->''Masquerading as a man with a reason''
->''My charade is the event of the season''
-->--'''Kansas''', "'''Wayward Son'''"

This page is a listing of characters in ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''. '''Beware of spoilers in these pages.'''

[[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters Due to page length]], this page has been split into the following:

* [[Characters/SupernaturalDeanWinchester Dean Winchester]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalSamWinchester Sam Winchester]]
** [[Characters/SupernaturalSamWinchesterTropesAToC Tropes A-C]]
** [[Characters/SupernaturalSamWinchesterTropesDToH Tropes D-H]]
** [[Characters/SupernaturalSamWinchesterTropesIToO Tropes I-O]]
** [[Characters/SupernaturalSamWinchesterTropesPToZ Tropes P-Z]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalTheWinchesters Other Winchesters]][[note]]John Winchester, Mary Winchester née Campbell, Samuel Campbell, Deanna Campbell, Adam Milligan, Christian Campbell, Gwen Campbell, Mark Campbell, Emma, Henry Winchester[[/note]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalHunters Hunters]][[note]]Daniel Elkins, Caleb, Bobby Singer, Ellen Harvelle, Jo Harvelle, Ash, Gordon Walker, Steve Wandell, Isaac and Tamara, Kubrick, Richie, Rufus Turner, Martin Creaser, Roy and Walt, Samuel Colt, Garth Fitzgerald IV, Frank Devereaux, Krissy Chambers, Lee Chambers, Eliot Ness, Ezra Moore, Annie Hawkins, Aidan, Josephine Barnes, Victor Rogers, Irv Franklin, Tracy Bell, Pete, Dorothy Baum (aka Dorothy Gale), Charlie Bradbury, Tara, Rudy, Claire Novak[[/note]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalProphets Prophets]][[note]]Chuck Shurley, Kevin Tran, Luigi Ponzi, Justin Hurst, Aaron Webber, Dennis Adams, Krista, Donatello Redfield[[/note]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalSpecialChildren Special Children]][[note]]Max Miller, Rose "Rosie" Holt, Andrew "Andy" Gallagher, Ansem Weems/Weber, Scott Carey, Ava Wilson, Jake Talley, Lily Baker[[/note]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalWitches Witches]][[note]]Don and Maggie Stark, Delta Mendota, James Frampton, The Wicked Witch of the West, Rowena[[/note]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalOtherHumans Other Humans]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalFrenchMistakeUniverse French Mistake Universe]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalGhostfacers Ghostfacers]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalLawEnforcement Law Enforcement]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalMenOfLetters Men of Letters]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalMediumsAndPsychics Mediums and Psychics]]

!!Monsters and Supernatural Beings
* [[Characters/SupernaturalAngels Angels]]
** [[Characters/SupernaturalCastiel Castiel]]
** [[Characters/SupernaturalArchangels Archangels]]
** [[Characters/SupernaturalReapers Reapers]]
** [[Characters/SupernaturalNephilim Nephilim]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalDemons Demons]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalDjinn Djinn]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalTheFourHorsemen The Four Horsemen]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalGhosts Ghosts]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalGods Gods]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalLeviathan Leviathans]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalVampires Vampires]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalWerewolves Werewolves]]
* [[Characters/SupernaturalMonstersAndSupernaturalBeings Other Monsters And Supernatural Beings]]