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The characters in Synergenesis Saga generally claim loyalty to an individual mercenary faction, corporation, or group - for example, the characters in Book 1 in particular are all members of the Genesis 6, Spectrum, or Discordant factions.

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     The Genesis 6 

Amy Masterson - The Arsenal

“Well, congratulations, boys, it took three of you. Three of you, to figure out what I concluded in the matter of seconds. Pro-tip? When checking for immortal murderers, point gun at head.”

Patron Saint of More Dakka

The Lancer of Alex's squad.

Amy Masterson is the daughter of famous weapons designer and engineer Derek Masterson, but woe be it to any who bring this up to her in conversation. Like the majority of the 2nd generation Genesis crew, Amy's parents were killed in the mutiny of Revelation and she designed the Genesis 6 craft itself from the ground up. A bit of a child prodigy, Amy singlehandedly designs and maintains the mercenary crew's weapons and armor. Despite not having any Elemental powers of her own, she holds a position of respect from both her peers and superiors due to her keen intellect and weapons mastery.


  • Action Girl
  • Awesome, but Impractical - Her most powerful attack involves summoning every gun in the ship's Arsenal and firing them simultaneously. She'll get back to you when she solves for the fatal recoil issue.
  • Badass Normal - On a ship with a Badass Crew, Amy is the sole member with no Elemental abilities. However, she designed the ship at the age of 9, owns her own weapons empire (while conveniently keeping the best designs for herself), and has the ability to use any type of firearm with expert level proficiency.
  • Battle Couple - With Alex.
  • Berserk Button - The very mention of her father or comparison thereof to her to her face is enough to provoke a heaping of pain.
  • Designated Girl Fight - Amy Masterson vs Aya Shirotori.
  • Friend Versus Lover - versus James, over Alex.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal - Quite literally in the fact that items from her namesake Arsenal are summonable into her hands from her ship no matter where she is by virtue of her magic bracelet.
  • Lamarck Was Right - Her lack of magic, remarkable engineering and weapons prowess were her father's exact claims to fame on the Genesis 1.
  • More Dakka
  • Samus Is a Girl - James and Alex are not quick to dispel Shallon's presumptions.

Alexander Cardinal - The Blade

“You tell me why you did it, or you can tell it to the captain, with one less leg to stand on.”

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The Hero, but not the main character.

Alex Cardinal is the de facto squad leader of the Genesis youth, which is pretty much due to him being the most qualified fighter with has the least emotional baggage.

Heir of James Cardinal, another Genesis 1 casualty and the previous grandmaster of the Cardinal swordfighting discipline. To honor his father's legacy as the sole surviving family practitioner, Alex lives by the discipline's tenets and refuses to utilize any weapon save for his swords.

And yes, he is a swordfighter in a universe with automatic weapons.


James Royal - The Crash

“Just a mission? Bringing down the headquarters of our sworn enemy isn’t just a mission. It’s the job of a lifetime!”

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     The Discordant