Characters / Staines Down Drains

The Staines

Stanly Staine - Stanly doesn't care for dirt or germs. He'd like nothing more than to lead a slow, quiet, clean life. But then, one day he finds himself as the reluctant hero of a clan of mutant creatures living in the drains. Life is hard enough going to school and dealing with the local bullies. But then try making time to save the local drains from a deranged madman. Suddenly he finds himself with far more excitement in his life than he ever wanted. But at the end of the day Stanley rises to the occasion and never fails to help out what could be his only real friends.

Mary-Jane Staine - Stanley's little sister is his exact opposite. Where as Stanley is usually a quiet, cautious person, Mary-Jane is adventurous and more than a little headstrong. She willingly jumps at the chance to help out her new friends. Mary-Jane occasionally has to prod Stanley into adventures. But, at the same time, Stanley has to occasionally hold Mary-Jane back from getting in over her head.

The Drainlanders

Peaceful creatures who live in the drains. Exposure to the various toxins of the drains have caused them to mutate into truly odd life forms. They spend their time battling Gobblers with Stanley and Mary-Jane's help and tending to a pool of special plants that purify toxins.

Vegety-Bill - The leader of the Drainlanders. Vegety-Bill mutated from a carrot. He's a tough fighter and easily among the strongest of the Drainlanders. He was also the first Drainlander to try fighting back against the Gobblers.

Blobert - A purple blob with one eye. Blobert is a lighthearted Drainlander, who loves having fun. His blob-like form gives him the ability to twist himself into different shapes.

Herc - A living hairball. He lives in Blobert's mouth and is rarely apart from his best friend. Herc is a bit of a coward, but will stick by his friends when he needs too.

Old Wilhelm - This walking, talking pile of fungus has been around a long time and pretty much seen it all. He runs a trading post in the drains and is the go-to guy when people need things or information.

Dr. Drain - The main villain of the show. He's the one who invented the plughole portal that allows passage into the drains. He presented the idea to the town mayor, but was mocked and laughed at. Now Dr. Drain hides in the drains and has joined forces with the Gobblers to get revenge. He'll stop at nothing to get the Gobblers the toxins they need to grow gigantic and reek havoc on the town.

The Gobblers

A race of mutant creatures who live in the drains. The Gobblers thrive on toxins and are upset when the Drainlanders start cleaning them up. They join forces with Dr. Drain to destroy the purifying plants and get the toxins they need to grow big and strong.

Beef - Beef isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. In fact he's about as dull as they come. They only thing this Gobbler Really has going for him is his large size. Beef usually serves as Dr. Drain's dumb muscle.

Beans - Beans in the only girl of the main three Gobblers. She's a bit brighter than Beef, but not by much.

Bratwust - Bratwurst is the smartest of the main three Gobblers, though that's really not saying much. For some reason, he tends to talk with a German accent.