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Characters: Special Intelligence
The character sheet for the Special Intelligence series, currently under construction.

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    Special Intelligence Division (Office of Extranormal Intelligence Operations) 

Joffrey Crosby

Arguably the lead protagonist of the webcomic. Crosby is one of the new recruits placed onto the S.I.D. at the start of the story, and a lot of his own story centers on the need to "grow up" while being tasked with protecting Earth from every threat imaginable.
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John Bauer

Bad Ass robotic man. S.I.D. Agent John Bauer is one of the hardened soldiers placed onto the new S.I.D. unit to help assist in operations against bad guys. In reality, he's a android made in the image of the deceased Bauer, who had died long ago while fighting against Josef Shabadoo's forces.
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Olivia Smithson

The most experienced of all the S.I.D. operatives. Olivia formerly served in the U.S. Navy, though she was soon transferred onto the S.I.D. after rescuing her crewmates from a massive monster during a training mission that had gone to hell.
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