only through letting go and dying]], but then at the very end [[spoiler: when Noelle eventually cleaned up the whole mess, everything turned out just fine, no one died and everyone seemed to get their happy ending]].
* HiddenEyes: Has his eyes obscured for a brief moment [[spoiler: during the revelation in the rain in episode 23 when he decides to become a demon]].
* IJustWantToBeYou: Mikael pretty much emulates his teacher on every occasion when they are NOT together. [[spoiler: When they are - he shifts back to his usual and quite opposite true self]].
* IntelligenceEqualsIsolation: Mikael is a textbook example of an intelligent loner - in the first season, he is mostly seen alone with his Book of Chaos and only occasionally talking to Noelle. [[spoiler: In the second season, it's slightly subverted, but only because Raphael makes him go out more and actually interact with people (well, in this case, just Noelle's family]. Still, his favourite pastime seems to be... studying. His isolation doesn't do him much good, as evident later in the series]].
* ModestyBedsheet
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: In the final episode, [[spoiler:after Silky sets their wings on fire, Mikael snaps out of his madness and when Raphael appears before him and confronts him with what his actions have led to, Mikael breaks into [[TearsOfRemorse tears]], expresses his remorse over what he has done and pleads his teacher to rescue everyone. When Raphael disappears, Mikael just resigns to the worst, but [[ItGotBetter he got better]]]].
* NoSenseOfHumor: [[spoiler:If we're not counting the last three/four episodes that is - although in that episodes it's not what one would call 'a healthy sense of humor' either]]
* NotGoodWithPeople: He is too much [[LoveMakesYouCrazy in love]] with angels [[spoiler: cause he was brought up by them in Heaven]] to care about humans. The irony is that [[spoiler: he needs to learn how to help them if he wants to become a full angel and go back to Heaven]].
* OfficialCouple: With Raphael.
* PeekABangs
* PleaseDontLeaveMe: Mikael says something to that effect to [[spoiler:Raphael at the very end of the series when it looks like Raphael is leaving him behind. Turns out Raphael was only pretending and he eventually takes Mikael with him back to Heaven]].
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: This may apply [[spoiler: to Mikael after Noelle eventually turns into an angel and saves Yuusuke, which in turn allows him to save her family. After that he, Noelle and Silky start to merge into one angel being (meaning they start dying), so he indeed does something redeemable after becoming the series' BigBad]]
* RedemptionEqualsLife: [[spoiler: After finally letting go and resigning to [[RedemptionEqualsDeath the worst]], Mikael and Silky managed to come out alive]].
* RedemptionInTheRain: Subverted, as it rains when [[spoiler:Raphael confronts Mikael with his past, but it marks Mikael's loss of sanity and his start of darkness]].
* RedHerringShirt: [[spoiler:In the first season he was nothing more but a background character, sometimes appearing only at the very end of episode or not appearing at all. In the second season, it was revealed that he is one of the three main individuals, then he got promoted to a final villain and at the end, it turned out that ''he'', in fact, was the main hero of the show - confirmed by The Word Of God]].
* SittingOnTheRoof: Often with Raphael in the second season and alone in the opening. [[spoiler: Also implied that he slept on the church's roof during the first season]].
* TearsOfRemorse
* TragicHero: Overall good-willed, but terribly misguided and with immense issuses of self-denial. [[spoiler: His obsession with becoming a full angel blinded him to other people's feelings/opinions and led him to undertake pretty harshful and questionable actions. In the end, he did realize his wrongdoings and although it was implied that he will probably never become such angel as he would like to be, he eventually got recognized as a decent... 1/3 of an angel? Or something like that]].
* {{Tsundere}}: Mikael is a Type A with Raphael and Type B with anyone else [[spoiler: with a mix of CuteAndPsycho]]. He usually acts like a nice, kind and polite gentleman [[spoiler: that is until everything goes according to his plans - if not, he might turn into a full-blown CutePsycho)]]. And when around Raphael, he's a straight-out Type A Tsundere [[spoiler: with VERY occasional dere side popping out in critical moments]]

!!'''Raphael[[spoiler:/Suzuhara Fuyuki]]'''

->Voiced by: Creator/ShowtaroMorikubo

* ComeBackToBedHoney: Basically says this to Mikael in episode 15.
* DarkSkinnedRedhead: Has red hair and a fairly dark skin (especially when contrasted with Mikael's) and matching bouncy and energetic personality, although he's not really hotblooded. In fact he is pretty mellow [[spoiler: maybe because he wasn't doing much in the series, besides playing guitar and molesting Mikael]].
* OfficialCouple: With Mikael.
* TheGadfly: Raphael is this with a mix of TheTease towards Mikael
* UrbanLegendLoveLife: Raphael is an interesting case, because he is an angel and is generally invisible/untouchable to humans, but because of his flirtatious behaviour toward Mikael, most fans assume that he must be a lecherous pervert, thinking only about one thing, when in fact, there is nothing in the series to prove that assumption. The fact that Mikael himself kinda treats him like a perverted nuisance doesn't help the matters.


->Voiced by: Creator/MamiKingetsu


->Voiced by: Creator/KenNarita

* ReplacementGoldfish: [[spoiler: Kai knows that Natsumi, who he is in love with, sees him just as a replacemnent for her dead brother Fuyuki, over whom Natsumi obsesses constantly since his death. He eventually decides that for her own good it would be the best if they parted away]].

!!'''Masaru & Saiki'''

->Voiced by: Creator/KosukeToriumi (Masaru) and Creator/SoichiroHoshi (Saiki)