[[caption-width-right:281:Keep in mind, [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters this still isn't all of them]][[note]]In case the small size keeps you wondering who's who, they are organized in alphabetical order. And this picture does not include a few other DLC characters, including: Sebastian, Dr. Bosconovitch, Slim Bob, Violet and Miharu[[/note]]]]
Given the [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters nature]] of the series, the characters have been split into multiple sections.

Also, be prepared for '''SPOILERS''' concerning the characters in the games.

* [[{{Characters/Tekken1}} Tekken 1]]
* [[{{Characters/Tekken2}} Tekken 2]]
* [[{{Characters/Tekken3}} Tekken 3]]
* [[Characters/TekkenTagTournament Tekken Tag Tournament]]
* [[{{Characters/Tekken4}} Tekken 4]]
* [[{{Characters/Tekken5}} Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection]]
* [[{{Characters/Tekken6}} Tekken 6/Bloodline Rebellion]]
* [[Characters/TekkenTagTournament2 Tekken Tag Tournament 2]]
* [[Characters/TekkenRevolution Tekken Revolution]]
* [[{{Characters/Tekken7}} Tekken 7]]