Characters / Surge

This up in here is a list of characters from the Surge RP.

Ryan Strias
A 22-year-old slacker, and one of the leading players in the events of Surge. Ryan has the power to turn objects into a gooey state, then manipulate and reshape them as he sees fit. He first became involved in the goings-on when he helped Amy out after finding her unconscious in an alley, and the two hit it off from there. The pair set off to find Supergirl in order to discover if she could help them understand what was causing their powers to manifest, and that was where they first met Ray. From that point onward, Ryan was to spend almost all his waking hours defending himself and Amy from the darkness-themed madman, hooking up with Kris and Damien along the way. After Amy's death, Ryan went insane and shrouded himself with his goo, becoming the horrifying entity known as "Pain", before going on to attempt to murder Damien and taking one of Kris's eyes.

Amy Vance

Kris Rahl

Damien Lier

Catherine Horan

Ray Sanchez
Ray is a twenty-two year old gang member at the beginning of Surge 1, and compared to the other characters, the most recent to discover his abilities (He, however, developed them and used them to greater effect than many of the others). He dresses normally in all black and gray, smokes cigars and swears nonstop. After committing his first crime with the use of his powers, he came to the conclusion that being evil was... well, fun, and he decided to use his powers to ruin the lives of those around him out of all the spite he holds against the world. He, along with Terry, started a crime spree and later had his first encounter with Amy, Kris and Ryan, resulting in him getting his stomach sliced open. In return, he vows to make their lives nothing short of a living hell and proceeds to follow them without rest. In the following conflict, this time with Damien involved, Ray got himself killed by being flipped upside down by Damien, while Amy burned him to a corpse with a massive pillar of light (he gets better).

Upon being revived in the form of one of his minions, Ray continues the his quest, but this time far more determined and with a more powerful body at his disposal. More conflicts followed, he and Terry are captured by the company, and it is revealed that Ray was possessed by a demon going by the name of Dark Mist that was governing his actions. The demon's origins were never explained, and its only purpose seemed to be causing mayhem. It was killed in the explosion caused by Amy.

  • A God Am I
  • Dark Is Edgy
  • Jerk Ass: Even before becoming a supervillain, Ray was in the habit of assaulting civilians, using his powers for personal gain and generally behaving like a dick to most people he met.

Mr. Terrible
Originally 25-29 over the events of both Overcharged and Surge, his current age now is unclear due to him having taken over a new body, Mister Terrible (formerly Terry, but calling him by that name is kind of his one Berserk Button ) has the power to control and create the elements of fire, lightning and water (but greatly prefers lightning). Was the main villain (aside from the company) in overcharged and was one of the main villains in Surge 1 at times, working with ray before the partnership eventually degraded into open hostility but nearing the end suffered some Villain Decay; seemingly the only real goal he had throughout Surge 1 wass to kill Catherine Horan AKA Supergirl but usually will stop or some times abandon it all together for any given opportunity to cause massive amounts of havoc and casualties, usually resulting in one or more city blocks being leveled and several hundred people being killed. Mr. Terrible was killed at the end of Surge 1, managing to take Catherine with him, and has since managed to acquire a new body by the name of Trevor. the two shared the same body for a bit but Trevor was eventually gotten rid of when Mister Terrible shoved an electrical wire into the right part of his brain.