Characters / Searching For My Master

The list is incomplete because this is still an ongoing series. May contain unmarked spoilers related to Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, and the Fan Fic itself.

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    Main Characters 

Guile / Alfador

The main protagonist of this story. Guile was a cat who became a human (the reason and process have yet to be revealed). He is searching for Janus, his master and his childhood friend.


Guile's master and childhood friend. His whereabouts is unknown, and Guile's goal is to find and reunite with him while presenting him good news about Kid and Schala.

     Radical Dreamers 

As a whole

The Radical Dreamers are known as a fierce band of raiders. It formerly consists of four members before Kid's mysterious disappearance. Now, the remaining members are searching for Kid while doing some small-scale raids to fund their travel.


The missing member of the Radical Dreamers.


The shortest, yet most loud-mouthed member of the Radical Dreamers.


The gigantic member in the group.


The most level-headed member of the Radical Dreamers.



A rich man who lives in a huge mansion at Termina.