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Characters: Shadowchasers-Non Shadowchaser Protagonists And Allies
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     Introduced in the original fic 


An Incantifier who is the co-signer of the Great Treaty along with Jalal and is Shadowkind's representative regarding the Treaty.
  • The Ghost: Maskent has thusfar made only one brief appearance in the fic, when he speaks to Jalal during an interlude scene. Other than that, he is only referred to.
  • Living Legend: Along with being Jalal's most powerful ally, many believe him to be the most powerful wizard on Earth (one of the biggest reasons he was chosen to be the Shadowkind representative regarding the Treaty), although many other wizards might argue.


  • Brainwashed: Was brainwashed by DaPen into dueling Gears at one point. Fortunately for her it was only temporary.
  • Demoted to Extra: From being a recurring character in the original fic to appearing only in one chapter in Power Primordial.
  • Distressed Damsel: Happened to her at least twice in the original fic and Power Primordial.
  • Green Thumb: Uses a Plant Deck as well as takes care of a greenhouse.
  • Interspecies Romance: With Gears.
  • Out-of-Character Alert: She would never call Gears, "Maurice" even in their worst arguments. When a brainwashed Mistle calls him that, it only confirms to Gears that she really is brainwashed.
  • Signature Card: Queen of Thorns, which was given to her by Gears as a gift.

     Introduced in Risen Nemesis 

Kyon Rokudai

A were-ermine who is a former pro duelist turned business man and the owner of the Mirage Oasis cafe. Kyon serves a one of the closest allies of the Las Vegas Shadowchasers during Risen Nemesis. He is also known for being in love with one of its members: Ace (whom he affectionately calls by her real name "Alice"), but was also the first friend Ace made in Las Vegas long before joining the Shadowchasers.

He later re-appears in Tournament of Shadows wherein he helps Ace in preparing for the 2nd Duelist Kingdom tournament. But later on, reveals himself to be entering the tournament as well as a part of the Blue Knights Legion.
  • Berserk Button: He does not take kindly to people who harm or insult Ace.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: It later revealed that he used to be a pro duelist who retired when he found a different calling. Despite that, his skills have not rusted at all as seen in his duel with Jin wherein he has the advantage for most of the dueling and even wins.
  • Drop-In Character: Frequently drops by the Las Vegas Shadowchasers' base, much to their chargin at times.
  • Friendly Enemy: With Ace of sorts in Tornament of Shadows considering she's a Shadowchaser and he's a Blue Knight.
  • Geo Effects: His deck focuses extensively on using the effects of his Kabuki Stage field spells that affect both him and his opponent in various way that could be beneficial or disastrous.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: The Feminine Boy to Ace's Masculine Girl.
  • Our Werebeasts Are Different: He is a were-ermine, not only a very unlikely type of lycanthrope, but he's very different from the stereotype. He's not violent in the least.
  • Out-of-Character Alert: When Taros possesses his body in Risen Nemesis, he calls Ace by her nickname instead of her real name "Alice". This tips Ace off that Kyon is not himself. (Despite her numerous protests, it is hinted that she has no problem with Kyon calling her "Alice".)
  • Retired Badass: As a former pro duelist these days, he prefers running his cafe instead. He seems to have gone out of retirement in Tournament of Shadows however, considering he enters the 2nd Duelist Kingdom tournament as a member of the Blue Knights Legion.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Is completely head over heels in love with Ace. Ace may or may not feel the same way.
  • Unusual Euphemism: His exchange with Ace on why he won't duel her when the tournament has just started.
    Kyon: Oh, no, my beloved Alice, we will have our duel—just not today. It's setting up to be such a wonderful tournament, and I'd hate to ruin it for you by ending it too quickly. I'd rather take it slow, allowing us both to enjoy the feel of every precious moment. If we're especially lucky, we may even finish at the same time.
    Ace (slightly embarrassed): You are still talking about the tournament, right?
  • Worthy Opponent: He sees Ace as this in Tournament of Shadows which is why he refuses to duel her at the start of the tournament when she challenges him. He says that it would better if they both enjoy every moment in the tournament while they can, and will only duel her when they're in a better setting.


  • Cowboy: Part of his deck motif.
  • Muggle: Only partially. He's a Sensitive so he knows about the existence of Shadowkind but can't see them.

     The Primordial Titans 
Although they could have been considered Duel Spirits for most of Power Primodial, their unique personalities and backgrounds qualify them as characters.

Tropes shared by all of them

  • Adam and Eve Plot: This was the original plan of their respective species when they knew their world was doomed, and they had hoped that with two females and two males, the chances for success were higher. Sadly, the plan was a failure, because gaining the Power Primordial made them sterile. They later learn, after confronting the aboleth, that this was not an accident. The creature had ordered a minion to sabotage the experiment in order to kill them. But the minion couldn't bring himself to do it, and to keep his master from discovering his betrayal, sabotaged the wrong part, resulting in them being rendered sterile instead of killed.
  • But Now We Must Go: All four of them leave the Neo Domino Shadowchasers at the end of Power Primordial in order to become negotiators and peacekeepers for the entire galaxy. Fortunately they convince I2 to give them copies of their cards to remember them by.
  • Cosmic Entity: They each possess a fraction of the Power Primordial, the energy source released at the creation of the universe, giving them vast cosmic powers.
  • Last of Their Kind: Each one is the sole survivor of his or her species, a plague having killed all other life on their planet. The plague was intentionally caused by the organization headed by the aboleth.
  • No Sell: They’re practically indestructible, even in card form. The aboleth comments that you couldn’t destroy their cards even if you threw them into a star. It does seem to know one way that might be able to destroy them, but it requires all four of them together at once.
  • Synchronization: As cards, all four are Synchro Monsters.

Trymus the Conqueror

Shannalla the Fierce

  • Amazonian Beauty
  • Anti-Magic: As a card, she has an effect that prevents opponents from activating Spell and Trap cards when she attacks, similar to the Ancient Gear monsters.
  • Chainmail Bikini
  • Cool Sword
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Only technically again; she is an Earth Monster, but her effect has little to do with it.
  • Life Energy: As a card, her effect lets the user banish a Warrior or Beast-Warrior from the Graveyard and increase her power by its power.
  • Signature Card: For Jinx.

Il Mathman the Artificer

Jetta the Bronze Hearted

  • All Your Powers Combined: As a card, her effect increases her strength depending on the number and Levels of the Fire-Attribute Monsters on the field.
  • Chrome Champion
  • Clear My Name: This was a big part of the plot of “Power Primordial” she was framed for murder, and incarcerated until the other Titans could find someone who could sponsor her, at which point the judge would grant her probation. After Ember accepts this duty, Jetta says that she could have freed herself at any time, but doing so would practically be admitting guilt, and her goal was to expose the ones who framed her.
  • Cool Big Sis: To Ember to some extent. In Tournament of Shadows, it is clear that Ember thinks of her as such and still misses her.
  • Cool Flaming Sword
  • Flaming Hair
  • Playing with Fire: With her, it truly fits.
  • Signature Card: For Ember.

     Introduced in Power Primordial 

Baron Wilhelm von Gottschalk

A Hellfire Warlock from Germany, he is a close ally of Jalal who specializes in the study of natives of the Lower Planes. He acts as a guide for the Neo Domino Shadowchasers as they hunt down and destroy the Elemental Nodes.
  • All Witches Have Cats: Inverted. While his familiar Sorsha has indeed taken the form of a cat, Sorsha herself tells Ember that this is not true for all familiars, although cats are a popular choice.
  • Beat Them at Their Own Game: He says more than once that this is an excellent strategy to use against natives of the Lower Planes, emphasized by the fact that he uses a Fiend Deck.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Was first mentioned (though not named) in the original fic, where the Neo Domino Shadowchasers are looking after his cat familiar Sorsha while he's away. He first appears in an early chapter of Power Primordial, where he returns and comes to pick up Sorsha (leaving behind Gabriel as a gift) and later returns towards the end of Power Primordial to help the Neo Domino Shadowchasers in destroying the Elemental Nodes.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He seems rather dark himself. His deck qualifies too.
  • Hellfire: A Hellfire Warlock, he is a wizard skilled at using this destructive form of energy. Most Hellfire Warlocks are evil wizards, but Wilhelm is the rare exception. (In Ascension, Lorelei tells Jalal that only devils can truly master Hellfire and that any mortal is at best an amateur.)
  • The Legions of Hell: Specializes in Fiend monsters.
  • Take a Third Option: Let Hebi-Na suffer from the Bells of Baphomet? That would be beyond cruel. Kill her to end her suffering? Better, but it would still give the bastard who did it satisfaction. Put her into an eternal sleep to protect her from the curse? When he weighed all his options, that was the best choice.
  • To Know Him I Must Become Him: He claims he does this often, saying that in order to fight fiends and hope to win, you have to learn to think like them.


A baby phoenix that Wilhelm gave to the Neo Domino Shadowchasers as a gift. Frequently accompanies them in their missions.
  • Healing Factor: Due to being a phoenix, his tears have the ability to heal wounds, but can only do it once a day. Quite handy against Shadow Games.
  • Non-Human Sidekick: To Ember in Power Primordial, seeing as he likes her the most among the Neo Domino Shadowchasers and as a result, tags along with her in a lot of her assignments.
  • The Phoenix: Obviously.
  • Sweet Tooth: Likes anything sweet; this includes fruit, as well as candy.
  • Taken for Granite: An odd variation. He turns himself to stone while resting, a state that to him, is much like sleep.
  • Team Pet: For the Neo Domino Shadowchasers.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: He doesn't appear in Tournament of Shadows even for a cameo appearance nor is he mentioned.


A member of an enigmatic group called "The Knights of Domiel", an organization that are followers to the celestial being Domiel, who are dedicated to opposing assassins and other occupations who kill for profit. Due to an alliance that they made with Jalal, no hired gun has ever succeeded in targeting a Shadowchaser, and they are done away with without the intended target ever knowing that they're in danger. For some strange reason, Jalal himself seems to be exempted from this.
  • Aloof Ally
  • Badass
  • Cool Shades
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Uses a Naturia deck.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Some view her and the other Knights of Domiel as Knights Templar, but that's an exaggeration. The goal of the group is to oppose murderers who kill for profit, and she will show no mercy to them, and she is not above using muscle to interrogate someone.
  • Green Thumb: A lot of her Naturia monsters are Plant types.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather
  • I Was Never Here: She and the rest of the Knights are non-entities, as described above. It is even implied that they purposely try to recruit orphans so that the process of deleting their identities is easier.
  • It May Help You on Your Quest: When she tries to persuade Ember not to confront Iggwiliv after the other Paragons have defeated the rest of her team. After Ember refuses to stop, Minerva gives her a card that can help her for her duel with Iggwiliv And it does, as it allows her to rescue Il Mathman from Iggwiliv's control.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: She is able to do this to anyone she encounters, making him forget the encounter ever happened. Exactly how is not known.
  • The Men in Black: The way she and the rest of the Knights of Domiel operate are like this, as they make sure to avoid interacting with the Shadowchasers at all costs.
  • Mysterious Protector: She and the rest of the Knights of Domiel are this for the Shadowchasers.
  • No Name Given: It is said that she has not used her real name for a long time. Joning the Knights of Domiel apparently means giving up your previous life entirely, revoking any citizenship a country, and severing all ties to any social, political, or mainstream religious groups.
  • Obstructive Code of Conduct: As previously said, they oppose assassins, but they are forbidden by ancient celestial doctrine from fighting someone if it's unrealted to their mission. (Her superior was able to find a small loophole that let her help Ember after the rest of the Neo Domino Shadowchasers were taken prisoner, but even then, she was not able to confront the Paragons directly.
  • Signature Card: Naturia Exterio

     Introduced in Torment 


The main protagonist of Torment. An Amnesiac Hero, he is a green elf-like Shadowkind who has no idea whom he is. He takes the name 'Ben' for most of the story, and his motivation is to find out who he is. In reality he is Leorin, a disgraced commander of St. Cuthbert's armies who ran away from a battle with Sertrous which resulted in his soldiers dying, the town they were protecting destroyed and him losing St. Cuthbert's favor. Believing one life was not enough time to repent, he challenged the hag Ravel Nightquill in order to gain immortality. In doing so, his mortality was stripped away, and every time he died, he would be reborn elsewhere in the universe with no memory of his previous lives.
  • Action Survivor: If you compare him to the Chicago Shadowchasers, he is pretty much this. Until the end of Torment that is.
  • Ambiguous Ending: At the end of Torment wherein he confronts the Dread Emperor. The readers are allowed to make their judgment on whether he succeeds in killing him or dies in the process. Regardless of the outcome, it is still a win-win situation for him. (either get rid of a dangerous criminal if he won, or finally be reunited with his lover and end his life-long journey if he lost) It is unknown if there will ever be a canon result to this event.
  • Amnesiac Hero: The plot of Torment.
  • AntiHeroes: His Destiny HERO deck.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Ben has shades of his throughout the story, but it bites him in the ass during his duel with Roxy. His arrogance causes him to lose.
  • The Atoner: He is this for the whole of Torment. He eventually succeeds.
  • Battle Couple: With Rowen, seeing as they were both a part of St. Cuthbert's army.
  • Big, Badass Bird of Prey: His Blackwing deck.
  • Break the Haughty: Gets hit on the receiving end of this hard when he loses to Roxy because of his arrogance. Madame Xane tells him that his arrogance was something he always retained during his past lives.
  • But Now I Must Go: At the end of Torment wherein he leaves the Chicago Shadowchasers to do some thinking of his own considering with his mortality back, the life he's currently living will be his last.
  • Church Militant: Leorin was a commander in St. Cuthbert's army. He however ran away and lost that position.
  • Explaining Your Power to the Enemy: While this is a standard for Yu-Gi-Oh!, this bites Ben in the ass hard when he explains Vylon Omega's effectnote  to Roxy, she responds with Giant Trunade to blow all of it's equips away, allowing her to win.
  • Friend or Idol Decision: In the Temple of All-Consumption, Leorin duels Madame Xane for two medallions: the Key Amulet (which can find anyone or anyplace in the Temple) and the Star Amulet (to take him to the Crypt). However, Leorin could only take one at a time, and by the time he would return to Madame Zane's room, she would leave. Leorin chooses the Key Amulet to save his friends.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Averted. While in Ravel's base, Ben finds a armory. He first picks up a sword, but feels uncomfortable with it. He then finds a mace and takes that instead.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: The mace of St. Cuthbert. Not only is it a powerful weapon on it's own, it took the form of Ben's Duel Disk and D-Wheel.
  • Green Thumb: His Plant deck.
  • Jerkass Realization: During his duel with Yami Marik, he soon realizes how rude and arrogant he's been acting all this time in the quest to restore his memories and decides to change from then on.
  • Light 'em Up: Used an Ojama deck and a Poker Knight deck at different points in Torment. After he regains his memories and unlocks his true deck, he is known to focus extensively on Light monsters.
  • The Lost Lenore: A very essential part of his past. In his first life, he had a lover named Rowen who also worshipped St. Cuthbert. When he left to find Ravel in hopes of gaining a longer life to repent, she prayed daily to St. Cuthbert for his return, and when he didn't, she prayed for his soul every day for the rest of her life. St. Cuthbert took notice, and spent centuries trying to find him, eventually succeeding in the present time, and giving him the Mace of St. Cutherbert (disguised as a Duel Disk) as a test of redemption. When Leorin's true deck appears in it, it contains several cards in Rowen's likeness, and his memory of her is the final step towards truly breaking the curse.
  • Mind over Matter: His Psychic Deck.
  • Morph Weapon: Ben's deck changes each time he duels. He has used Psychics, Vision Heroes, Ojamas, Poker Knights, Plants, Blackwings, and the Vylon. After he regains his memories and unlocks his true deck, this trope no longer applies.
    • Eventually, he is able to use his true deck, a power deck mostly focusing on summoning powerful high level monsters quickly, either through tribute or Special Summoning from the grave, most of them Dragons.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Due to his immortality, he is about several centuries old. It's been mentioned that he has lived through several lifetimes with several different roles throughout time.
  • Secret Test of Character: Madame Zane does this to Leorin by making him choose between the Key Amulet and Star Amulet. When Leorin is on this way to the Crypt, he runs into Madame Xane, telling him that their duel and the choice between the amulets was a test to see if Leorin was worthy of redemption.
  • Signature Card: While he has used several decks, most of them are only a one time thing. Then when his true deck awakens, he is known to rely on "The Creator" a lot. He also has the cards that are based on his lover Rowen's image.
  • Together in Death: With Rowen if you believe that he died during his battle with the Dread Emperor at the end of Torment.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Upon recovering his memories.
  • Weapon of Choice: Ben prefers to use maces.
  • Wild Card: His enchanted Duel Disk which changes decks every duel. Later on when he starts remembering who he is, his deck changes into a High-Leveled Monster deck permanently.
  • "World of Cardboard" Speech: Does one during his duel against Yami Marik, after realizing what a big jerk he's been throughout the fic.
    Ben: "It does seem like I've been gotten pretty full of myself hasn't it? It's funny, but hearing you talk about how everything in the universe hinges on the balance between Light and Darkness, Chaos and Order, it made me realize something. I've... I've been way too inwardly focused, ever since I woke up in that morgue. At first, all I cared about was getting my memories back… With every clue to my past I chomped at the bit rushing from one lead to another… Everyone I met, friends, foes, they seemed so unimportant. The Dread Emperor, Willy, Kesto, even poor Ravel. I started treating everyone I fought as beneath me, thinking it would all be worth it once I regained my memories, and discovered my true self. It seems that whoever I was before I met Ravel the first time… He was an arrogant son of a bitch… Maybe that's how I got into this whole mess… But now… Now I know that getting my memories back, that finding my true self… it all doesn't mean shit if I only end up looking back with shame at what I was willing to become to get there! I'm not the only one with a stake in this fight… The people who took me in and treated me like family are risking their lives for something bigger then who's right or wrong, or who's more powerful. We're fighting to protect all of creation… Every human, every Shadow... Every resident of Heaven, Hell, and every realm in-between… If Tharizdun returns nobody will be spared, so I can't keep on acting like some petty little child and act like I'm above it all! So I'll use the strength all of my opponents have given me, good or evil, strong or weak, and the lessons taught to me by everyone who's helped me when I needed them the most, and I'll take down you, Tiberius, and everyone else involved in this mad plan!"

Taka Kyodai

An exiled general of the House of the Howling Gale Yokai Clan, and the biggest player in the Chicago underworld as far as Shadowkind is concerned; Dugan convinces him to help in their goal of finding out who Ben is, promising that in exchange for doing so, they'll owe him in the future.
  • Big, Badass Bird of Prey
  • Blow You Away
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: After he defeats Lorelei, he covers his escape by throwing a chemical powder on her that contains pheromones. Which causes her to attract several male pigeons. Cue an Oh, Crap from her and getting covered in pigeon dirt. A lot of pigeon dirt.
  • The Don: One allied to the Chicago Shadowchasers at that.
  • Dragon Rider/Equippable Ally: Uses a Dragunity deck.
  • The Exile: As previously stated, he was once a general of the House of the Howling Gale, but was exiled for a crime committed against them. Exactly what he did (and just what a Yokai could have done to make him unfit for their company) is unknown.
  • Youkai: He is one; a kenku, to be precise.

Kesto Brighteyes

  • Chekhov's Gunman: Was first mentioned in a Shadowchaser file before making a full-fledged appearance in Torment.
  • Light 'em Up: His Silent Swordsman and Silent Magician monsters.
  • Meaningful Name: It is mentioned that he has "bright eyes".
  • Rage Against the Heavens: Calling it "rage" for him would be very much an exaggeration, but he is a member of the Athar, a sect that promotes the idea that gods are frauds and do not have the right to impose their wills on mortals. (Kesto is said to be one of the more approachable members of this group.)
  • Smart Guy: He is a wizard, and one who runs a book store at that.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He specializes in LV monsters, which do this whenever they evolve.

     Introduced in City of Angels 

Jessica Alphonse

The daughter of an alchemist, her father is murdered by a skin-walker summoned by Bloodletter’s Gang, but he gives her what it wants (a card that looks like the Trap Card, Metalmorph) before that happens.
  • Alchemy Is Magic: Uses a deck much like the one Amnael used. (No explanation is given as to where she got such rare cards.)
  • Beginner's Luck: She got lucky with Edgar the Ruin Roach as she learns when she duels Larzarus.
  • Plucky Girl: She wasn’t afraid to stand up to Lazarus, had enough nerve to insult him to his face, and while she couldn’t defeat him, came very close. (He was down to a mere 25 Life Points at the end of the duel.)
  • Macguffin It’s obvious that the Metalmorph card is the reason the villains are after her.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: She thinks that she's in a much more Lighter and Softer Shadowchasers work.


A gremlin who hangs around the bad part of LA. He really doesn’t care who he works for and he’d probably turn in his own mother if someone offered him enough, but the Shadowchasers tolerate him because he gives them information.
  • Cute Machines: Uses a Vehicroid Deck. (He does use a few of them that aren’t very cute, however, like the Fusions from the manga.)
  • Every Man Has His Price: When Damien offers him Overload Fusion and Chimeratech Overdragon in exchange for other powerful cards, it’s like giving candy to a baby.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: One useful talent that gremlins tend to have.
  • The Informant: With a little of The Stool Pigeon thrown in.
  • Saying Too Much: When Damien is injured in a duel with Vlad, he mentions Vlad’s name to Jerian, not knowing that neither he nor anyone else even knows who Vlad is at that point. Cue Jerian demanding to know what happened and an Oh, Crap from Glitch.

     Introduced in Soulscape 

Dr. Jonathan Gelinas

The inventor of the Bridge, the miraculous device that allows a human to enter another being’s Soulscape, which is an important plot element of Soulscape.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: Clearly, his invention qualifies.
  • Deal with the Devil: His true motive is a variation on this. His daughter’s soul is being held hostage by a dark force (later revealed in Ascension to be Jalie Squarefoot) who demands that he use the Bridge to obtain a sample of Pale Night’s essence in exchange for her return. Fortunately, Jalie keeps his word: In the epilogue, he receives a phone call from a doctor who says that his daughter is recovering, and he speaks to a mysterious visitor (possibly Baron Dybbuk) who gives him the contract he signed in exchange for the sample.
  • Hero-Worshipper: He makes constant references to Sigmund Freud, and clearly has a lot of admiration for the father of psychoanalysis.
  • Insufferable Genius: Unfortunately. Even Jalal admits that his invention could well win him the Nobel Prize.
  • The Professor
  • The Shrink: Chairman of Psychiatric Medicine at the University of Vienna, in fact.
  • Unlikely Hero: You have to admit, a middle-aged, overweight college professor has to have a lot of guts to stand up to a glabrezu.

Judy LaBaron

Jalal's ward, and his most likely successor to the organization if he ever retires. While introduced as a teenager, she is college-age at the time of Conspiracy.
  • Affectionate Nickname: "Steelheart" which is what Jalal sometimes calls her. Which is also the name her alternate future self gives her avatar card in Twice-Told Tales.
  • Ascended Extra: She makes more prominent appearances in 'Twice-Told Tales''.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Was first mentioned in a Shadowchaser file before making a full appearance (albeit in a cameo role only) in Soulscape.
  • Cool Pet/Fluffy the Terrible: Has a pet Giant Rex Duel Spirit called "Mr. Snuffles" in Shadowchasers: Twice-Told Tales.
  • Cool Sword: Her own doesn't seem to be made by the dwarf clan that makes them for the Shadowchasers; it's inscribed with runes in the Draconic language, and seems to have magical properties. She also seems to store it in hammerspace somehow.
    • Never Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight: In Conspiracy, when Domino draws twin revolvers on her, she manages to draw her blade before he can get off a single shot and slice both guns in half lengthwise in one swing. Causing the thug to laugh nervously, and say, "I always wondered why no-one ever tried pulling a gun on you guys..."
  • Daddy's Girl: Her father may be dead, and she's never shown any hint of disloyalty to Jalal, but should anyone insult her true father or threaten his reputation or good name, she'll come after him in a rage that reflects her true half-dragon heritage. (Often taking unnecessary risks, unfortunately, as she did in Conspiracy.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Like Jalal: half-human, half-dragon. (In her case, her father was a steel dragon, a species known for being the most approachable to humans, and probably the most likely to sire half-human offspring.)
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Emily, in Twice-Told Tales, the chapters they're in show the two as very close with one another. This even continues in the alternate future wherein they have inherited their predecessor's positions. Although this doesn't stop Emily from teasing her that she feels more than that.
  • Happily Adopted: While Jalal hasn't officially adopted her (despite his growing attachment to her), this Trope still qualifies.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: The Judy of the mainstream reality has not done so, but an Alternate Reality version of her took it Up to Eleven. In a chapter of "Twice Told Tales", a Yliaster agent plans to destroy the world's ley lines, a plan that would nullify all magic on Earth and create a global war. The Judy from the future where this happened (in which she leads the Shadowchasers) travels to the present day and kills him before it happens. But while she prevents the cataclysm it will cause, she purposely erases herself from existence in the process, the ultimate example of this Trope.
  • Open Secret: Jalal tries to keep her existence hidden from everyone (including his men) in fear that his enemies might use her against him. Apparently this secret is one that some Shadowchasers already know about (as well as Jalie, who brings her up when he threatens Jalal towards the end of Ascension). In fact, it is called "the worst-kept secret in the organization" in Soulscape.
  • Plucky Girl: Even more so in Conspiracy, when she takes initiative on her own. (Despite that not being a particularly wise choice.)
  • Purple Eyes: Most likely due to half-dragon heritage.

     Introduced in Ascension 

Karen Taft

  • Distressed Damsel: Is held hostage at one point in Ascension due to her recklessness, requiring the Boston Shadowchasers to save her.
  • Drop-In Character: Frequently comes over Dante's house without permission. The reason Dante allows her to visit is because his parents have owed hers several favors.
  • Fangirl: Is a huge fan of Sarah Blaze until she finds out who Sarah really is.
  • Hero-Worshipper: She looks upon all Shadowchasers this way, and dreams of joining them; at the end of Ascension, she seems well on her way to making that goal a reality.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: Frequently tends to hang out with a group of people probably twice her age.
  • Little Miss Badass: Only 14 years old yet is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with Shadowkind in a duel and win. (Including Baron Dybbuk, a rather powerful member of Jalie's army.)
  • Petting Zoo People: Uses Beast-Warriors.
  • Plucky Girl: Despite the number of times the Boston Shadowchasers tell her not to involve herself in dangerous situations. This does nothing to dissuade her from doing so.
  • Signature Card: Beast King Barbaros
  • Snooping Little Kid: She overhears Sarah Blaze's conversation with Dybbuk about the kidnapped Red Feather and Penelope, but decides to pursue her alone instead of telling Dante, Jeb, and Ophelia about it. It doesn't work out for her.
  • Tag Along Kid: Tends to involve herself in various dangerous situations much to the Boston Shadowchasers' (especially Ophelia's) dismay.


An angel tasked with guarding the Key, the artifact that can open Tharizdun's prison. He is the embodiment of the universal axiom that states that a circle is the most perfect shape, and that things in the universe tend to move in circular motion.
  • Divine Intervention: During Jeb's duel with Xon, he temporarily "pauses" the duel in order to inform Jeb about the dangers of the Number 17: Leviathan Dragon that Xon summoned as well as lend to him Number 39: Utopia so that Jeb could use it to defeat Number 17.
  • Lawful Good: In-Universe - he's on that end of the spectrum in the trio.
  • Light 'em Up: Being an angel himself. He also uses a Light Fairy deck.
  • Symbolic Character: Like Rule-of-Three, he is the embodiment of an axiom of an orderly universe. In his case, he represents the rule that states that a circle is the most perfect shape, and that things tend to move in circular motion.
  • Undying Loyalty: His job is to defend the Key, and if he he has to destroy Tabjari to keep it from falling into the wrong hands, he's more than willing to do so. Even when a mistake on his part causes it to be stolen, he does everything he can to aid in its recovery.

    Introduced in Danse Macabre 

Alice Flaversham

A young girl who is kidnapped by Palethorn, presumably with the intent to forcibly inflict the curse of vampirism upon as part of his plan to regain his full power.
  • Distressed Damsel: Although, unlike most, she has made at least one attempt to escape on her own by now, and has a far stronger will than most.
  • Go-Go Enslavement: Her own clothes become bloodstained and torn after being abducted, and Lawrence gives her a dress with a Gothic theme and a low-cut neckline. She doesn’t like it much, but she doesn’t have many other options.

Inspector Percy Lestrad

Likely the highest ranking police presence in Gallowmere, he is drawn into the crisis of the story by a twist of fate. He is also Alice’s uncle.
  • Agent Scully: His belief in the supernatural is skeptical at best, but that seems to be changing quickly.
  • Inspector Lestrade: Not only is his name an obvious Shout-Out to the Trope Namer, he fits the Trope perfectly.
  • Muggle: Maybe not completely. He seems to be able to perceive the Shadows after viewing them once, so he may have actually been Sensitive without knowing it.
  • Nerves of Steel: Oh yeah!
  • Police Are Useless: Maybe. As of right now, it seems his only purpose is provide someone to explain the situation too. Whether he’ll prove useful in the future remains to be seen.
  • The Watson: He is this to Voltaire’s Mr. Exposition.

    Introduced in Tournment of Shadows 

Alice in Despair Land

Previously believed to be simply a Dark Card, it is now clear that the spirit is both sentient and intelligent, and possibly with more complex goals.
  • Ascended Extra: Sort of. The card first appeared on a computer screen briefly in episode 80 of the GX anime, and the scene was cut from the dub, it's clearly playing a very important part of the plot of Tournament of Shadows.
  • Clingy MacGuffin: Bruno at first seemed a little too attached to the card. Later it's shown why that was the case.
  • The Corruption: Her card's effect seems to do this to any card whose Attack Score is boosted by her effect, making their appearance sinister and darker. (It seems only cosmetic, as far as is known.) She seemed to be doing that to Bruno too for a while.
  • Hero of Another Story: The card also appeared in Thousand Year Door: Redux, where Count Bleck gave it to Vladimir, assuming that Vlad's mastery of the Dark Attribute would make him immune to her curse. (As far as it is known, Vlad was, indeed, able to resist any ill effects.)
  • Orange And Blue Morality: The card and the spirit has a strange, dark history. It was originally designed by Pegasus himself, and has been owned by many duelists since, and seems to bring good luck for a while, but always brings depression and sadness later, which eventually convinces the owners to sell or trade it. Bruno seems to be getting Bad Dreams from her, but his relation to her actually seems special, and there appears to be somewhat of a repartee between them. (At one point in Chapter 9, he appears to see her in spirit form.)
  • Spirit Advisor: It seems to be acting that way to Bruno.

     Introduced in Conspiracy 

Philip Lupin

Sofia's former love interest, he disappeared without a trace five years ago, only to briefly reappear in the present time, only to enhance the mystery of why he left.
  • Blow You Away: Like Sofia, his deck focuses on the Wind Attribute, but rather than Winged Beasts, he seems to focus on Machines, including the incredibly rare Air Fortress Ziggurat.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: To many he would come across as one, but Sofia finds it very hard to dismiss what he says as madness.
  • Dismantled MacGuffin: It seems that he has many Field Spells in his deck, but can only use one at the start of the fic, his City of Eternity. After recovering Memory Crystal Alpha a "mere fraction" of its power lets him use a second Field Spell called Bridge of Eternity, and it is hinted there are others.
  • Impostor Exposing Test: When he first sees Sofia, he tells her a lot of things that are Blatant Lies, which he knows the real Sofia would recognize as lies, to make sure it truly is her. Clearly, he has reason to assume an imposter might have come, and is more than prepared to kill her if any of her answers indicate that she believes one his lies:
    Philip: Did you tell Franklin?
    Sofia: Uh... (Beat) Who the hell is Franklin? Philip, what is going on? Why did you ask to meet me at Graceland?
    Philip: You don’t remember? We met here on spring break.
    Sofia: We did not, we met at your parents’ Independence Day barbecue! Your cousin introduced us!
    Philip: Actually, my brother did…
    Sofia (angry): You don’t have a brother! You only have two sisters, Philip, what…”
    • Fortunately, that's enough to convince him it is her.
  • Mysterious Backer: Possibly. He claimed that he met with Sofia to make sure she could still fight and defend herself, claiming that his biggest fear was that whatever enemy he was fighting might try to hurt him through her.
  • Our Elves Are Better
  • Properly Paranoid: Unlike most Conspiracy Theorists, the appearance of his enemy (at least one of the) after gaining Memory Crystal Alpha proves he's right.
  • Superpower Russian Roulette: He practices Wild Magic, a very powerful but very unstable form of wizardry that has a history of backfiring on its user.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension: He clearly still loves Sofia, but he either can't or won't rekindle their relationship for some plot-related reason.

     Introduced in The Eldritch 

Sergeant Alex Cox

A police officer who works in the city of Bath, Cox has been in the force for twenty years and has known about the existence of the Shadowchasers for just as long. He serves as an intermediary for the police and the Shadowchasers due to being the oldest Aware in his local force, requesting the aid of the Shadowchasers when it is clear to him that a crime has Shadowkind involvement. He uses a Gladiator Beast deck.

Ryan Wilson

A young man who was injured in a mysterious assault in Bath, which kicks off the plot of The Eldritch. He uses a Ghostrick deck and is a normal student with a loving girlfriend.

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