Characters: Suicide Squad

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Because of the high turnover of employees, this series has Loads and Loads of Characters.

1987 Series Field Agents

Blockbuster (Mark Desmond)
  • The Berserker: The experiments he made on himself made him super-strong and gigantic, but decreased his intelligence and caused him to become mindlessly aggressive
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Ends up killed by Darkseid's creation Brimstone.
  • Dumb Muscle: The formula that transformed Mark into Blockbuster damaged his cognitive abilities.
  • Professor Guinea Pig: Used to be a chemist who tested his own formula on himself in an attempt to get strong.
  • Super Strength: His main power.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Just look at the pic.

Bronze Tiger (Ben Turner)
  • Animal Motifs: Take a guess.
  • The Atoner: After serving as a brainwashed lackey of the League of Assassins, Ben felt the need to act righteously to make up for his actions.
  • Badass Normal: He is just a martial artist with no superhuman power. But he is a very good martial artist, capable of exchanging blows with Batman.
  • Reluctant Psycho: The whole reason he turned to martial arts was to learn to control the rage inside of him.
  • Scary Black Man: He is black under his mask.

Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness)
For more details, see The Flash The Rogues

Count Vertigo

  • Aristocrats Are Evil: By virtue of being the last descendant of the royal family who used to rule Vlatava.
  • Blond Guys Are Evil
  • Death Seeker: Was this for a while, and almost entered into a duel with Deadshot for the sake of dying. He grew out of it eventually.
  • Handicapped Badass: he suffers a hereditary inner ear defect that affects his balance, forcing him to use a small electronic device implanted in his right temple to make up for it. However, said device allows him to affect other people's sense of balance.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero


Duchess (Lashina)
  • Easy Amnesia: She suffered this upon her arrival on Earth after being shot.
  • The Mole: An accidental version. She was left for dead by her fellow Female Furies, but only suffered Easy Amnesia and was allowed into the Squad as she had no Earth records. Once the amnesia wore off, Lashina decided to betray the team in the process of returning to Apokolips.
  • Physical Goddess: She is a New Goddess from Apokolips.

Enchantress (June Moone)






Rick Flag, Jr.


1987 Series Support Staff

Amanda Waller

  • Anti-Villain/Anti-Hero: Depending on the story and the writer. Her position has placed as both an ally and and antagonist to superheroes in the DC Universe, and in either case she is trying to do good but relying on extreme methods.
  • Black Boss Lady
  • Gonk: Depending on the Artist on the writer, but she is frequently depicted as overweight.
  • In-Series Nickname: "The Wall"
  • Iron Lady: You have to be commanding and have a temper when your job consists in leading a squad made entirely of villains. Even Batman knows better than to cross her lightly.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Her driving goal is her need to protect and strengthen the government she works for. It doesn't matter what methods she uses or what crimes the government may have committed, either before she was called in or after clearing things up: so long as they defend the USA, then it's acceptable.
  • Necessarily Evil: She knows full well that some of the things she does are wrong, but she justifies them as necessary. Through her crimes, she serves a greater purpose, the protection and advancement of the United States of America.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: She is genuinely trying to work for the good of her country, but she isn't afraid to send dangerous supervillains on suicide missions to this end, and her methods are so drastic even some people in the government are shocked by it.


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2001 Series Field Agents

Major Disaster

2001 Series Support Staff

Frank "Sergeant" Rock

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2011 Series Field Agents

Captain Boomerang


El Diablo

Harley Quinn

In the New 52, Harley is captured by Black Canary and is forcibly inducted into the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller. For major info see relative page.

James Gordon Jr.

King Shark



2011 Series Support Staff

Amanda Waller

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