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Characters: Subnormality

The Sphynx (sic)

The strip's mascot. She's over 3000 years old (with the face of a woman a hundredth her age) but still doesn't completely understand humanity. She's friends with Pink Haired Girl.

  • Even Evil Has Standards: She was disgusted to find out Oedipus' mother married her own son.
  • Blue and Orange Morality, or at least Affably Evil. She tries to follow the rules of society and work within it at times, and she certainly understands it a lot better than other monsters.
  • Historical In-Joke: She is the Mona Lisa.
  • My Nayme Is: Probably unintentional, but "Sphinx" is properly spelled with an i.
    • Or having something to do with her age and the sheer number of languages she has dealt with. She likely is not using an English pronunciation either.
  • To Serve Man: Taken surprisingly frequently in stride by witnesses.

Pink Haired Girl

A slightly depressed ordinary Jane who drifts from job to job. Friends with The Sphynx. She spends a lot of time observing and commenting on life around her and has a notably unsuccessful dating life.


A super-curvy, smoking hot brunette with a thing for skimpy clothing and an interest in museums, bookstores, and a good number of stereotypical guy traits. She tends to be oblivious to her effect on men and evidently has a wildly overactive imagination.

Ethel Blackmore

A frustrated horror writer and, eventually, Pink Haired Girl's second best friend after the Sphynx.

  • What Could Have Been: Ethel too has been to the Museum of the Theoretical, and met three other Ethels with completely different lives.
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