Characters / Scaredy Squirrel

Voiced by: Terry McGuirrin

The main protagonist of the show. Scaredy works at the Stash 'N Hoard, for his Mean Boss, Nestor. Can be rather timid, but is brave when he has to be.

Voiced by: Jonathan Gould
Dave is Scaredy's Best friend. Somewhat slow witted, but is right some of the time.


Scaredy's pet plant. He may or may not be sentient, but Scaredy certainly believes that he is.
  • Companion Cube: Scaredy's pet plant.
  • Jerkass: If he is sentient, some of his actions imply this.
  • Sadist: Forced Scaredy to wear the "Hat Of Pain" once.


Voiced by: Linda Kash

A big fish who has a giant crush on Scaredy, but he does not feel the same way towards her. Sally does not like it if anyone else but her speaks to him.

Voiced by: Patrick McKenna

Scaredy's incompetent boss. He is the main villain of the show, and is not at all nice. Nestor is very foolish, and is very loyal to his mom, no matter how badly she treats him.

Voiced by: David Berni

Another one of Scaredy's rivals. He often helps Nestor with his evil plans.

Voiced by: Jayne Eastwood

Nestor's mother. It is unknown what her real name is.


Voiced by: Jamie Watson

One of Nestor's employees.