[[folder: General Zod]]

!General Zod

See [[Characters/SmallvilleKryptonians House of Zod]]

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See [[Characters/SmallvilleKryptonians House of Zod]]

[[folder: Gloria]]


--->'''Played by''': Amber [=MacDonald=]

* GreenThumb: Animates vines that can restrain and injure Kryptonians.
* KillAllHumans: Plans to continue reproducing until she's all that's left. Trying to do the same thing on her home planet is what got her locked up.
* KnightTemplar: Her need to return her planet to nature got a lot of people killed.
* KryptoniteFactor: [[LightningCanDoAnything Electricity]]
* PlantAliens: Her genetics are plant-based.
%%* PlantPerson
* ShoutOut: To [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Poison Ivy]].
* TheSocialDarwinist: Says nature will decide who lives and dies when she unleashes her plants.
* SuperStrength: Easily knocks Clark across the room with a backhand.

[[folder: Baern]]


--->'''Played by''': Bow Wow

* AxCrazy: If you're near Baern, you're in danger.
* EvilSoundsDeep: His real voice.
* GrandTheftMe: Uses the body of a teen as his host.
* HeroKiller: Raya builds him up to be one, although his performance in the end is a little disappointing.
* ILoveNuclearPower: Powered by, and capable of projecting, nuclear radiation.
* NighInvulnerability: Was unaffected by Raya kicking him through a barn.
%%* NuclearNasty
* PowerSource: Has to drain nuclear power plants in order to re-charge.
* RaceLift: In-show, his alien form is white; the body he jacks is black.
* SinsOfOurFathers: Wants to kill Kal-El in [[{{Revenge}} revenge]] for Jor-El imprisoning him.
-->'''Baern:''' Paying for the sins of your father can sure be a bitch, huh?
* SuperSpeed: Can run at speeds similar to Kryptonians.
%%* SuperStrength
* TattooedCrook: On his stolen body.
* TookALevelInBadass: After draining Brainiac's hard drive, he's able to take on Clark and Raya at once.

[[folder: Aldar]]


--->'''Played by''': [[Wrestling/{{Batista}} Dave Batista]]

---> ''"Everyone's gotta eat!"''

A hulking giant with an appetite to match, Aldar is a cannibalistic monster whose only concern is his next meal. Hiding out in the dockyards, he devours the workers and sucks the marrow from their bones in order to quash his sickening hunger. Far stronger then Clark, Aldar is one of the few characters to be a physical match for a fully-powered Kryptonian.

* TheBrute: Towers over even Clark, who is far from short, and has the personality of a starving predator.
* DumbMuscle: Aldar's an utter savage and doesn't give thinking a high priority.
* EvilIsBigger: The biggest character to appear on the show, actually.
* EyesOfGold: Or at least sickly yellow.
* HorrorHunger: Given how often he talks about how hungry he is and how much he seems to have to eat, this seems likely.
* HumanAliens: Unlike the other Zoners, he isn't possessing anybody.
---> I'm no Phantom.
* ImAHumanitarian: And he only eats the bones.
* KilledOffForReal: By the ComicBook/MartianManhunter.
* MightyGlacier: He's far from quick or agile, but he's so bloody strong, it just doesn't matter.
* NighInvulnerability: Implied, though not really demonstrated. His strength is what gets emphasized the most.
* SerialKiller: Hunts and devours people down by the docks.
* SuperStrength: To the point where he easily manhandles Clark both times they fight.
* WrestlerInAllOfUs: Then again, look at his actor.

[[folder: Dr. Hudson]]

!Dr. Hudson

--->'''Played by''': Matthew Walker

--->''"For the last five and a half years, you've been a resident of the Fairview Psychiatric Hospital. Everything else--your superpowers, your alien lineage, your {{secret identity}}--it's all a delusion."''

* BeardOfEvil: In the human form it takes in Clark's mind it has a long beard, although it makes him look like a kindly doctor.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: In Clark's illusion, it creates a human form to pose as a kindly doctor caring for Clark's best, when in reality wants to possess Clark's body.
%%* EvilOldFolks
* GrandTheftMe: Attempts this with Clark.
* LotusEaterMachine: Traps Clark in a highly realistic illusion.
%%* {{Telepathy}}

[[folder: Titan]]


--->'''Played by''': [[Wrestling/{{Kane}} Glenn "Kane" Jacobs]]

--->''"[[Franchise/{{Superman}} You're]] the fight I've been looking for."''

An alien SuperSoldier imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, Titan is born and bred for combat, and combat only. After escaping the Zone, he works his way through biker bars and underground gladiator battles, before arriving in Metropolis' meteor freak battle circuit. Desperate for a challenge, he is all too eager to confront Clark.

%%* BaldOfEvil
* BladeBelowTheShoulder: Has a nasty-looking spike that comes out of one of his wrist gauntlets.
%%* BloodKnight
* TheBrute: Has just enough personality to escape GiantMook status.
* {{Expy}}: To Doomsday.
* FamousLastWords: "Good fight."
* GoOutWithASmile: He dies pleased that Clark was able to give him a real fight.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Is impaled on his own spike.
* HumanAliens: Like Aldar, Titan's in his own body.
%%* KilledOffForReal
* LightningBruiser: Can keep up with Clark in terms of speed and strength.
* NighInvulnerability: Clark has to actually exert himself for Titan to feel his punches.
%%* ProudWarriorRaceGuy
* SuperSoldier: Said to have been enhanced for combat.
* SuperStrength: He is very strong. Only Clark could harm him.
%%* TattooedCrook
* WorthyOpponent: Constantly seeks them out; finds one in Clark.
* WrestlerInAllOfUs: Which should come as no surprise given who plays him.

[[folder: Bizarro]]


--->'''Played by''': Tom Welling

--->''"I'm you, only a little more bizarre."''

The last and most dangerous of the Phantom Zone escapees, he uses a cloned body of Clark as his host. A serious recurring problem in Season 7.

* AchillesHeel: Sunlight and [[spoiler:blue kryptonite]].
* AdaptationalIntelligence: Bizarro is far more intelligent and articulate than his comic book counterpart.
* BodySurf: Before cloning Clark.
* CharacterDevelopment: While impersonating Clark for several weeks, he begins to develop [[VillainousCrush real feelings]] for Lana and become increasingly IntriguedByHumanity. Even his EvilPlan eventually seems to be devolve into wanting nothing more than simply to remain as "Clark." [[spoiler:Just before he explodes from blue kryptonite exposure, his last words to Lana are "I love you", which almost makes him sympathetic.]]
%%* CloningBlues
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: In his Clark's facade, he wears blue and red to distinguish him from the real Clark.
* DemonicPossession: Before creating his cloned body of Clark, he had to hop from person to person, wearing each body out as he went.
** A priest tried to exorcise him from a girl's father, believing it was an actual demon.
* EnemyMine: Tries to convince ComicBook/{{Brainiac}} to help him destroy Clark. [[spoiler:[[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder Brainiac promptly backstabs him and subtly helped Clark destroy him.]]]]
* EnergyAbsorption: Absorbs green kryptonite and renders it harmless. This makes it rather difficult for him when he wants to take on Clark.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Just watch his interactions with Brainiac.
* EvilSoundsDeep: At least when compared to Clark.
* EvilTwin: To Clark.
* FlyingBrick: He earns Clark's abilities when he becomes his EvilTwin, including his strength. Also, he learns to fly earler than Clark.
%%* FreakLabAccident
* GlamourFailure: He looks exactly like Clark, unless he's weakened or, later, exposed to sunlight, in which case his face will briefly flicker into a broken-glass-ish looking form that calls to mind the earliest comic book versions of the character.
* GoneHorriblyWrong: He was an experiment on Krypton.
* KryptoniteFactor: Blue kryptonite (which [[PowerNullifier de-powers Kryptonians]]) increases his own power exponentially. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, as Brainiac puts it, it's the equivalent of using a nuclear power plant to run a light bulb, creating a power overload he cannot survive.]]
%%* TheNthDoctor
%%* PhlebotinumRebel
* RecurringCharacter: In Season 7.
%%* SealedEvilInACan
* UnwittingPawn: Of Brainiac.
* VillainousCrush: On Lana. She reciprocates. Surprisingly, it actually improves his disposition [[LoveMakesYouEvil instead of making him worse]].
%%* VoiceOfTheLegion
* WeaksauceWeakness: Direct sunlight not only causes GlamourFailure, but also weakens him.