The Characters from ''Manga/ShamanKingFlowers''. Further information on other characters can be read on the ''Manga/ShamanKing'' page.

!!Asakura Hana
[[Characters/ShamanKing Yoh and Anna's]] son. Already able to use an Oversoul, he's more powerful than Yoh was at his age, but dissatisfied with living in his father's shadow in the supposedly peaceful era after the Shaman Fight. His spirit is [[Characters/ShamanKing Amidamaru]].
* AnimeHair
* {{BFS}}: The offensive form of his oversoul.
* BloodKnight: His idea of a good time is picking a fight with a street gang. [[spoiler:He loves to fight so much that when he died, he ended up in [[ the Asura realm]], the fighters' heaven.]]
* BuxomIsBetter: His attitude. Naturally, his fiancé's flat as a board.
* CantCatchUp: Some people say he's stronger than his father at his age. The thing is, [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter Yoh has gronw stronger]]. [[spoiler:Hana couldn't even defeat a 16-year-old Yoh, which destroyed the little pride he had left]].
* ContrastingSequelMainCharacter: Hana is far more fight loving and HotBlooded than Yoh was.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindows
* DefenceMechanismSuperpower: After a close encounter with death, [[spoiler:Hana was given by Hao the same Oni Anna used to create; they will be released whenever Hana's life is in danger. Since this power is just a defense mechanism, using it intentionally would kill him.]]
* DelinquentHair: Messy and blond.
* DisappearedDad: [[Characters/ShamanKing Yoh]].
* {{Dismotivation}}: Doesn't see how studying will help him become a better shaman.
* FriendlessBackground: His knowledge of the spirit world makes it hard for him to care about the things his classmates do.
* GenderBlenderName: His name is a union of his parents' names but "Hana" normally is a female name.
* GenerationXerox: He's basically a 14 year old male version of his mother Anna.
* HairTriggerTemper: The boy gets into unnecessary trouble because he can't control his temper. [[spoiler:He weaponizes it when he uses his anger to forcefully summon the Oni that are only supposed to appear when his life is on the line.]]
* IJustWantToBeBadass: Wants to be a great fighter like those in the previous Shaman Fight. [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor He's getting his wish.]] And happy about it too.
* ImprovisedWeapon: Wields a grave marker in place of a sword.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: [[spoiler:Many of his memories appear to have been erased by YVS.]]
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: The defensive form of his oversoul.
* MissingMom: [[Characters/ShamanKing Anna]].
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveSupernaturalPowers: Won all his fights with Ryuji thanks to having Amidamaru, a legendary samurai, as a ghost partner. [[spoiler:When Ryuji easily beat him without him, Hana understands how weak he is and how much he depended on him.]]
* SirSwearsALot: Many of his sentences have at least one swear word in them.
* SlasherSmile: When he's fighting.
* SpinOffspring: Of [[Characters/ShamanKing Yoh and Anna]].
* StrongFamilyResemblance: To his mother, especially [[spoiler:according to his uncle.]]
* SuperpoweredEvilSide: [[spoiler: Via DemonicPossession.]]
* TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou: Takes this attitude with respect to both his father and the branch house Asakuras.
* TrashTalk: Bursts out laughing and mocks Yohane's attempts to look cool.
* UnskilledButStrong: His fight with [[spoiler:the 16 year old version of Yoh]] shows that while he's indeed more powerful that his dad at his age, his lack of control, inner peace and experience can be his fatal flaw.

!![[Characters/ShamanKing Tamamura Tamao]]
Hana's guardian. She's grown into essentially an older [[Characters/ShamanKing Anna]], while keeping [[Characters/ShamanKing Ponchi and Konchi]] as her spirits.
* BreakTheCutie: Side material reveals that Tamao suffered plenty doses of BreakTheCutie: starting with the death of her mentor and then she was put in charge of Hana and the inn while in middle school. At high school, she broke down and became "Metal-Sword Tamao". Now older, she's more stable again.
* {{Delinquent}}: When she was younger, she alongside Ryu joined all the thugs in the city together in a whole gang with them as bosses. Also, she broke the law for wielding a real katana. Her delinquent name was "Metal-Sword Tamao".
* TheDreaded: Given by being Anna's substitute while she's away with Yoh. With just a [[TechnicallyASmile smile filled with rage]], Tamao can scare the crap out of her whole house; with a DeathGlare, she can make Team YVS ''shiver''.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: Has RapunzelHair instead of her bob.
* GirlWithPsychoWeapon: In the first chapter and in ''Funbari no Uta'', Tamao is seeing wielding a butchering knife.
* KimonoIsTraditional: Since she's the manager of an inn and a traditional Japanese ballad's singer aspirant.
* ParentalSubstitute: She's been taking care of Hana and the inn since she was in her teens.
** UpToEleven: She's taken on much of Anna's attitude so Hana will not miss her so much.
* SheIsAllGrownUp: The narration refers to her as a beauty.
* StatuesqueStunner
* TookALevelInBadass: Power-leveled in badass, more like.
* ToughLove: She uses an Oversoul to beat Hana into a pulp when he disobeys her.

!!Asakura Yohane
A member of the Asakura branch house. Wants to kill Hana, a member of the main house. His spirit is the swordsman Oboro Daikyoh.
* {{Adorkable}}: Because of his relatively sheltered life, he tends to take little statements that he hears and overreact with a bit of a LuminescentBlush.
* BladeOnAStick: His oversoul acts more like this than a sword.
* CountryMouse: Because of his isolated upbringing, he's quite learning how to live in the city.
* DontYouDarePityMe: Says this almost word for word.
* EvilCounterpart: To Hana. [[spoiler: Until he turns out to be not that evil.]]
* EyepatchOfPower: Uses one of Hao's pentagram earrings as one while fighting, despite both eyes being intact.
* FriendlessBackground: One of his parallels with Hana, and a result of living hidden in the woods with his family. Resulting in...
* IJustWantToHaveFriends: He admits to Hana he was excited to be the new transfer student because it would mean that people would approach him. Sadly, Alumi won everybody with just ''her presentation''.
* IJustWantToBeSpecial: Hana diagnoses him as having [[ Eighth-Grade Disease]].
* IneffectualSympatheticVillain: He's a sickly dork.
* IllBoy: He actually has quite a weak constitution.
* TheLancer: of "Team Hao". While he has a great potential in battle and Alumi describes him as "Hana's right hand man", his rather fragile body and lack of knowledge about the F.O.M let him in this category.
* {{Megane}}
** ScaryShinyGlasses[=/=]OpaqueNerdGlasses
* MissingMom: He's never met her.
* MundaneObjectAmazement: Fascinated with a simple shopping mall, and a takoyaki.
* NewTransferStudent: To Hana's class.
* ParasolOfPain: His weapon of choice.
* ReplacementGoldfish: The Hanagumi really likes him for being Hao's direct descendant and try to model him in his image (that includes taking off his glasses, growing his hair longer and him ''GoingCommando'').
* SigilSpam: His battle costume includes an armband and eyepatch marked with Hao's pentagram.

!!Oboro Daikyoh
Yohane's spirit, a swordsman from a later period than Amidamaru.
* AnimeHair: So very spiky.
* EvilCounterpart: To Amidamaru. [[spoiler: Until his HeelFaceTurn, at least.]]
* EyePatchOfPower
* GoodOldWays: Stuck to using the sword in an era where guns were becoming common. [[spoiler:[[RealityEnsues It's what got him killed.]]]]
* NeverBringAKnifeToAGunFight: [[spoiler:His adherence to GoodOldWays in the time of a rising popularity of guns ended up getting him killed in the first place.]]

!!Asakura Luca
Yohane's older sister and fellow member of the branch house. Her spirits are Shinden and Raiden, a pair of [[MixAndMatchCritters lion-dogs.]]
* AloofDarkHairedGirl
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: In chapters 9 and 10.
* FriendlessBackground: A result of living hidden in the woods with her family. This makes Ryuji sympathize with her enough to [[LoveAtFirstSight fall at first sight]] for her.
* HairDecorations: Wears a headband.
* KnightTemplarBigSister
* LetsGetDangerous: If it wasn't for Alumi's arrival at that moment, Luca's plan and ambush would have killed Hana for real. [[spoiler:And don't mention the whole brainwashing thing.]]
* MagicWand: Uses a star-tipped one.
* MissingMom: She's never met her.
* NewTransferStudent: Goes to the same school Ryuji does.
* ParentalSubstitute: She took care of Yohane after their mother died.
* {{Sailorfuku}}: With a long skirt.
* SigilSpam: Hao's pentagrams are all over her clothes and oversoul.
* StatuesqueStunner: She's as tall as Tamao and Ryuji considers her a beauty.
* TransformingMecha: Her oversoul changes between a festival float and an [[StarWars AT-ST shape.]]

!!Alumi Niumbirch, aka [[Characters/ShamanKing Anna the Itako]] III
Hana's fiancé. A student of [[Characters/ShamanKing Anna]] and the daughter of [[Manga/ShamanKing Silva]], whose spirits she inherited.
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Subverted since it's well known her father is a Native American.
* BerserkButton: Does not take well to being called flat-chested.
** ACupAngst
* BraidsOfAction
* DarkSkinnedBlonde
* DoomedHometown: [[spoiler:The Patch Village.]]
* EagleLand: Some shades of America the Boorish, with her willingness to, in the middle of class, bring up Hana's preference for large breasts and suggest that he has HoYay with Yohane.
* FashionableAsymmetry: The silver hair clip she wears in her bangs at school.
* {{Flight}}: The eagle Silver Wing's power.
* GenkiGirl: Both in and out of school.
* GirlsWithGuns: [[ Silver Horn's shotgun.]]
* InSeriesNickname[=/=]RedBaron: "Anna the Itako III". Now you can run.
* InstantKnots: The snake Silver Rod's power.
* LittleMissBadass
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: The tortoise Silver Shield's power. She wears it over her chest.
* MiniDressOfPower
** LittleBlackDress
* TheNicknamer: She calls Hana "Fiancé-kun" and Yohane "Eyepatch-kun".
* NewTransferStudent: Also to Hana's class. She became the class's idol with just her presentation.
-->'''Yohane:''' ''She stole the transfer student position away from me!''
* RestrainingBolt: Thanks to the special coffee beans Goldva that can absorb and purify evil, she singlehanded, and with just one shoot, can deal with [[spoiler:Hana's SuperpoweredEvilSide.]]
* TheSmartGirl: As the manager of "Team Hao" and daughter of one of the previous overseers of the Shaman Fight, Alumi is more knowledgeable of the F.O.M.
* SpinOffspring: Of [[Manga/ShamanKing Silva]].
* SuperSpeed: The coyote Silver Tail's power.
* SuperStrength: The buffalo Silver Horn's power.
* TrainingFromHell: Hardly intimidated by Hana or his onis because she had to undergo the training of both Anna I and Anna II.
* {{Tsundere}}: She and Hana [[BelligerentSexualTension fight a lot]]. Alumi [[DeclarationOfProtection declares she'll protect him]].
* UnwantedSpouse: Of Hana. But perhaps history will repeat itself...
* ZettaiRyouiki: Grade A.

!!Ibuki Gakko
* AnimeHair: His hairstyle is the most crazy in the story so far.
* TheBigGuy: Namaha, his guardian ghost, is the most physically imposing.
* {{Expy}}: Of [[Characters/ShamanKing Horo Horo]]. Hana even [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] it.
* FieryRedhead
* YouthfulFreckles
* WorldsStrongestMan: His reason to participate in the F.O.M is so Hao can grant him his dream of being the strongest warrior of the world.

Ibuki's guardian ghost.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: She's nice, smart, and admires Alumi but she can "slice you in half" if you're her enemy. Or if you [[BerserkButton call her "babe"]].
* BelligerentSexualTension: With Ibuki. They argue a lot but Hana mistook their fight with flirting.
* DoNotCallMePaul: When she's in her armor, she refuses to be named by her name but as "The Nama-Hage".
* {{Fangirl}}: Of Alumi. Also Tamao and Ryu, to a lesser degree.
* NoSell: Her special armor nullifies demonic energy, meaning that she's one of the few people that can stand against [[spoiler:Hana's SuperpoweredEvilSide.]]
* SamusIsAGirl: Insists that Ibuki uses the name Nama-Hage in battle so their opponents don't know she's a girl.

!!Tao Men
[[Manga/ShamanKing Ren and Iron Maiden Jeanne's]] son.
* AnimeHair: He manages to combine his dad's hairdo and his mom's wavy hair.
* BladeOnAStick: His primary weapon, like his father.
* CreepyChild: According to Yosuke, he's only 7. And in two chapters, he [[CurbStompBattle effortlessly whooped Team Niles's sons, Yohane, and Ibuki]].
* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: When Team Niles' sons come to get RevengeByProxy for Jeanne killing their fathers, Men apologizes on her behalf. Also, he wants to save his mother enough to participate in the F.O.M in Hao's team. He's also enraged when [[spoiler: the Black Maiden confronts him, since she killed Jeanne and turned her into an oversoul. He also can't bring himself to risk hurting her as a result, and is quickly defeated.]]
* FeelNoPain: Like his mother, Men can take large amounts of pain with a smile.
* FreudianExcuse: Something must have happened to Jeanne for why Men wants to kill Hana for him being too weak. From what can be gleamed from chapter 22 [[spoiler: she was killed and turned into an oversoul for the Black Maiden]].
* KnightTemplarParent: He's annoyed that Len contracted a whole army of bodyguards just to take him to Funbari ga Oka when he can defend himself capably.
* TheLancer: Each team in the Flower of Maize has five members. Right now, for Team Hao we have [[TheHero Hana]], [[TheBigGuy Ibuki]] and Yohane. Since most [[TheLancer lancers]] start out trying to kill the main protagonist, [[GenerationXerox (like father, like son)]], Men might end up in this role.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: And unlike his mother, he plays it straight.
* RuleOfThree: His personal policy is to give his opponents three opportunities to surrender or relinquish a fight. If continually rebuffed after those three attempts, he's not holding back.
* SpinOffSpring: Of Ren. And, to all the readers' surprise, of Jeanne as well.
* SpoiledBrat
* StrongFamilyResemblance: He looks like a younger version of his father, but with the hair and eye color of his mother.
* ThouShallNotKill: Turns out that his parents give him a "don't kill people" rule. He forgets it when he is confronted by [[spoiler: the Black Maiden, the girl who killed his mother and turned her into an oversoul.]]
* WhiteHairBlackHeart
* TheWorfEffect: [[spoiler: When confronted with the girl who killed his mother, the Black Maiden, he's on the receiving end of a CurbStompBattle by her (AKA, getting impaled into a pool of blood, and with the revelation that she's on YVS's side, it says a LOT more about how powerful these guys are on so many levels.]]
* YouKilledMyFather: [[spoiler:Black Maiden killed Jeanne for the purpose of using her as her guardian ghost. Men's response to seeing her, despite having just proclaimed that his parents forbade him to kill people, is to draw his weapon and immediately take a lethal shot at her.]]
* YoungerThanTheyLook: He's drawn to look about the same age as Hana, Yohane, and Ibuki. He's actually [[ImprobableAge seven-years-old]].

!!Yosuke Kamogawa
Leader of Team YVS, having the previous Shaman Fight winner, YVS, as his spirit partner.
* AGodIAm: Aside from having an ex-god as his spirit partner, he believes that money controls everything, from your life to others'. [[spoiler:He's also planning to surpass the current god, Hao.]]
* CastFromMoney: His cards enable him to use various abilities, ranging from X-Ray scanning to summoning a giant obelisk, but require him to insert money or I.O.U.s into Yahabe, the pyramid that draws power from YVS.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Yosuke is a CEO that believes firmly that money makes the world go around. So while he has money, he has power, and if he has power, he can have more money.
* TheDragon: number one associate and aide to YVS, and Team Leader of Team YVS.
* DeathDealer: He manifests YVS' power via cards. Even so, every card, depending on the power (stopping time, resurrection, etc.) is [[CastFromMoney worth quite a lot of money]].
* DittoFighter: one of YVS' cards. He uses it to copy [[spoiler:Yoh's Byakko O.S.]].
* FromNobodyToNightmare: Used to be penniless, now he's an evil billionaire.
* InterruptedSuicide: Yosuke met YVS when he was about to commit suicide.
* ManOfWealthAndTaste
* PerpetualSmiler: And it makes you ''shiver''.
* PersonOfMassDestruction: He, alongside YVS, destroyed [[spoiler:The Patch village]].
* PsychopathicManchild: You can clearly see that Yosuke consideres everything to be a mere game, now that he has YVS' power, as he behaves like a mean and spoiled child showing up his brand new toys, while beating Hana. [[spoiler:Later, it's revealed that he's actually 13 years old, which justifies more his attitue.]]
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney: A given since YVS is the god that created the capitalism system. [[spoiler:It's then revealed that he's ''not'' a born shaman, ''nor'' he even has his spiritual potential awaken, but thanks to YVS' power only needing money, he just bought the power to see spirits.]]
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveSupernaturalPowers: It's hinted that Yosuke was poor before and meeting YVS was what made him so damn rich.
* SharpDressedMan: Always in a [[ManInWhite white]] suit.
* TheReveal: [[spoiler:Is revealed in chapter 24 to be responsible for Yoh, Hana, And Anna's deaths alongside YVS]].
* TouchedByVorlons: ''Not'' a natural shaman. He just cut a deal with YVS for the powers he wields.
* YoungerThanHeLooks: Would you believe that Yosuke is actually [[spoiler:''13 years old'']] by just looking at him? [[spoiler:This is because of all of the "Time Stop" cards he's been using, causing him to age physically faster than others.]]

!!YVS (alternatively known as ''Fura Yabisu'')
The 7th and previous Shaman King, and serves as the seemingly main antagonist in the series.
* AGodAmI: Was the 7th Shaman King, so naturally he must be incredibly powerful.
* BigBad: Seems to serve as the main villain currently.
* MindWipe: One of his powers, manifested in his ''Erase the Memory'' card.
* OurGodsAreDifferent: He prefers to manifest as the Eye of Providence. Even in his true form, he appears quite different from the other, more obviously-human former Kings.
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney: Was responsible for creating the capitalist society that is present in the world, and also manifests his powers in the forms of cards for Yosuke to use, with them ranging from cheap to incredibly expensive. It can be assumed he shares a similar attitude to his associate.
* {{Telepathy}}: one of his powers manifested in his ''Read the Mind 10'' card.