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[[folder: Characters debuting in the 4/F/F Final games]]

''Super Robot Wars 4'' introduced a mechanic to the series wherein the protagonist was [[FeaturelessProtagonist highly]] [[CharacterCustomization customizable]]. While the player cannot change every facet of them visually, they can select between eight pre-set "appearances", four per gender, and assign a personality to them that influenced what they said and how they interacted with others in the game. Each appearance also had a "default" character profile attached to it, if the player doesn't want to fiddle with a bunch of options and wanted to jump straight into the game. Irm and Ring are taken from these profiles and expanded into full characters for ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration''.

Worth noting is that ''only'' Irm and Ring have been adapted to date. Unlike the ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha'' originals, where all eight of them were fleshed out for ''Original Generation'', the other six profiles in ''4'' have never been seen outside of this game and its related products, which explains why the other entries are so comparatively barren. This can a bit of a sore spot for old-school fans of the series, as a few of the pilots proved quite popular back in the day.

!!Irmgard "[[InSeriesNickname Irm]]" Kazahara (Voiced by Creator/KenyuHoriuchi)
-->''"You may have the skill... but I'm better looking!"''

Irmgard Kazahara is the son of [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Jonathan Kazahara]], a prolific mecha designer at the Tesla Leicht Institute. He's also a mechanical designer himself, but is known more in ''Original Generation'' as the pilot of the [[TransformingMecha transforming]] SuperRobot Grungust. His easy-going, ladies man attitude hides his competence as a skilled pilot.

Irm is a slightly different person in ''Alpha'' and ''Original Generation'' compared to his debut appearance, due to a sort-of MythologyGag: in these games, he enters the plot as an older, veteran pilot rather than the point-of-view rookie he was during his debut. In ''4'', he was the default archetype of the calm, cool HandsomeLech, and this carries over into his future appearances, except it's informed by at least one very messy breakup and quite a lot more actual experience with the opposite gender. Across all appearances, he is paired with the cool, nihilistic Ring Mao, who in ''4'' was a bit {{Tsundere}} for him, and in other settings, is his ex-girlfriend. Despite being technically estranged from one another, the way they bicker LikeAnOldMarriedCouple makes it clear they still care for one another, and when they can actually put aside their differences, they make quite a team.

Tropes associated with Irm:
* BraggingThemeTune: ''Grungust Zan!!'' Unfortunately, [[LongSongShortScene we're still waiting for it to actually appear in the games, Banpresto]].
* CantCatchUp: The Grungust isn't the monster it was back in ''Original Generation'' once ''Original Generation 2'' rolls around, mostly due to it being [[OvershadowedByAwesome overshadowed]] by other super robots like the Dynamic General Guardians and the Choukijin. Fortunately, Irm redesigns the Grungust just in time for the ''Second Original Generation'' into the Grungust Kai ("Custom") from ''Alpha'', which subverts this and puts it back onto one of the top units early in the game.
* CaptainErsatz: Particularly in ''Original Generation'', Irm and the Grungust have a few similarities with [[Anime/{{Daitarn 3}} Banjou Haran and the Daitarn 3]], and he ends up fulfilling a few of the narrative roles that Banjou often takes up in his many [=SRW=] appearances (but can't do in ''Original Generation'', for obvious reasons). However, the Grungust's ChestBlaster, EyeBeams and RocketPunch are more comparable to ''Anime/MazingerZ''.
* ChestBlaster: Grungust's "Final Beam" and Grungust Kai's "Ultimate Beam"
* ChivalrousPervert: He'll hit on many girls, but he's got a lot of standards in "hitting". For instance, he doesn't hit on girls that are crying on either the outside or inside, [[spoiler:as proven with this regarding [[Characters/MasouKishin Tytti Noorbuck]] when she's in a near HeroicBSOD after recovering the Zamzeed in the ''Second Original Generation'']].
* CoolSword: Grungust and Grungust Kai's "Keitou Ragouken" ("Calamity Sword").
* EyeBeams: Grungust's "Eye Solid Laser"
* HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood: His conversations with [[MadScientist Jonathan]] in ''Original Generation'' imply Jonathan wasn't that great of a father.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Time to Come"
* LovableSexManiac: Carries a black book around and dates girls between a certain age, yet this doesn't seem to faze any of the original female cast.
* NightmareFetishist: In one save-quit intermission dialogue for the ''Second Original Generation'', Irm expresses interest at and wouldn't mind hitting on [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsDestiny Umbra]], who, mind you, is always covered in full clothes with [[GlowingEyes glowing yellow eyes]] and [[EvilSoundsDeep has a voice comparable to Satan]].
* PinkGirlBlueBoy: With Ring
* ThePowerOfLove: Though he may carry the "Love" Spirit Command and can cast it for ''half'' the normal cost upon achieving certain requirements, it feels odd he's not actually in a relationship with Ring anymore in ''Original Generation''...
** However, the hidden "[[RelationshipValues love bonus]]" gameplay mechanic places the two at a much higher tier, moreso than other couples.
* RocketPunch: Grungust's "Boost Knuckle" and Grungust Kai's "Hyper Boost Knuckle"
* RuleOfCool: See quote
* SeriesMascot: The fact he's one of two originals from ''4'' carried over into another game, and being the more accessible of the two gameplay-wise, strongly suggests Irm's meant to be taken as the "canon" protagonist of ''4''.
* ShipperOnDeck: Joins in with [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Excellen Browning]] on some of her schemes.
* ShoutOut: In the ''Second Original Generation'', there's a chance Irm will utter the phrase "Sora wo miro, hoshi wo miro...ttene" ("Look at the sky, look at the star...just kidding") when using the Grungust's Calamity Blade. This is a reference to the opening song lyrics from ''Series/UltramanTaro''.
* StartMyOwn: At the end of the ''Second Original Generation'', [[spoiler:Irm contemplates making his own team in the same vein as the ATX and SRX Team. For starters, he's recruited [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Ryoto Hikawa, Rio Mei Long]] and [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Ing Egret]]]].
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Probably the only person who can make a mullet look badass.

!!Ring Mao (Voiced by Creator/MegumiOgata)
Ring Mao is one of the eight selectable originals and represents the cool, nihilistic archetype. In ''Alpha'' and ''Original Generation'', she's portrayed as the CEO of Mao Industries, a mecha manufacturing company and developer, but can easily transition back into the seat of the [[{{Expy}} Gundam-like]] Huckebein and take names in defense of her company. She has a rocky relationship with Irm: in their ''4'' incarnation, although close, she hates his constant flirting; for her ''Alpha''/''Original Generation'' counterpart, it's clear Irm crossed a line at some point in the backstory and she left him, leaving the two distant, though they still work great as a team when needed and, deep down, trust each other. Tropes associated with Ring:
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: A rare, non-military example, being CEO of a major mecha manufacturer, although ''Alpha'' and ''Original Generation'' does hint she was originally a member of the PTX Team, hence, the origins of her piloting skills.
* BerserkButton: When they were dating, she saw Irm having tea with a female employee; let's just say the result for Irm was NOT pretty...
* CordonBleughChef: In ''4'', Ring has a habit of experimenting with weird food combinations, like mayonnaise curry.
* DemotedToExtra: Ever since ''Original Generation 2'', Ring has yet to rejoin the playable roster. Justified that she's all tied up with her duties as the CEO of Mao Industries. [[spoiler:Made more unlikely for her to reappear in a Huckebein for future events, given the entire destruction of the Huckebein series in the ''Second Original Generation'']].
* FlawedPrototype: In ''Original Generation'', the original Huckebein 008R had the Tronium Engine installed, which was created through research of Tronium from the crashed Meteor-3. First testing of it led to the "Vanishing Trooper Incident" that killed all but three people[[note]]Irm, [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Raidiese F. Branstein and Kirk Hamill]][[/note]]. The Huckebein 008L, powered by the Black Hole Engine [[spoiler:given to Earth researchers by the Zuvorg Alliance as a goodwill offering]], was sealed away in response to the disaster. It was let out from storage because Ring needed to use it and so the Inspectors didn't seize it when they invaded Mao Industries. Despite [[spoiler:Wendolo revealing the incident was punishment for Earth scientists opting to ''not'' use the Black Hole Engine for the Huckebein series]], Ring still trusts the 008L.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Time to Come"
* NoodleIncident: For her ''Alpha''/''Original Generation'' incarnations, concerning her break-up and continued estrangement with Irm. Neither one of them ever elaborates on what exactly happened, but whatever "it" was, it was sufficient for Ring to feel conflicted about having any further contact with Irm outside of anything strictly necessary for work (despite it being obvious in a few places that she still has feelings for him), and for Irm to feel as though "it" is his fault while "it" is simultaneously something he can't just apologize for and make better.
* PinkGirlBlueBoy: Although ''Alpha''/''Original Generation'' Ring is an atypical "pink girl".
* RetiredBadass: ''Original Generation'' only, but boy, does she come back in spectacular fashion.
* SphereOfDestruction, {{BFG}}: Huckebein's "Black Hole Cannon"

!!Lenonjayce "Jayce" Starlord (Voiced by Creator/KeiichiNanba)
The "HotBlooded, [[JusticeWillPrevail full of justice passion]]" male archetype, Jayce [[RealMenWearPink apparently likes bonsai]] and is quite gentle beneath all that {{HotBlooded}}ness. He is also the first character to invent the infamous "[[SignatureMove Gespenst Kick]]" (inspired with [[Manga/GetterRobo Benkei Kuruma]] learning the "Daisetsuzan Oroshi"), later used and popularized by ''Original Generation'' via the Gespenst MK II Type-S. He pairs up with Mina Likering in ''4''. Tropes associated with Jayce:
* CallingYourAttacks: While Jayce isn't the only offender here, it's quite notable, considering the origin of the Gespenst Kick.
* LukeNounverber: Although to be precise, it's "Luke ''Nounnoun''" sans the -er.
* RealMenWearPink: You think he's a gritty {{badass}} thanks to that Gespenst Kick, but he also likes bonsai.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: In the meta-textual sense - back in ''4'', Jayce was the most notable of the eight originals, easily more popular than Irm, thanks to his famous FountainOfMemes [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISQIKZTr5d4 attack]] that is his SignatureMove, but in the ten-plus years of ''Original Generation'', he hasn't been so much as mentioned once.

!!Mina Likering (Voiced by Creator/NorikoHidaka)
%%* HotBlooded

!!Hector Madison (Voiced by Creator/RyuzouIshino)
%%* TheFool
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: ''[[RealMenWearPink Pink]]'' hair at that!

!!Patricia "Pat" Hackman (Voiced by Music/MegumiHayashibara)
Patricia is, more-or-less, the DistaffCounterpart of Lenonjayce in ''4''. Compared to the usually calm Jayce, Patricia is [[GenkiGirl a complete hyperactive, enthusiastic girl]], especially in making sure JusticeWillPrevail. Paired with Hector Madison in ''4'', Patricia is the one who invents the "[[SignatureMove Gespenst Punch]]", which doesn't get copied word-for-word, but might as well be today's better known technique called "Jet Magnum" in ''Original Generation''. Tropes associated with Patricia:
%%* CallingYourAttacks
* MegatonPunch: Gespenst Punch

!!Arwynn "Wynn" Dorstein (Voiced by Creator/ToshihikoSeki)
%%* StoicSpectacles
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Usually referred to as "Wynn"
%%* RedHeadedHero

!!Grace Urigin (Voiced by Creator/YukoMiyamura)


[[folder: The Divine Crusaders (includes members who did not debut in ''Original Generation'')]]

!!Bian Zoldark (Voiced by Creator/ShozoIizuka)
The father of [[Characters/MasouKishin Lune Zoldark]], Bian Zoldark is a brilliant scientist who, upon researching alien technology found on Earth and given to his institute to investigate, begins building a secret rebellion called the "Divine Crusaders" ([=DC=]). Gathering military and political figures across the world, Bian publicly declares war on TheFederation and his army heads to extreme lengths [[CivilWar to crush the government in the "Divine Crusaders War"]], believing Bian's words are a sign to TakeOverTheWorld. In his appearance for ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars2'', Bian ultimately faces off with the gathered heroes representing the Federation and fights them at DC headquarters on Aidoneus Island, proclaiming the ones who emerge victorious shall decide the fate of their world. He is killed in combat, but his legacy has resounding effects for the rest of the "[[FanNickname Classic Timeline]]"

In ''Original Generation'', Bian's role in the story is expanded, where he forms the Extra-Over Technology Institute (EOTI) as a response to researching alien technology for Earth's benefit (mainly due to the arrival of Meteor-3 near Aidoneous Island in the South Pacific). It's through Bian's research the mysterious material known as "Tronium" is discovered in the meteor, with Bian handing over 4 of the 5 useable samples to the Earth Federation Army. At the same time, Bian is slowly forming the DC in secret, recruiting help from many individuals such as [[Characters/MasouKishin Shu Shirakawa]] and Lune, his good friend [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Maier von Branstein and his son Elzam]] and [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Sanger Zonvolt]]. Like ''Super Robot Wars 2'', Bian either faces the crew of the ''Hagane'' or ''Hiryu Custom'' battleship in ''Original Generation'' and dies at DC headquarters on Aidoneus Island. In contrast, his ''Alpha'' counterpart is alive; in fact, Bian's words are taken seriously because of the events from ''Anime/{{Gunbuster}}'' and ''Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross'' hovering above the Earth.

Bian creates and pilots the Valsion as his personal machine and creates a second unit he modifies for Lune, based off of the Valsion called "Valsione"; in ''Original Generation'', the latter features a prototype of the "[[MotionCaptureMecha Direct Motion Link System]]" that would be found in another line of {{Super Robot}}s, the "[[AMechByAnyOtherName Dynamic General Guardians]]" ([=DGGs=]). Tropes associated with Bian:
* FourStarBadass: Also BadassLabcoat; Bian forms a worldwide rebellion, build several extremely powerful mecha and nearly brings TheFederation to its knees...and he did the first two ''without'' being noticed by the government.
* ClosetGeek: Implied, and confirmed by Lune, to be an old school SuperRobot anime fan, with their designs inspiring his [=DGG=] series in ''Alpha'' and ''Original Generation''
* CrazyPrepared: The 4 [=DGGs=] are a perfect example of why Bian's planning is so extensive, and we haven't even seen the fourth one yet.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Bian disapproves of any technological system that will cause harm to a pilot. That's why implements like the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration "ODE", "GEIM"]] and [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha "LIOH"]] were never given the green light while he was in charge of the DC in ''Original Generation''
* FinalBoss: In ''Super Robot Wars 2''.
* IgnoredExpert: The reason he opposes the Federation with his Divine Crusaders.
** Averted in ''Alpha'' because the government listens, thanks to the fall of the [[Anime/{{Macross}} SDF-1 Macross]], proving there's heavily armed aliens out there, thus the DC War never occurs; the DC is more of a {{Fiction 500}} [[CrimefightingWithCash Alien-Fighting With Cash]] independent private mecha R&D organization in that setting.
* KilledOffForReal: Except in ''Alpha''.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Valsion".
* MadScientist: Zigzagged both ways; he's actually a very reasonable man (even if he feels driven to extremes by circumstances), but then you consider the [=DGGs=], ''especially'' the [[RidiculouslyHumanRobot Valsione]]. Seriously, how the hell ''did'' Bian come up with the Valsione's design?
** Lune requested it because she didn't like how scary-looking the Valsion was and didn't want to use one, so he was just complying to his dear daughter's request. Still, its [[MoeAnthropomorphism mecha musume-like appearance]] came [[CrazyAwesome straight from Bian's mind]].
* MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning: Of the real plot for the rest of the Classic Timeline and ''Original Generation''.
* TheObiWan: Variation; despite being the DesignatedVillain ([[spoiler:to which he later subverts]]), the subsequent analysis of his actions affects the heroes a lot.
* OrcusOnHisThrone: Played straight, then subverted, and ultimately played straight again in ''Original Generation''. Bian reveals he doesn't feel the need to kick back and let his subordinates do all the hard work. He gladly takes to the field towards the end of the first half of the route for [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Ryusei Date]], despite [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Adler Koch]] thinking Bian's insane for doing so. Granted, it's only for one scenario (upon which he returns to headquarters until the heroes arrive) but the impact of Bian actually showing himself impresses a lot of people aboard the ''Hagane'' battleship.
* {{Otaku}}: A slight subtle version, but comments from Lune in the Classic Timeline reveals Bian's a giant robot geek who built the Valsion based on shows he used to watch. In ''Original Generation'', he makes the password for unlocking secret data in the Valsione a {{catchphrase}} from one of those shows.
* SlidingScaleOfVillainThreat: Everyone assumes Bian fits the "Global Threat" category, [[spoiler:when he really is more of an AntiVillain]].
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: His public relations campaign wins a lot of supporters for the DC, as well as respect from the TheFederation higher-ups, despite being labelled a massive threat by the government. You have to wonder if this side of Bian is a small ShoutOut to ComicBook/LexLuthor.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Despite what many DC members think, global domination is the absolute last resort for Bian.
* XanatosGambit: [[spoiler:The whole point of the DC War is, if nobody can defeat Bian and the Divine Crusaders, then they are the only ones on Earth who stand a ''ghost'' of a chance of fighting the incoming extraterrestrials, and even then, that scenario isn't particularly ideal because the aliens are adept at conquering worlds. Bian becoming Necessarilyevil is to ensure that if someone ''can'' defeat him and the DC, then they're much more likely to be able to fight off the invaders]].
** ''Original Generation'' further justifies the gambit: [[spoiler:Bian realizes the government is severely under-equipped for an extraterrestrial invasion. Unless the government truly understands how serious an alien threat is, they'll rise to the challenge and gather the means to defeat them. The Earth Federation Army army has the potential; they just don't know it]].

!!Thomas Platt (Voiced by Hidenari Ugaki)
A member of the Divine Crusaders, Thomas Platt played a minor role in the Divine Crusaders War in ''Super Robot Wars 2'', but managed to evade capture by Federation forces long enough to get transported to [[BeneathTheEarth the subterranean world of]] "[[AnotherDimension La Gias]]". Thomas joins the Republic of Bagonia and its military, and has several encounters with [[Characters/MasouKishin Masaki Andoh]] and his companions during ''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsGaiden The Lord of Elemental]]'' storyline. Thomas also appears in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsEX'', still part of the Bagonian military, as well as a DesignatedVillain towards the heroes.

In ''Original Generation'', Thomas begins like his Classic Timeline counterpart as a commander in the DC. One of his subordinates is a the nervous recruit [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Ryoto Hikawa]]. In their first mission, Thomas uses Ryoto as a decoy to smuggle a bomb (hidden in Ryoto's Lion F) that would destroy the ''Hagane''. The plan's foiled, and has a great effect on Ryoto's view of the DC, [[HeelFaceTurn causing him to defect]]. Thomas participates in the final defense of Aidoneous Island and continues on up until the final attack on Federation headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. He realizes the DC's going down the tubes, and decides he's had enough. In ''[[VideoGameRemake Original Generations]]'', Thomas somehow manages to conceal his involvement with the Divine Crusaders and is serving as a soldier in the Earth Federation Army. Tropes associated with Thomas:
* GoodSmokingEvilSmoking: His character portrait always includes a cigarette in his mouth.
* {{Jerkass}}: At least, in Ryoto's mind
* PutOnABus: Despite the ''EX'' plot being incorporated into the ''Second Original Generation'', Thomas is still not seen again. [[spoiler:[[TheBusCameBack Subverted]] in the ''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Dark Prison]]'' DownloadableContent, where he's been summoned to La Gias and engages Shu during an encounter]].
%%* PunchClockVillain
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: What he does before the DC invades Geneva in ''Original Generation''. Thomas does this even earlier in the AnimatedAdaptation ''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Divine Wars]]'', flying the coop just before the final showdown between the heroes and Bian.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Is it Thomas "Platt" or Thomas "Bright"?
* WeHardlyKnewYe: Variation; in the ''Original Generation'' route for [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Kyosuke Nanbu]], Thomas barely appears with no explanation of who he is. He leaves the DC just as soon as you meet him. To find out about him, one must play Ryusei's route.


[[folder: Zuvorg Alliance]]
The Zuvorg Alliance is the primary antagonist of the Classic Timeline, encompassing a huge galactic conglomerate of worlds acting as supervisors to the galaxy, seeing which planet turns out to be a threat to the universe and eliminate them. Amongst them are the "Inspectors" (Wendolo, Mekibos, Vigagi, Sikalog and Aguija) and the "Guests", led by Teniquette Zezenan. Unfortunately, while most of them are sane, extremists like Wendolo and Teniquette turn out to be far worse, irredeemable enemies of mankind.

Tropes regarding the Zuvorg Alliance and multiple characters:
* AceCustom: Each Inspector and Guest "general" uses one
* ArtificialHuman: The primary fodder to their main force, they are the pilots to their MechaMooks
* BaldOfEvil: Vigagi and Sikalog, although the former ''claims'' to have hair, but merely shaves it off.
* ChestBlaster: Each Inspector and Guest AceCustom carries a "Mega Smasher" attack. Notably, the Mega Smasher for Wendolo's Dikastis' is so powerful it can blast a giant hole from the White Star in ''Original Generation 2''.
* EleventhHourRanger: [[spoiler:In the ''Second Original Generation'', while they don't officially join the party, Justine, Zebris and Grofis become {{Guest Star Party Member}}s at the end of the second Space Route. This is repeated in ''Dark Prison'']].
* FourStarBadass: The Inspectors and Guests
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:Mekibos]] finds HonorBeforeReason after the Inspectors are called out on their hypocrisy. Each of the Guest leaders, aside from Teniquette, also pull this.
* HumanityOnTrial: The Inspectors seek to pacify and control the Earthlings before they become too much of a threat to galatic peace. Of course, with the Inspectors, there's a slight subversion - [[spoiler:turns out Wendolo's just [[OmnicidalManiac a psychopathic murderer who wants to use the trope as an excuse to commit genocide]]. Zezenan takes this to its extreme by ''declaring'' an act of genocide]].
** There is a way to actually ''fail'' the "trial" back in ''4'': if the player attempts to kill [[spoiler:Shu, despite [[HeelFaceDoorSlam helping you out]], on the basis of you not forgiving what he did in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars3'', [[HaveANiceDeath Mekibos informs you he just confirmed to the Zuvorg higher-ups that you really ARE a threat to galactic peace and proceeds to get the rest of the Zuvorg Alliance to wipe you out off-screen]]]].
* {{Hypocrite}}: Wendolo gives a [[HannibalLecture long speech about how humans are dangerous and will naturally cause war and death throughout the galaxy and how the Zuvorg Alliance is so superior to them]], [[spoiler:only to nonchalantly kill his brother a minute later, [[XanatosGambit which he had prepared for just in case]] of a HeelFaceTurn]]. The heroes definitely don't buy any of his crap after this.
** Zezenan, too: he shares the same belief like Wendolo and treats humanity as pests of the galaxy, though it's arguably because he wants to see if Earth has enough manpower to join the Zuvorg Alliance. [[spoiler:When he declares about committing genocide, which the Zuvorg Council never approved of, his allies [[NiceJobFixingItVillain pull a]] HeelFaceTurn]].
%%* {{Knight Templar}}s
* LargeAndInCharge: Wendolo's Dikastis and Zezenan's Baran Schnile easily dwarfs all other Inspector and Guest general units.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fshEON1kdRE "Violent Battle"]] for the Inspectors and "Genocide Machine" for the Guests. Wendolo gets his own specific theme in ''Original Generations'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6qu61NY87A "The Judge and The Judged"]], while Grofis Lacrein gets the exclusive "Genocide Machine II" [[spoiler:in the ''Second Original Generation]].
* NoFourthWall: Vigagi's "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgaCMhTxkEg What does Episode 30 mean!?]]" and Mekibos congratulating the player during a supposedly impossible, but winnable, scenario in ''Original Generation 2''. In ''The Inspectors'', when [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Ratsel Feinschmecker appears]], Vigagi pushes away a panel.
* QuirkyMinibossSquad, WolfpackBoss
* WorthyOpponent: Mekibos and the Guest generals are just doing their jobs to protect galactic peace (at least, that's what they believe; they're simply getting bad intel from their superiors) and find the heroes rather honorable, which causes them to double-check the info. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the Inspectors and Zezenan, who are a bunch of racist jerks and care nothing about being unfair or using dirty tricks.

!!The Inspectors
!!!Wendolo (Voiced by Makoto Takasaka in ''Complete Box'', Creator/YukiKaida in ''Original Generations'' and ''[[TheAnimeOfTheGame The Inspectors]]'')
Leader of the Zuvorg Alliance's Inspectors, Wendolo was ordered by the Zuvorg Council to investigate the Earthlings' activities and if need be, subjugate them. After he and the Inspectors successfully gained control of the White Star, setting up their primary base of operations there, Wendolo sends his forces to disable the Earth Federation Army's military. Wendolo always has a sly, yet sinister smile on his face. Regardless of who it is, be it ally or foe, he shows no mercy.
* AceCustom: Dikastis
* AdaptationDecay: [[spoiler:Wendolo is forcibly made into an Einst drone]] in ''The Inspectors'', complete with an angry VillainousBreakdown, rather than being the calm, in-control CreepyChild he is in the games.
* BigBad: Of ''3''
%%* {{BFS}}
%%* CrossdressingVoices
%%* EyesAlwaysShut
* GenreSavvy: [[spoiler:Wendolo knew his brother would pull a HeelFaceTurn, thus rigged the Graterkin to become immobile, giving him the chance to wipe him away with a Mega Smasher]].
* MeaningfulName: "Dikastis" loosely means "judge" or "juror" in Greek
* TeenGenius: Although his exact age is unknown, Wendolo is the leader of the Inspectors and has his ''older'' brother [[spoiler:Mekibos]] serving under him.
%%* TeensAreMonsters
* VocalEvolution: In the PlayStation-only "[[CompilationRerelease Complete Box]]" release, Wendolo's voice is very high-pitched and sounds a little annoying, almost like a little child. In ''Original Generations'', Wendolo sounds more mellow, calculating and considerably sinister, to the point of {{Magnificent Bastard}}ry. This is likely due to the change in voice actor.

!!!Vigagi (Voiced by Creator/TakeshiKusao)
One of the Inspectors sent to Earth, the arrogant Vigagi views Earthlings as nothing but "barbarians", insisting their actions are a threat to galactic peace, and their future expansion into the cosmos a potential danger to the Zuvorg Alliance. In ''Original Generation 2'', Vigagi quickly seizes control of the Tesla Leicht Institute, but is unable to prevent Sanger and Ratsel from acquiring their new units hidden beneath the installation and is forced to retreat. Vigagi is tasked to defend the Inspector-occupied Moon Cradle, but is killed in combat by the ''Hiryu Custom'' and its crew.
* AceCustom: Galgau and Mega Galgau, the latter exclusively in ''The Inspectors'', [[spoiler:since Sanger destroyed the former when he retreived the Dygenguard]].
* TheDragon: Claims... wait, scratch that... '''[[InsistentTerminology Insists]]''' that he's the direct superior of Mekibos, Sikalog and Aguija. It might be true, but it comes across as hot gas more than anything else; Mekibos is obviously the brains of the 4.
%%* KillItWithFire
%%* MacrossMissileMassacre
* InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons: (Mega) Galgau

!!!Mekibos (Voiced by Creator/AkiraIshida)
Another of the five Inspectors sent to Earth, the Cool-headed, taciturn and reasonable mekibos hastily destroyed Earth Federation forces at the White Star and helped established their command base in ''Original Generation 2''. He also led the attack on the Moon Cradle and Mao Industries, with hopes to gain the Huckebein MK III for Inspector use.
* AceCustom: Graterkin, [[spoiler:Graterkin II]]
* AntiVillain: [[spoiler:His continuous battles against the Earthlings slowly convinces him they are not as primitive, nor dishonorable, as they were seen. Realizing there was never a need to "inspect" humanity, Mekibos returns to Wendolo and attempts to persuade his brother to stand down; unfortunately, Wendolo refuses to put aside differences. Before he can escape, Mekibos had the teleportation system rigged in the Dikastis, yet Wendolo himself had the Graterkin rendered immovable and finished him off]].
* BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler:Found by the Zuvorg Alliance and [[WeCanRebuildHim turned into a]] {{cyborg}}, even repairing the Graterkin. Mekibos returns to Earth in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars4'' and the ''Second Original Generation'' to warn humanity about Zezenan's plans to destroy them without the Zuvorg Council's approval. Exclusively in the latter game, [[PromotedToPlayable he becomes a playable character]]]].
* CodeName: [[spoiler:Goes by "Gray", the pipeline between the Earth Federation government (and by extension, the [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Gaia Sabers]]) and the Zuvorg Alliance]].
* GoodScarsEvilScars: On the right side of his face
* MerlinAndNimue: [[spoiler:In ''Original Generation'' with [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Yong Gebana]], whom he orders to spy on Zezenan for the higher-ups in the Zuvorg Alliance. Mekibos doesn't like to be called master; accordingly, Yong's household is not socially high in the Zuvorg hierarchy, which explains why she addresses Mekibos so formally. Whenever he insists they talk casually, Yong is completely bewildered and rejects the notion]].
* NoOneCouldSurviveThat: [[spoiler:Outright called out by [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Tasuku Shinguji]] that he shouldn't have survived all the things that happened to him (shot down by Wendolo, White Star gets assimilated by the [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Stern Regisseur]], and blown up inside the facility). His only response is that "he got lucky"]].
* NotSoDifferent: with Irm, aknowledged by both of them in universe.
* ShockAndAwe: Graterkin's "Thunder Crash" [[spoiler:and Graterkin II's "Neo Thunder Crash"]]
* ShoulderCannon: [[spoiler:Graterkin II's "Mass Driver Cannon"]]
* TakingTheBullet: [[spoiler:For Grofis when Irm fires a RocketPunch at the former; he survives with no problems]].

The only non-speaking Inspector, Sikalog is the lover of Aguija and is usually seen with her. Along with Mekibos, Sikalog assists in capturing the White Star in ''Original Generation 2'', making his final stand inside the installation.
* AceCustom: Drukin
%%* TheBrute
* EpicFlail: Sikalog's Drukin
* FlatCharacter: It doesn't help that he's a mute in all incarnations , which doesn't provide him with a lot of characterization.
* TranquilFury: The only explanation for the buffs he acquires when you defeat Aguija before him in the White Star.
* TheVoiceless: Does not speak a single word, though Aguija states he ''does'' speak, albeit via a thought device embedded in his brain. Problem is, Aguija seems to have the only receiver of the device.

!!!Aguija (Voiced by Creator/ShinobuAdachi in ''Complete Box'', Shiori Oota in ''Original Generations'', Creator/YuuAsakawa in ''The Inspectors'')
[[TheSmurfettePrinciple The sole female Inspector]], the hot-headed and loud Aguija despises anyone calling her "old", despite being in her twenties. With her "darling" Sikalog in ''Original Generation 2'', she and Inspector forces occupy the White Star. Aguija later gives chase to the members of [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Project Terrestrial Dream]], after they flee the Tesla Leicht Institute, but is pushed back by the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWars2 Cybuster]] and [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Astelion]]. Aguija is killed in the defense of the White Star, as Federation forces move to drive the Inspectors away from Earth.
* AceCustom: Silbelwind
* ChristmasCake: That "old hag" Aguija; may double as a RunningGag against her throughout ''Original Generation 2''.
%%* TheDarkChick
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: When you defeat Sikalog before her in the White Star. This grants her a few buffs.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Is it "Silverwind" or "Silbelwind"?
* SuperSpeed: Aguija's Silverwind is nearly on par with the Cybuster, but is edged out by the Astelion in ''Original Generation 2''.
%%* YouGottaHaveBlueHair

!!The Guests
!!!Teniquette Zezenan (Voiced by Issei Masamune[[note]]Replaced by Creator/MasashiHirose in the ''Second Original Generation''[[/note]])
A member of the Zuvorg Council and leader of the "Guests" (a term code-named by the Earth Federation), a special force sent to inspect and control planets. Unlike most Zuvorg members, Zezenan's rather prejudiced against the Earthlings, viewing them as nothing more than a collection of apes. While supposedly kind to his subordinates, [[{{Jerkass}} he mainly sees his soldiers as disposable tools]]. Tropes regarding Zezenan are:
* AceCustom: Baran Schnile
* BigBad: Of ''4''/''F''/''F Final''
** BigBadWannabe: [[spoiler:''Second Original Generation'', as Keparoc gave him the firepower to take on the Earth in the first place.]]
* TheConspiracy: [[spoiler:In ''Original Generation'', Zezenan was to underhandedly provide raw, Zuvorg technology for the Earth, but at the same time, spark conflict and war within the Federation, with the purposes the technology he gave would be put into use primarily as military weapons. Doing so would give the Zuvorg Alliance the incentive to send him and the Guests to subdue the Earthlings; however, Zezenan notes the humans' ability to craft weapons surpassing that of the Zuvorg, providing him greater weaponry that anyone else in the Alliance. He also wanted samples of Balmarian technology, which the Zuvorg had not acquired themselves]].
* EarlyBirdCameo: [[spoiler:Zezenan first appeared in ''Original Generation'' disguised as an Aerogater to spy on the deal between the Federation and the extraterrestrials, hoping to strike something convenient with the Earth government. Unfortunately, Shu and his Granzon unceremoniously interrupted the proceedings]].
* FantasticRacism: Against the Earthlings, [[spoiler:yet the irony is humanity, the Zuvorg, and Balmarians all share a likely common ancestor]].
* KilledOffForReal: In ''4''/''F''/''F Final'', he was killed in Mars; [[spoiler:in the ''Second Original Generation'', he dies at the Moon Cradle]].
%%* ManBehindTheMan
* MultiArmedAndDangerous: Baran Schnile
* OhCrap: [[spoiler:In the ''Second Original Generation'', when Zezenan and the Guests arrived on Earth for their invasion, he did not expect the Federation and its military to be fully prepared, as the Gaia Sabers anticipated their drop points around the globe, and hastily fended off their preemptive strikes (Mekibos, who is the pipeline between the Earth and the Zuvorg Alliance, has been supplying the Gaia Sabers with information). Another moment is invoked when Shu reveals he managed to understand and use the naked singularity and black hole theory, leading Zezenan into a VillainousBreakdown]].
** ThisCannotBe
* ShoulderCannon: Baran Schnile's "Giga Driver Cannons"; [[spoiler:may double as a form of KillSat, given the context of the attack in the ''Second Original Generation'']].
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Is it "Zezenan" or "Zezernan"?
* SphereOfDestruction: Baran Schnile's "Big Bang Wave"

!!!Justine Chafrois (Voiced by Creator/YukoMizutani)
* AceCustom: Beudrifar
* EyepatchOfPower: Always wears one on her right eye whenever in combat; even the Beudrifar has a special camera that matches hers. Her actual eye is perfectly fine, however - Justine simply uses it as a visual aid when aiming.
* InSeriesNickname: "Seti"
* SubordinateExcuse: [[spoiler:Justine used to be engaged to Grofis, but he called it off after he became a mercenary. She followed him and still has feelings for him]].
* RingsOfDeath: Beudrifar's "Tri Driver" and "Illusion Saucer"
* VocalEvolution: Her voice acting has noticeably gone deeper and less playful than when she sounded in ''F''/''F Final''

!!!Zebris Forschwa (Voiced by Ryusuke Oobayashi in ''F''/''F Final''[[note]]Replaced by [[Creator/YuichiNagashima Cho]] in the ''Second Original Generation''[[/note]])
* AceCustom: Org-Valu
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Who would believe such a laid-back guy would be such a dangerous foe?
* ChildhoodFriends: With Mekibos
* InSeriesNickname: "Zeb"
* ShockAndAwe: Org-Valu's "Gein Shooter"
* YouAreInCommandNow: Became a general after his superior was killed in battle.

!!!Grofis Lacrein (Voiced by Kazuo Hayashi in ''F''/''F Final''[[note]]Replaced by Tomofumi Ikezoe in the ''Second Original Generation''[[/note]])
* AceCustom: Zeidram
* AlphaStrike: Zeidram's "Vanish Geyser"
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: Back in the Classic Timeline, he was depicted as rather cold and aloof, even in battle. [[spoiler:In the ''Second Original Generation'', Grofis has gotten significantly more HotBlooded in the pilot seat]].
* DefectorFromDecadence: [[spoiler:[[BlueBlood Grew up in an aristocratic family]], but left to become a mercenary because he felt unsatisfied just cruising on his family name]].
%%* OnlySaneMan