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This includes all the side stories, as well as the short story collections.

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     Ace of Spades 
Still Waters 2.5: The Ace of Spades

From Class 3-A

Kugimya Madoka

  • Action Girl
  • Battle Aura: It's blue, and only shows up when she's using her ki.
  • Berserk Button: Hurt Misa, you're dead.
  • Famed In-Story: She is well known as a badass to the extent that she can't go near the fighting clubs without being challenged to a fight on the spot.
  • Godzilla Threshold: The only thing that can get Madoka to use her ki at this point in her life is someone about to murder Misa right before her eyes.
  • Super Mode: When Madoka goes all out with her ki to the point where she loses control, she stands up straighter and just generally looks "like something out of a dream or a nightmare", becoming strikingly beautiful as opposed to her normal mildly attractive appearance, according to Negi.
  • Willfully Weak: She consciously refrains from using her massive ki while fighting because she's afraid she'll lose control like she did in Still Waters 1 (see chapter 18 and up). It helps that in the setting, she is easily capable of taking out any normal fighter without taking advantage of it.

Kakizaki Misa

  • Badass Boast: In chapter 3, after the Curb-Stomp Battle between Nelle and Madoka: "You have crossed a line. What you did to Madoka, that…"/"If…if something happens, there is nowhere you can run that will be safe. I will never give up. Even if I have to…even if I have to kill the girl, even if I die myself, I swear I will destroy everything." It takes a minute for it to sink in, but the ancient evil artifact actually gets scared of Misa.
  • Berserk Button: Don't mess with Madoka.
  • In Love with Your Carnage: She shows hints of this in chapter 4 when, in a daze and unable to think clearly due to the severe beating Nelle just gave her, she watches Madoka with her aura blazing away going berserk on Nelle.

Miyazaki Nodoka

Ayase Yue

Other Students

Liliana Rosario

  • Big Brother Worship: She looks up to her big brother Ruben to a ridiculous extent.
  • Blackmail: Almost immediately upon their first meeting, Liliana tries to blackmail Madoka into helping her. Perhaps not surprisingly, Madoka doesn't respond well to the attempt.
  • Brainy Brunette: While she's not a genius in class, she is rather intelligent.
  • It's All My Fault: Liliana is the one who left the extremely powerful ancient artifact left behind by her brother out in the open, resulting in her friend Nelle getting possessed by it.
  • Knife Nut: She is shown several times to have knives hidden about her person.
  • Quirky Curls: Her hair is quite curly.
  • Younger Than They Look: Madoka, at least, as a third year high school student initially thought Liliana was almost the same age; Liliana is actually a middle school student in Negi's class.


Sakai Reiko

Other Characters


  • Badass Bystander: He's the first one to give Nelle any significant trouble in combat; he even managed to last longer than Madoka did her first time around.
  • Heroic Willpower: When he is ordered to attack Madoka, he does his absolute best to fight against the mind control powers of the mask and keep from hurting her for as long as he can until Madoka takes him down and Misa binds him with magic.

The Mask

  • Artifact of Doom
  • Blood Knight: It doesn't care about personal squabbles or money or who's in charge of who; it just wants to fight.
  • Clingy MacGuffin: Once you put the mask on, you cannot take it off easily.
  • Evil Weapon: Not quite a weapon, but it is quite evil and has a mind of its own, and even has its own mental image of itself as a massive man in scaly armor.
  • Telepathy: This is how it communicates with other people, since Nelle is mute.

Ruben Rosario

  • Shrouded in Myth: He was the former "Ace of Spades", and did a lot of good things for the town eight years before the story; even the ghosts remember him as somebody strong.

Serge Rosario

     For Absent Friends 
Still Waters: For Absent Friends

Max Linell

Negi Springfield

Takahata Takamichi

Minamoto Shizuna


Byron The Water Mage

  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Not shown in story, but he is implied to be an extremely powerful mage.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Because he's not as glamorous as Max, Jennifer, Guy, or Arvel even though he used to routinely beat all four of them in spar sessions, the new agents don't respect him enough.

Other Characters





Father Brian


     The Queen of Light 
Still Waters 2.7: The Queen of Light

Murakami Natsumi

Naba Chizuru

Yukihiro Ayaka

Lady Rosalind Strachan

Chizuru's aunt, the woman who raised her from a child.
  • Abusive Parents: She was extremely strict when raising Chizuru, including meting out punishments.
  • Aggressive Categorism: She is not fond of the Japanese, calling Ayaka "Half breed rice girl" and Natsumi a "gutter dog", and suspecting the latter of planning to steal her silverware.
  • Evil Matriarch: She shows signs of this.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: She suffers from this in chapter 3.
  • The Perfectionist: She is a perfectionist herself, and insists on perfection in Chizuru too.

Sir Alexander Stratos

This story marks his first appearance in the series, as well as the first mention of several more of the Great Vampire Lords.

The Queen of Light

     How To Fight Zombies 
Still Waters 2.7b: How To Fight Zombies

Members of the Church

Kasuga Misora

  • Beware the Silly Ones
  • Drives Like Crazy: On a Vespa scooter, no less. Antics include jumping the scooter up onto a narrow ledge over a river, using her pactio artifact to leap the thirty feet between ledge and land, and darting at high speeds through narrow alleys, occasionally knocking off a side mirror or two.
  • In a Single Bound: A power given Misora by her pactio artifact. She makes great use of it as the story goes on.
  • Indy Ploy: Most of her plans are of this nature, bad plans made up on the spot.
  • Required Secondary Powers: Misora has an innate sense for body reinforcement magic, which is necessary to keep her bones from being crushed by the force of landing after a long jump.

Bishop Marco Costa


The same Ciel from Tsukihime. As punishment for her actions in Japan with the Tohno family, Ciel has been recalled to the Rome, where she is put in charge of a certain nun...

Brother Benedetto

People At The Dorm

Aurelia Russo

One of the receptionists at the dorm. Tends to overwork herself to the point of exhaustion.

Rachele Giordano

One of the receptionists at the dorm. Enjoys reading romance novels. Made an honest effort to learn Japanese in preparation for Misora's arrival.

Teresa Rossi

The manager of the dorm. Drives a Vespa.


The dorm's head cook.

Other Characters

Nina Bianchi

The second student assigned to Ciel, after which she will be headed to the Guardian Agency. Friendly and polite. Misora's roommate, and her first friend in Rome. Tried hard to learn Japanese in preparation for Misora's arrival.

Isabella Lombardi

The third student assigned to Ciel, after which she will be headed to the Special Exorcism Agency. A serious minded girl, she is an old friend of Nina's.


Nina's best friend. Killed Off for Real several years ago by a vampire.

Tohno Akiha

Makes a brief appearance in chapter 2. From Tsukihime

Arcueid Brunestud

Makes a brief appearance in chapter 2. From Tsukihime

     A Robot's Life 
Still Waters 3.01: A Robot's Life

Inoue Ai

Tanaka Unit 1125

Hakase Satomi

Saotome Haruna



Rally Wheeler

The Professor's Robots

The Professor created dozens upon dozens of robots in a secret warehouse laboratory, using a three part naming system. The first letter indicates the gender of the robot, the number indicates the model, and the final letter indicates that particular unit's place in that model run. Each unit was hand built, and not all examples of a particular model run were suitable to activate. This list is in order of age, oldest to youngest by build date.

General Tropes

  • Heart Drive: It turns out that the 'Emotion Centers' most of them are equipped with actually contain captured souls, which are behind the robot's A.I..


The oldest surviving unit, it is commonly called "he" in spite of having no gender.


The second oldest surviving unit, it is male and is one of the most aggressive of the surviving units.


The oldest surviving female unit, her specialty was material synthesis, and she is the one who provided the synthetic skin that the others use to hide their true nature when it is necessary to go out among the populace for materials or anything else. She has a strong temper. She is the oldest surviving unit that could pass as a human.

FX8-a "Sarah:

A highly advanced prototype without an emotion center, the Professor abandoned the project shortly before activation.


Several dozen simpler units created to provide backup processing power for FX8-a. They have no will of their own.
  • Hive Mind: They function as this for FX8-a, who knows everything they know and can give them orders through their built in network or take control of any individual member.


The youngest female unit, activated by the others hours before the Professor passed away in an attempt to cheer him up. Her specialty is maintenance; she is the reason the remaining units have functioned for as long as they have.


The youngest remaining male unit, an error in construction resulted in a blown processor, which greatly restricts what he is capable of doing.

Other Characters

The Professor

  • Finally Found the Body: His body was found by Hakase and Haruna in his bed in Chapter 11, where it had lain for several years.

     Characters Appearing In Short Story Collections 
Still Waters 3, Book 1: Side Stories

Still Waters 3: Meet The New Class

Aunt Yumeko

Mako Sylvester's aunt, she taught her how to control her abilities when her parents were unable to.


A member of the Shinmeiryu in Kyoto who helped Kondo Kai escape from the people pursuing her family.


A cat youkai woman, she is a member of the Shinmeiryu in charge of the unit that Chiba and Mizuhara belong to, and is the one who brought Kondo Kai to Mahora. She is an old acquaintance of Takahata.


The mysterious friend that helped Rosemary Dean get into Mahora, little is known about him, though he is hinted to be Stingy Jack. An old friend of the headmaster.


A hotheaded young man, he enjoys fighting more than is probably necessary. Or healthy. One of his favorite sparring partners is Possum Cade.
  • Hot-Blooded: Invoked. Jirou loves the image of the stereotypical hotheaded shounen protagonist and has gone to great trouble to make himself fit the part.

Kara's Little Sister

A little younger than Kara, she is nevertheless much more used to social interaction, and helped Kara prepare for the time she would spend in Japan.

Kara's Mother

A strict woman, she taught Kara and her sister the sword, and sent her on her mission to Japan.

Kuroi Yuina

The youthful, friendly nurse in the special hospital Ono Ran ended up in after the horrific incident at her old school, she seems to have an unusual connection with the young girl.


A member of the Shinmeiryu in Kyoto who helped Kondo Kai escape from the people pursuing her family.

Takaki Hoshiko

Sato Gin's great aunt on her mother's side, she took over when Gin's mother was threatening to marry her off to a boy she hardly knew, and sent her off to Mahora. She is an old friend of the headmaster.

Yoshida Ume's Mother

The former leader of an all-girl biker gang, she fell in love and settled down to have Ume, after which her biker gang husband ran off with another woman.