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Characters: Starlit Heroics Tale Of A Sun And Moon Heroes
This names off the good guys in the Tale of a Sun and Moon stories.

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     Main heroes 

Allen Zetmia / Devil Eater Apollo

A rank-and-file attendant that works for the infamous Sun Arms weapon manufacturing company. He's responsible for inspecting and testing the weapons for quality control, and is a complete jackass with a good heart.

Armasol IV / Devil Eater Helios

The prototype laser blade that Allen inadvertantly steals from his company - once activated, it is revealed that it has a will of its own.

Nina Leitzal / Moon Shepherd Eos

Beatrice Rezamorts

Ralus Delarchia

Junelise Vuitton


Sidera Arlucio

Claus Laurent

Okami Mirahime

Alice Leitzal

Ramuza Lebanic

     Rezamorts Nobility 

Victoria Rezamorts

Anita Rezamorts

Camille Octavia

Stelon Armamol

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