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Characters: Still Waters 2
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Taking place after summer break, Still Waters 2 picks up where Still Waters 1 left off, and features a whole slew of new characters.

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     Class 3-A 
Ah, good old class 3-A. For the sake of simplicity, only tropes displayed in Still Waters 2 will be listed.

#1 Aisaka Sayo

#2 Akashi Yuuna

#3 Asakura Kazumi

#4 Ayase Yue

#5 Izumi Ako

#6 Okochi Akira

#7 Kakizaki Misa

#8 Kagurazaka Asuna

#9 Kasuga Misora

#10 Karakuri Chachamaru

#11 Kugimiya Madoka

#12 Ku Fei

#13 Konoe Konoka

#14 Saotome Haruna

#15 Sakurazaki Setsuna

#16 Sasaki Makie

#17 Shiina Sakurako

#18 Tatsumiya Mana

#20 Nagase Kaede

#21 Naba Chizuru

#22 Narutaki Fuka

#23 Narutaki Fumika

#24 Hakase Satomi

#25 Hasegawa Chisame

#26 Evangeline A. K. Mc Dowell

#27 Miyazaki Nodoka

#28 Murakami Natsumi

#29 Yukihiro Ayaka

#30 Yotsuba Satsuki

#31 Zazie Rainyday

     Mahora Characters 

Negi Springfield

Max Linell

Jennifer Minindry

Takahata Takamichi

Minamoto Shizuna

Konoe Konoemon

Takane D. Goodman

Sakura Mei

     First Yakuza Group 

Saga Jin

The good-natured, trigger-happy leader of his own newly formed Yakuza group, currently moved down south in order to help an old ally of his father's with a certain request...


Jin's perverted second in command.

     Second Yakuza Group 

Mochizuki Hiroaki

The serious young leader of an old Yakuza group that's recently fallen on hard times, he's been offered a job that promises good pay with no drawbacks...




  • The Speechless: Rendered mute by a severe wound to the throat years ago.

Mochizuki Kagami

Hiroaki's younger sister, and next in line to be the head.

     Rav's Group 




  • Chaotic Evil: Type 3. He is a criminal simply because it allows him to do pretty much whatever he wants.

     Other Characters 


  • Reverse Mole: He is an old colleague of Mana's, and has been working with the police to take down his current group's leader.


The CEO of his own company, he is not what he seems.
  • Avenging the Villain: Remember what Nagi did to the villains back during the war? One of them created Gaze. This is his main motivation.


Jacob Donner

Roy Wheeler's boss, he is pulling a lot of strings.

Rally Wheeler

Roy Wheeler

A brilliant scientist and engineer, he seems more interested in his 'secret project' than his actual job.

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