Characters / Starmaiden Of Akasha

List of Starmaiden Of Akasha characters (currently incomplete).

Note that quite a few of these names I made up on the spot and will likely be changed in the future.

Freya Crowleyvane

The main character of the story, Freya is seventeen years old with brownish-black hair just below shoulder-length.

When she was very young an accident happened with permanently damaged her eyes, as a result she's now unable to look at television or computer screens without suffering from migraines. In a world highly reliant on digital and cybernetic technology, Freya feels like a complete outcast.

Freya's a generally nice person, although certainly not The Pollyanna, she has touches of world-weariness and snark. Has no real interest in the Grail and fights mainly to stop Roderick and later the other adversaries she and Saber face.


Freya's Servant, a mysterious red-haired, red-clothed woman with horns and wings. Initially comes off as a lazy jerk only really interested in fighting, though she does have her redeeming qualities.

Eleanor Tohsaka

A dark and mysterious woman Freya meets coincidentally soon after the beginning of the Grail War. She is the last of the Tohsaka lineage, and is highly antisocial due to her extremely fragile body and distorted senses making it hard to interact with anything. However she also possesses the Mystic Eyes of Life Perception.

Roderick Sachatel

Owner of the local library, a brown-haired man in his late forties. An eccentric sort who taught Freya everything about magic, he used to be a member of the Magic Association before he left in disgust. He now seeks to destroy the Association.

He once used to be 'Rod Kronos', a well-known and respected Captain of the Space Armada, though such glory days are far behind him.


Roderick's Servant, a tall bearded British gentleman wearing Tudor Era clothing. His true identity is Sir Francis Drake (not a spoiler, he tells us very early on).

Myria Claremort

A quirky inventor living in the apartment next door to Freya's, she is very hyperactive for an adult and thinks Freya's unique condition is 'fascinating'. Her inventions have a tendency to explode often, although some of them really do work.

Voruskiur Keoden

A member of the Hashmalim, a lizard-like species of aliens and the only extraterrestrial race humans have made contact with so far. Has come down to Earth on a mysterious agenda.

(Note that Hashmalim is only the English word for their species, the name they call themselves is unpronouncable in most human tongues).

Ferdinand Skycastle

The current director of the Clock Tower and leader of the Mage's Association. A stern, gray-haired and fairly nasty man in his late thirties known for his strictness and cruelty, he has ended up both feared and secretly hated by many, though is nevertheless a very powerful magus worthy of such a high title.

"Red-Haired Painter"

A mysterious individual who lives alone in a studio to the north of the city. Not much is known about him, however he's assumed to be a Magus.

Graham Peterson

The Church Overseer for this War, in his prime he was a very high-ranking member of the Burial Agency and was feared by all enemies of the Church. Keywords being In his prime. Nowadays he's just a senile old coot who's gone completely round the bend, to everyone's embarassment.

Isaac Mirrors

Graham's assistant and substitute Church Overseer. In his early twenties. Tends to be highly paranoid, strict and critical, though relaxes more when he's not dealing with Graham.


A bowman from Ancient China. Stern and serious, sometimes takes his orders a little too literally.


A mysterious woman known to be one of the Amazons, although nobody's sure which. She's very religious and devoted to the gods, which places her at great odds with Saber.

Tiamat 58

A highly advanced supercomputer built and owned by the Magic Association.

Dr. Amenemhet

Freya's local doctor, an Egyptian man who later turns out to be a Magus, although he only specialises in healing magic. Is spied on by the Clock Tower who believe he was sent from Atlas.

Julian Barthomeloi

Vice director of the the Mages' Association and Chief Programmer and inventor of Tiamat 58, he is a kind and hard-working person who unfortunately happens to be the assistant of Ferdinand Skycastle.

His "Mystic Code"s are the dual-wielded sword Voice Of God and the dagger Hand Of God. Mystic Code in quotation marks because, on closer inspection, they don't appear to be anything more than normal weapons.


Not a member of the Hashashin due to being summoned by another Servant. In his lifetime he despised other Magi for being too arrogant and overconfident in their abilities. Unfortunately those words describe his new Masters exactly, much to his annoyance.

Freya's Parents

Millicent and Cameron Crowleyvane, the former being an astronomer, the latter being constantly unemployed.

Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg

A powerful centuries-old vampire sorcerer with the ability to traverse the dimensions and control alternate possibilities through the "Kaleidoscope" miracle. Ends up involved in the story after suspecting that there's something off about this 'Grail War'. One of the three characters who aren't OCs.

Crimson Moon

The first ever vampire, and Aristoteles (or "Type") of the Moon, an Aristoteles being the strongest being created by a celestial body as its 'champion'. Came to Earth and was killed years ago by Zelretch, although rumoured to have been recently resurrected.


Created from a loophole in reality, it is the Servant known only as 'Void'. Appears as a formless shadowy monstrosity, its true identity is an amalgam of all the potential Servants not summoned for this War and thus can use every single Noble Phantasm, except for those of the Avenger class.
  • Ax-Crazy - Essentially almost every possible Servant smushed together. Let's see how you'd handle that.
  • Eldritch Abomination
  • Expy - Slightly based off Arakune.
  • Glass Cannon/ Achilles' Heel - Although its strength and magic power are extremely high, due to the sheer strain of keeping itself composed its defence is fairly low.
  • Hive Mind
  • I Am Legion - Too obvious.
  • Made of Explodium - Relies too much on one Servant's powers and its balance will break, shifts rapidly between Servants and it'll overheat. Either way the result's the same.
  • Power at a Price - One of the most powerful Servants, yet also one of the most difficult to control. Plus there's the insanely high Mana cost.
  • Voice of the Legion - Unlike Berserker, it's actually able to talk, although comes across as completely insane and detached from reality while doing so.

Alumina Chariot

A mysterious and ethereally beautiful lady Freya encounters. Has blonde hair and dresses entirley in white. Appears rather pleasant, but something's... not quite right about her.