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Characters: Space Verona
The characters (and players) from Space Verona, arranged for your pleasure and convenience.

The Characters

Romeo Montague

The twenty-year-old son of the late Lord Montague and his wife Veronica, and later the new Lord Montague in his own right when Veronica marries Prince Adriano, Romeo is a dreamy, playful young man quite thoroughly In Love with Love. Prone to writing mediocre poetry and generally coming off like an adorable puppy, he's spared his canonical tragic fate by coming to return Mercutio's love instead.

Juliet Capulet

The sixteen-year-old heiress to the Capulet estate, Juliet's lived a sheltered existence thanks to the efforts of her parents, nurse, and cousin, who prevented her from mixing with the ladettes that comprise most of the rest of Verona's under-25 female population. Unbeknownst to her, she's not a Capulet at all, but actually the illegitimate product of an affair between her mother and Prince Adriano. Unlike Romeo, her story ends up conforming largely to her canon role, but with Mercutio's sister Clara standing in for Romeo, and hesitation over her sexuality in place of the feud. Juliet secretly chooses a life with Clara over her family's wishes for her to marry Count Paris, and it's only Prince Adriano's swift intervention that saves the young lovers from suicide when they're found out.

Tybalt Capulet (born Tybalt Valentio, and later reverting to that again)

The only child of Lady Capulet's brother and sister-in-law, Tybalt lived as a shy, coddled, adored child still in skirts until he was orphaned in a boating accident at age seven. At that point he was sent to live with the Capulets as their ward, and Lord Capulet swiftly saw to it that he was breeched, his hair was cut, his belongings were confiscated and his training to replace Capulet's dead son from his late first wife as the future family champion begun. Not allowed to cry, play with other children, or indeed have a normal life at all, it was only a few years before the boy had become a brooding, dull-eyed automaton incapable of expressing much emotion beyond terrifying rage, as well as epileptic thanks to a training accident that injured his brain. As a teenager, he became fiercely protective of his cousin Juliet and became plagued by masochistic sexual fantasies involving other men, despite also suffering from extremely confused feelings for his aunt. His involvement in the feud between the Capulets and Montagues brought him the often violent scorn of Prince Adriano, as well as into a bizarre sexual relationship somewhere in between love and hate with the prince's nephew Mercutio. By adulthood, however- and much unnoticed by himself- Tybalt had become a particularly graceful and attractive young man, giving the Prince the idea that perhaps turning Tybalt away from the Capulets via seduction would both remove some strong ammunition from the feud and provide Adriano with a bedmate. The Prince proceeded to treat Tybalt with a level of kindness and care he hadn't received since childhood, and unsurprisingly Tybalt became completely devoted to him. Adriano, shocked and touched by the warmth of Tybalt's response, quickly found himself falling in love with Tybalt as well, and when Tybalt officially renounced the Capulets, Adriano made him his second-in-command in the war and campaign of conquest that shortly followed. Tybalt was injured in battle and lost the vision in his right eye fighting for his lover and prince, but he saw this as an insufficient sacrifice, and he began wearing a mask in shame to hide how little he was disfigured.

Despite finding a level of security and contentment with Adriano that he has never known otherwise, old habits die hard, and Tybalt remains a vicious and often terrifying martial figure who resorts to threats, force and intimidation when it comes to exerting authority over others- in fact, he often seems to enjoy it...

  • Angrish: Extremely prone to this.
  • Battle Couple: With Adriano.
  • The Dragon: To Adriano. He takes to the role disconcertingly well.
  • Fetish Fuel Station Attendant: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD.
  • Freakiness Shame: The blind eye that he's so ashamed of is clouded over, but the damaged surface diffuses the light going into it in a way that makes it look like an almost nebulous silvery green-blue sphere. It genuinely is beautiful, and Truth in Television to boot — many eyes blinded by scorches or abrasions in real life develop this eerily pretty quality.
  • I Am Not Pretty: Tybalt is absolutely incapable of believing his face to be at all attractive — and later on he simultaneously thinks the facial scars he acquired in battle make him even uglier and wishes he had been more severely disfigured.
    • Tybalt: Paintings are of great men, or beautiful ones.
    • Adriano: ...and your point is?
  • Jerkass Woobie
  • Perpetual Frowner: With pretty much everyone but Adriano.
  • Two-Faced: After he suffers a blinding facial burn on one side of his face, he begins wearing an eyeless vertical half-mask to hide it. The subversion? His face actually heals quite well, and he uses the menacing look of the mask to hide what he sees as the shame of not being more disfiguringly injured fighting for Adriano.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid

Adriano Della Scala

The Prince of Verona, Adriano succeeded the throne at age seven but remained under his stepfather's protectorship until age fifteen, when he began to rule on his own. He was a precocious and highly entitled child, with a complicated relationship with his sister Clara, whom he saw as his only constant companion in the world. The siblings embarked on a perhaps inevitable (for them) period of exploratory Brother-Sister Incest in early puberty, but Adriano eventually became all too aware of what they were doing and put an end to this. Clara never really stopped loving her brother, even when she married someone else and he began sleeping with the married Diana Capulet, and Adriano, for his part, remained confusingly haunted by his mixed feelings of desire, fraternal love, and revulsion toward her long after she died. As he grew older and was forced to deal with the Capulet/Montague feud destroying Verona, Adriano began feeling increasingly unsatisfied and unaccomplished, not to mention deeply alone- until he hatched the idea of luring Tybalt to his side. Of course, what began as a rather politically motivated, lustful evening snowballed into an unexpected romance that in turn inspired Adriano to actually do something about those feelings of inadequacy and lack of accomplishment- namely, a path of conquest like that of his idol, Alexander the Great.

Adriano was created as a quick expy of Adrian Veidt from Watchmen- specifically the film version- but with time he developed into a much less Genre Savvy character with much less of an idea what he's doing and, truth be told, fewer noble intentions. Veidt is a pacifist Well-Intentioned Extremist who views war as abhorrent and sees his own crimes as Necessarily Evil; Prince Adriano glories in the heat of battle and is in the conquering business for attention. Where Veidt is a subtle enigma of a man capable of projecting great warmth and benevolence, Prince Adriano is extremely, obviously vain and often comes off as shallow and petty.

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