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Characters in the Star Wars franchise and its new Expanded Universe are sorted according to their main allegiance within the canon films, animated series, novels, short stories, video games, and comics. All canon appearances of these characters will be listed at the top of their profile.

For characters introduced in the movies that are also prominently included in Star Wars Legends, see here. For information on characters that exclusively appeared or debuted in the Legends setting, go here.

The Rebel Alliance, New Republic, and Resistance

  • Rebel Alliance and New Republicnote 
    • Rebel Alliance & New Republic Heroesnote 
    • New Republic Senatenote 
    • Rebel Alliance & New Republic Armynote 
    • Rebel Alliance & New Republic Navynote 
      • Crew of the Ghostnote 
    • Rebel Alliance & New Republic Starfighter Corpsnote 
      • Red Squadronnote 
    • Rebel Alliance & New Republic Intelligencenote 
  • Rebel Cellsnote 
    • Ahsoka Tano
    • Saw Gerrera's Partisansnote 
  • The Uprisingnote 
  • The Resistancenote 
    • Resistance Heroesnote 
    • Resistance Starfighter Corpsnote 

The Galactic Empire and First Order

  • Galactic Empirenote 
    • Imperial Courtnote 
    • Imperial Armynote 
    • Imperial Navynote 
      • Death Star Crewnote 
      • Imperial Death Squadronnote 
      • Inferno Squadronnote 
    • Inquisitoriusnote 
    • COMPNORnote 
    • Imperial Garrisonsnote 
      • Lothal Garrisonnote 
    • Doctor Cylo's Projectnote 
  • The First Ordernote 

The Jedi Order

  • The Jedi Ordernote 
    • The Jedi Councilnote 
    • Jedi Mastersnote 
  • Fallen Jedinote 

The Galactic Republic

  • The Galactic Republicnote 
    • Galactic Republic Senatenote 
    • Clone Troopersnote 
      • 501st Legionnote 

Separatist Alliance

  • Separatist Alliancenote 
    • Separatist Militarynote 
    • Trade Federationnote 

The Galactic Fringe

  • Bounty Hunters and Mercenariesnote 
    • Republic Eranote 
  • Criminalsnote 
    • Dr. Aphra and the Ark Angel Crewnote 
    • The Hutt Clansnote 
    • The Ohnaka Gangnote 
  • Spacersnote 

Planets and Races

  • Planets and Racesnote 
    • Core Worldsnote 
      • Coruscantnote 
    • Inner Rimnote 
      • Jakkunote 
      • Onderonnote 
    • Mid Rimnote 
      • Jedhanote 
      • Naboonote 
    • Outer Rim Territoriesnote 
      • Anoat Sectornote 
      • Dathomirnote 
      • Hutt Spacenote 
      • Lothalnote 
      • Mandalorian Spacenote 
      • Rylothnote 
      • Tatooinenote 
      • Zygerrianote 

Other Characters and Creatures

  • Other Force-Users and Beingsnote 
  • Religious Organizationsnote 
  • Creaturesnote 

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