Characters / Sugar Sugar Rune

Characters that appeared in Moyoco Anno's Sugar Sugar Rune.

Contains spoilers

The Witches

Both Chocolat and Vanilla

Chocolat Meilleur / Chocolat Kato

One of the main characters, Vanilla's best friend and also one of the candidates to become the Queen of the Magical World.

Vanilla Mieux / Vanilla Ice

One of the main characters, Chocolat's best friend and also one of the candidates to become the Queen of the Magical World. Vanilla is a very shy but a kind person.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: Her cute clumsiness is part of why the boys all go nuts for her.
  • Dark Magical Girl: After becoming the Ogre Princess. She gets better.
  • Evil Costume Switch: She wears a slinky dark purple dress when she becomes the Ogre Princess. She also starts favoring a black feather boa.
  • Face–Heel Turn: After siding with Pierre and becoming the Ogre Princess. She also gets better.
  • Fragile Flower
  • Lonely at the Top: Vanille's status as princess combined with her introverted personality made her very lonely as a child.
  • Purple Eyes
  • Shrinking Violet
  • The Unfavorite: She grows to feel this way about the Queen competition, thinking that everyone including her own mother would prefer that Chocolat won the contest.

Rockin' Robin

Chocolat and Vanilla's guardian and mentor in the human world, Robin is an accomplished wizard and a rockstar in the human world.

The Ogres


One of the main characters, and prince of the ogres.


Pierre's servant both in the anime and manga. Later in the manga he is forced by Alchimie to help Alchimie steal Pierre's Noir. Has the ability to predict the weather.

Minor Characters


Chocolat's frog familiar.


Vanilla's mouse familiar.

Queen Candy

Vanilla's mother and queen of the magical world.

Cinnamon Meilleure/Cernunnos

Chocolat's dead mother.
  • Baleful Polymorph
  • Cat Stereotype: Fittingly for such a mysterious character, her cat form is black.
  • Cats Are Magic: She seems to have the strongest magic of the three familiars we meet.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Cernunnos is introduced early on as Pierre's familiar who just hangs around in the background of his scenes and never says anything.
  • Missing Mom
  • Mysterious Parent: A continual thread throughout the story is Chocolat's efforts to find out more about her mother and what happened to her.
  • The Speechless: Part of her punishment was having her voice taken away.


The delivery man for the magical mail-order service.

Houx and Saule

Chocolat's childhood friends who become her knights during the Magical Girl Queenliness Test.


An ancient witch who lives alone in a desert on the edge of the magical world.


A shopkeeper who drives very hard bargains.


Alchimie's flying broomstick who formed an attachment to Chocolat and escaped with her.


A famous Hollywood actress who also happens to be a witch.