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Characters: Starship Titanic
The crew of the starship Titianic are the bots (robots) with uploaded personalities, gathered from personality donations, where a person has their personality copied for a bit of cash.

Edmund Lucy Fentible, DoorBot
(The ship has just crashed into your house) "Don't worry, no harm done, just a little scratch to the paintwork I think. Lucky your house was quite soft..."

The first Bot you're likely to meet as you board the Starship Titanic is Edmund Lucy Fentible, DoorBot extraordinaire.Amiable, charming and trustworthy, Fentible's personality (purchased and scanned at enormous expense by Starlight Lines for their exclusive new collection of Bots with "Genuine People Personalities") was ideal material for the luxury liner's first point of contact. You will find his manners impeccable, his discretion unequalled, and his calm cool and collected.Except during the occasional bout of forgetfulness.And then of course there are those rather unnerving mood swings...
- official website profile

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Marsinta Drewbish, Deskbot
"Any problems your room bring them to me and I'll ignore them as soon as I can, anything else I can ignore straight away!"

The Starship Titanic's ultra-efficient ReaLifeŽ Superior Class DeskBot, GPP Marsinta Drewbish, is a desk-clerk like no other. Witheringly condescending to the lower classes, ingratiating to VIPs, Marsinta maintains the delicate sociohierarchical ecobalance on board ship. If you have a snowball's hope on Sol of getting an upgrade, she's the one you'll have to convince.And heaven help you if you're caught with a complimentary shampoo at check-out time...
- official website profile

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Krage Koyotoaal IV, BellBot
" I see your not carrying any luggage, that's great! I can some time off right away! and I see your super galactic traveller class, so I guess you can find your own way to your room! The doors over there, the lifts around somewhere. Relax, stay cool, enjoy!"

When Starlight Lines bought Krage Koyotoal IV's personality to install in the BellBot, they couldn't have made a bigger mistake. You're only supposed to have your brain scanned once, but Krage's real-life original has found a way to do it once a week, using the money to finance all sorts of dodgy habits.Krage's idea of heaven would be driving an open-top down an ocean highway, surfboard on the back, babe-bot in the front, six-pack in the cooler, and one of those romantic lime-green sunsets melting on the horizon...
- official website profile

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G.Nobbington, LiftBot
"Are you by chance a military man? military woman? thing?. No, lets keep things simple, I goes up, I goes down. Which is it to be? "

Like all lift operatives the galaxy over, Nobby was once an old soldier. He's no longer sure which war he fought in (he's seen so many action movies he gets confused), but he knows he did because he came home without an arm. Nobby's had every illness in the book and is determined to let you know the details.Travelling with Nobby is torture unless you have a deep interest in military history or the secret workings of the body...
- official website profile

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Fortillian Bantoburn O'Perfulous, BarBot

Fortillian Bantoburn O'Perfluous's personality has run bars all over the galaxy, but like most members of the Blarghish race he remains stubbornly and romantically Blarghish: one day he's going to return home to Blarghland and buy a little pub out on the stormy west coast.Most of the time he's charming and funny. Friend, guide, sporting encyclopaedia — he's the perfect barman. So what if he's got a nice line in whiplash insults and a resourcefully economic way with the truth..?
- official website profile

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D'Astragar(D'Astragaaar)D'Astragar, Maitre d'Bot
" Do not prod my Achilles buttock! It is very unfair that I can not wiggle it away!"

D'Astragar "D'Astragaaar" D'Astragar is descended from an ancient family, renowned in their quadrant as top-flight maitre d's. Interestingly, the clan has also produced more than its share of ruthless assassins. It has, D'Astragar notes, occasionally been possible to combine the two in one job, though he hastens to add that he is on board the Starship Titanic solely in his role of cuisinier, not that of lethal and merciless killer.Nonetheless, it would be wise to think twice before sending back the soup...
- official website profile

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Shorbert Sweet, Succ-U-Bus
"You want suck? I suck. You want blow? I blow. You want intellectual disputation? I got a big belch.[belches]"

Normally you get paid when you donate your personality. When Shorbut Sweet offered his, they told him not to worry, they'd take it away for free.Given Shorbut's work history, becoming a Succ-U-Bus is a promotion, but it hasn't gone to his head: he hates his work, he hates life, he hates being disturbed. He does like sleep and chickens. Nobody knows why...
- official website profile

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"I'm really sorry about the parrot."
The core of the ship, the central intelligence. Bits of her mind are hidden all over the ship.

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