Characters / Sleeper

Major characters appearing in Brubaker and Phillips' Sleeper:

Holden Carver

An International Operations agent who gained superpowers and was coerced into going deep undercover in a supervillain organization. Has the ability to store up pain and release it through physical contact.


A test-tube grown super-intelligent man who once joined and then fought the Wild C.A.T.S. After faking his own death, he resurfaced leading a covert organization of super criminals while simultaneously advising the Ancient Conspiracy that run the world’s economy. His motives are completely unknown.

Miss Misery

One of TAO's three trusted Prodigals. Gains physical power from breaking rules and hurting people, and gets sick if she is forced to do "the right thing".

John "Jack" Lynch

Former head of International Operations. A master manipulator who does whatever it takes to ensure that power stays in his hands. Coerced Holden Carver into going undercover in TAO's organization. Was shot and fell into a coma by someone working for TAO during Point Blank, but emerges at the end of Sleeper volume 1 to bring him back in.

Genocide Jones

A super strong, bulletproof lieutenant in TAO’s organization. The closest thing Carver has to a friend.

Marc Slayton

An excessively gruff associate of John Lynch. The current head of International Operations/Internal Operations. Does not believe that Holden Carver is really an IO informant under deep cover.

Veronica St. James

An IO agent and former partner of Holden Carver. Convinced that Holden can be brought back to the “good guys”, and is willing to put herself in danger to help him.


A former soldier who served with Lynch on Team 7. One-time member of the superhero team the Wild C.A.T.S. The central character of Point Blank.

Sir Malcolm Jones

A retired IO and MI-6 agent who used to work with John Lynch. called to help bring Carver back to IO.

Peter Grimm

TAO’s ‘Right Hand Man’. Can make you see whatever you fear most on an endless loop until you hopefully die.

Your Head Asplode: His eventual fate at Grifter's hands.


A mild-mannered pervert with x-ray vision. TAO seems to enjoy putting him in harm’s way just to torment Holden.

Pit Bull

A young recruit who is very eager to prove himself as a super villain.


A black werewolf.


One of TAO’s three trusted Prodigals. Has Mind Control powers.

  • Brain Bleach: Watching him use his power makes you want to “scrub your eyeballs with steel wool.”
  • Mind Rape: Often along with physical rape.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Genocide Jones kills him fairly early in the series, leading the way for Holden’s promotion to Prodigal.
  • People Puppets: Sometimes lets his victims be aware of what they’re doing if he thinks it will be funnier.

Diamanda M’batu

Queen of Egypt and one-time ruler of Africa. A major player in the Ancient Conspiracy who contracts TAO’s organization for several favors.

The Nihilist

A mid-level supervillain with cybernetic enhancements.

  • Civvie Spandex
  • Non-Indicative Name: Isn’t a nihilist, just uses the name because it sounds cool.
  • Reverse Mole: He was working for Lynch the whole time and Holden had to kill him before he blew both of their covers.


An alien in Lynch's custody who claims to be able to remove the artifact from Holden's body.


A superhero working for IO who attempts to arrest Carver during the sale of a WMD.


The Bartender at the Domino in “Point Blank”.